Hi Everyone, I wanted you all to know first, Eric...

Hi Everyone,

I wanted you all to know first, Eric flipped the switch a few minutes ago; it is official, KUIU has launched!  You can to to www.kuiu.com and click on SHOP and go shopping.  I want to thank everyone of you for all the support of KUIU for the past 12 months and making this dream of mine become reality.  I could not have made this happen without you.

Please let your family and friends who are not subscribers know they can now shop at kuiu.com.  We went through a significant amount of inventory during the pre-shop event, thank you.  There are some sizes and colors we are sold out of and I do not think it will take long before we sell the remaining inventory.  So, if you know someone who is interested please encourage them to shop sooner than later.

I sincerely appreciate all the support for KUIU, it has been amazing.


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  1. davethebossman

    Congratulations, Jason!

    I’m sure that’s a lot of pressure and release all at the same time! I’m glad for you and I thank you for the sweet gear rolling out our way. I’ll be sure to give my brutally honest and detailed review of my gear as it unfolds. As an Albertan there is a lot of terrain offered here, so it will be a good chance to see this gear in a number of situations. You’ve already got a handful of gear-owners in my hometown, so there is obviously some good publicity coming up this way.

    I’m still a newer hunter, so I offer even another type of viewpoint regarding the appeal and practicality of the gear. Hopefully our opinions will inspire more interest in KUIU.

    And a shout out to some devoted young savant hunters like my bro Adam for giving me the initial heads up about KUIU! Those kinds of guys are the ones who give brands like KUIU a real reputation IMO. Peace.


    • Adam Janke

      Congrats Jason!

      I can’t think of a company that has impressed me so much in such a short period of time in regards to its customer service. I was late to get “in the know” about Kuiu and therefore late to find out about the pre-shop. Your staff was amazing at responding to my emails and calling me to help sort out some techincal difficulties we were having getting my order processed. Their attention to my order (which I’m sure was pretty small compared to some of the others) and very obvious dedication to the best customer service I’ve experienced in a long time was almost unbelievable. It seems as though you guys have a great thing going here and I’ll be sure to pass my experience (and the awesome gear line-up of course!) on to anyone who will listen. I just have to add that as I was researching the brand and the clothing I was quickly sold on everything about the line-up from the techincal aspects to the design philosophy but when I found out it is made in Vancouver (where I live) I was floored. Can’t wait to get my hands on my gear!

      Cheers and congreats to Jason, Brendan, Melissa and all the other committed staff at Kuiu!


      • Jason Hairston

        Thank you Adam, I sent this out to our team this morning and it really hit home. Thank you for taking the time to comment and compliment, we all appreciate it. KUIU has the best team in the business.


  2. Daniel

    Congratulations on the initial success, and I was glad to be a part of it. Forgive me if I have overlooked this in previous blogs, but what about a future shirt similar to the first year Sitka Gear mountain shirt.

  3. Jerry V

    Congratulations on a job well done !!!
    Thanks for bringing us a great product at reasonable cost and a company that values it’s customers.
    It’s easy to support such a company…….the hard part is finding one


  4. Jarred

    Awesome, and congrats on your success! I can’t wait to get my order to start putting KUIU to its intended use.

  5. Joseph Castinado


    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Joseph!

  6. Curt Cabrera

    Congrats brother!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Curt for all the support and help. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it!


  7. Curt Cabrera

    Really looking forward to the pictures and comments when everyone gets it into the field. The beginning of something very special!

    • Jason Hairston

      Me too! I cannot wait to get this gear in your hands!

  8. Rob Lund

    Congrats guys.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Rob for taking the time to comment.


  9. Jerry Gowins


    If the support has been amazing it’s because of the way you’ve handled your new venture. Keeping us all informed – and excited – through this blog about just about every aspect of the birth of KUIU and its products was a stroke of genius. And very much appreciated.

    Congratulations on the success of KUIU!!


    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Jerry, I look forward to your photos of your elk hunt. The gear should be on its way in a few days.


  10. jeremy coggins


    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Jeremy.


  11. benjie


    congrats on the big day!

    • Jason Hairston

      It was a big day, thank you.


  12. JB

    Jason…congrats! I’m a gear hound for another sport, but stumbled onto your journey detailed in this blog from the start and have enjoyed following the development of your company–you are doing it right! I’m going to get some of your gear just because I believe in what you are doing for the community you serve. It is good to see authenticity and commitment to a way of life manifest itself in your products.

    I wish you all the success your hard work deserves!


    • Jason Hairston

      WOW, thank you. that is an amazing compliment. Thank you.


  13. Larry Schwartz

    Congratulations Jason and everyone at KUIU, Inc.!!!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Larry.


  14. Cody Miller

    Congratulations on the big achievement after all your hard work!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Cody, I appreciate it.


  15. Roger steele

    I hope KUIU is a great success.With all the attention KUIU has gotten thru the internet it should be.Can’t wait to try out the guide jacket for turkey season.If you want to hunt colorado for muledeer call me I can help.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Roger,

      Thank you for the offer, I will take you up on that in the future. I love hunting Mulies!


  16. Mike P

    Unlimited Shopping, nooooooooo!!! Must not buy more stuff…..keep telling myself that!

    Congrats Jason and Crew, great site and great product from people that “Get It”, that could be your slogan for T-shirts “KUIU- We Get It” or “KUIU- Mastercards new best friend” or “KUIU- Keeping divorce lawyers employed since 2011″…lol

    Keep up the great work.

    Mike P

    • Larry Schwartz

      Mike P – To build on that T-shirt idea, maybe on the front it says, “KUIU – We Get It!” and on the back it says, “And Now You Can Too…WWW.KUIU.COM”

      Jason – You might want to change the KUIU on the back of the hats to say, http://www.KUIU.com and either 1-855-367-5848 or 1-855-FOR-KUIU so folks have the URL and phone number.


      • Jason Hairston

        Larry are you in marketing? That is great!


    • Jason Hairston

      LOL! I love those…Thanks Mike!


  17. Brad

    Congrats: I imagine you are going to improve the quality of gear industry wide.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Brad.


  18. Jeff short

    Congratulations, you have poured yourself into this and I believe you have accomplished what you really started out to do many years ago the first time around. I’d wish you the best of luck but I believe your hard work and preparation has ensured your success without luck. Well done.


    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Jeff, I appreciate all your help and support along the way. I am super excited about September!


  19. Cory Benge

    Jason and All,
    A huge congratulations to you and the entire staff. This is what we’ve been waiting for….KUIU! And I am proud to say that I am completely and entirely ‘on’ with the KUIU team which in my opinion is all of us that use you, all of you that build it and all the those of you who make it happen! I can hardly wait to see all the harvest shots that will undoubtedly begin to flood the KUIU website. Onward and Forward!!!! Yes!!!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Cory! I agree, I just bought a HUGE picture board for the new office just for photos.


  20. Matt

    Congrats Team KUIU!!! Well Done! Thank you for the ride over the last 12 months. It’s been great. I’m going to have to look elsewhere for the fix I’ve come to expect from following KUIU. BooHoo, no more Building KUIU to follow……

    Again, Strong work and thanks for taking us along for the ride. Unforgettable.

    Tagging on to what Mike P said, I continue to like calling the gear my “Super Suit”. Invisible, makes you 20lbs lighter, faster, keeps you hydrated and feed without carrying food and guarantees record book animals to succumb by being in your presents.

    Win win for everyone.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Matt,

      We are JUST getting started on building KUIU. Lots of work to be done and lots of help to come from everyone involved. New developments are beginning and I will be sharing these with you shortly for input and feedback. Thanks for coming along on the ride.


  21. Riley

    Ever since I signed up to your blog, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the way you marketed your new business. Being one-on-one with your customers the way you’ve been speaks volumes to me, and others I’m sure. I ended up buying a pair of pants, a merino top, and a ball cap to start with. The camo really grew on me and I’m actually really excited to try it out.


    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Riley!


  22. Tom Ryle

    I could write a book here but I’ll summarize with just two words:
    Goose Bumps!!

    Well done, Jason and crew!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Tom! Are you heading down to Folsom?


  23. Kit Baughman

    Hi Jason,

    Congratulations to you and the rest of the team at KUIU! Today is going to be a day that the hardcore hunting clothing and gear customers remember, as will others in the industry. KUIU has changed the game!



  24. Jerry

    Congratulations Kuiu and Jason!

    May the future be fortuitous and profitable.

  25. Trevor

    Congrats on the release of KUIU. I’m sure it’s top notch product all the way around.

    With some of your items already sold out, when can we expect your inventory to be replenished?


  26. Dillon Hofs

    Congratulations to you Jason and the KUIU team!

    I am patiently awaiting my order.

  27. JR

    Cant wait for my stuff to show up. Hey Jason how about KUIU t shirts. I would love a nice fitting smooth looking KUIU t shirt to wear. I would also be doing some lovely marketing for you in this t.

    • Larry Schwartz

      Hmmm…can you print/stencil a message and logo on 185 merino wool fabric? If you could, and the price was around $25-$35 per shirt, I would definitely buy 2 or 3 (one in each color, ya’ know).

      A logo’ed cotton T-shirt will run you at least $20 anywhere you look and a UA T-shirst in their technical fabric runs $25 – $35.

      Jason, I’ll be glad to field test them for you. I will stretch the dickens out of them too. ; )


      • Jason Hairston

        Thanks Larry!

  28. Stephen Hand

    Jason and staff,
    Congratulations on a job well done! Wishing you much success.

    I would be very interested in a wide brimmed well ventilated hat, with a chin strap for wind, in matching camo. Those high temperature hunts are hard to take without some shade on the head, neck and face. Also, for the relatively close distances of archery, if you could incorporate a matching camo face net sewn into the hat, with a pair of eye holes, this would be a nice finishing touch to a great line of hunting gear. The net could be flipped up under the hat when not in use.
    The same setup in the truckers cap would be good also. I like a lot of ventilation.
    I would also like a tough, lightweight, long sleeved, well ventilated, camo shirt with two big button pockets . Something to stand up to brush and good in hot weather as well as another layer in cooler temperatures.
    Thanks for considering these sugestions.

  29. Meredith Hall

    congrats! Such a great venture.
    It’s so wonderful to see truly well thought out functional product with performance and quality put first instead of profit.
    I know all of your users will embrace the thoughtful innovative product that you have brought to the table.
    I hope that you will continue innovating and creating for years to come.
    ( am I the only lady who has made a comment on this blog! HMMM it was great to meet you at OR)

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Meredith. It is so nice to have you part of the blog. Thank you for taking the time to comment and I appreciate your nice compliments. See you at OR in August?


  30. Timothy Hanohano

    Congrats Jason!!!!

    Realy looking forward to useing some of the KUIU gear soon!!! Do you plan on making a warm weather line in the future??? Like garments I could use everyday here in Hawaii? A mesh leafy 3D top would be cool. Anyways congrats again!!! Aloha!!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Tim,

      I have some new stuff in the pipeline that would be right in your wheel house in Hawaii. I will keep you posted here on the blog.


  31. Mark B

    Love the jacket in Major Brown… are there any plans to make the Attack Pants in Major Brown as well?

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Mark,

      Yes, there have been a lot of requests for the Attack Pants in Major Brown. It will not be until later this fall before I will have them available.


      • Mark B

        That is great news! Looking forward to the Grand Opening in two weeks. Thanks again!

        • Jason Hairston

          Glad to hear you can make it. See you there.


  32. Allan


    Thanks for gearing up to produce the Attack Pants in Major Brown this fall. I have ordered the other two colors and would love the brown. I like Stephen Hand’s suggestions on the tough, lightweight shirt with two pockets, and the Hawaii wear you told Tim Hanohano you are designing will be great too. There is no doubt that you will be bringing many new, exciting Kuiu products to us, because the ones out there now are just amazing! My order cannot arrive soon enough. I wish I could be there at the Grand Opening, but I send my best to everyone there.


  33. jon hill

    how do we check on an order