Until now, if you wanted your bow finished in KUIU...

Until now, if you wanted your bow finished in KUIU’s Verde and Vias macro-camouflage patterns, you had to take the bow apart and have it custom dipped. But in an industry first that will come as great news for our customers, Elite Archery now offers KUIU’s proprietary camouflage as a factory finish option on all of its 2016 line of high-performance bows.

This is not your typical water-dipped finish, either. Elite uses an innovative 3-D ink/dye transfer process called “Kolorfusion” where, essentially, the color is baked right into the parts of the bow. Kolorfusion provides the most durable bow finish possible along with unparalleled color clarity and resolution.

An Impulse For Innovation

 Since founding the company in 2005, New York-based Elite Archery has carved out a niche in the archery world for striving to engineer the industry’s most “Shootable” bow.  The company’s unique, two-track binary cam system combined with its exclusive Riser Cage design provides blazing arrow speeds with nearly nonexistent post-shot vibration and hand shock.

Elite’s “Shootability” is only eclipsed by its reputation for customer service—namely their transferable lifetime warranty and groundbreaking “hunt guarantee,” an unheard of first in the archery world. Basically, if you’re ever on a hunt and your Elite bow breaks or is rendered inoperable, a ready-to-shoot loaner bow tuned to your personal specs will be delivered overnight no matter where you are.

Check It Out

Announced earlier this week, Elite’s new flagship series – the Impulse 31 and Impulse 34 (the numbers referring to different axle-to-axle length)—is the answer to customers who challenged the company to build an even faster bow that could still maintain the smooth drawing/shooting stability that fans expect. By merging all the best features from their best bows—adding a stiffer riser, new cams and perfect alignment limb pocket system—Impulse engineers have seemingly delivered an incredibly “Shootable” bow capable of pushing arrow speeds to 340 fps or more.

Check out www.elitearchery.com for more information and dealer location.


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  1. Kevin

    Nice! Now if I could get Kuiu clothing in vias of verde, it would match! 😉

  2. Weldon

    Jason…we order the bows from ya’ll or Elite? How much?

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      You will order the bows from an Elite dealer. If you go to their website, there is a dealer locator. The price is dependent on which bow and a dealer can provide that information.

  3. Kacy Samples

    Do you have a company that does custom dips, I would love to get my new hoyt done in Verde

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      We don’t have a specific company that we recommend. It’s best to find a local company in your area that does custom water transfer printing (AKA Dipping). They will need to contact TWN Industries. TWN is one of the largest water transfer printing suppliers and KUIU has arrangements with them to distribute KUIU’s Vias and Verde patterns for gear decoration.

  4. Joey

    I was going to get my Hoyt done. Word of caution. There are not many big name Archery company’s that are going to honor your warranty. Hoyt, Mathews, PSE,ETC. WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. None of them are going to stand behind limbs and risers that are being subject to heat. Which they as the manufacture have zero quality control over. TWN is a wonderful company and they do quality work. It does not matter to the Bow Manufacture. I actually am waiting for my Elite to be built in Verde as I type this. My Nitrum is only a year old and did not want to roll the dice.

  5. scooter

    I just picked up my 2016 Impulse 34 in Vias

    I brought my 2011 Pulse for a side by side comparison. Wow Elite really nailed it…

    The pattern looks cool – however it doesn’t come close to matching the Vias items I own or in your catalog. Way too much green. It almost looks like woodland camo from the 1980’s…