Thank you to all who made it out to the Grand Op...

Thank you to all who made it out to the Grand Opening at World Headquarters.  It will very nice to meet so many of you. There were over 300 people through the doors on Saturday! Certainly beyond any of our expectations.  We had people travel in from as far away as Boise and Alaska.  I really appreciate all the support for KUIU it was absolutely incredible.

I shot the show room and office Saturday morning before the Grand Opening to share with those who could not attend.  If you are ever in Northern California please stop in and see us.  Dixon is 56 miles from San Francisco and 20 miles from Sacramento on Interstate-80.


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  1. Walt

    Very Cool, Would have loved to come but work prevented that.
    Are yopu going to add the T-Shirts the website? I need all three. Lol

    Love the gear!

    • Jason Hairston

      I am shooting the Tee’s today and hope to have them up on the site later this week.


      • Adam Janke


        I just received my gear yesterday and talk about some amazing stuff! No BS the Attack pants have to be the most comfortable pants I have ever put on! Thanks againf or putting out such awesome gear at such amazing value. I’ll be adding a lot more Kuiu gear to the outdoor wardrobe ASAP. I own my own sports medicine/foot injury clinic in Vancouver so if you’re in Van and need anything in this realm just drop me a line.


        Adam Janke

        • Jason Hairston

          Hi Adam,

          I will let you know when I am in Vancouver. Maybe later this spring or summer. I am so happy to hear your thoughts on the Attack Pants.


  2. Coy C. Benge

    We Love it!!! Now an we get your wife up here to help us with the interior decorating on our new house!! Great stuff!!!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Cory! I will send her up there, she did an amazing job.


  3. Matt

    WOW! Nice place. Sorry I missed out. Sure looks like you have out done yourself once again. Hoping to make it to WH last week of June while visiting family in Reno.

    • Jason Hairston

      I hope you can make it as well. Let me know when you are planning on coming.


  4. JB

    Sweet set-up, Jason! Very well done–the first thing I thought of upon seeing your interior was the great book by Ernest Hemingway, ‘The Green Hills of Africa.’

    You continue to do it right! Glad the open house was a success.


    • Jason Hairston

      What a nice compliment! Hemingway is exactly what I think as well.


  5. Joseph Castinado

    Congrats! Enjoy the fruits of all your hard work!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Joseph!


  6. Brian

    Wow 300 visitors. Congrats on such a great turn out. Sorry I missed it.

    • Jason Hairston

      I missed having you there as well!


  7. Darryn

    Looks like a super place to spend your day when not in the field!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Darryn!


  8. Brandon Hammonds

    Congrats! Head Quarters look awesome. Wish you all the best, I wish we could have made it.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Brandon!


  9. Kurt Steindorf

    Great time! Congradulations on the open house. It looked like a great turn out for Kuiu. Thanks for the invite.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you for making the treck down! It was great to see you.


  10. Tony Bynum

    Very nice looking place men! Comfortable, clean and styling. Looks like that sheep print will have a grand home!

    Tony Bynum

    • Jason Hairston

      The Sheep print is going to be a fantastic addition!


  11. Trevor Probandt

    Love the look of the shop!!! Well done, as usual. I’m sure it is a great satisfaction to see something that you thought up to come to life and be fully shown to the world, and to be on the cutting edge of retail internet business. Jason, can you suggest any books on building internet business’ and/or branding? Any recommended reading would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Trevor,

      Thank you. Yes, all of Seth Godin’s books and his blog are fantastic. The Tipping Point is another good one that comes to mind. I also recently read Tony Hsieh’s book “Delivering Happiness” of his story behind building Zappos. Another inspiring read. Feel free to email or call me to talk about business anytime.


  12. J.R.

    You guys were fantastic hosts, well worth the drive from San Jose. I was more impressed that I thought I would be. I knew the gear would be well designed, and well built, but the attention to detail at every level exceeded my expectations. It was pretty cool to see this all come to fruition after following the blog.

  13. Ryan Bales

    I 2nd the T-shirt request. How about another round of stickers as well:) Looks like a first-class joint you guys are operating there.

  14. Steve Alderman

    Jason and crew
    Thanks for making me feel at home it was a great grand opening! I can’t wait to get my hands on a couple of those cutting edge packs! It was a great time at your Inlaws bar and grill getting to now everyone. It made the trip from East Texas worth every mile! If you need anything here in Boise don’t hesitate to ask! Keep up the great work!

    Steve Alderman
    Mule Deer Country

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Steve! It was great to meet and get to know you. Please let me know when you get the photos and video up so I can link out to them. I really appreciate you making the trip. If there is anything I can ever do for you please let me know.


  15. Ernie F

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Grand Opening and meeting you too. Very very nice. Good food and great people. It was nice trying on the 6000 too. Awesome pack!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Ernie! I really appreciate you taking the time to come up to the opening.


  16. Nathan C

    The pictures don’t even do the headquarters justice. It is that nice. Definitely a cool place to work. Congrats Jason on a great Grand Opening. It was a fun time.

  17. Ernie F

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Grand Opening and meeting you too. Very very nice. Good food and great people. Thanks. Nice to try on the 6000 too. Awesome pack!

  18. Scott Rossingnol

    Thank You! It’s nice to see a company genuinely care enough to let their customers be a part of what they’re doing. I’ve already recommended KUIU to my friends!

    • Jason Hairston

      Your welcome Scott. Without customers KUIU does not exist!


  19. Cody Lujan

    Congrats. Great looking headquarters, wish I could have joined in on the grand opening (but for turkeys in the Gila). And, I agree with Walt, where can I get one of those tees? It’s getting hot down here in the desert!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Cody! The Tee’s are coming.


  20. Rodney York

    Jason,… and crew,
    What a GREAT day! Thank you Jason for ALL of your hard work and congratulation on once again allowing us outdoorsmen and slice of heaven on earth. Your product line, your dedication, and inspiration lead the way for us all once again. It was wonderful for meet you and all your staff.
    Again, thank you and congratulations.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Rodney! It was a great day for sure. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your nice words. Thank you. It was very nice to meet you as well.


    • Nathan C

      Hey Rodney

      It was great meeting you and talking goats. Ill give you a call later this week.

  21. Jason Peak


    Thanks for the invitation. My daughter, Emma, and I traveled from Reno (she is the one that wanted to film you) and it was definitely worth the trip. The quality of the products is unbelievable; to get my hands on it was fantastic and everything really exceeded my expectations. I really like what you are doing—it is tough to change an entire industry but you are definitely getting there. Looking forward to using your stuff this year.

    Best of luck, and expect a little video from Emma in your in-box soon!

    Jason Peak

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Jason,

      Great to meet you as well! Thank you for making the trek to KUIU, it was great to meet you. Your daughter was fantastic, I look forward to the video. See you in Reno next year at all the shows.


  22. GeorgeE

    Great place Jason and I’m glad it’s right down the road (Well, maybe! ;-)…Was worth the trip and a Guide Jacket came back to Folsom with me! So who won the pack?


  23. John Burnett

    Wish I could have been there… I’m excited about putting the gear I bought to the test. It would be fun to hear some of the stories behind the pictures… especially the one with the Grizzly.

    Thanks for the postings.

  24. beau purvis

    Looks like a great opening!
    I opened my package of the few things I ordered a couple days ago. I was expecting great things. I wasn’t disapointed. I liked the weights and the feel of the merino in the beanie[wore it for two days] and the Zip-T. Everything was perfect about the Zip-T as well. The sleeve length is perfect for was the size. The overall body length was nice and long. I really was impressed with the way you detailed the collar. It was very comfortable.All the colors were true to the web photos. LIke the camo very much. Look forward to ordering some more peices and having a long relationship.


  25. Tim M

    Very classy and upscale. Tough to go to work in that everyday. Great job to you and your wife and staff.

  26. Jason Owings

    Had a great time on Saturday for the hour I was there! It’s awesome to be apart of something so unique and great. After putting that pack on I am even more excited! Already told my wife I want some solid color attack pants for my 30th B-Day! I’m sure you will see me in there again before to long. Once again thanks for all the hard work and such an outstanding product. Can’t wait to chase some blackies in the marble mountains this bow season with it. If you ever need a tester let me know haha!

  27. Eric Johnson

    Wow, nice looking office! man cave???? I drove by on the 15th and saw the building from the interstate. Will stop by on another trip. Can’t wait to get my hands on the clothes!

  28. Jeff M. Valunas

    Absolutely Beautiful!!! If ever there was a place of work, that would be hard to leave, and go home. 🙂 You and/wife and I am sure many other’s, did an AMAZING job. Knowing your passion for the hunting gear you are creating here at KUIU, I expected nothing less, than a ‘Virtual Museum Like’ showroom. Well Done, I will keep it on my ‘bucket-list’ of places to visit, someday! I look forward to those T-Shirts as well… Can’t wait to start showing my love for KUIU, and the ‘free’ advertizing to help you recoup some of the monies, for the development and production of Awesome Gear!
    Be Well, and Keep Smilin’ 🙂

  29. Clint Vetsch

    Looks Great!

    cant wait for the T-shirts

  30. Frank Sanders

    Jason, Brandon told me about the Grand Opening and even though I am down from Alaska and hunting within an hour of you, I just couldn’t make it. I did order some gear as I have a couple hunters on Kodiak and we go out next week, so I will give it a good test. Hopefully I can send you a few success photos, if this product is half what I think it is I’m in good shape. Thanks

    Frank Sanders
    Alaska Trophy Outfitters

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Frank! I appreciate the business and look forward to hearing your feed back from you hunt. Good luck and be safe!


  31. Danny P.

    Jason, Had a great time at the grand opening,Thanks for the detailed demo of the 6000,just what I needed to confirm my thoughts of the pack.Will be ordering it soon!The store is set up great and can’t wait to get back over there.Thanks for sharing the opening with your customers.

    Danny P.

  32. Dave

    I was pretty impressed by the look of the showroom. Felt like I was in a fancy woman’s boutique. 🙂 Didn’t get a chance to talk to you as it was pretty busy and you were showing off the packs. Picked up the items I wanted to try on before buying. Shaun helped me out(mutual friend). Maybe we can hook up some other time soon.

  33. Dennis

    Awesome Jason!! I have to admit that I have spent more than my wife would allow, by about 2 times over, but I got to have a few t-shirts!!!
    Good job, can’t wait for my gear!!

  34. Ernie (Big Ern)

    Good thing there is room on your tack board for more pictures,better make room for a second or third one.VERY NICE!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Ernie!!


  35. Bill Van Ooijen

    Great job wth the WH. You have come along way in a short time. It was nice to see you and the family again. When your” band width “recovers lets catch up.

    • Jason Hairston

      It was very good to see you as well Bill. Old hunting partners are never forgotten. Thank you so much for coming. I cannot believe how big Billy has gotten!


  36. Doug Rodgers

    With much excitement,Lance Kroneberger was telling me on friday that he was traveling down to your opening over the weekend. From the looks of your photos, It appears we all missed out on a great time. Congratulations on your new product launch. I just received my recently ordered clothing and was not dissapointed one bit. I put my new attack pants through a moisture test and was amazed by how resistence they are to water. Great fabric, fit and neat camo too. I look forward to testing all of my new KUIU gear including the 6500 pack on my upcoming sheep and mountain goat hunts with Lance in Alaska this fall. Keep the good stuff coming!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Doug for the compliments. We wish you could have made it on Saturday. If you are ever in N. Cal. please stop by. Good luck this season and please email us your photos!!


  37. Bill Van Ooijen

    Hey J who one the back pack me or Billy?

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Bill,

      Angie Prather from Dixon won the pack. She has a long list of new boy friends!


  38. Tom Ryle

    Damn, I missed a great event! Classy set up, Jason. Summer’s coming – get them cool T-shirts up!


    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Tom,

      Hopefully by the weekend on the Tees. Thanks for the compliments.


  39. Merch

    Great pics of your store, a definate destination stop next time I am in your part of the world. Scanning the pictures I notice something is missing. Lightweight, high quality Pirmaloft sleeping bags. Perhaps a two bag system for various conditions, keeping with the layering philosophy.
    Having a difficult time waiting on the latest delivery.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hey Merch,

      I do like that idea. Time will tell if KUIU builds a bag.


  40. Jerry Gowins

    The HQ is beautiful! Nice job of decorating. I’m really looking forward to stopping by this Fall!


    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Jerry, my wife has amazing vision. I know she appreciates the compliment as well as I do.


  41. john mcknight


    Wow, it looks great a lot different than our first meeting 🙂 Great job!


    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks John!!


  42. Stephen Hand

    Hi Jason,
    It was great meeting you, your wife, your father, and all of your staff. Your headquarters is stunning. Great decorations! The products are great. Looking forward to using them. Nicely done Grand Opening for Kuiu!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Stephen for coming to the opening. We really appreciate your interest and support for KUIU.



    Looks like a copy cat of predator camo to me.

    • Jerry V

      Have to disagree, been using Predator for the last 16 seasons and getting my first set of Vias last week, it maybe a similar concept, but it’s not a “copy cat” — JMO

      • Jeff M. Valunas

        I agree, ‘whole-heartedly’!!! Both VIAS, and ‘predator’, use the concept of ‘Macro-Camo’. IMO, where VIAS takes it to a ‘new level’, is the lack of (sharp edges), and a much more (muted/ungulate confusing) color scheme. Also, unlike the ‘predator’ camo, VIAS has a distinct horizontal break-up, which in my opinion makes it Superior!!! And to this point in time- NO company, creating camo, has anything even in the next Universe, in QUALITY/PRICE!!! btw- Jason, thanks for the spell-check on the blog!!! 🙂 Now I can put the ‘Webster Dictionary’, back on the shelve… 🙂 (unless my new OS, is doing that?)

        • Jason Hairston

          Thanks Jeff for the strong statement. I believe both these predator and Vias are of equal quality in a camouflage pattern. Especially the early versions of Predator. A comparison I take as a compliment. In regards to quality and performance, it is not fair to compair others to KUIU. We play by a totally new set of rules. The others cannot afford to make gear with the fabrics and factories we use as they could not afford to sell their products as retail if they did so. They live in a different market than KUIU.


      • Jason Hairston

        I am a huge fan of Predator and take ELKSLAYERS comment as a total compliment.


  44. Kit Baughman

    Hi Jason,

    Wow, the showroom looks awesome! You wife did a great job with the decor – I can almost smell big leather armchairs, cigars, and single malt along with the sounds of clinking glasses, toasts to the successful, and tales of hunts past, and yet to come.

    Congratulations on the Grand Opening, too! I wish I could have made it down. Instead I was sitting out in the rain, snow, and wind chasing the turkeys from hell. Funny how my thoughts kept turning to wishing I was in KUIU gear, and thinking how much better the Vias camo would have been. Maybe next year…

    – Kit

    • Jason Hairston

      Ha, yes the big leather armchairs, cigars and single malt……etc. Well said Kit!


  45. Allan

    I have been wearing Predator camo in various patterns for many years and love the designs, but the Vias is no more similar to Predator than it is to Cabela’s Outfitter Camo pattern. The closest I have seen may be the Winona pattern, but the Vias is better. There is no “one size fits all” camo pattern for all conditions, but the Vias comes as close as any, including Predator, ASAT, Winona, Outfitter, Skyline or other breakup patterns. Jason’s design is outstanding and does exactly what it is meant to do.

    Jason, I love the offices. You have themed the decor perfectly — or should I perhaps say your wife has. Wish I could have been there for the opening, but I will drop by next time I am in the area. I just got word that my two orders shipped today, and I was so excited I almost needed a pair of Attack Pants to change into — if you get my drift! 🙂 All my buddies have received their clothes and are super happy with them, but I have been left out until now. My order was delayed waiting on a couple of the Spindrift Jackets, but no problem now that I will be getting my 22 new pieces of clothing. Like I told you, I wasn’t in a hurry as long as I actually got everything by the middle of May. I am really pumped and am eager to have you ship me the Icon 3000 and 6000 packs I ordered when they come in next month. I sure am glad you decided to start this business for lucky customers like me. You question whether Kuiu will ever be making sleeping bags, but I predict that Kuiu is going to be another North Face or Patagonia that found a niche that was not being adequately filled and grew far beyond anyone’s expectations, including those of their founders, Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins. I expect that in 10 years your name will be spoken in the same sentence with theirs as the guys who started small and built outdoor clothing and equipment empires based on producing great products and serving the needs of their customers and the outdoors. Right now you have centered on the “mountain hunter”, but you are already serving folks far beyond that limited group, and the requests for adding additional products is overwhelming. Those early signs portend great things for you and Kuiu. (By the way, that needs to be your company slogan — “You and Kuiu!” It’s a whole lot better than the slogan, “Just do it”, and look how much product those three words have sold.


    • Jason Hairston

      Thank You Alan for all of your compliments and strong statements for KUIU and my work. These are incredibly flattering and not taken lightly as you speak of Iconic brand building, a fascination of mine, and work I study daily if not hourly. Massive shoes to fill.

      I agree KUIU has a very nice beginning, but it is just the beginning. Keeping this brand focused and relevant and our customers happy, engaged and fulfilled are the next steps that will tell if KUIU is headed there. We must continue to inspire customers, with incredible products, inspiring content and BIG dreams.


  46. Matthew B.

    Looks great! I am up here in Paradise, a couple hours away. I will have to come down there next time i am in the Sac area and check out those packs once you have them in. I have been looking at packs for going on 6 months and thos seem like they are perfect. Almost bought an eberlestock (too heavy) or Kifaru (can’t try on). Glad I listened to the little voice that told me “not yet”. The 6000 looks like it may be perfect and unlike Kifaru It is a relatively short trip for a try on along with good looking layers for a “mountain system”. For sure will have to get that vest and attack pants I am thinking. 🙂 Anyway good luck and it looks like you are doing it right which is rare in these days and you should be commended.

    Matt B.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Matt, please stop by when you are in the area. We have samples at the office now you can try on.


  47. John

    Great looking place Jason! Love the clothing and waiting for the packs, gloves and belt. I also need a few new T-shirts. Can’t wait to email pictures of our clothing in use. ………. Good luck now and in the future! John

  48. Larry O. Fischer

    Sorry I missed the open house, was impressed with Blake’s guide jacket, even the hood! I’m a petit 6’3″ 275 # and wear the 3x in my 90% jacket what size would you recommend. Secondly, are you coming to Idaho this fall for hunting? If you want to put in for Shiras moose give me a call and I’ll recommend a couple of units, and if you draw I’ll call one in for you. I’ll even help pack, but will probably set out the first and third quarters, don’t need the playing time!

    • Jason Hairston

      Larry I am not optimistic our XXL will fit you, it will be close. If I continue to get requests for XXXL’s I will add them to the line. Petit..LOL! I will call you about the Moose tag! Thank you for the offer I really appreciate it.


  49. Glen Landrus

    I noticed pics of tee shirts but dont see these in the “store”???