Below is a ranking of the top 10 product categori...

Below is a ranking of the top 10 product categories from the 318 responses you provided.

1st Gloves: light weight liners and or thin leather  – mentioned 21%

2nd Pack: small day pack – mentioned 16%

3rd Merino crew neck/short sleeve/thumbholes/hooded – mentioned 15%

4th Bino case/pack bags/modules – mentioned 15%

5th Guide pants /water proof seat/reinforced knees – mentioned 11%

6th Spindrift pants – mentioned 9%

7th Tent/bivy – mentioned 8.5%

8th Merino boxers – mentioned 8%

9th Warmer gloves – mentioned 8%

10th Smaller sizes – mentioned 7%

What do you think about developing a full line of day packs together?  It is the second ranked product and there is a lot of decisions and input that goes into the designing of a pack line.

Plus packs very fun to design, prototype, test and build.

The other top categories are somewhat limited in design input.  Plus every product in the top 6 is already in development and will be out later this year or next year.

This decision is up to you.  Please let me hear your thoughts.

Please note, all of your product recommendations have been recorded and many will lead to new products in the future for KUIU. Great stuff,  thank you.


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  1. Darren Blackett

    Jason; let’s get going then on those pack designs. If you are already developing the remainder of top 5-6 items on list and as you said: “packs are fun to design and test” then it should be settled. Cannot wait to see what you guys come up with.

    • Terry Brew

      I will be in for 2 pairs of the guide pants.

  2. John Cote

    An excellent idea. Most of the current crop of packs are too heavy and have too many “features”.

  3. seth moore

    Agreed. I’ve worked for an outdoor retailer for 8 years, I’ve handled & used a ton of packs. I’ve seen or experienced every tear, blowout, failure and heard every complaint & rave and would really enjoy contributing to this project.

  4. David Casaceli

    Sounds like fun. Let’s do it!

  5. Aaron Kessie

    I can’t wait, it sounds like a great idea! It will also be interesting to see the difference in volume Ideas! I will start 1800 to 2200

  6. James Johnson

    I would sure love to be part of designing a day pack. Just let me know how I can help.

  7. Pedro Ampuero CazandoconArco

    Great to see the gloves and the day pack on top!.Really excited about it.

    Hope to see the bino case. I have never like them though. I glass every two minutes so have not find yet a bino case as fast as nothing. On the other hand, binos get always foggy when humiidty is really high. We will see, it may look cool but doesnt seem to be a priority.

    Good luck this weekend!

  8. Mike P

    Count me in…packs are my kryptonite 🙂


    Mike P

  9. Ron Wright

    A day pack would round out the pack line. There may even be a bigger market for day packs as they are kind of a stepping stone to bigger packs and extended trips. It would be nice to see a bird hunting style daypack for Chukar and Mountain Grouse hunting included in the line also.

  10. Lloyd

    Jason I would love to see the pack be designed in conjunction with your pack frame. I am hoping for a pack in the 2200 area that can utilize your meat hauling capabilities and be under 5 lbs. I would also need to have the capabilities of hauling my weapon. ( we utilize bikes a lot) I prefer a solid brown or green so I can use it all summer for scouting and day hikes. I keep hearing that the 3000 would work but I have yet to see it in person maybe at one of the shows. My type of hunting is leaving the rig at 3;30 and getting back well after dark but it would be nice to be able to bring the first load of meat back with us. I have tried all the medium sized packs that can carry some meat and they are always starting out in the 6 to 7 pound range. I need to be able to carry some food water and spotter and rain gear. I always carry a pack cover so it doesn’t have to be 100% water proof but water resistant? Good luck I know its hard to satisfy all of us.

    • Justin Starck

      You want the Icon 3000.

      • Lloyd

        Justin your consistent 🙂 and it may work but I have not had a chance to see one in person yet. I am thinking a 2200 pack would be even lighter and I really don’t need the extra space it just seems to get filled up 🙂 but I am open to seeing this pack.

      • Jeff M. Valunas

        Agreed, J.S.-
        I am sure it will be fun to take part in this ‘new design’, however- the Icon 3000, is very close to the perfect day pack.
        I would also like to see any ‘new bag’, be able to fit to the Icon frame/ harness.
        Jason- If we are designing these bags to fit the current Icon Harness/ frame system… Could we give some direction, on improving that, as well?
        Thanks to your design of the current frame/harness, it allows for some very simple retro-fitting, to achieve a higher performance.
        I would like to suggest, longer straps for the shoulder straps, along with interchangeable belts, or more padded shoulder straps. Just wondering, if that would fit into this new concept, at all!!!

    • Rodney

      A most useful design for short distance assaults (hunts near home or car, spring turkey season – with lots quick sets and goes). I second the above comments and am ready to hit the field testing as soon as I return from couse hunt in AZ. Gotta keep that bow working you know!

    • Ross Russell

      I am with Lloyd on the size and the weapon carrying ability and also water resistant.

  11. Justin Starck

    I’d like to be part of a shell glove development; a 3000 ci pack is really as small as I would ever want, so a day pack really doesn’t interest me. Even if I am day hunting, I still want something that can handle a load of meat.

  12. Jason Owings

    That would be great. I am definitely willing to help.

  13. Shane Close

    Sounds like fun! Really looking forward to seeing this develop!

  14. Adam Janke

    Absolutely 100% in! Let’s get it rolling, just let us know where to start.

  15. Bob K

    this may be a little late but a waterproof pair of gloves would be a nice addition to the line. one other thing is if the tail on the base layers could be a little longer. when layering it is nice to tuck the tail in and have it stay not pull out of the lower base layer.

    just two thoughts

    bob k

  16. johnc801

    Jason, thanks again for letting us inside the process. I am excited to follow along in the design process, it will be informative, super interesting and a lot of fun too! I don’t own a lot of packs, but I am always looking and scrutinizing, so I can’t wait for this.

    I think some of you guys are missing the part where Jason said “a full line of day packs” not A day pack. Sounds like there will be a variety of sizes and functions. Awesome! Giddyup.


    I’m with Justin. I don’t see much use in a pack under the 3000. I want to have some stuff with me even only day hunting. The Icon 3000 is plenty light and by the time you put food, water extra clothes, fire starting etc. + you can haul some meat. You never know when the weather will change or you may have a problem and have to stay out. This is a MOUTAIN HUNTING PACK! The Icon 3000 is perfect for day trips.

    • johnc801

      You know Lee and Justin, I do not doubt either of you on this. I’m sure it is an awesome pack, and I agree with what both of you two are saying about being able to keep it small, cinched down, or fill it up. It is obviously very light for the capability to haul.

      But the fact is everyone does not go day hunting with the potential need of hauling large quarters at the end of the day. I deer hunt in mountains and hike a lot, I need a good day pack but I do not need a meat hauler. A good day pack is necessary for hunters that cover ground in the mountains.

      Can’t you understand that options for the guys that 1. cannot afford a $500 day pack or, 2. just don’t want a 3000cu, framed day pack is sound?

      If I could afford a $500 day pack, I would have an Icon, believe me. But having an option at what will be the best day pack on the market for in the $150 range…that is awesome too.

    • Justin Starck

      Good point about the MOUNTAIN HUNTING PACK; I would say a day pack is actually straying from the KUIU focus which is not what we want.

      • Evan Williams

        I don’t know if a “day pack” is truly STRAYING from KUIU. KUIU is designing ULTRALIGHT WEIGHT HUNTING GEAR!!!! Yes I would agree that the PRIMARY focus is WESTERN HUNTING however, we all know that KUIUs customer base is not only the Western Hunter. I don’t think that any catering should be done to the Eastern Whitetail market BUT for some states such as Colorado, Western Kansas and Nebraska up into the Dakotas as well as many other areas a DAY PACK is the perfect tool. When hunting Western Kansas or the Eastern Plains of Colorado I know I personally don’t NEED 3000 cu inches in a pack AND most of the time I don’t even have the need to HAUL out an animal. I can drive close and drag in a few hundred yards if I need to but I want WATER, KNIVES, GLOVES, a spare layer, and some other misc trinkets. Other guys can’t afford as much time off and away and only get to make weekend trips hunting…most of them already have frame packs they just need something for the little things they need/want to carry.


  18. alan

    man i was hoping a lightweight attack-type shirt was going to be on the list! oh well! the day pack will be sweet i’m sure.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hey Alan,

      The pack line, if that is what we decide to go forward with is not the only gear I will be developing. It will be the development project we work on together.


      • alan


  19. Benji Hill

    I have the Icon 6000 and have been completely happy with it although I got it in the discount sale and have not used it for my 10 day pack in’s. I guess I would like to be able to just carry the frame with meat packing capabilities. I used to hunt with the old coleman plastic frame pack and strap my h2o and game bags to it. Just a thought to help bring the weight down a few more pounds and shed some excess material. Thanks and keep up the great products!

  20. Ryan

    Everyone who carries a gun that is sporting KUIU gear would prefer to buy a KUIU Blaze Orange Vest with Vias Camo breakup pattern. Nothing fancy, just something with a few pockets that meets most states safety rules.

    • lindsey

      I sure dont want one.. just sayin. 🙂

      • Ryan

        I don’t want one either, but the state says that I have to a certain percentage of orange. Cabelas is the only one that makes a blaze orange vest with a breakup pattern. I wore this on top of my KUIU gear and had deer sense me at 10 to 15 yards but couldn’t put a fix on me. The problem is that the Cabelas model is cheap fabric and ridiculously heavy. Like I said, I would rather not wear orange, but Washington requires it and there’s hundreds of idiots out there shooting anything that moves. I value my life. I’m not talking about a full line of blaze orange, just a simple vest with a breakup pattern.

    • Doug P

      Rather presumptuous. As a rifle hunter, I have no need or desire to wear blaze orange. If I wanted some blaze orange for packing out an animal, I could find something cheaper and lighter than a branded orange camo vest that has no other use.

      • Larry Schwartz


        Some states require all hunters, bow/rifle/shotgun/etc., to wear blaze orange of some amount during their firearms season. I bowhunt and I still have to wear some if I am hunting during that period. So, there is a market for it, especially if someone wants to have camo with blaze orange mixed into it. One of my favorite pieces of gear was an insulated hooded jacket in woodland camo with blaze orange replacing the green.



      • Evan Williams

        As a bowhunter (even in RIFLE seasons) I always have blaze orange!!! Apparently, some of you have never been shot at or know people who were. Blaze orange should be mandatory during ANY firearm season.

        ok now that that has been said…I personally would like to see a blaze orange panel in the pack I can pull out and over the top of my animals horns and cape during a pack out. I don’t see a need for a blaze orange anything from KUIU sorry guys.

  21. robert grant

    For me another pack to add to the already 10 is toooo! much, “BUT” TO DESIGN a super carry system that can be stripped down to a fanny pack and then right back up to a full on load carrying system for the big hunt would sell it for me , with optional covers that Velcro on for each system you choose to make up for that specific trip or session hunting, you buy the complete system ,you then have flexibility, and to be able to purchase the covers piece buy piece ,various cams for various terrains and conditions.Name “KUIU`S CHAMELEON”

  22. Rocky

    One comment on the gloves….I have med. size hands and the gloves fit really well except for the thumbs…..they are too long…….is this something that can be looked at….As far as a pack a fanny pack with suspenders would be nice. Without suspenders a fanny pack hurts your hips after awhile.

    • Rocky

      this fanny only needs to carry a lunch, first aide, survival gear, rain gear, knives, ect.. It would be nice if it could still carry a water bladder (maybe in a pocket that runs down the spine). I don’t think the company should make another pack in the 2000 ci range when the 3000 ci already meets the needs.

      • Evan Williams

        1400 cu inch fanny with suspension and a badder pouch down the back (able to hold … 40 oz) THUMBS UP!!!!

        and speaking of thumbs….ROCKY I am with you on the thumbs on those guide gloves I’m in the medium as well.

  23. Mark B


    Something similar to the Eberlestock X2 would be a great design for a daypack. It is a good design with the ability to carry a spotter and tripod as well as a first load of meat. I would suggest adding a feature that would allow carring a rifle on the side of the pack. If not standard feature, this may be an optional feature that could be purchased separately for all of your packs those who want it. More than happy to help in any way that I can with this project.

    • johnc801

      I have the older X2, it is a really nice pack, I like it. But I think the “wing” design adds a lot of weight to it. Also having to hold the water bladder on one side throws off the balance. I do not carry a spotting scope so basically have to fill the opposite wing pocket to counterbalance the water. Also, using an Eberle scabbard, it attaches to the “wing” pocket, this again really throws everything off after you draw your rifle. I like the size of the pack, and general design. A flaw is the length of the straps that run from the bottom sling up to the top hood. This is meant as a place to lash and support a quarter, but the straps are too short. But I like the idea, a small pack with the capability of carrying a load.

  24. lindsey

    Im all for it. I think the current packs need some work, ie: torso lengths, length of top of pack, ect.
    I would like to see the current frame incorporated with the lighter pack.
    Here is what i think the catch is.. the icon frame does not lower far enough in the torso to fit properly for me or smaller people. This is a big problem that i think should be addressed now rather than later. I like the packs, but if it hadn’t carried elk quarters so well, i think i would have returned it due to two simple things that can be fixed.
    2. The way the top of the pack is set up. If you dont carry at least 20lbs in it, it wont ride low enough and smacks us shorter people in the back of the head.
    it gets pretty annoying after a while.

    • lindsey

      As another added idea.. i could never carry my rifle on the side of my pack due to the simple fact it weights 13 lbs. It would off set my pack to one side. Definitely please try and keep the bottom flap with buckles and one coming across the middle on the front of the pack. Its how i, among many other people have to attach our rifles to the Icon packs. I have a collapsable stock and fold it in half, put the bottom of the stock in the flap secure it with the buckles that come up, then take the straps that come across the front and buckle the rest of the rifle in. Sorry, im ranting.. just very excited!!

      • Evan Williams

        I agree with the torso length issue I am 5′ 9″ 155 pounds and NO ONE makes a pack in the hunting industry for shorter torsos OR smaller waists. Another issue that I would like to have looked into is a waist belt that will make it down to 27″.

  25. Jeremy


    This sounds like a fun project and am willing to help in any way. I would like to have a fanny style pack in that 200ci range with the support to haul out meat if necessary. If you could get the support out of a cross strap type back where the fanny would detach at say the belt and have a sewn in reinforced pocketbehind the fanny with cinch straps so you could tighten it back up. This way it would still keep the weight down and have the ability to haul out meat if necessary.

    • Jeremy

      supposed to be in 2000 ci range!

  26. Adam Casagrande

    #3 on the list a merino crew neck with short sleeves thumbholes and a hood. That will be one interesting looking piece of gear.

  27. J.R. Young

    “3rd Merino crew neck/short sleeve/thumbholes/hooded – mentioned 15%”

    I don’t know, a crew neck short sleeve shirt with thumbholes and a hood is going to look mighty strange. 😉

    I like the idea of a day pack line. For me something in the 2000 range is perfect for me. But a trio of say 1,200, 2,000, and 2,500 would be awesome.

    I align very closely with the top 6.

  28. chad w

    YES!! please build a smaller framed pack with load capabilities from 2000 c.i. to 2500 c.i. that has multiple straping abilities and a fanny pack top lid. Kifaru, Eberlestock, Mistery Ranch have the greatest ideas i think so far. however, they are too heavy or expensive or they just have too much there and are forgetting something critical. Small, Versitile in every way, strong, and convenient. thats it

  29. chad w

    and if you need someone to take a pack backcountry way in Montana and try it out, …im your huckleberry:)

  30. Eric Bergey

    I have a backpack fetish it seems, so this is a dream come true for me. Just ask my wife how many packs I have stuffed in the garage and how many I have gotten rid of. Anyway, I’m very excited to help in the whole process, just let me know what you need. Everything you have made so far has been above my expectations, I am sure that with the help of your consumers we can design a great line up.

  31. Steve Smith

    I’m in 110%! Let’s get it going

  32. tim j

    all great ideas, i really would like to se some warmer gloves and the day pack, and maybe a neck gator like a buff. thanks for putting out great products.

  33. Chris Stagg

    I also have a backpack problem and can admit it in public. I accumulate packs faster than my wife acquires new purses/handbags. I have developed a lot of opinions on backpacks so I really look forward to having the opportunity to provide input on the development of a line of packs for my favorite ultra-lightweight hunting gear company, and would be honored if there was an opportunity to do some field testing. I think this whole concept of involving your subscribers is a really great idea. BTW, I also have a tent/bivy problem, so if that ever makes your radar screen I’d love to provide some input and donate time to testing to that too!

    • Evan Williams

      This seems to be a trend!!! ADD ME TO THE LIST…over the past 2 season I have went through 21 packs that just didn’t fit the bill and I still have a score of them laying around 🙂

  34. Mike Rogers

    I’m game on this pack thing….

    My opinion- if we want to design an UL day pack we ought to start with the foundation- the frame.
    No real point (IMHO) for a small day pack to be rockin’ a rigid, quarter haulin’ carbon fiber frame. If I want a day pack to haul meat- I’ll frankly use one of my existing Icon designs.

    I’m thinking max 15lb loads.- survival gear, rain jacket, field dressing kit, optics, lunch- that kinda thing. A minimal frame- maybe just a HDPE framesheet, removable (or stowable waist belt), great internal organization for small items that work their way to the bottom of every other pack. Make it tall and narrow in profile to bust brush without snagging, stick on some kind of weapon carrying straps or sleeve for bow, rifle or maybe a tripod. That would get my attention….a smaller pack sack on the existing Icon frame is a non-starter IMHO.

    • lindsey

      Why? If the frame is light weight what would it matter? It flex’s, moves well, and keeps the pack stable regardless of weight. It would also be cheaper to keep it with the current frame. You wouldnt have to pay for a whole new pack, just the guts of it. The frame now has the hip and shoulder straps integrated into it. Seems more cost effective just to switch out packs and keep the frame w/ shoulder and hip pads in a lighter day pack.
      If Kuiu does not incorporate the existing frame in a smaller pack, why not just go buy a Mystery Ranch day pack? I have 2, and they dont cut it. A person like myself needs a day pack with a frame to help with loads. I’ll admit it first, packs without a frame kill my back. Im sure they hurt others and its not necessary. Im just excited a company is actually listening to its customers. I know i have pissed and moaned for years about companies not listening and not designing things that dont work. Just because it looks cool. The sad thing is, alot of folks dont know any better. TGF Kuiu.

      • Evan Williams

        KUDOS LINDSEY!!!

        The whole point of the KUIU “Pack SYSTEM” should be just like the companies other gear. A SYSTEM that builds upon its foundations and “LAYERS”. One MAIN frame…ICON CARBON FRAME with multiple bags that can be incorporated on it. Packs w/o frames kill my back as well. The fact that the carbon moves and shifts with you is a top selling point next to the fact that it is LIGHT and STRONG. Its already super narrow which gets another plus … staying inside my frame.

  35. Adam

    Packs would be great. I would also like to see a heavier layered pant for colder weather hunting. I really like the Attack pants, but they leave something to be desired in cold weather. Maybe a pant with a little heavier micro fleece liner built in, similar to something along the lines of the Sitka 90% pants but better designed and cut for a better, more comfortable fit. Bivy option from @Chris Stagg above would be fantastic also. Truly the ultra light option with a great KUIU bivy.

    • Evan Williams

      It’d be hard to beat a Kifaru…unless you can best their price!!! And thats a bigger shelter!

  36. Adam

    Also, I would love to see a heavier, longer version of the neck gaiter available also. The current one is great, but it’s a little light for the really cold weather I get here in Montana. Something about 2x the lenght of the current one and 50% weight added in would be about perfect. Just a thought.

  37. James Johnson

    Here are a couple of starter ideas I have in mind:

    1. somewhere in the 2000 range
    2. left side – quiver holder
    3. right side – pistol holder-nice to have some backup when bow hunting
    4. back – bow holder
    5. quick access to a range finder

  38. Mike

    I’ll just mention that I am currently using for my day pack and get out of the way. It is nearly perfect, to be honest, for what I need, but I am sure it could be improved upon… I use the Under Armor “Light and Fast” day pack. From what I have found, after two seasons with this pack, is that I’d prefer a little larger size, some pockets on the waist belt for GPS, compass, etc. I also would love to see a very small pocket on the shoulder straps for a diaphragm call or two (also the bill of a hat would make a great spot for this same kind of pocket!). I’d also like a side pocket or the ability to modularize one on… here’s the backpack, but I can’t seem to find one on their website or the internet in general…
    Mike in Boise
    (SUBLIMINAL message: come to the Idaho Traditional Days… free booth space!)

    • Mike

      If you are interested, I’d gladly loan you my pack for “research” purposes. One of the BEST features is the back panel. It is highly curved so only mesh touches your back, great for sweat hogs like me!

  39. T Downing

    Been a little apprehensive to comment on the pack ideas. Due to the overwhelming response. That said, from a business perspective, what Kuiu has already accomplished by offering the finest lightweight, hardcore, hunting clothing in the market. I am a bit hesitant to focus so much time and energy on the pack ideas. No disrespect intended…I am a bit concerned to see Kuiu spread itself out so thin, focusing on so many different products that they miss what their initial intentions were went they set out on this endeavor…I guess I am biased, because in over 30 years of mountain hunting, I have never worn such fine hunting clothing…
    God bless, T Downing

    • Jeff M. Valunas

      Well stated!!! I feel and think the same thoughts. The 3000 or 6000, on the Icon frame, is beyond better than, anything out there, IMO! I will have fun suggesting idea’s for this endevour, however- Time could be spent more wisely. I still believe, a ” 100 % Wind-Proof Layering Option” would be far more useful, and probably be a much more purchased product.
      That being said- I do like that ‘we’ as consumers are being asked our opinions. So, if this makes sense to Jason/ KUIU, I will partake… But, I agree, there are some better products to attempt to include in the clothing line, before revamping the pack design… Just my 2 cents.

      • Trevor

        I agree with the windproof layering option.

    • GLV

      My thoughts extactly

  40. Alec

    The guide pants is what I would be most excited for, a reinforced butt and knees would be awesome, as well as some good cargo pockets, and maybe reinforce the pantleg down towards the bottom like the SItka timberline pants. The tent also sounds like a great idea, something light and easy to set up.

  41. Wes hester

    Binocular cases
    Mountain pants

  42. lghtnquik

    In the lightweight theme look at the Columbia Mobex Float. I have one it rides well and I’ve got a couple hundred miles on it without an issue. The materials and harness will need a bit of improvement for ruggedness but it is a light platform to look at, start from. It’s 2.2lbs and 1200ci.


  43. Brian McElrea

    I will echo Justin and would like to develop a killer waterproof shell glove.

    The Icon 3000 has been great for me all year long as my day pack. It cinches down to nearly nothing if you choose to go super light and I have the luxury of packing meat if need be.

  44. Mike E

    I said it once and I still believe mini carbon 1,500 to 2,000 cu no frills good compression straps – rifle and bow carrying – h20 – couple pockets – side arm compatiable – fairly stout – yoke style shoulder straps – vented back panel- adjustable suspension no question – QUIET its a day pack to wear while hunting. Done. maybe? Love this Jason. You and us will get a hell of a pack in the end. Keep them coming.

  45. George Hicks

    Let’s do this Jason!! I must have a dozen daypacks in the closet and only one comes close to meeting the needs, and you designed that one. The field is wide open.

  46. goathunter

    I don’t own a daypack because I can’t find one I like. Let’s make a great one!


  47. Michael Honeycutt

    I am still hoping for a Merino Ball Cap. When I wear any hood, having a brim helps with rain or snow- but not in cotton…In merino wool (anu color or camo)

    • Jason N

      A merino ball cap would be excellent, perhaps with a waterproof membrane like GoreTex or eVent on top, or at least on the bill, to prevent it from getting soaked sticking out the front of a rain hood.

  48. Jeff M. Valunas

    Thanks for thinking of us, when it comes to, customer envolvement! Your light-years ahead of the program, in that department. However- Just because a certain product/ idea, made the top %, should not mean, that is what would be best for KUIU/ yourself. Perhaps, some graduated scale, of your “finest/ longest/ most loyal customers” should have been given a slightly elevated scale, in determining your newest quest?!?! BE GOOD- JMV

  49. Chris W

    Definitely looking for a smaller day pack, wind blocking shirt. Something for the stand hunters might broaden your customers a bit. Really looked hard at one of the 3000 packs but figured it would be too much overkill for the stand. Bow holder would be a must. I do agree with a previous post that said simple would be better. Too many bells and whistles seem to get in the way. Keep up the good work! Awesome that you are allowing input for your designs.

  50. Cameron Meier

    Are the spindrift pants something that people would wear alone? Or when the temps really dropped? Just curious as to what they would be used for.

  51. Dustin

    I’m definitely in on helping design the pack. I have been looking for the perfect small pack for quite awhile. I think it is a somewhat neglected market as the big pack companies like to focus on big packs. Something around 1500ci, water bladder compatible, and highly compressible when I only want to take a small load. I can’t wait to see this progress.

  52. Cody

    This should be fun 🙂

  53. Patrick F

    More agreement that a pack would be a great test product. For the smaller day pack option, obviously less volume is required, but perhaps not so much if you develop a system similar in height to fit the current frame, but has more cinchable areas so any unused space is pulled into the pack, allowing it to become more a part of your body than luggage. Cinchable top, and pulltabs or cords above shoulder, mid-torso/underarms, and bottom/waist, while keeping the flexability of the pivoting waistbelt. Maybe a cinch system that runs the full circumference of the pack with either one or two pullstrings even, for quickly securing pack to go chase that beast.

  54. Cody C

    Jason, Please make a large size bino case that will take a 15×56 Swaro. I use my bino case quite a bit. I put my rangefinder on one of the side straps and a small shell carrier on the other. I put my watch, lighter, Havalon and headlamp in one of the inside pockets. When I slip off my Icon and close the gap I have everything at reach needed to seal the deal and a few extras in case I run late. If you could make a chest pack to fit the above gear I think it would be handy. It would also be nice to rotate the case to your side if you are shooting a bow and still have the necessities at your reach.

  55. Scott Rossingnol

    I work at one of the major retailer for hunting gear in Reno. I’ve spent extensive time in Archery and Camping depts. Those two depts. are where all the packs in the store are located. It talking to customers there is one thing I’ve had mentioned that nobody seems to make. That’s a dayback with a ground sheet or pad that can be used without having to take the pack off to access it. It could either be removable or perminant but something that protects you from the ground when glassing in on the go situations.

    • Larry Schwartz


      Maybe something along the line of the cushions that are part of a turkey hunters vest? They flip down so that you can sit on them.


  56. Clayton Lamb

    I know you have already posted your top tens…But I also think you should consider another insulating layer design….The Spindrift is a good piece, but does not quite have the insulation I need on cold cold days, or even for heavy winds when under my shell.

    I would love to see a quality (800 fill +) down jacket….With a Hood….Tight, athletic Fit, More length than spindrift too ( I’m sure you understand, you are tall) and some serious puff. I would like it to be a fortress of warmth, just like crawling into my down bag. So that when I sit to glass for hours, or are around camp, I can keep the chill at bay.

    I feel that this would appeal to ALOT of hardcore mountain hunters.

  57. Larry Schwartz

    Here are my thoughts on the comments and the new products:
    1. I think that you can roll up #8 (merino boxer or briefs) with #3 (short sleeve merino shirt) as a logical pair of items.
    2. You could combine #9 (warmer gloves) with #1 (liners for the gloves) since both are about providing a warmer glove option. I already use wool liner gloves with my larger pair of guide gloves and it works well to take the edge off of a cold day. It won’t handle sitting in a treestand in the 30’s-40’s but it would for a more active hunt/activity.
    3. For #7 (tent/bivy), I don’t think that moving into that part of the market makes sense for KUIU at this time. Others do it well and with lightweight gear. No reason to expend intellectual and financial capital on something you can’t do better than another established company like GoLite or Kifaru.
    4. For #5 (reinforcing/waterproofing/etc.) this could be a good idea, especially to address those who want more features vs. lighter weight. If not as a standard product, you might consider offering customers the ability to order items with options like the reinforcing or waterproofing on clothing or different top lids or external pouches on the packs. They would pay a bit extra and would understand that anything ordered with an option might have to wait until the end of the production run.
    5. For the ICON 6000, and maybe the 3000, side slot pockets like Kifaru has on their new Timberline pack would be a good addition/enhancement. I know that the front pocket was designed to hold long items like spotting scopes and tripods but many people are finding it to be too small for the length/size of their current gear OR they use the front pocket in combination with the top lid to hold their day pack gear.

  58. Jeremy Docken

    Please, please, please design a new lightweight tent. Wouldn’t this be just as fun as designing, testing and creating packs as well? I really think that this could be a huge oppurtunity, no other hunting gear line that I know of has stepped into this field. The current tent manufactures have a huge open gap for the Mountain hunters. All super light tents are geared for summer time use. Where is the super light tent for the big game hunter during the cold months. It’s either freeze your butt off, sufficate in a bivy, or pack in a 6+ lb tent.

  59. Nicholai

    I think that it is strange that so many people want a small pack. Once I get optics, spare clothes, bivy, and a field dressing kit I fill a 2200 cu inch pack to the brim, so I would think that anything smaller than your current offering would not be of any value. But I would be able to get behind a bigger pack like 7500 cu inch since I feel that the 6000 is too small to be able to get a whole sheep and camp.

    I also think that there is no need for Kuiu to offer tents as there are plenty of options out there for mountain hunters. But I wouldn’t mind a tarp/poncho in camo for a wind break while glassing and as an emergency shelter.

  60. ernie

    I agree with Patick F and Niclolai on the packs. As long as it can be cinched down TIGHT even a 7500 ci pack can be a day pack (though heavy). I’d like to see the hip belt accomodate some small items and be easy to get out (wind detector powder, calls, gps) – used to like that feature on a BL2200 but couldnt take the hot back and sold it. Using the BL Sacrifice now and find it need more cinch options. Also have an old “real” Dana Desiigns Astroplane running 7000ci or so and it cinches up tight even empty but still has a sloppy lid. Sorry for the reiteration but.. I’ll buy a KUIU pack if it cinches up TIGHT even nearly empty – not even a sloppy lid! and it accomodates a few easy to get to items on the hip belt. Certainly looking forward to what you already have planned. One certianty, you guys will produce quality, useful gear. thanks

  61. seth moore

    1. i’m a huge fan of a ventilated back — something with a wire frame that separates a tensioned fabric back panel from the body of the pack to allow my kuiu guide jacket to breathe. similar to what is found on external frames. my day trips up in yaak, mt are spent going straight up for 1500-3500 feet and a pack that compliments the breathability of my jacket is essential.
    2. i’m also a huge fan of front access (something similar to the design of the granite gear meridian vapor) so that i don’t have to dig through spare calls, food, etc. . . to get to my mittens. It’s important that the pack is built redundancy (straps/buckles/snaps) built into the pack in case of a zipper blow out.
    3. the wire frame suspension, with a proper lightweight hip belt is essential. i’ll be out for 14+ hours and even only 20 lbs on my shoulders for that long is painful.

    again, i am a huge fan of kuiu. i’ve “sold” several hunters on your guide jacket & attack pants. i’m really looking forward to seeing the pack. thank you for making us a part of it.

  62. Ryan

    Are there any plans for a smaller icon frame that will fit a torso length of 17″ and under?

  63. Evan Williams


    One thing other than a pack real quick. I LOVE the Attack Pants and noted that there was mention of doing a Guide Pant with reinforced knees and seat. I would personally rather see those features on the Attack pant. Abrasion resistant AND waterproof knees AND Seat. I spent 70 days out this year in my KUIU Gear and my knees are looking ragged between the yucca, CRP, wheat stubble, corn stubble, high country rocks, milo fields, etc.
    Also, a slight upgrade on the Guide Glove: a slight reinforced pad across the knuckles. Nothing SUPER heavy and padded just enough to make crawling stalks a little more comfortable when I’m on fists.


  64. JR

    If KUIU wanted to continut down the carbon fiber road, some new carbon fiber products would be cool. Tripods would be sweet, there are a lot of new CF tripods on the market but… And how about a lightweight packable chair that fits in the pack for having at camp and glassing would be sweet.

  65. JL

    How about clothing in tall sizes ,for all the long legged people?

  66. Tim Loran

    How about a cold weather, total hand, traditional bow glove, three fingers coated with kevlar guards over merino liner or soft shell fabric.