The 3.5 ounce Climbing Belt is quiet, durable,...

The 3.5 ounce Climbing Belt is quiet, durable, lightweight and functional.  Designed and made by Bison Designs in Longmont Colorado, the Climbing belt uses CWH 38mm 100% nylon webbing double bar-tacked to the KUIU engraved Bison Designs cast aluminum buckle.  This buckle is functionally designed to secure the webbing in place so you can safely clip into the buckle for emergencies.


The Climbing belt is $19.99 at and is available in Major Brown, size M/L & L/XL.

Please let me know your thoughts and comments of the Climbing belt, I am a big fan of this new design.


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  1. Bob Magnan

    Make sure that XL is VERY generous. I have had circumstances more than once where I’ve finished a trip and pulled in the take up tabs on my trousers so that I could get by without wearing the belt, in order to use the belt to put 2 pieces of equipment together for a ride out, or to avoid a luggage charge at the airport.

    • Jason Hairston

      Great point Bob! Thank you.


  2. Will McNamara

    I have to go with my cap and wardrobe of Kuiu wardrobe.

    • Jason Hairston

      It all matches:))


  3. Will McNamara

    If my fingers could type as well as I think, maybe could type a post that makes sense.
    I need this belt to go with the Kuiu Cap and full wardrobe that I will be sporting in the NWT this August. Will be ordering when the store opens!!
    Will McNamara

  4. Brant McGee

    How wide is the belt?

    What are the lengths for the two sizes?



    • Jason Hairston

      38mm or 1.5 inches

  5. Brent Hahn

    Looks like this belt doesn’t have the alum. bar that “clanks” on similar belts, I call them “jingle belts”, it has cost me an opportunity in the past, on a 5 hr. stalk I was laying about 30yds from a couple of bedded bucks, after about 3hrs. of holding it, I had to go, so I laid over on my side to take a leak, the slight “clank” of the buckle ,even in the 10mph breeze, sent those two bucks out of the basin, needless to say I am interested if this new design is quieter than the “other” style bison belt.


    • Jason Hairston

      Yep, dead quite. Pun intended:). You will love this one Brent.


  6. Ken

    Thank-You! Something as simple as a good functional belt. It is amazing how I have struggled to find one that I like for backcountry hunting and scouting. I am looking forward to trying this one out.
    I really like your attention to detial and thoughtfullness.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Ken for the comment! I appreciate it.


  7. John

    My purchase total keeps climbing each tim Jason puts an item up for the blog! Keep it up Jason! Waiting for my turn to order… John

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank John!


  8. Patrick Stewart

    Hi Jason.

    Do you guys have any plans for suspenders? I got a set from Cabela’s that works ok (clips to your belt), but they don’t seem to be very durable (haven’t broke yet, but the design looks like it could with heavy use).

    I love using suspenders when I have a pack on… it keeps the hip belt from shoving my pants down. LOL


    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Patrick,

      I am not planning on suspenders for the Attack Pant, if I get enough requests we will take a look at developing a set. If you buy a Icon pack you will not have the problem of your hip belt pushing your pants down. Not as cheap as suspenders, but way cooler:)


  9. Roger

    Good decision on making the buckle silent without the sliding bar. I’d like the webbing to be free from anything that could get caught or hang up on anything. Consider removing the Kuiu tag from the webbing, or attach it by sewing so a customer can easily remove it if they want to.

  10. Chris

    Wow everytime you post something it means more points I have to earn on the home front. Just a quick question – I am a 34″ waist would I be a m/l or a l/xl?

  11. Bob Magnan

    Just had a thought here….not to beat a belt to death, but how about making them one size….XXXL. I can’t imagine anyone who hunts can’t figure out how to heat a cheap steak knife or a worn out hacksaw blade to cut the belt to “their size”…If you like them bigger like I do for double duty as a cargo strap, then just double the belt around your waist. If you have a belt you have to have belt loops, right?

    • Larry Schwartz


      I’d have to second that, especially since I would need one just a little bigger than the XL. Since many are ounce counters they would be trimming their belts anyway.

      I know I saw on another post the lengths for the belt sizes. but what are they?


      • Jason Hairston

        Hi Larry,

        Noted. The L/XL goes up to a 42″.


  12. JR

    I agree my purchase total continues to climb as well….
    Question, is the KUIU label stitched to the belt or is that just a tag that comes off? Cool looking belt, guess ill have to have one to hold my attack pants up.

  13. Brent Hahn

    Jason, awsome on the quiet buckle! It may not seem like much but is shows your attention to detail even in the smallest matters with your line of gear.
    and you are right, I will love this belt, it could be the perfect belt.


    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Brent!

  14. Curt Cabrera

    That is one good looking belt! Great to hear that it’s silent, the last similar belt I had was so loud that I couldn’t even wear it hunting. I ended up using a cheapo, but it was silent.

    Another great looking, well designed product!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Curt!


  15. Edwin Gordon

    Looking forward to “shopping day”. I researched the Toray fabric 2 or 3 years ago when only source of jackets were fashion forward Japanese companies at $600 for a jacket. Definitely looks better in camo! Performance should be unequaled. Good luck, Jason!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Edwin for your input on Toray, not many people have experience with their fabrics. You are correct, performance will be unequaled.


  16. Brandon

    Just curious, but why does the tag on the climbing belt say “not intended for climbing”?