The success of KUIU has given me the unique opport...

The success of KUIU has given me the unique opportunity bring hunting in a positive light to the main stream media. Hunting has given so much to me and my family and I am honored to give back to our heritage by using KUIU as a vehicle to tell the world the truth about hunting, hunters and how much we do for conservation and wildlife. This side of hunting is so rarely told to non-hunters and their perception of hunting is only what the main stream media has told them in the past, which has been just the opposite of who we are or why we hunt.

I was introduced to John Branch by my PR partner Launch Squad 10 months ago. John is a Pulitzer Prize Winning reporter for The New York Times. John writes only one or two long essay feature articles a year for the Times. Brendan and I talked to him about hunting, the heritage of the sport, conservation and the significance of sheep hunting. John was intrigued and open minded about learning more. He spent the next 10 months working with Brendan, doing a deep dive into Sheep and Sheep hunting to write this article. It is such a privilege to have John write such a significant article for hunting in the main stream media, let alone The New York Times. I cannot thank John and Brendan for all their efforts to make this happen. Enjoy reading The Ultimate Pursuit in Hunting: Sheep.

This is a big day for hunting and conservation.