Enclosed is a short video to show the the stiffne...

Enclosed is a short video to show the the stiffness of the Icon frame vertically and the flexibility of the frame horizontally. This allows for this frame to carry heavy loads more comfortably.


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  1. BMac

    Okay – was one of those hopeful but totally convinced people out there. Like big trades in pro sports it takes a few seasons and time on/in the field to know for certain, but I’m getting more convinced by the day.
    So if anyone wants to buy my one-year old Osprey Argon just let me know!

    Nice work – I’m looking forward to seeing one of these loaded with meat.

    Keep the vids coming!

  2. BMac

    And you need to get those t-shirts up for sale. Cotton or merino.

    • Cameron

      I was wondering this too? Merino or cotton for the t-shirts?

  3. Tom Ryle

    I still sense the hesitation from some blog followers regarding carbon fiber composites. The carbon fiber, the core, and resin work as a system designed for the requirements of the final product. In other words, the CF composite solution for a set of drift boat oars is different than what is needed for the Icon frame. In this case, the recipe of CF matt weave (directional layout/weave of fiber strands), the resin properties, and the core or substrate are all optimized for the load bearing, torsional flexibility, and impact resistance. That’s a mouthful, I know, but the bottom line is this frame is everything it needs to be and nothing more.

    Having said that, Jason, have you done any destructive testing yet to determine the limits and point(s) of failure?


    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Tom,

      We destroyed several of these frames to determine failure points and stress risers. We made several changes over the 18 months of development to improve this frame design. I am really excited to get this out to market.

  4. Justin Starck

    Is the first run sold out? If I was to order one today, when could I expect it to ship?

    • Justin Starck

      I would like to see a video clip of the 6000 being attached to the frame. I am still trying to figure out were all the load is being applied to the frame. I think that video would help.

  5. Gregory S. Jackson

    Is there any plans to put a gun or bow bag/sling on your backpacks?

  6. RosinBag

    Cam and BMac, the six different t-shirts I saw were all cotton shirts. They were not a hunting specific shirt, just a cotton shirt with nice Kuiu logos. I have two of them now.

  7. Evan Williams

    Friggin’ AWESOME!!! I’m going to use the &$#% out of that this year!! Jason and team phenomenal gear!! Thank you!!

  8. Cameron Meier

    You said you have destroyed some frames in testing and so on. At what point if any did it fail with weight in a pack? Or were you just bending it and trying to break it just to see? What’s the most weight you had in the packs while out in the woods? Frame looks great!