Hi Everyone, I have read and received a lot of ...

Hi Everyone,

I have read and received a lot of questions and concerns about the durability and reliability of the Icon pack system to handle heavy loads and impacts.  Below is a video I shot on my i-phone today to help you better understand the Icon Carbon Fiber technology.  There are more to follow.  I hope these help answer some of your questions.  I will continue to add more video pack clinics.  If there are any particular demonstrations you would like to see or suggest please let me know.



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  1. Mike Rogers

    Waiting on mine with baited breath…I think it will look way better with a sheep in it instead of salt…LOL. Hope to send those pics this fall.

  2. benjie

    looks great and handles the load nicely

    why dont you just drive a truck over the frame

    how many packs frames can survive that?

    naturally that is highly unlikely to happen but proves a point

  3. James

    Drop the pack on the frame with all that weight in it. Will it handle a 5′ fall with 90lbs? a 6′ fall? 10′? Sucks to break a nice frame like that but it will tell how tough it is.

  4. Tom Ryle

    Just so you know, I can jump up and down with 90# way more times that that.

    Seriously, very cool – solid, stable, can’t wait…


  5. Jason Owings

    Great video! Few more weeks, can’t wait. Planning a scouting trip/trial gear run as soon as it gets here.

  6. Coy C. Benge

    Hell Jason…we all knew you would build a pack that would weigh a little and carry a lot…all the while retaining its structural integrity…The real question is “How do we get one of those cool T shirts?!!!” LOL

    Keep up the great work….and when you get time drop me a line regarding our soon to be launched Shoulder Mount Media…I think you’ll like what you see! http://www.shouldermountmedia.com/default.aspx

    • Jason Hairston

      The Tee’s are coming. I promise.


  7. Brian Soliday


    Can’t wait to get mine delivered and try it out for an AK Grizz/moose adventure. What does the first ship date look like?

  8. Trevor Probandt

    Jason, I’m going to have to disagree with your response to my comment on the previous blog post. EVERYONE needs a carbon fiber pack!!! If your team’s design is able to work just as you have promised…well, my friend, you have just pushed us all in a new direction. Will everyone buy one this year and only from KUIU? No, but if this is a big success then everyone will follow. It is the same in retail, the NFL, real estate development, and just about anything else you can think of. Just think of it, in 10 years you can see carbon fiber packs in Bass Pro and Cabelas. ha ha ha I say it in jest, but it is absolutely the truth. The same with direct selling via the internet. Outdoor retailers are going to have to get 1) Huge, in order to use volume or 2) Small and mobile, to fight the scale of economy that the big boys have. Here is to staying ahead of the bell curve.
    But for my real question, I know the 6000 will compress down very snug, but will it be too tall for a day pack in the trees? I like my Gregory Z65 because it is pretty short, but can still carry my bivy with me.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Trevor,

      I believe this hybrid Carbon Fiber design will become the future of packs. There are just so many advantages to this material and design. I cannot wait for everyone to get their hands on them. This is a multi-industry changing product IMO. It is not any taller than the load lifters that sit just above your shoulders. I day hunt in the 6000 without the lid after I drop my camp and really like it. I recommend the 3000 if you are just looking for a day pack.


  9. Cameron Meier

    Looks good Jason. I like these videos! Is there anyway you could do a walk through of the two packs and maybe how they Attach to the frame? Keep up the videos!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Cameron,

      Sure, great suggestion. I will shoot these next week for you.


      • Larry Schwartz


        Including an explanation of where the various pockets are in each pack would be a good idea.


  10. Allan


    You make a 90 pound pack look light! Wish I could do jumping jacks with that load like you were essentially doing. Looking good, buddy. The pack and frame both look really great too. Having seen one of the prototype frames and some destructive testing, I am thrilled to be able to be an early adopter. I agree that this will create a sea change in the pack frame industry. Lead on!


  11. Alvaro from Spain

    I have ordered, for when they are available, a carbon frame and a 3000 pack but looking at this video the 6000 might not be as big as I thought and too big for my needs. Definetely, it does not look twice the size, that is for sure,,,
    Maybe you have done it and I just can`t find them, but could you please post a couple of pictures of the 3000 and the 6000 side to side for comparison?
    What would you say is the using limit for the 3000?
    Apart from the Vias Cammo, in which solid colour are they available?
    Looking forward to receiving my gear!