As hunters, one of the most important requirements...

As hunters, one of the most important requirements of our gear is to keep us dry.  Nothing can create more discomfort or potentially be more dangerous than gear that gets wet and stays wet. Below are guidelines to help you select the perfect set of rain gear for your hunt.

Hunting Conditions- What weather conditions will you encounter on your hunt? Is it an early season archery hunt and the chance of rain is minimal, or will you be hunting up north and likely encounter some sort of precipitation every day? Will you be glassing from mountain tops or busting brush? The more often you wear your rain gear, the more durable it will need to be.

Hunting Style– What style of hunt are you going on? If you are backpacking into a remote area for an extended period of time and will be constantly on the move, weight is a huge factor. If you are hunting from camp or being dropped off by boat or plane and the weight of your pack is not as critical, then features and comfort should be a deciding factor.

Longevity– How often do you use it? Durability doesn’t just have to do with how well your rain gear holds up to brush, but also how well it will hold up to everyday wear and tear. For someone who spends most their season in the field, durability should be something that tilts your decision.

Weight vs. Durability– Typically, as weight increases so does durability. The Teton is our lightest rain gear, but is not designed to be used for busting through thick brush.  The Yukon is our heaviest and most durable rain gear, but do you need the extra weight? Finding a balance between weight and durability is a key factor in the decision-making process.

Below are the four rain gear sets that we offer:



Jacket: 29.2 oz / Pant: 25.8 oz

Fabric Weight: 256 g/m²

The Yukon rain gear is an extremely durable 3-layer hard shell that is designed to be worn all day, keeping you completely dry and protected throughout your entire hunt. Reinforced elbows, knees, and seat protect the vulnerable parts of the gear. Since these are mainly worn all day, we added cargo and hand pockets on the pants, and two chest and hand pockets on the jacket for additional storage.

Chugach NX


Jacket: 18.9 oz / Pant: 15.5 oz

Fabric Weight: 161 g/m²

The Chugach NX rain gear gives you the perfect combination of weight, durability, and breathability. Using a lighter Primeflex face fabric than the Yukon, the Chugach NX still offers 4-way stretch for unrestricted range of motion. Minimizing the features to keep the weight down, the Chugach pants have no pockets, and the jacket has one chest and 2 hand pockets. Being our mid-weight rain gear, the packable Chugach NX is a perfect balance of lightweight durability.



Jacket: 8.1 oz / Pant: 5.9 oz

Fabric Weight: 92 g/m²

The Teton rain gear offers the perfect balance of performance, features, and price. At under 16 ounces, this is an impressively lightweight and packable 3 layer system. Using Toray’s Sport Division fabrics, we have created high performance rain gear that is light in your pack and on your wallet. Using TSD’s membrane with a waterproof breathability rating of 10,000mm/10,000g/m²/24hr, the Teton rain gear will keep you dry in virtually any storm.

Ultra NX


Jacket: 8.9 oz / Pant: 7.5 oz

Fabric Weight: 106 g/m²

The Ultra NX rain gear was designed specifically to reduce weight for hunters that rely on keeping their pack as light as possible, and is worn primarily when waiting out sudden storms.  With a 30 denier nylon face fabric, the ULTRA NX was not designed to be worn regularly while busting brush.

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  1. Bob Rittenhouse

    I am a bird hunter living in Nevada, driest state in the union, pursuing chukar and I travel to Montana and the Dakotas a couple of times a season for Huns and Pheasants. Lots of walking. I presently own KULU down jacket and pants.
    Rain gear suggestions?

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Hi Bob,
      It sounds like you will be carrying your rain gear a lot more than you’re wearing it. We built the ULTRA NX as the lightest emergency/incidental rain set you can get. It is amazingly durable for the weight; it was designed to be ultra lightweight but still keep you dry in the times you encounter an unforseen rain shower. Hope this helps.

  2. Jeff brand

    I am an Alaskan guide I mainly guide on the Alaska peninsula where we have lots of rain storms to deal with have you considered making a line of rain gear that is Parker length to go over top of your Hipwaders so you don’t have to wear rain pants Love your gear. Thanks

  3. Steven Reilander

    In comparison to your Yukon gear, can the Chugach be worn all day and stay as dry? Living up on Vancouver Island (rain forest) rain falls consistently through the fall and winter. I just don’t hunt enough to warrant a garment that is designed with the guide in mind, so the extreme durability isn’t so necessary. Rather, keeping as dry as possible is very important.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      The Chugach NX and the Yukon Rain Gear are identical as far as staying dry; they have the same membrane and are both treated with DWR, and both are completely waterproof. The Yukon has a heavier face fabric for increased durability, and the pants feature reinforced knees and seat along with zippered pockets. If you don’t need the extra durability of the Yukon, the Chugach NX set will be perfect.

  4. W Roger Hale

    I’m trying to figure out which rain gear is best for my needs. I live and archery hunt in Alaska. Some days it rains or snows all day and or the heavy foliage I walk through is always wet. Any time I sit down I’m likely to be sitting on wet tundra. Other days it rains/snows off and on with hours of dry weather. I want breathable, but have found Gore-tex always fails when I sit or have been out all day. I now bring something to sit on in my day pack. Does any of your gear keep you dry if you sit, kneel on your knees, or rest an elbow on the ground? In other words, does it have extra protection at the butt, knee, and elbow? Do you have any retailers/stores in Alaska where I can see/hands on of your products? If not, is there any way to get a tiny sample of your materials, or referal to someone that has your products so I can see it in person? Thanks for your help.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      It sounds like our Yukon Rain Gear would work best for you. You might also like the KUIU Glassing Pad for extra comfort during prolonged sitting and kneeling.