Earlier this year I was fortunate to bring Pedro Ampuero on full-time as KUIU’s European Manager of Brand Development.  Pedro was one of the early adopters of KUIU when I first started the brand and has been a loyal and integral part of our development team since day one. I have always had a strong belief that success is directly related to the people you are surrounded by, and Pedro has done a tremendous job in raising awareness for us throughout Europe. He has been an incredible addition to the KUIU team.

Last month, Pedro hunted the Caucasus Mountains in Azerbaijan and was able to successfully harvest the largest Dagestan Tur ever taken with a bow. Given the nearly vertical terrain of the Caucasus Mountains, Pedro’s trophy is truly remarkable. Most bowhunters take one look at these mountains and say it can’t be done.  Not Pedro.  Ever since his father Pepe’ took a great billy back in the early 1990s, it has been one of Pedro’s life goals to arrow a monster Tur.

Often referred to as a mix of goat and sheep, the Dagestan Tur is actually a member of the goat family.  Sure-footed with beautiful, out-sweeping horns, they live their entire lives in steep, dangerous, and technical terrain making this a hunt not for the faint of heart. It’s often referred to as one of the toughest, most physically and mentally challenging hunts on earth.  A monster with any weapon at nearly 40 inches (162 7/8 SCI), Pedro’s old billy is the largest ever taken with a bow by a wide margin.

It is hunts like Pedro’s in conditions like the Caucasus Mountains that continue to drive innovation at KUIU.  This is a great example of real-world hunting experiences by the great team here at KUIU in our constant quest to build the best equipment on the planet.

Congratulations Pedro on a truly outstanding accomplishment.

Enjoy the film.







Pedro’s Gear List:

Layering System:
Base Layer
– Ultra Merino 145 LS Crew T
– Ultra Merino 145 Zip Off Bottom
Mid Layer
– Peloton 240 Full Zip Hoody
Outer Layer
– Guide DCS Jacket
– Chinook Pant

– Kenai Jacket

Rain Shell
– Chugach NX Rain Jacket and Pant

– Peloton 240 Beanie
– Ultra Merino 145 Neck Gaiter
– Peloton 200 Gloves
– Northstar Gloves
– Yukon Gaiters

-Icon Pro 3200 +Pack Rain Cover
-Headlamps x2
-Havalon and Leatherman
-First Aid Kit
-Bino Harness
-KUIU Glassing Pad
-Duffle Bag and Waterproof bags
-Cameras, Extra batteries

Sleep System
-Storm Star 2P Tent
-Super Down Sleeping Bag 0º
-Thermarest Sleeping Pad

-PSE Decree HD 70# @ 29 290fps real (No spare bow, extra cost is over 1.000$ to get another bow)
-Carbon Express Maxima Blue with Grim Reaper 13/8” Razortip 100gr Bohning BlazersTotal 390r (x18 in a plastic tube, architecture drawings tube)
-Spot Hogg Father; Trophy Taker Rest; Doinker Stabilizers; Carter Too Simple;
-Spare parts for all components in case of accident

-Swarovski EL Range;
-Leupold RX-1000 Range finder; Spare Rangefinder
-Swarovski ATS Spotting Scope; Manfroto / Gitzo Carbon Tripod

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  1. Jody Martinez

    Good job Pedro! What a sweet demanding hunt! WOW!!!!

    • Pedro Ampuero

      Thanks a lot Jody!!!!!

  2. Stephan

    Amazing!!!!! Great video and some rugged terrain.

    • Pedro Ampuero

      Appreciate it, thanks a lot!!

  3. Nate S

    PEDRO !!!

    Congratulations my friend, Eastern Tur with a bow. No doubt this will be a highlight of your career.

    Fantastic Accomplishment !

    • Pedro Ampuero

      So true Nate! Dream animal for sure, thanks a lot!!!!!!

  4. Jesse

    Amazing! Congrats to Pedro and to the KUIU team.

    • Pedro Ampuero

      Thanks a lot Jesse!!!!

  5. Bob Visger

    Great video, great hunt! Very motivational for me. Especially the part about missing his father hunting with him. I’m eight weeks post op for quadruple by pass Cardiac Surgery. I’m back in the gym lifting weights and hitting the treadmill. All I can think of is getting back up the mountain again with my sons, Aaron, Jeff, Shawn and Trey on our backpack bow/rifle hunts into the high country. Just finished a treadmill stress test to see where I’m at in my rehab. At 68 yrs old., my max HR should be 152. They stopped the test when I hit 161 bpm and was still going. I might even make it up the mountain this season!

    Coach Visk…

    • Pedro Ampuero

      Thanks Bob, take care of yourself and be patient, I’m sure you will be hunting with your sons soon!

      As my dad says, mountain hunting is not about how fast you can hike, one step at a time you will reach anywhere.

      Take care and best of luck this season.

  6. joeyp

    Thanks for the epic video hunt. That is some rugged terrain! This shows what commitment and effort goes into designing and testing Kuiu products. Quite an amazing accomplishment for Pedro and the Kuiu Team.
    Congratulations on a job well done!

    • Pedro Ampuero

      Thanks a lot Joey! And same to the design team that let us hunt more efficiently than ever before with the right equipment. Good luck this season!

  7. James (CO & NZ)

    Nice one Pedro and a great story!

    Jason: not sure if you’ve ever done a piece or a list on what you pack in first aid? Being weight conscious we know how these things can start to get a little unruly although first aid isn’t somewhere we’d want to skimp either. We’d be stoked to hear from you and your team on what they take (knowing it’s going to vary a little bit depending on geography and conditions) or even if there is a good piece elsewhere on the web you like.

    Cheers we appreciate the input.

  8. joe a

    Great post and thanks for sharing the gear list. Im curious how he was able to get the bow cover to fit the PSE Decree HD. I have the same bow and cover. thanks


    • Pedro Ampuero

      Thanks Joe!

      I talked to the design team to make a cover for the long ATA guys, not sure if it’s on production or not,I should check with Shaun. the decree HD is a sweeeet shooting bow.

      Best of luck this fall!

  9. Jorma Sharpe

    What an amazing animal… Congrats to Pedro on his harvest!!!

    I just ordered a pair of Tiburon shorts in the Verde 2.0 pattern for in upcoming antelope hunt. I really like what you guys did with the pattern A LOT!!! Will you be offering that pattern in other pieces of your line? Gotta say again… I really like it.


  10. Craig Germond

    Great video thanks for posting!

  11. James

    Great video!!!

  12. James

    Great video

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  16. Ted Bergen

    It’s stories like this that really do inspire me. I’ve just gotten into archery and hope to get into bowhunting this fall. Pedro, congratulations at persevering beyond what most mortals only dream of!

    This is why I love KUIU.