Since Flying Wild Alaska\'s debut in Janua...

Since Flying Wild Alaska’s debut in January, the highest-rated debut in Discovery Channel’s history, we have gotten a number of emails and comments regarding KUIU and Lance Kronberger’s involvement with the show. Jim Tweeto, the owner of Era Alaska and the star of the show is also an accomplished bush pilot operating out of Unalakleet, Alaska. As such he’s been landing and picking up Lance and Lance’s hunters for several years now, always in his red and somewhat famous (as a result of the show) Cessna 180.

That we decided to document a Grizzly Hunt with Lance and his brother, out of Unalakleet, and during the time Discovery would be filming there, was nothing but chance. But it’s really worked out as the exposure has been great. In one recent episode, Greenhorn Ben, Lance, his brother Adam, and photographer and writer Daniel Pasley, are featured for several seconds, with all three wearing KUIU from head to toe.

After he got back and we had a chance to talk, I asked Daniel what is was like being on set while coming into and out of Unalakleet.

“While waiting for our flight out of Anchorage, so basically day 1 of our  trip, Lance recognizes one of the other passengers, there were six total, as a television show producer from of Los Angeles. Apparently they had been working together on a new show about Air Taxi’s. And Lance’s go-to pilot/contact out of Unalakleet, this guy Jim Tweeto, was the star of the show. Adam, Lance’s brother, and I didn’t think much of it until we were greeted immediately after landing, like literally on the way down the stairs of our plane, by cameras and dudes with boom mics and all this equipment. And then we were asked to sign a release. And there was TV crew everywhere. In the hanger, in the office, on 4-wheelers coming and going – they were everywhere.

Our flight was late, and we were loosing time and daylight, so the crew hooked us up with bagel sandwiches for dinner as we got into our kit and loaded up Jim’s plane to be dropped off out in the bush. They were good. Really good. They were Hollywood bagel sandwiches with pastrami and capers and all kinds of other stuff.

Jim’s red 180 was wired with camera’s and mics everywhere. On the end of the wings. On the landing gear. Under the back of the plane. On the dash pointed back into the cab. Everywhere you looked you saw cables and helmet cams tapped to this or that.

The next morning, after our first night in the bush, Jim came back with the rest of our gear and a Discovery dude with a camera. They landed and took-off several times. At one point, on a particularly wet landing, a camera broke off and we all spent 20 minutes kicking rocks around to find it. The Discovery dude didn’t care about the camera one bit, he just wanted the flash card. It was funny, he just wanted the shot he had just gotten during the wet landing. We eventually found it all, including the card.

It was cool, they were all super nice. After the hunt, Adam and I spent a night sleeping in the Era hanger in Unalakleet. It was quiet for about seven hours until the next morning when Era was back up and online and Discovery had dozens of people coming and going and shooting and doing their thing. By the time we left, we got the idea that they might actually be making a Television Show. But still, I was surprised when a few months later someone looking through my KUIU Hunt photos, goes “Hey, I recognize that red plane, I saw it on the discovery channel last night. Did you do that Grizzly hunt out of una’la’klet? Yes. Yes as a matter of fact, we did.

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  1. Curt Cabrera

    So cool to see KUIU on tv!

    • Jason Hairston

      It was cool, great show!


  2. Mike P

    When I worked up in Inuvik we had the crew do a show on us for Ice Road truckers and I couldn’t believe how much of a gong show it was having a TV crew around! Hard to get work done when you keep getting asked to drive over the same snow bank 14 times in the snow cat just so they can get “the shot”…lol

    Its funny when my folks called me and said there was a show on about bush pilots, the first and only one I caught was with Lance on it wearing KUIU gear…didn’t really see much of the show cause I was to busy trying to see what the gear looked like 🙂

    How did the first day go for u guys Jason?


    Mike P

    • Jason Hairston

      Hey Mike,

      The 1st day was amazing. It went very smooth for a pre-launch event, still working all the bugs out of the system, cleaning up the shop site and refining what we are doing. I have an amazing team behind the scenes with a lot of talent and foresight. Thanks for asking. Your Jacket is autographed:))


  3. Tony Bynum

    that poor guy used about twice the landing distance has he needed – sheesh, he must think he’s flying a 180 . . . 😉 . . . great show, great adventures and great people! Nice landing though really, but to many of those and it looks like the gear might break off! Friggen guy’s got some guts. It’s obvious now why it costs so much to fly! Great to see Kuiu on TV.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Tony!!

  4. Mike P

    Glad to hear it all went well. I sent an email to Veronica about the pack pre-orders and she got back to me in 5 minutes…amazing service considering that it was the first day of shopping…top drawer all around!

    Thanks again for the Jacket…you’re a rock star 🙂



    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Mike, glad to hear about the quick service. We have an amazing team here at KUIU.


  5. Cory Benge

    “KUIU….good enough for Hollywood but designed and produced for the distinguishing Mountain Hunter”

    • Kendall

      +1 HAH!

      • Jason Hairston

        Well Said Cory!

  6. jim gilmer

    love the blog, its one of very few i take the time to read a second time!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank Jim for the comment! I am so glad to hear this.


  7. Matt

    Nice! When does KUIU TV debut? : )

    • Jason Hairston

      I love the idea!


  8. Quinn

    I think I have a crush on Arial.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yea, I think we all do:)


  9. Rodney York

    Hi Jason,

    Any way to go to on-line site to view this production?
    Although I can’t get onto You-tube it is blocked.

    I vote for KUIU Trackn Trousers.

    • Jason Hairston

      You may try, I am sure they will have a clip on their site.


  10. Craig Germond

    We’re they wearing the Chugach rain gear on that trip?

    • Jason Hairston

      Hey Craig,

      There were wearing Chugach and the rest of the system during that trip. I do not remember what he was wearing on that clip.


  11. Matt

    Great pictures. Will have to check to see if the episode is “on demand”. Would be fun to see.

  12. GeorgeE

    That’s a great show, what a neat family…When you guys (KUIU) showed up, I was like ‘wait a munite’!!! LoL…

    • Jason Hairston

      Me TOO!

  13. Dennis

    Hey Jason,
    Thank you for all the hard work on your site and clothing, I cant wait to get into the field. I am like the other guys though and wonder about buying more of the product. Do you anticipate there will be gear left for the public launch? I have made my purchase on my selected date but would like to order more attack pants and merino wool. When the site launches to the public can we at that time order more of the product? If sold out will you be forming as public waiting list? Sorry, Merino wool is hard to get in good quality at this price and I would like to stock up, I work and play outside and I wear it everyday. Thanks again, I wish you the most success. Your commitment to this line is extremely admirable. I cant wait for the line to expand and watch it grow.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Dennis,

      I have had quite a few requests to be able to order more gear by subscribers. What if we open it back up Sunday and Monday for subscribers only?


      • Dennis

        Sure Jason!! I would really like to get more Merino Wool and some grey attack attack pants. Let us know. Thanks again, I think I speak for us all and I cant wait to put this gear to the test. I have a sheep hunt planned for late august and I am getting to shape now. Look forward to sending you pictures of my first ram! With KUIU from head to toe of course.

      • Justin Starck

        I would also like the opportunity to add the grey attacks to my order.

  14. Mike P

    Bad idea to open it again…my Mastercard cant handle anymore 🙂

    On a serious note it would be a good idea to let those who have followed to have a chance to get at whats left IMO


    • Brian McElrea

      I just got busted by the wife while putting my order together!

      Wife – “What’d ya get so far….let me see what’s in your cart”
      Me – “I’m afraid I can’t share that info with you honey”
      Wife – “How much have you spent?”
      Me – “My tab is running pretty steep”
      Wife – “How steep, like $1,000.00?”
      Me – “Of course NOT babe” (She totally just gave me the negotiating bracket I was looking for. Anything under a grand and I’m golden 🙂 )

      Looks like I can buy some more if you open it up again!

      • Jason Hairston

        Stay tuned I think we are going to open things up again for subscribers on Sunday and Monday. We will let you know tomorrow night.


  15. jesse sherwood

    Great website!!! Way easy to navigate and shop. Because I bought one of everything I’m spent, but letting the subscribers a chance to purchase more gear is a great idea in my opinion. Just my two cents worth.I certainly would like an opportunity to buy more gear if the wife wasen’t already mildly irritated about how much I spent. Wait till she finds the bill for the bush pilots 🙂 I still have to buy a belt and pair of gloves too. As always looking forward to your next post on the blog.

    Much thanks to Jason and all his people behind the scenes who makes this happen for all of us out here in the mountain hunting world.

  16. Paul Chrena


    I pre-ordered a 6000 pack and frame at checkout as a spur of the moment thing and am intending on using it mainly for elk. I just read the review and saw it has been designed for sheep hunting. Do you think I would be better off with the 3000 or will the 6000 work fine? I tried to send this question to Brendan but the email won’t go through for some reason.

    I saw that episode, It was neat seeing KUIU on TV.

    Paul C.

    • Paul Chrena

      We go on two week spike camp hunts, so I thought for a few more bucks just get the bigger pack. I just wanted to hear your thoughts. Thanks again!

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Paul,

      Are you day hunting for elk or backpacking? If you are day hunting the 3000 will be the set up I would recommend over the 6000. Let us know and we can make that change for you. Email


      • Paul Chrena

        We pack in several miles and set up a spike camp and hunt from there. If not in elk we will up and move camp.

        Do you think that oil tack glove could double as a shooting glove for trad bow hunting? I thought of putting some powder on the shooting fingers. That would be sweet!

        • Jason Hairston

          I would recommend the 6000 to give you the space and flexibility you will need once you put an elk down. I can shoot my longbow with the guide glove. In fact I shot a nice mule deer last season with just the glove on, and I shoot with a tab.