KUIU does not have a Pro-Staff. My vison is to...

KUIU does not have a Pro-Staff. My vison is to build the best gear in the world, be totally transparent about the process and have our customers become the Pro-Staff.

It has worked beyond my expectations because you represent KUIU’s products with more passion and credibility than any bribed spokes person ever could.

I received a lot of recommendations from the 2012 Marketing blog post to advertise in Eastman’s Bowhunting and Hunting Journals in 2012. Listening to you, I have committed KUIU to a full page advertisement in both magazines this year.

The 2012 Eastmans advertising campaign is called “Do Your Research” inspired from KUIU’s customers doing their research and choosing KUIU and “In The Field”  photo album that shows the results. These ads, beginning next month, will feature photos from In The Field.

The 1st advertisement will feature KUIU customer and professional guide Austin Atkinson from Peroria Arizona and AAA Outdoors and two Dall rams taken in Alaska this past season.

Each month we will feature a new photo from In The Field. If you want to be in our next Eastman’s Advertisement please submit your photos to album@kuiu.com.

Please share your thoughts and ideas on our new campaign.


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  1. Will Jenkins

    That is awesome Jason! Very cool campaign and I love how much KUIU is shaped by it’s customers.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Will!


  2. David Casaceli

    I saw your add in my EBJ that came last week. I hope your customers pointed you in the right direction, I think they did. It looked great and the “do your research” tag line should be a great catch in a magazine such as EBJ and EHJ.

    More great things to come for KUIU I am sure… Looking forward to my next pieces and keeping the word spreading…

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks David. The new pieces are coming later this spring.


  3. Curt Cabrera

    Looks great Jason…very “classy”!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Curt.


  4. Bryan aka TradRag

    Nice! QR Code looking good too.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Bryan.


  5. Justin Martinez

    Maybe a where’s KUIU photo or series of photos like where’s Waldo. That would be cool. Black and white picture that people have to stare into to find a guy decked out in Vias Camo.
    Just an idea….
    -Justin Martinez

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Justin for your input.cool idea.


  6. Matt

    Awesome idea for sure! Though I’m certain you would not have to do much bribing when pushing KUIU swag.

    I need to become a better mountain hunter, tag soup again this year. Look out 2012!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Matt!


  7. Mike P

    Cool idea!

    Now where did I put my KUIU thong and camera???


    Mike P

    • Jason Hairston

      That is SCARRY!


  8. Luke Carrick

    The more advertisement the better. Also gives the customer (Pro-Staff) a great opportunity.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Luke!


  9. Dan Whittington

    This is a excellent outlook Jason! The products speak for themselves.


    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you for the comment Dan.


  10. joe hundley

    I also noticed the ad in Traditional Bowhunting magazine.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Joe!! Did you notice the cover this month:)


  11. Justin Starck

    Very cool. It really captures the idea of KUIU.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Justin. I always appreciate your input.


  12. Ryan Kohatsu

    Love it. Very clean. “Do your research.” No need for gimmicks.

    • Jason Hairston

      No need for gimmicks! I like that!


  13. john burnett

    Nice! btw – How about a good Bow Hunting glove …. I like the Sitka Shooter … but it’s not made too well, needs real leather, and it grabs at Velcro. But I want something that gives good dexterity and feel when shooting, protects my hands, and that I can wear on hot days and cold mornings.. too much to ask for?

    • Jason Hairston

      No. Our Guide Glove with a lighter weight fabric would be perfect. I will work on this one for you.


  14. Smithhammer

    Glad to see so much of the conventional wisdom about what a company “has to do” – i.e, have pro staff, try to get into every big box store, offer every product in 6 different camo patterns, etc. being thrown out the window. It gives me faith that an excellent product, combined with transparency and integrity, can still succeed, and I wear my Kuiu proudly.

    • Jason Hairston

      Great comment! Thank you!


  15. Jay B

    This is a real bitter sweet for me. I love seeing Kuiu out in the hunting world but at the same time don’t like seeing thousands of guys dressed like me. It’s like having a favorite local band and then a few months later seeing them on mtv with teenage girls screaming the lyrics. Does this make sense?

    • Justin Starck

      I get it. I feel the same way.

    • Justin Starck

      I tend to just grin when I see guys strutting around in Sitka. I should pry point them in the right direction, but then again, they should just, “Do their research!” Maybe that is what I will start doing, just go up to them and say, “Do your research!”

    • johnc801

      …if you’re a hipster, then yes. 🙂

      • Justin Starck

        I think we could take them… 😉

    • Jason Hairston

      I do know what you are saying! Be proud you were one of the first to have the Tee Shirt:)


  16. T Downing

    Jason Hairston, what an awesome ad! Well done and the black and white theme is a fantastic idea. Thank you sir for staying true to your initial vision of Kuiu…On another note, your logo is making waves as well. I was wearing the black long sleeve t-shirt with the large Kuiu ram on the front Sunday at church and after the service, I had a gentleman approach me and ask me if I was a “hardcore hunter.” I was taken back. I was proud to tell him that Kuiu was the finest mountain clothing available today. T. Downing

    • Jason Hairston

      That is AWESOME! Thank you for sharing this story.

  17. James Johnson

    I think you should consider selling a very small portion of stock(about 10%) in your company to blog subscribers. If you had some owners that had money at stake that would create some huge brand loyalty. Plus you would still have all the power to make your own decisions.

    • Jason Hairston

      This is very flattering you believe in KUIU this much! This is well noted and a very interesting idea.


  18. Bill Pemberton

    great idea Jason,love the fact that you want your customers to share there stories and pics.great gear.

    • Mat Timothy

      Very nice and very clean ad! You have done a terrific job of getting KUIU going and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  19. Kevin

    Kuiu’s sense of pioneering and creativity never ceases to amaze me, great work Jason!

  20. Arvid

    Clean and informative. Embodies the great design that is reflected in all that Kuiu does. Engages the reader more deeply than the previous image only ads. “Where’s Waldo” could be a real grabber too. Cheers!

  21. Larry Schwartz


    We definitely need a t-shirt, long sleeve or shirt sleeve or both, that has the “Do Your Research” tag line on it. Maybe the KUIU stuff on front and the DYR tagline on the back over http://www.kuiu.com.


  22. Matt Cannon


    I greatly appreciate your vision and dedication in providing fantastic products.

    Above and beyond that though is the fact that these products are manufactured in North America. In the current financial situation with companies shipping jobs overseas to maximize profits, I applaud your commitment to the North American hunter and the North American labor force.

  23. Sean

    Kuiu stock! sweet idea! Sign me up!

    • Jason Hairston

      If the SEC would allow it I would consider it.


      • Mike P

        I’m in too!

        Kuiu cant do any worse than the crappy stocks I have now…lol

  24. Shaun Oveson

    Once you go public, you lose control. It becomes about profits and sometimes decisions are made that are not ideal. Stay private, so you can reamain true to your vision!

    • James Johnson

      The suggestion was not to go public. It was to give a few of the core people a change to buy a small portion of the company. If there were about 20 people who purchased 10,000 each of the company it could raise 200,000 in capital. Those 20 people could be some of the best voices for the brand. Can you imagine how loyal those people would be in spreading the word? I certainly would not recommend for him to go public.

  25. Cory Jodoin

    My Two cents,
    When you have unconditional belief/confidence in a product or company you do not need to do anymore than what you are doing. Provide a product that stays true to the mission statement and have exceptional customer service.
    My belief in the company, its staff and product is no different than if I owned a large portion the corporation. People who are really passionate about something will defend/promote a product if it stays true to the values that got it to where it is.
    Your buisness model has promoted all users of the blog/forum as buisness partners.

    If you are looking for a cash injection to grow your buisness that is a different matter.
    You are doing a great job Jason- stay the course!!!


  26. Kyle Johnson

    Great ads!

    In my EBJ I noticed the ad referred to the hunt as mountain caribou and the picture is very clearly a ram. Did I miss something? Is that another name for a sheep? 😉


  27. Chris

    The ad looks nice, but if I didn’t already know it, it wouldn’t be clear to me that KUIU is a clothing line. This ad could just as easily describe an online store that sells a variety of brands. Also, the name and the logo are not very prominent in the ad. This understated approach works in a Coke ad, but as a new brand trying to get your name out there, wouldn’t it be good to be a bit more forward?


    Love this campaign!

  29. Luke Kunze

    I had some extra funds and decided to invest in some nicer gear for a first time hunt in AK. “I did my research” and kept coming back to KUIU. In my world, it was a lot of money…but I went for it and just told people time will tell on Kuiu’s quality. A couple of the guys I went with got to share a bunch of the “deals” they got while sitting in the tent frozen and wet 5 miles in off the haul rd. I got to hunt 2 extra days and get an opportunity at a white wolf soley because of the Kuiu gear I had. I was dry and warm. The only regret I had, I should have got the kuiu gaiters also. That Tundra is wet!