The Chinook Jacket and Pants become instant favori...

The Chinook Jacket and Pants become instant favorites for just about everyone who tries them on! The 30 Denier Stunner® Stretch Rip-Stop face fabric provides excellent protection against the wind, and the  bonded micro-grid fleece backer provides phenomenal comfort and temperature regulation. The Chinook is our lightest-weight, most breathable soft-shell jacket and pant. Perfect for mid- to late-season hunts!






















The Chinook Jacket gets its incredible versatility from technically superior fabrics, and can be worn on its own or layered during cooler weather. The dropback hem provides full coverage while sitting or glassing, and strategically placed chest pockets and hand pockets give you easy access when wearing a pack. This is full-featured comfort!
























The Chinook Pant features Dermizax® NX waterproof kneepads with crack-resistant EVA foam for added durability and extreme comfort. The dual zippered cargo pockets keep items safe and secure, and easily accessible while on the move. Plus, the hip vents release heat to keep you cool during strenuous climbs.

The Chinook system pushes the limits of light and fast while providing protection against the elements.

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  1. Bryce

    After seeing the video release of Chinook I am quite interested in the jacket as I think it fits as an all round performance piece. Hoping this will fill a void in my system for the cold mid-season we have up here in Alberta. Excited to put it to the test!

    On another note.. We pronounce it “Shin-uk” up here, a common warm winter wind from the rockies! Haha

    Keep up the good work Kuiu.

  2. Troy

    I have a pair of the attack pants and they are just fantastic. Are the chinook pants the same material? Like do they stretch and move with you the way the attack pants do? That is one thing I like about the attacks is I can kneel,sit, or climb and they don’t bind and I never need to worry about movement are these built the same way?

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Glad to hear you are enjoying the Attack Pants. The Chinooks are made from a completely different material. They have a 30 Denier Stunner Stretch face fabric bonded to a Microchecked fleece backer, with only 2-way stretch, where the Attacks have 4-way.

  3. Jeff

    How does the Chinook jacket compare with the Peloton 240 with regard to season use? Is one warmer than the other when used alone? Both look like they’d cut wind but I’m assuming the Peloton fleece will provide more warmth just without the overall utility of the Chinook and its pocket layout.

    • Jason Hairston

      They are both great jackets. The Peloton 240 is more versatile as it can be worn as a mid-layer and is slightly warmer than the Chinook. The Chinook is an outwear style. Hope this answers your questions.


  4. Jeff

    It does, will be ordering the P240 next week. Thanks for your quick response. I think this will make a very versatile outer layer for a mid-Nov archery hunt in AZ. If I need a shell over that my recently acquired Chugach can fit that bill. Thanks for some great stuff!

  5. Michael Lindley

    I have made two hunts so far in the Chinook pants. I really like them. In fact, they are my favorite overall hunting pant. Although they can be worn next-to-skin, I found them a bit more comfortable to wear with an underlayer. It was cool, not cold, so I wore a pair of lightweight 100% polyester bottoms underneath and I was super comfortable hiking several miles. The vents are great and worked well. multiple pockets allowed me to hunt with a lumbar back only instead of backpack for the type of hunt I was doing. With proper base layers, these things can definitely be taken into the very late season without concern. My only suggestion would be to also offer them in solid colors as well. -MDL

  6. Chris

    What are the chances of you coming out with a jacket similar to or patterned after the Chinook but made from the same material as the Alpine pant? I live and hunt in NM and that combo would be outstanding! The Alpine pant is probably the only pant a guy needs for most hunts here in NM and a matching jacket would be nice. I’m sure most western hunters would agree if asked.

    Love your products!

    • Jason Hairston

      Great idea. Thank you for the feedback. I will send this to product development for review.