When I first started developing the frame for KUIU...

When I first started developing the frame for KUIU packs, I was focused on finding a frame structure and materials that stayed true to KUIU’s mission of being ultralight.  Throughout my research, I found that traditional pack frames were either strong but prohibitively heavy, or light but too weak to efficiently carry the 60-100+ pound loads that mountain hunters routinely pack in and out of camp. Carbon fiber became the clear choice for KUIU pack frames.

The internal structure of the KUIU Carbon Fiber Frame has changed significantly with the introduction of Spread Tow carbon fiber technology. Traditional carbon fiber fabric construction uses round strands of carbon fiber woven together into a sheet, giving it the signature checkerboard look. With Spread Tow technology, the carbon fibers are flattened, laid parallel, and stitched together, giving increased strength by eliminating pockets of weaker resin material. Spread Tow sheet angles can be offset to change the rigidity and performance of the fabric. The patented, molded KUIU Carbon Fiber Frame includes a complex internal structure of foam core, offset and straight Spread Tow layers, and stacked truss supports to optimize strength and flex as needed throughout the frame. At a mere 11 oz., the KUIU Carbon Fiber Frame, included in the Pack system, is a must-have for any mountain hunter.

The KUIU Carbon Fiber Frame and suspension is the foundation of our modular pack system, and can fit any of the ICON Pro or ULTRA pack bags. KUIU Carbon Fiber Frames are built by Rocket Composites Inc., and are made in the USA.  All KUIU packs are made with materials chosen for performance, not price, including Toray Carbon Fiber, CORDURA® nylon fabric, YKK® Zippers, and Duraflex® hardware.



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  1. Jacob Fick

    I have an Icon Pro 1850 and 7200 pack. The 1850 is a bit small for my liking. I want to buy a 3200 Icon Pro but need to know if the 2017 3200 Icon pro will fit my 2016 frame. Can you please advise?


    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Yes- there is a small adapter kit that will switch out a few buckles on the suspension. The 2017 changes will make switching out the bags much faster and easier.