To clarify the modularity of the ICON Pro and ...

To clarify the modularity of the ICON Pro and ULTRA pack lines, below is an explanation of how these packs work as one system built off the same frame.

The ICON Pro and ULTRA bags and suspension are completely interchangeable.  By purchasing either an ICON Pro or ULTRA full kit (Bag, Frame, and Suspension) there is no need to purchase another full kit to switch pack lines. Both the ICON Pro and ULTRA packs are built off the same 11 oz California made carbon fiber frame. The frame comes in 2 different sizes (Regular & Tall) to fit torso lengths from 15″ – 22″.  Because this frame is the foundation for both pack lines, only one frame is necessary for all 7 bag configurations.

For example: By purchasing an ICON Pro 1850 full kit, you receive the Frame, Pro Suspension (shoulder straps and waist belt), and the Pro 1850 bag. If you then purchase the ULTRA 6000 “Bag Only”, that bag will fit onto the Frame and Pro Suspension for a modular setup. The only modification that is necessary to make the two compatible is switching the compression strap buckles to match the style used for each bag, which is only a couple minute procedure. The buckles needed for this are shipped with each “bag only” order.

KUIU Customer Service has a Pack Specialist on hand to assist with any questions regarding setup or disassembly of your pack, along with any other pack related questions.

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  1. Brandon

    I have an ICON Pro and so far it’s been a great pack. I’m curious though, have you guys looked into using aluminum lithium instead of carbon fiber for the frame? Al-Li is making some real headway in other industries (aerospace, aviation, auto, and soon the firearms industry) and reportedly has some very real benefits compared to carbon fiber.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Brandon. I am always doing new research on new materials, this one has not hit my radar, I will certainly check into it now.

      • Brandon

        No problem, shoot me an email if you have any questions.

  2. Jeff M. Valunas

    This is fantastic news… I suspected this would be clarified eventually, though I never expected this amount of time would pass.

    The question I have is:

    Those of us, that purchased the ULTRA just before the release of the ICON PRO Series… Is there any way, to purchase the (hip belt, shoulder straps) of that PRO Series, without purchasing another frame? To revamp our ULTRA Series?

    The ULTRA is a fantastic minimalist pack, but it shaved weight further than function and comfort allowed.(In my personal opinion). I use the pack all the time while training and general use, and LOVE IT!!!
    But the (hip belt and shoulder straps) didn’t work for me, with heavy loads.

    Sorry for the babbling…

    Will or Can we, purchase just the straps and belt of the ICON PRO without the frame? If not, please consider that option soon, please!

    Thanks, JMV

    • Jason Hairston


      Call customer service and we will get you taken care of.


  3. Ryan

    What is the weight of the Icon Pro frame with the Ultra 6000 bag? That seems like a really great setup.

    To get that combination do you buy the “suspension only” off the Icon Pro 1850 for $225 and the Ultra 6000 bag for $120 for a total of $345 or is that missing the frame component? If the frame is missing off that order I really think you should offer the Icon Pro suspension, frame, and Ultra 6000 as one set package so people don’t need to buy two bags to get that final package.



    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting


      Currently we sell full kits only and bags only. There is not an option to purchase the suspension or frame only. If ultimately you want a 6000 bag on a Pro Suspension, we suggest purchasing a Full Kit ICON Pro 1850 or Full Kit ICON Pro 3200 and then purchase the 6000 bag only. The 6000 bag only is very reasonably priced. With this pack set up, you will be covered for day hunts all the way to full week-long backpack hunts.

      • Ryan

        OK thanks, but I am still curious what the weight would come out to?

        • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

          Ryan – I’m sorry – The ICON Pro Suspension and Frame weight approximately 42 ounces (depending on which frame size and suspension size) and the Ultra 6000 bag weighs 21 ounces. The total weight of the ICON Pro Suspension, Frame and Ultra 6000 bag is approximately 63 ounces (3 lbs. 15 oz.)

  4. Mike Bales

    This clarification/update makes probably the best pack system even better and way ahead of its competition. Way to go KUIU!


    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Thanks Mike. We appreciate the continued support.

  5. Jerry Gowins

    I just returned from a backpack elk hunt. Being able to pack in with the Ultra 6000, then switch to the Ultra 1800 for a daypack was easy and awesome!

  6. Jason Gillette

    Love my Icon Pro, but have 2 comments about the hip belt pouches.
    1)what about offering size options for the pouches? I keep my binos and rangefinder in them with one on each side. They fit, but tight. Having size options would allow for more possible configurations without changing the pack or suspension. I know I can add other brand pouches/holders, but it’s nice to keep it all in the family sometimes.
    2)any possibility of the belt pouches being offered in another fabric? The cordura is great, but not the most water-resistant. Since the pack cover doesn’t include the pouches, items in them can get wet in heavy rain. Also, front/side placement means more brushing against bushes/terrain while hiking making for more wear/tear on the pouches. Hip belt pouches in Guide or Yukon fabric might be a nice addition to the pack system.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Hello Jason,

      Thank you for the input. We will pass the suggestions on to product development. Also, we have various sized zippered waterproof pouches that will be available soon that will fit smaller items for protection from rain and the elements.