Having the proper hand protection is essential on ...

Having the proper hand protection is essential on any hunt.  Below is a breakdown of KUIU’s gloves, helping you choose which glove is best for your next hunt.


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Early-Season Camo Cover Glove

KUIU Peloton 130: Made with Toray’s Primeflex fabric, the Peloton 130 is a great camo cover or early season liner.  With non-slip silicone dots and conductive tips on the index finger and thumb for easy use with smartphones and digiscopes, this glove is lightweight, cool, and has incredible stretch and durability.


Mid-Season Light Duty Gloves

KUIU Peloton 200: Constructed using Toray’s Karuishi performance fleece, the Peloton 200 works both as a warm base layer glove or as a lightweight primary glove.  Like the Peloton 130, the 200 has non-slip silicone dots and conductive tips on both the index finger and thumb.


KUIU ULTRA Merino 210: The ULTRA Merino 210 is an incredibly versatile glove that can be worn as a natural-fiber base layer or used as a primary glove, and is breathable, lightweight, moisture wicking and quick drying.  With The Merino Company’s Nuyarn as a face fabric the interior of the ULTRA Merino 210 glove features a soft polyester backer for next-to-skin softness and great moisture management.


All-Around Hand Protection

KUIU Guide Glove: The KUIU Guide glove is truly a do-it-all non-insulated glove. The Guide glove uses Pittard’s Oiltac leather on the palm, fingers, forchettes, and fingertips.  Pittard’s sets the standard in leather durability, and is designed to maintain tackiness when wet, ensuring you’ll never lose your grip.  Constructed with Toray’s Primeflex Soft Shell fabric and treated with Toray’s Kudos DWR for added water resistance and durability, the Guide glove also features a hook and loop wrist closure and a webbing loop for easy on and off.  A favorite of all our customers, the Guide Glove is an essential piece of equipment.



Insulated Late Season

KUIU Yukon Pro: Waterproof, windproof, and breathable, the Yukon Pro will keep your hands warm and dry during mid-season cold spells. Like the Guide glove, the Yukon Pro is constructed with Toray’s Primeflex face fabric that has been treated with Toray’s DWR for waterproofness, and uses Pittards leather on the palm and fingers for grip and abrasion resistance.  Primaloft insulation throughout the palm ensures warmth, while the revolutionary Outdry bonded membrane provides complete waterproof and windproof protection. A hook and loop closure at the wrist guarantees a secure and reliable fit for this incredibly durable glove.


KUIU Northstar: The Northstar glove is our warmest glove, designed for the worst weather.   It fully protects against cold and moisture during all late season conditions while providing great dexterity.  The outer shell of the glove is completely sewn before Outdry’s membrane is added, meaning there’s no gap in protection. Using Pittards leather, Toray’s DWR treated Primeflex fabric, and Primaloft insulation, the Northstar has gauntlet styling and a cinch wrist closure to ensure snow and rain stay out.  Windproof, waterproof, and warm, the Northstar glove will keep your hands protected in the nastiest conditions.


Cold Weather Glassing Mitt

KUIU Super Down MittThe Super Down Glassing Mitt utilizes Toray’s 850+ Quixdown insulation, trapping warm air inside while Toray Stunner Stretch face fabric keeps cold air out.  With an oversized fit, the Super Down Glove is perfect for layering for ultimate warmth in frigid conditions.  Insulation placement ensures there won’t be any dead or cold spots, and Toray’s DWR keeps your hands dry. The Super Down Glassing Mitt is a must-have for cold weather glassing.


This article has 7 comment(s)

  1. Jeremy Fenno

    Make me some XXL gloves!

  2. Matt

    There is a lot of info about what glove you need for what weather you will be facing but how do you find the right fit and size of glove ?

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Below is a link to our sizing chart for gloves. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to call customer service at 855.367.5848.


  3. Chris Penza

    Reading this article on Facebook has prompted me to make comment on my experience with Kuiu gloves. Unfortunately it was a bad experience and that’s probably why it has stuck in my mind. I purchased a pair of the Northstar gloves a few years back in anticipation of a hunt in some of New Zealand’s back country which requires good hard wearing gear not as a matter of choice but also for survival. After only 3 days of hunting the stitching seams at the finger tips began to rip open. By the end of 2 weeks hunting all the finger stitching were disintegrated along with inside the thumbs exposing the foil like material inside. To say I was disappointed in your product would be an understatement especially after paying good money for your top of the line glove. I probably should have contacted you earlier and asked for them to be replaced but couldn’t bring myself to spend more money on them by posting back to the USA . It would be great if you backed your product and sent out a replacement pair. I can provide pics of the gloves if needed. Cheers Chris.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      We are sorry to hear that this happened to your gloves! Please email our Warranty Team at warranty@kuiu.com and they will be able to look into this for you.

  4. Geoff Smith

    I have a struggle in cold weather with circulation in my hands due to years of grinding
    What is the best glove for rifle shooting that is still warm and turns some rain please
    I bought the Yukon glove however they are not shooting gloves

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      The best glove for dexterity that also provides some protection from the elements is our Guide Glove.