300+ comments!  A record post. This exceeded all ...

300+ comments!  A record post. This exceeded all of my expectations!

We are organizing the data and will follow up shortly.  Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas.  This was super impressive and incredibly helpful.


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  1. David Casaceli

    Glad to help!!!

  2. CHL

    Like a lot of other guys have said, I also live in a colder climate, do an extreme amount of stand hunting and late waterfowl hunting in mostly single digit temps and high winds. I love all the Kuiu gear, but when you’re not active and constantly moving/hiking on a sheep or goat hunt, I’d like to have some “extreme” warm weather gear. Something that’s gonna keep you as warm as possible when you’re just sitting still all day. Thanks!

  3. jim gilmer

    here is an issue you need to resolve. the stiching in your lightest underwear starts to unravel after a few machine washings. Specifically the cuffs of the sleeves and around the neck

  4. seth moore

    looking forward to it! (shameless plug for “belay” jacket, balaclava, down offerings, blaze kuiu camo)

  5. Brian McLaughlin

    waterproof bibs, tall sizes

  6. B Munro

    Thank you for giving us a shot! You would probably do a great job designing cool and functional gear without asking our opinion. However allowing us into the process is huge on your part. It makes us appreciate your brand even more. Keep the solid work up. And I think I can speak for most of us here saying that we are looking forward to what you produce next!

  7. Justin Starck

    Thanks for doing this Jason. I think great things will come from it. We may not always agree but hopefully we can at least come to some sort of consensus.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Justin I appreciate hear this.


  8. sean

    I have read every post and there was some really great ideas! You might be busy for awile sifting through all that material! Can’t wait until next hunting season to try out all the new Kuiu products.

  9. Rich

    Larger shirts and jackets – 54 inch chest!

  10. Matt

    Someone above left a message for belay Jacket. I agree 100% If you hike far and glass high you need a much warmer jacket with a hood than what Kuiu offers. I actually wear puffy pants too if it gets really cold.

  11. Shane

    Pockets in the Chugach pants! I’d like to buy a pair of the Chugach pants but have been waiting to see if you decide to add some pockets.

  12. Tim Loran

    I love what I have already and have more on back order, I hunt in extreme cold and extreme warm living in Saskatchewan out hunting season this year started at in august/sept +30C and went down to -30C in November. I mostly big game hunt but think you might want to consider a upland series of clothing.

  13. Tim Loran

    How about a cold weather, total hand, traditional bow glove, three fingers coated with kevlar guards over merino liner or soft shell fabric.

    • Jason Hairston

      Well noted Tim. Good input.


  14. Eric Hays

    Im from the Pacific NW. I’m a big fan of the camo pattern. But somethin.g a little darker and more green or brown would be good

  15. Allan


    I just wanted to let you know that in addition to wearing the entire Kuiu line for hunting and outdoors, the Attack Pants in gray have become my favorite everyday pants. Since I only have one pair, it is hard for my wife to get them off of me long enough to wash them. I wear them virtually every day and find the fit, function, comfort and looks to be very close to perfect — better, in fact, than any other pair of pants I own. Although there might be tiny aspects of the pants that I would tweak for my personal tastes, I would hate to make any suggestions for fear of the pants turning out to be not as nice as they already are. I do have two major problems with them: (1) I only have ONE pair for casual wear (gray, of course), because I won’t wear my camo Attack Pants (or any other camo clothing) except in the field, and (2) I need (or at least want) other colors for variety and to go better with some of my shirts. I like black, brown, khaki and olive colors to name a few and would gladly buy one of each of the colors that you would offer. I also would use all those colors when hunting, so I wouldn’t have to dedicate the pants to just daily wear. Although the Attack Pants were not what I thought would be my number one Kuiu product, they turned out to be just that, because I wear them the most, both while hunting and around town. There is nothing better than a product that does it all, and does it all EXTREMELY WELL! (BTW — size 34 fits me perfectly in both the waist and the length.)

    Take care,