Hi Everyone, We have created a KUIU photo album...

Hi Everyone,

We have created a KUIU photo album call “In The Field”.  This is a really cool format that allows you to share the photos with all of your friends.  We have begun to add photos as they come in; check it out.

There are two ways to get your photos up.

1. There is a button at the bottom of the page “submit” and you may upload it yourself.

2. Email us your photo and we will do it for you.  album@kuiu.com

Please, Please Please submit your photos, we love to see and show off what you all are doing in our gear.  A kill shot is not necessary.

I am back from Kansas digging out.  I know there are many comments I have not replied to yet.  I promise to get to all of them ASAP.  Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Mike P

    I was just on the site making another wish list and saw the new addition 10 minutes before this update came…looks great.

    Mike P

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Mike!


  2. John

    Great idea…. hopefully I will have some good pictures to send.

  3. JohnC

    I just hemmed my Attack Pants the other night (first time on the sewing machine ever) after a short lesson from my wife. I did some gardening in them this morning…too bad I didn’t get any photos! 🙂

    • Jason Hairston

      LOL! Congratulations on the hemming!!!!


  4. Rodney York

    As usual, very cool ideas here. Jason, you keep us all pumpn to stay up with you. I was considering this an how to do it along this line and you already have it in place. Hi from Garret, OR.
    He says he is ready to leave for his bear hunt in Alaksa with dad.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Rodney! I appreciate the feedback!


  5. T Downing

    Looking forward to seeing fellow hunters in their KUIU gear! I will post some pics soon, turkey season ends on the 22nd.

  6. merch

    Just got back into to cell service and reviewing emails. I am on day three of a five day hike in the western Alberta . Rain snow sleet and hail. The new Kuiu gear rocks. Temps from +20C to -7C thus far; the layering is the only way to go. Now to find a nice bear.

    • Jason Hairston

      Good luck keep us posted!


  7. Chuck and Lou

    Rifle hunting for bear or bow ? Good luck.

  8. Joshua

    When do you expect to have the Kuiu gloves and belts available? I also pre-ordered the Icon 6000 and feel real confident in its ability to haul a load. Although, I’m concerned about not having a day pack if we pitch camp for a few days. I can also have the 3000 packed but that adds more weight. What are your thoughts? By the way, Brendan has been very helpful over the past few weeks helping me out with gear selection. Its great to speak to someone that has a wide range of knowledge as he does.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Joshua,

      The packs, gloves & belts are coming. The webbing arrived at Bison Designs and they will begin cutting and sewing later this week. The Gloves have shipped and will be here in the next week or so as well as the final parts for the pack assembly. The packs will begin shipping at the beginning of June.


  9. bird, p

    hey jason, when are the gloves going to be for sale? i’ve been looking for the answer, but can’t seem to find it. thanks a bunch

  10. bird, p

    hey, didn’t read this whole thread! ha, erase my last post..as my question was obviously answered in this thread! thanks a bunch!