Enclosed is a short video of an Impact Demonstrat...

Enclosed is a short video of an Impact Demonstration of the Icon Frame I shot today.  This second of three Video clips I shot on my iphone.  They are unedited and very rudimentary my apologies.



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  1. Matt

    Would we be able to see some video of the frame being flexed (that may already be the plan for video 3?). From video 2 it looks like the frame may be somewhat flimsy and i dont think thats something i would want in a hunting pack. I found that the mystery ranch internal frame packs flexed too much when loaded with 80+lbs in them. I like the design and light weight of the kuiu packs and am very interested in them! Im looking forward to reading reviews from all the people that will be using them this hunting season. Keep up the great work!

    • Jason Hairston

      Hey Matt,

      This frame is not flimsy at all. It is incredibly stiff where is is needed. Right where it handles the load. Video #3 will show you this.


  2. Mike P

    looks like it will take a serious beating!

    the frame is smaller than i thought it would be. Only one more month 🙂



  3. Rob

    Haha cool. These are great videos.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Rob!

  4. Nick

    All these videos are killing me. I can’t wait till I get mine, its nice though it reinforces my decision to go with this pack for my hunts.

    • Jason Hairston

      I know you will be amazed when you put it on your back. Not only is it light weight and very cool to look at it is the most comfortable pack you have ever worn.


  5. Jeff M. Valunas

    Hmmmmmm, interesting….Thanks for the demo, not sure if I am more sold or not! I certainly appreciate your effort! I think, I would be most concerned with the bottom ‘forks’!!! And, their ability to take a ‘blow’ from below… I am sure you will get to that…And, the travel, of the shoulder straps? Do you have a top-end torso length? Sorry, to ask these, as I said I would be patient, but… Well, sorry!!!
    Be well, friend-

    • Jeff M. Valunas

      I mean, you threw video at us… I couldn’t hold the Q’s back any longer..LOL 🙂
      Ok, peace-out!

    • Jason Hairston

      The Bottom stays are non-load bearing. Meaning they are designed to pull the pack into your body and help stabilize the load. I understand your concerns, however they are very durable, have a quite a bit of flexibility and are really well protected as they are pulled into the hip belt and sit in a hypalon sleeve. There is a lot of experience and genius that went into this design.

      Plus, they are going to have a very hard time to take a direct hit and if they did, I still do not worry about the durability. In the worst case you found a way and broke it completely off; the frame would still function extremely well.

      I understand hesitation and questions with this new Carbon Fiber hybrid design. It is warranted. It is my goal to give you all the information and real life testing to feel as comfortable about the reliability and authenticity of this product as we are.


      • Jeff M. Valunas

        Thanks for a VERY info. packed response. Particularly, this line- “and are really well protected as they are pulled into the hip belt and sit in a hypalon sleeve. There is a lot of experience and genius that went into this design.” This line is the ‘seller’ for me!!! Knowing that, erase’s all concerns about those bottome forks. Thank YOU!!! Looking forward to more (hopefully), post’s on fit and function. My MOST major concern, is now gone… Looking forward to learning more!
        Take Care-

  6. Larry Schwartz

    Thanks for the details on the bottom forks of the frame.

    I think that many have feared that if the frame took a direct hit on one of the forks (from a tumble down the mountainside or it being dropped with a full load of meat in it while we are putting it on) that it would break resulting in a disabled pack. That is something that none of would want half way up the mountain or five miles from camp.

    Now that we know that the bottom forks are NOT load bearing parts of the suspension, and are there to adjust the comfort of the ride, I think that those fears are allayed. They are for me at least.

    – Larry

  7. Craig Germond

    I think once some of the packs get in the hands of buyers and they test them out, you won’t be able to keep them in stock. Looks like I’m going have to pull the trigger and order myself one!

  8. Trevor Probandt

    Where is the Sham-Wow guy when you need him?!!! ha ha ha

    Thanks for the info and demo. The lower stays were my concern as well, but now understand that they are more stabilizers and not load bearing. 6000 will be my choice, with me carry camp during most of my bivy hunts.

  9. Jason Owings

    Beside the fact that I am very excited whenever a new product comes out that promises to be a game changer, very few deliver. Having said that I was very excited when I found out that Jason and company had designed a backpack with a Carbon Fiber frame I couldn’t wait to try it out. After putting this pack on loaded with gear I can attest that this pack is not only one of the best designed in terms of pocket layout and organization but the Icon frame is simply amazing. The ~30lbs or so of gear that Jason had in his pack for us to try on was hardly noticeable. Unlike my other backpacks with internal frames the Icon seemed to move with my body yet felt just as rigid as my internal
    frame packs do. While I am by no means an expert on Carbon Fiber I do know that engineering is key to building a quality product and that is the most important aspect of anything CF. In short the Icon setup is a great pack and Jason has done a great job of not only engineering but field testing (18mths if I remember right) this product which speaks volumes to his confidence in this product and ensuring that we hunters are truly getting a pack designed for the demands that we put on our packs and trust we have in them when we are miles if not days from the nearest road or civilization for that matter. Once again after putting this pack on and wearing it at Kuiu headquarters I would encourage any of you sitting on the fence to jump in and see for yourself. I hope that my experience wearing this pack for such a short time and my perspective are of value to you. I will have my icon 6000 when they ship in May and cannot wait!

    • Jeff M. Valunas

      Thanks for that post, it is VERY informative, and holds a ton of value in my eye’s.

  10. Justin Starck

    “In the worst case you found a way and broke it completely off; the frame would still function extremely well. ”

    I am not super concerned about the bottom stays, but could you clear this up for me? I can see how the frame would still be able to stabilize and transfer the load your hips, but I can’t see how the pack would function since the shoulder straps attach to the the stays.