Cold weather, moisture, and activity can create a multitude of problems for mountain hunters.

The need for extra outer layers too often means that whatever you might gain in warmth, you lose in breathability and extra weight. Bulky, loud gear unconducive to activity left you soaked with sweat from moisture that could not escape.  These problems are extremely uncomfortable and in some cases potentially dangerous.

KUIU addresses these problems with a revolutionary synthetic insulation layer. The KUIU Kenai line features a unique combination of Toray’s 3DeFX+® insulation technology and 30D Micro Ripstop Stunner Stretch Fabric to specifically create a quiet, breathable, and durable insulated piece that will keep you warm and dry in later season weather.

The foundation of the Kenai line is Toray 3DeFX+® Stretch Insulation, which was created using four different sized coiled hydrophobic yarns, all blended for maximum stretch.  These thicker, hollow-core yarns create a loftier, lighter insulation with abundant air pockets for superior heat retention. The longer, continuous fiber length in 3DeFX+® also allows for the use of a highly stretchable and breathable uncoated face fabric, Toray’s 30D Stunner Stretch.

3DeFX+® Insulation and Stunner Stretch face fabric eliminates the issues associated with conventional synthetic and down insulation migrating through the face fabric.  It also eliminates the typical noisy, restrictive, non-breathable outer layer of most insulation pieces. Woven in a unique way that creates a mechanical stretch for comfort, the Stunner Stretch fabric is dead silent, highly water resistant and wind resistant.

Both the Kenai Jacket and Pant are anatomically designed for a great fit. The Jacket features pit zips, double zippered chest and hand pockets, YKK zippers, and is available in hooded and non hooded. The pants are ¾ length with full side zips for easy on and off in the field.

The Kenai Insulated Jacket is 13.4 ounces, and Kenai Zip Off Insulated Pants are only 8 ounces. By using both the 3DeFX+® and the 30D Stunner Stretch from Toray we have created a full set of synthetic insulation that breathes better, keeping you dryer, warmer, and more comfortable than any other synthetic insulation layer available by our competitors.  The KUIU Kenai is essential for any cold weather mountain hunter.


Toray’s 3DeFX+ uses four different spiral yarns for maximum stretch, loft, and heat retention.


Kenai-Hooded-Jacket Kenai Jacket Kenai-Pant

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  1. Robert

    Just got back from a Deer hunt in Kansas, I used the Kenai Jacket and pants on the cold mornings and it was cold, the pants and jacket really kept me comfortable along with the Guide Jacket and Guide Pants. I also wore the Down Vest and I could not be happier with the result, it kept me in my blind and I got a very nice 10 point buck.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      I’m happy to hear that your KUIU Kenai kept you warm in Kansas. Congratulations on the buck!

  2. Larry

    I would love to see a version of the Kenai pants that were designed to wear over your pants, with double(2 way) zippers on the legs and a Fly!

  3. JK

    A buddy of mine just turned me on to Kuiu and after researching your products, I’m going to order a hooded Kenai in grey (love the low key color). I live at 8,500 ft in the foothills of Colorado and play outdoors. Honestly not as much hunting as I’d like but plenty of other cold weather stuff: skiing, offtrail hiking, climbing 14ers, backpacking, tactical shooting classes, 3 gun matches, and just living in that climate day to day requires some solid cold weather gear. I used to work in several high end outdoor shops and have had lots of high quality outdoor gear from both major and boutique brands as well as some of the PCU/ECWCS military gear.

    Excluding some of the PCU/ECWCS (level 2 grid fleece is one of the best outdoor garments period), most commercial gear doesn’t focus enough on breathability and instead puts most money into the latest waterproof and “breathable” fabrics because the outdoor gear consumer believes they need it. Of course W/B laminates suck 95% of the time, especially in Colorado and the west in general and especially rucking up the side of a ridge at 10,000ft. Sweat sucks.

    I’m glad to find a company that “gets” it and I look forward to putting this jacket through the ringer. The Alpine pants and scree gaiters are on my radar as well.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Thank you for the feedback. You won’t be disappointed with the Alpine pants and scree gaiters. I appreciate your support!

  4. Paul Narraway

    I just bought a Kenai jacket and I love it! I bought in XL so I could layer underneath. Now I want to buy a large also for those days I don’t need layers (after I can afford a Yukon jacket). Did you discontinue the Kenai pants? I don’t see them on your website any longer. I would love to have a pair of Kenai pants under some guide pants for really cold damp late season days. I live in NY and most of my hunting is in New York and Quebec. It’s gonna take some time but I’m going to keep working towards filling my gear with more Kuiu! Thanks for the great gear!

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Hi Paul,
      We have a few Kenai pants available on the outlet. If your size isn’t available, check out the Super Down ULTRA and Super Down PRO pants–both woudl work great as an insulation layer under your Guide Pants. Thank you for supporting KUIU!