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Guide Glove Prototype After Testing

A glove Brian, Lance and other sheep guides could not destroy.  A glove that works when wet, dries fast, durable, tough and has dexterity. I researched to find a material to protect hands from falls in the rocks, bush wacking and the other tough technical work that punishes a glove.

This research lead me to ice climbing gloves. Ice Climbers deal with many of the same issues, requirements and abuses.  The best technical ice climbing gloves all use Armortan oiltac leather produced by Pittards Leather Company.  Pittards, based in Yeovil, England,has been a purveyor of fine leathers since 1826.

The acknowledged superior material for gloves and soft shoe leather comes from the Hairsheep (‘Cabretta’) from Ethiopia and other sub tropical regions. This leather is thin and tough with a structure that gives it both strength and dexterity, which is hard-wearing and comfortable. To ensure continuity of supply and quality, Pittards works with local farmers and tanners in Ethiopia. The skins are all by-products of the local meat industry.


Tanning Process

After removing the hair, all skins must be tanned. It converts the skin into a stable, consistent condition that can be worked on in many ways to produce different types of leather. After tanning, the leather has a distinctive blue shade, “WET BLUE”. This is a function of the chrome(III) salt used in the tanning process. The skins are dried and sorted according to type, weight and quality. This sorting ensures that only the best material for the particular product is used in the manufacturing process.



Sorting the Skins

After the material has been sorted it is dyed and the leather begins to have some of its final characteristics. Different processes are used to produce different properties in the leather, such as water repellency or oilskin for tackiness. Once dyed, the leather is dried and worked to develop the natural inherent suppleness skills.

Preparing the Skins

Leathers are tested for various technical properties such as water resistance, color fastness, oil and stain resistance and strength, depending on the specifications of each product. European (CEN and BS) and International (ISO) test methods are used, and Pittards staff are included in the committees who establish these tests for the whole leather industry. Pittards research and development team is committed to innovation, development and understanding of new technical properties.

Guide Glove Prototype After Testing

Guide Glove Prototype After Testing

We have designed the KUIU Guide glove with Pittards Oiltack leather on the palm and fingers wrapping around the fingertips to ensure durability, dexterity and protection. The back of the hand is Toray’s Primeflex Softshell that has a microfleece backer for comfort, stretch, breathability and fast drying.  Toray’s DWR gives you water resistance without decreasing breathability.  This glove has tested out incredibility well this fall, after 3 months of guiding, Lance is on his original pair.

**Please note the photos of the Guide glove are a prototype that has seen over 30 days of testing.  This camouflage print has not been color adjusted.

I hope you find this research and information helpful, I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments of the Guide Glove.


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  1. Bill

    I may have to use these for ice climbing. Which I’m picking back up this winter after a five year hiatus (too many pursuits). Curious: What type of warranty does KUIU have on all products?

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Bill,

      We back up all KUIU’s products against any manufactures defects for the life of the product. There will be more detail on the warranty as we get closer to launch.


  2. peter iacavazzi


    I know a few ice climbers in the Bozeman area and here in Park City. They tell me these are by far the tougest and best gloves around!

    I can’t wait to put them to teh test.



    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Peter, I cannot wait for you to put them to the test.


  3. Brad

    I use a deerskin leather glove and go through a couple pairs a year. These look like they hold up great.. Being a big fan of predator camo how do you think this compares to that? How did you end up w/ purple in the mix?

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Brad,

      I am glad you asked this question, these gloves are not in the color correct print, a first strike prototype print. For a better idea of the colors in the pattern scroll down to the post on the hats, no purple in the final version. This pattern works off the same principals of Predator and ASAT. Please let me know if you have any questions.


  4. Scott Parson


    Do these gloves have any insulation to them? If so what is it? I am always looking for a warm dexterious glove.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Scott,

      This is not an insulated glove, just Pittards leather and soft shell.


  5. Doug

    Looks and sounds like a nice glove! Why the velcro closure in stead of elastic? Like many bowhunters, I have a serious love/hate relationship with velcro.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Doug,

      We went through several prototypes of gloves with and without velcro and could not get the closure around the wrist tight enough without a velcro closure for this type of design. I am with you on the love hate of velcro as well.


  6. Larry Schwartz

    Hi Jason,

    Another great product to add to the KUIU line!

    I really like the way you wrap the leather around past the finger pads so that it won’t wear/tear over as the glove gets used. Good idea.

    I can only think of two things that you might want to add:
    1) Add a small loop on each glove so that if people want to they could hook them together when not in use or attach an idiot cord that you could loop through the sleeves to keep from loosing them.
    2) Having taken my fair share of tumbles on rough terrain with a heavy load, I would add a small bit of padding along the base of the palm to cushion the impact when your hands hit the ground. Nothing bulky, just a 1″ x 3″ pad sewn to the inside or outside of the glove.

    Again, like everyone else following this new venture, I like what I am seeing and can see how these products will be useful for more activities than just mountain hunting. We can’t get KUIU for Christmas but your March launch will be in time for Father’s Day!


    • Doug

      Those are great suggestions Larry. I would also add a small pull-on strap at the cuff for getting them on and off (OR and other have them).

      • Larry Schwartz


        The small loop I mentioned could be made larger to serve that purpose. I just didn’t want to add too many additional ounces to the gear since we are going ultralight here.


      • Jason Hairston

        Hi Doug,

        Great point, the bottom of the cuff has a strip of the Oiltack leather to act and the gripping point to pull the glove on. This seems to work very well in testing, if needed in the future we certainly can add a tab if we need to. Thank you for the input, I really appreciate it.


    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Larry,

      Great comments on the gloves! I will take a look at adding padding for falls in the future as well as some sort of loop attachment. Thanks for the help.


      • Pedro Ampuero

        Have in mind that adding padd can affect pressure on a bow grip. Although, as always is hard to do an all purpose glove.

        Have a nice day, and thanks again for sharing all that information!


        • Jason Hairston

          Hi Pedro,

          Great point, this is the main reasons I have not put additional padding on the hand. My hunting partner is a tournament shooter and this was his exact comment when building glove. I want guys to be able to shoot with this glove on. Maybe we need two versions down the road.


  7. Joe

    gloves look great! my only problem with such quality gloves is that I have a hard time justifying the cost when almost 90% of the time, they fit great around the knuckles but I guess I just have small fingers because it seems there is too much material at the finger tips.

    Any suggestions? Ever consider making ‘custom’ gloves?


    I like the info on the gloves and they look great. I too have a love hate relationship with gloves. I hope you are going to offer them in smaller sizes. It seems most gloves are made in large and extra large sizes. I bowhunt and like a glove to fit tight so I can still have a good feel on my release and no extra material loose at the end of the finger. I have a drawer full of gloves and only have one pair that really fits. I wear gloves on every hunt, warm or cold weather, so if these fit good and function that will be awesome!

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Russell,

      Fit is a very important part of the KUIU line. I have spent a lot of time fine tuning the fit for KUIU including these Guide Gloves. I look forward to you trying a pair, everyone who has tested them loves them.


  9. Curt Cabrera

    Another outstanding product from KUIU…very nice Jason! I can see myself using these for a lot more than just bowhunting….

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Curt, I know you will be able to put them to the test. Good luck in TX. Let me know how you do.


  10. Kyle

    Gloves look great, I like the small cuff. Is the entire inside lined, or just the softshell part? I have a pair of marmot softshell gloves with a driclime lining and I love how fast they dry/wick.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hey Kyle,

      Great question, their is not a liner in this glove. The soft shell backer is micro fleece and we have bonded a poly brushed tricot to the leather. Both fabrics dry very quickly. I am glad you like the small cuff. Let me know if you have any other questions.


  11. Tom Ryle

    Simply stunning overview of Pittards. With each new post, it’s clear that the KUIU line will be driven by world-class design, materials, and suppliers. While price factors into a buying decision, mountain gear must perform beyond the expectations of Cabela’s Bargain Cave. It can be about life and death, or simply about purpose-driven solutions that serve your needs in the field without fuss.

    I don’t know Lance (know of him) but I trust his 3 months of testing from a durability standpoint. I share the same turmoil with velcro as others have mentioned, but I do like a “fitted” cuff. Stitching material is as critical as any other material for a glove. I trust you’ve got that covered.


    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Tom, I always appreciate your comments. I think you will really like these gloves in the wet conditions you face, especially shooting that new selfbow. I can shoot my longbow without a tab in this glove, which I have never been able to do before. An added benefit in cold wet conditions. Pittards produces an amazing leather, I know you will appreciate. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.


      • Charles Ek

        Just wanted to add that I am very happy with the result from shooting my longbows and recurves with the Guide Glove and a SafariTuff tab. I melt the cord ends together on the tab to allow enough room for the cordlock to fit over the gloves while staying put. I’ve used this tab for years with some Mountain Gloves that Jason will remember. 😉

        I have large to XL hands; the Large was a better choice for me.

        I do have one very serious complaint. The recent announcement of the Attack Glove comes at a bad time for my bank account. Shame on you guys! 🙂

        • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

          Thank you for the feedback, Charles–the Guide Glove is amazing, and I promise you will not be disappointed with the Attack Glove. I appreciate your support for KUIU!

  12. Bryan Burkhardt

    Have you thought of making this glove with the first 3 fingers cut at the knuckles (left or right handed)? I shoot with fingers and would love a glove that would allow me to wear my shooting glove under the actual glove. I always end up cutting off the tips of some expensive gloves…

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Bryan,

      As a Stickbow shooter I totally get it. I am not certain this particular glove works well for that. However we certainly could look at designing a glove that can do this. I shoot with a thin tab and can shoot my bow with this glove on with and without my tab. Let me know if you have any other questions, comments or ideas. Thank you for subscribing.


  13. John McKnight

    Another solid!

    • Jason Hairston

      Well noted John, I always appreciate your opinion.


  14. David Sisamis

    I really like the glove as well and was wondering if a mit or mitten will be in production in the near future? Can’t wait to get my hands on some of this to test out for myself. Keep up the good work Jason.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi David,

      Thanks for the comment regarding the glove. I do not have immediate plans for a mitten, but we could certainly develop one. Is there a mitten you are currently using that you like better than others?


  15. David Sisamis

    Being a finger shooter with a tab in the extreme cold I use a mitten on my right hand(tab hand) that the fingers pull back and velcro to the back of my hand. Just wondering and thank you for the replies back Jason. Oh, and it looks like Curt C. was able to put the new pattern to a good test in Solana Ranch. Thanks again.

    • Jason Hairston

      Curt was testing out the line in Texas. He is a great guy. Yea I hear you on shooting a tab as well in cold weather. I am able to shoot my bow with this glove on with and with out a tab. Something I have not been able to do before with any glove.


  16. Justin Starck

    Looks like a great glove. Would you ever consider adding a waterproof insert?
    Mountian Hardware’s Outdry insert seems like it would be very good for a lightweight glove. They use it in the Minus One Glove which is similar to what you have in the guide glove.
    I am concernerd about how well a release will feel over the velcro but it seems like you have weighed the options and came up with what you feel is the best solution.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Justin,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and I am glad you asked this question. Adding an insert would take away from the dexterity the Pittards leather gives you. It would also add additional bulk and reduce breathability. This glove is designed to be worn in every condition, specifically sheep hunting. The leather wears like a work glove and is great for technical climbs and bush wacking. I agree we need a waterproof glove, but I have not found an insert that works on gloves in really wet conditions. Let me know if you have any other questions or comments. I appreciate the interest in KUIU.


  17. Drew Frydrych

    The gloves look great. I can’t wait to try them.

  18. Dwight


    The gloves look great. Will these gloves provide enough dexterity to shoot rilfes or shotguns while wearing them?

    It has been very difficult to find leather gloves that provide the dexterity for shooting and last more than a few months. For me, wearing synthetic gloves and shooting is a really bad combination….

    Thanks, Dwight

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes, these glove are designed for this. The Pittards Leather is absolutely amazing!


  19. Shane Close

    As far as gloves go, are you planning on making a merino wool liner glove like sitka has?

    • Jason Hairston

      Hey Shane,

      I developed a Merino Wool Liner glove and tested it along with the Guide glove. They were not durable enough. Have you found a pair that works for you?


      • Shane Close

        I haven’t yet. I’m still in the beginning stages of getting into hunting and so far my gear is pretty minimal. That’s part of the reason why I’m so exited about KUIU because I can start out with getting the best. So far I’ve just been wearing cotton liners or no liners at all. Needless to say, my hands aren’t so happy with me when I’m hunting in the MT winters.