Ever since the brand launched in 2011, it has been...

Ever since the brand launched in 2011, it has been well documented that KUIU’s mountain hunting apparel is made with the highest quality fabrics and components available. What many fail to realize is that a high performance hunting garment requires more than a quality fabric type alone. Where KUIU ultimately sets itself apart in the market is through the combination of these high-end fabrics paired with innovative design and strict quality tolerances in the production phase. Without a detailed design philosophy behind each item in the lineup, weight, performance, and functionality suffer- no matter how high the quality of the fabric. Furthermore, construction longevity and superior garment aesthetics are only achieved through production from within the most stringent sew houses, which KUIU prides itself on using exclusively.

The factors described above (fabric, design, and construction) and the finer details within each are the root of why KUIU has earned its reputation of quality, fit, function, and style. Of these, the main driver behind the price of KUIU’s gear and apparel happens to be the fabric itself. While the consumer-direct business model has allowed many buyers around the world to enjoy KUIU at a fair price, there have been some recent trickle-down advancements from Toray’s top-end fabrics into the Toray Sport Division (TSD) line: a separate and distinct lineup a quality fabrics which perform at a high level, yet cost significantly less due to slight differences in the composition at the yarn strand level when compared to the main line Toray materials. With that said, TSD fabrics are still comparable in quality, if not higher, than those found in the garments of KUIU’s leading competitors.

The Toray Sport Division fabrics described above are what’s used exclusively in the new Teton line by KUIU. With the KUIU Teton items, users will appreciate the same attention to detail in the design and functionality as what has come to be expected from all KUIU apparel to date. Furthermore, the cut and sew construction can be depended on as well, as the Teton line is produced on the same assembly line as all other garments from KUIU. As eluded to up to this point, the only tangible sacrifice made in the Teton line is in the microscopic makeup of the fabric, as well as slight reductions to built-in features such as pit zips, hip vents, and various pocketing. These are features that some users see as necessary, while others can live without depending on their intended use, wear frequency, and budget. Ultimately, Teton provides shoppers with an additional high-quality KUIU option at an incredibly competitive price.

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  1. Ken Allen

    I have a limited entry archery elk tag in a rugged, steep unit in WA State. I just came out of the backcountry for a few days to regroup and head back in tomorrow (the Bulls were still very quiet) I hiked about 25 miles in 4 days and the Teton items that I purchased to enhance my other KUIU gear performed absolutely perfect. I am very impressed. The long sleeve crew and1/4 zip T are awesome including odor control and that’s the part I didn’t expect. I bought two of the Teton insulated jackets and had one converted to a vest – the last 2 days I was in there the high temp was 38 degrees. The jacket and vest were warm and quiet. Great lineup.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting


      Thank you for the continued support.

  2. Ken Anderson

    It is nice to have a the Teton line as less expensive option without sacrificing the quality that brought me to KUIU in the first place. I have been building my collection of KUIU clothing for several years now, but this summer I started buying from the Teton line to start outfitting my wife and daughter (both avid hunters themselves). Keep innovating!

  3. Drew

    I love the Vias Camo pattern (honestly, the best looking camo ever) and plan on picking up a full set of the Teton line when I’ve saved up enough pennies. Since I live in upstate NY, it would be amazing if you made the Vias Camo in arctic colors to fit in with the white, grey, dark brown, and black winter landscapes we have here.

  4. Adam Hartwell

    Do you have any plans to add side hip vents to the Teton pants? That would be a game changer for those.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Hi Adam,
      We are not planning on adding hip vents to the Teton pants.

  5. Matt Hoffman

    I know it’s been brought up before, but I’ve never seen any answer — is there any chance you’d make an orange piece for rifle hunts in those states where blaze orange is required? My ideal solution would be a light weight vest and maybe a hat that doesn’t really add a “layer” or anything substantial, something in Vias or Verde that is not solid orange but incorporates blaze into the pattern.
    I know this isn’t your target group of hunters, but so many of us have this requirement, and I hate gearing up in my Kuiu and then the outermost layer is a crappy orange fleece, if you know what I mean.