KUIU’s ULTRA Merino base layers utilize all the natural benefits of merino wool, and when combined with NuYarn technology, create a next to skin layering system that is unmatched in the industry. NuYarn isn’t a new wool fiber, it is just a new way of making the yarn. Traditional ring spun yarns twist fibers together for strength, which leaves ends poking out. NuYarn takes the twist out, and instead lays fibers along the same orientation as the rest of the yarn, so fabrics feel less prickly and more comfortable yet become stronger. The unique yarn orientation creates more loft while significantly reducing weight. NuYarn lower-density fabrics let lighter-weight garments outperform heavier traditional ring spun garments.

Each ULTRA Merino piece has a specific nitch in your layering system, and is versatile enough to be utilized together in many different layering combinations.

125 SS & LS Crew-T- 85/15 wool-nylon blend and 125 g/m2, the 125 SS & LS are our lightest merino layer. Perfect for warm active hunts, the 125 LS and SS Crew-T can be worn stand alone, or as the next to skin layer.

145 LS Crew & Zip-T- 90/10 wool-nylon blend and 145 g/m2, the 145 LS Crew-T and Zip-T are the perfect next to skin base layer for your all around layering system. They can be worn by themselves or wear both when the weather cools down.

210 Zip-T- 52/42/6 wool-nylon-poly blend and 210 g/m2, the 210 Zip-T is the warmest of all the Merino layers. With a brushed fleece liner, the 210 Zip-T is designed to be worn over the top of your next to skin layer.

ULTRA Merino Zip-off Bottoms- With all the attributes of the 145 and 210 merino layers above, we have created a life changing design to merino bottoms. With a full length zipper down either side, the 145 and 210 Zip-off bottoms live up to their name. They will eliminate the need to remove your boots, and will forever change the way you think about your layering system.

Here is a video with TMC’s CEO Andy Wynne and KUIU’s own Jason Hairston with more information on NuYarn and how it works.

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  1. Lou

    I wish to purchase the 210 zip T. What is the shipping time frame? I would need it before November 9 th. Thank you.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Both the Vias and Verde are in stock for all sizes except the Verde XXL. If you order now, they should ship Monday.

  2. Rick

    I have worn the 145 zip shirt twice since I received it. I like the nonspecific camouflage, butI don’t what to make of the fabric. It is unlike any Marino produce I’ve ever owned. It’s not soft like cheap merino and it’s not finished and elegant like Icebreaker. Rather it’s thin and feels somehow a little stiff. It is decidedly not scratchy. I think the feel of the fabric must come from having nylon woven into it, as well as from the way the fabric is twisted. Or it may come from the camo being baked on. Whatever the reason, it is not uncomfortable, just different. The shirt does not heat up under clothing, if anything it feels as if it would be cool, rather than hot. I look forward to seeing how it reacts to serious sweat.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      KUIU’s ULTRA Merino Baselayers use wool from The Merino Company that exclusively feature NuYarn technology. It is undoubtedly unlike any Merino product you’ve worn before, and I am certain you will find it to perform better than any Merino wool base layer available on the market.