Active mountain hunting requires a specific and sp...

Active mountain hunting requires a specific and specialized material for every layer from skin to shell.  In the last decade merino wool has risen to the top for many hunters as the go to fabric for base and mid layer pieces. The moisture attracting ability of merino combined with natural odor resistance make it a great fit, but not all Merino Wool base layers are created equal.

Pure merino wool garments have a few downsides. High cost, durability, lack of recovery once stressed/stretched, slow drying time once saturated, and irritation to the wearer are a few common complaints.

Many companies have tried to counteract these natural tendencies of Merino by mixing it with poly.  Done more often to decrease the high cost of quality Merino, these  “blends” basically defeat the purpose and counteract the natural benefits of Merino wool.

That’s where our Ultra Merino featuring The Merino Company’s NuYarn technology comes in. NuYarn® enhances the natural positives of Merino Wool, and fixes its shortcomings.

NuYarn® isn’t a new fabric—it’s a new and better approach to making yarn.  Instead of twisting fibers together,  NuYarn® lays fibers in the same orientation along a single strand of high performance nylon. When this technique is applied to the highest quality Merino Wool, NuYarn® provides incredible benefits never before seen in standard Merino or traditional Merino blends.  The benefits are incredible:

Faster Drying. NuYarn® Merino Wool fabric dries 5 times faster than traditional Merino. Merino Wool is naturally moisture absorbing but slow drying.  NuYarn® enhances the loft of each strand to add aeration.

Stronger. By not “twisting the life” out of the fabric, NuYarn® is 16% stronger and more durable than traditional Merino fabric. This allows incredibly fine Merino to outlast heavier, less comfortable pieces.

Stretchier.  NuYarn® has 0% spirality, making it 35% stretchier than standard Merino.  This creates a garment that moves better with your body, all while retaining its shape.  Seams stay put, and clothes don’t stretch out over time.

Warmer. Since NuYarn® doesn’t twist fibers to create fabric, the natural insulating qualities of Merino Wool are increased.  NuYarn® Merino Wool is 25% warmer, as more insulating air remains in the fabric to retain heat.

Loftier. By laying fibers in the same orientation instead of twisting them together, NuYarn® fabrics feel less prickly against the skin.  This orientation also creates fabric with more loft, and less weight than traditionally spun Merino Wool.  Unlike other Merino Wool base layers, KUIU Ultra Merino is Spandex and Lycra free, providing incredible stretch without adding unnecessary weight.

All of our KUIU ULTRA Merino Base Layers are created using NuYarn® technology, with Merino Wool sourced from The Merino Company of New Zealand.  NuYarn® allows us to provide the best Merino Wool base layer system available in the industry. Our products are lighter weight, yet outperform heavier, traditional ring-spun Merino Wool garments.  The differences are immediately noticeable when you’re wearing them. By using a 17.5 micron Merino Wool, KUIU ULTRA Merino base layers are soft and don’t irritate the skin, yet maintain durability.  Our base layers are resilient in the field and won’t pill or lose performance after laundering.

If you are considering adding Merino to your Ultralight kit you owe it to yourself to give KUIU’s Ultra Merino series a try.


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