I am working on a new line up of ball caps hats us...

I am working on a new line up of ball caps hats using our lightweight Cordura 160D Rip-Stop fabric we use for our packs.  It makes an awesome technical hat.

How do you prefer your Cap?

  • Flex Fit 2 sizes as our new Trucker hats………………………….or
  • Velcro Closure, same as our current hats

Everyone is pretty particular on how their hats fit.  Please let me know your preference as soon as possible with a comment below.

These new hats will be available in July.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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  1. Matt

    Interesting concept. Look forward to seeing how these turn out. Will they be somewhat weather resistant? As for adjustment… Velcro on this end as I like to be able adjust size if I throw it on over a beanie or something.

  2. Alex Hoover

    Great idea. I have a North Face nylon hat that I use on back country hunts — way better technically than a cotton cap.

    I would prefer the velcro closure. (which is what my NF hat has, in case you’re benchmarking).

  3. Orion Kingman

    X-L flex-fit (7 5/8). A blaze Orange one would be great too!

    • Rod

      Orion – does the XL Flex Fit trucker style fit your 7 5/8?? ive been afraid to buy one since most flex fit XL are too small for me.

      • Orion Kingman

        I’ve got the Vias (cigar?) Hat in the xl, it fits me well.

  4. Alex Hoover

    +1 on the Blaze Orange comment from Orion Kingman. Would buy one (or more) in blaze in a heartbeat for hunts in CO, WY, etc.

  5. Erick

    Prefer the FlexFit myself.

  6. Mat

    Velcro or buckle adjustable, please. Some of us have more-human-than-human sized heads so a lot caps fit us like like little beanies :/

  7. Ryan Athey

    If it’s just a regular ball cap, then the velcro closure is my choice. If the cap has some insulating/wind protection properties then the flex fit would probably be better. Any chance any of the new caps would have ear flaps and insulation similar to a Stormy Kromer?

  8. Scott Rossingnol

    I think it’s a great idea! Velcro allows for a custom fit so that’s my vote.


    I prefer the Flex Fit if I can get my size/ XL-XXL. That being said the Velcro Closure is better than having a Flex Fit that does not fit.

  10. Ryan Howard

    I like the flex fit hats, I also agree on the blaze orange hats, it is hard finding a good blaze orange hunting hat.

  11. Mark B

    Flex fit would be ideal. Thanks

  12. Chris Kitts

    I like flex fit myself… I find that the velcro gets stuck on certain materials, and sometimes the hood of my jacket or sweatshirt and it ends up snagging and pulling my hat to the front or back. I’m constantly fixing my hat, and thats a problem for me.

  13. Nick

    I prefer the flex-fit, would be interested in a blaze one for bird hunts.

  14. John Serres

    is the cordura a breathable material? however I am a flex fit fan.

  15. David C

    Velcro for Me. Can’t stand flex fits…

  16. Rod

    I’d love a technical hat for sure. I’ve got a big lid so would like the velcro adjustment, but on a larger ‘framed’ hat that can go to 7 5/8 – 7 3/4 without looking like I am wearing a too small of a hat.

    Most the time the Flexfits are too tight when I am wearing them.

    Since I am only a few miles from the factory that makes the hats for you – I’d be willing to ‘try one on for size’ if you want.

    Solid Blaze orange, Vias along with your other standard solid colors woul dbe great combinations.

  17. Badger

    Velco please so they can be cinched down until your eyeballs bulge for high wind conditions…..or a chin strap. Also, two sizes preferred with XL for those of us with well endowed craniums.

  18. Shane Close

    Interesting use of fabrics for the tech hat. I was hoping for something more along the lines of Attack Pant’s Toray 225g/m2 4-Way Double Weave Stretch Woven Fabric, or maybe even lighter. I think that would make an AWESOME hat! I would also love to see a merino wool baseball cap. There’s actually a few different hats I would like to see, so if you ever want any suggestions, feel free to hit me up.:) That being said, I’m sure I’ll end up buying this hat too.

    I haven’t tried the Trucker hat, but I have mixed feelings about the Flex Fit hats I have. I do know a lot of people hate flex fit hats.

    Go with Velcro. Allows a custom fit for everyone. Also allows for you to make the hat a little bigger if you put your merino beanie or guide beanie on underneath.

  19. Toby Naylor

    I prefer the custom fit that Velcro allows, I vote Velcro. Can I pre-order today? 1 in Vias Camo please.

  20. Tom h

    Velcro for sure!

  21. Bryan Bolding

    Awesome! Velcro here. I’ll sign-up to Beta test. 😉

  22. Drew F

    Flex fit 2 sizes. I don’t like the Velcro closure because it looks bad if you wear a smaller hat size. (like me)and the flex fit looks better backwards. How about a small Kuiu logo in the center on the back. Similar to what is embroidered on the sleeve of the merino base layers.

  23. Lance

    Velcro all the way. Personally, I don’t care for flex fit hats. As stated above, they can be easily adjusted to go over an insulation layer if need be.

  24. Mat

    I really like the flex fit hats, and am looking forward to the new material. This is what makes KUIU so great is that you are always looking to make something better.

  25. J.R. Young

    Not a fan of flex, it will eventually wear out/dry rot and while the hat itself has plenty of life the fit does not.

    In this case, go with velcro. Even if the velcro wears, you can sew, tape or glue the strips together.

  26. Jerry Gowins

    Ah yes. Definitely interested! Velcro for me for all the reasons mentioned above.


  27. Dwight Jones

    I personally prefer Flex Fit caps….

  28. Dustin

    Flex fit please

  29. Blaine

    I like the Velcro style.
    If its windy I can tighten that thing down tight. If its cold I can put a warmer layer under it.
    Thanks for asking!

  30. Brandon

    Flex fit in all your colors would be sweet!!

  31. Nick

    Velcro for me also

  32. Roger

    Consider a nylon strap with adjustable buckle, like Patagonia used on the spoonbill hat. Fully adjustable, no noise, doesn’t wear out.

  33. Jason L


    This will be a great addition to the Kuiu gear kit. For this type of hat, I agree with the other posts – go Velcro. Flex fit is fine for your cotton trucker hats, but a hat in technical material will require adjustment in my opinion.

    Another idea for the trucker hat is to have a more water resistant cotton or a DWR application. I have cycling caps in light, water resistant cotton and it would be great in a hat that I would wear in mountain environments, or even around town on the Wet Coast (Vancouver).

  34. Wayne McWhorter

    I prefer the velcro. It seems more flexible to me.

  35. ronguzman9

    Flex fit tends to be the best comfort that I have seen, and when they wear out buy another one.

  36. Matt

    What ever you decide please GO BIG. I have a 7 5/8 – 7 3/4 head. My Vias hat now belongs to my 4yr old and my black trucker hat sits on my 7yr olds head. My OEM brown Ouray KUIU hat is all I can wear. I know a couple guys with this problem.

    PS. Bigger guide hat would be awesome as well.


    • Rod

      Ditto Ditto Ditto

  37. Janis Putelis

    I like both styles. I usually go trucker because of the deeper fit. Can’t stand a shallow fitting cap.

  38. Kevin Dill

    If the fit is right for my head (7-5/8 to 7-3/4) I way prefer Flex-Fit. I can drop a thin beanie on and not need to readjust the pita velcro closure. I also don’t have the annoying open area above the velcro band, which allows a cold spot for short-haired guys like me. I’ve often wondered why technical hat manufacturers don’t figure out a way to close up that mouse hole. Also, the Flex-Fit wears much better in the reversed position, if desired at times.

  39. Kyle

    I prefer Velcro for the custom fit.

  40. Brett H

    Love it idea. I started searching for synthetic hats a few years ago. I bought the Under Armour hats just for this reason (for hunting) and Sage for fishing. Sage has made some nice synthetic hats with great designs for ventilation. They use two types of synthetic fabric in the design, mainly for breathability.

    Synthetic is great because a) I sweat a ton during the hike up the mountain and cotton hats hold too much water. They don’t dry out and you get unnecessarily cold due to the dampness. b) camo patterns on cotton hats fade too quickly. You really lose the contrast in the pattern. c) scent build-up over time

    I prefer velcro backs. This way I can adjust it when needed. I do like flex hats and have a couple of them, but they seem to last a year or two before the elastic loses it’s tension. That’s okay for $15 hats, but not if I’m looking for higher quality technical gear.

    Few things to consider…can the hat be anti-microbial….or at least in the headband? There’s more scent in your hat than in most clothes. Smell your hat after a day or two of hunting elk for archery and it stinks. Love to find a solution.

    If part of the scent solution is washing the hat, then think about what the brim is made from. Some brims soak up water too much, making them difficult to wash…or they literally get too pliable when soaked in sweat for a few hours. Plus I’m sure that ads to scent issues.

    Ventilation – I find a lot of the synthetic caps don’t breath enough. So far Sage has done the best job in this regard. If a hat claims to be water proof, then you sweat like crazy. I had a couple and ditched them. My head would sweat and I wasn’t even getting my heart rate up.

    Lastly…sorry, I know I’m giving more feedback than asked for. Don’t put a button on the center at the top of the hat. On occasion I’ve had to do river crossings and had to put my back and bow above my head. Invariably it was easier to set them on the top of my head vs carry it all with your shoulders. Having a button up there makes it painful. Sounds like an outlier case, but its happened more than once.

  41. Richard

    I replace the adjustment band on my hunting caps with a shock cord and a cord lock. This makes it instantly adjustable with one hand. If you heat up while climbing, just take your beanie off, stick it in a pocket, and pull the shock cord to adjust the fit of the cap. One hand, don’t even need to stop.

  42. Justin Starck

    Velcro or flex-fit? Neither.

    Fitted for goodness sakes. Every other KUIU item is made to fit, why not the caps?

    Brim should be maybe a 1/4″ shorter than standard.

    • Dustin

      Great idea

  43. Val Marquez

    Velcro, for sure.

  44. Curtis Mullin

    Deff, the flex fit

  45. Chuck Largent

    I too have a large head, would like to see some winter hats (skull, or toboggan type) in larger sizes. Most shrink when washed, end up half covering my ears, which sucks in colder weather.

  46. LeRoy

    I am with Kevin Dill on the flex, not having to readjust, and reverse position.

    And, thanks for asking our input…..again!


  47. Trevor

    I need the Velcro closure for the hat to fit properly. The elastic version is always too tight for me to wear as my head is bigger than most.

  48. Matt

    Velcro all the way. Elastic wears out (very un-Kuiu) and never fit right after a hair cut.

  49. Joe

    Flex Fit. Stealthy, sleak, streamlined.

  50. Curt Cabrera

    I’m with Kevin Dill on this one…. Flex fit!

  51. Blaine

    Yes. I second the thought of a shorter brim!

  52. Scoot

    I absolutely can’t stand the flex fit hats- velcro all the way for me. I’m looking forward to trying one of these hats on!

  53. Shawn Williams

    I like the mesh back (trucker style) also I always thought a shorter brim would be nice to be able to scan up hill while sneaking along. But still just long enough to keep sun out of eyes. Also less worries of getting in the way of a bow string.

  54. CL

    Looks like you might want to consider both!

  55. Ken

    Can’t wait to see them, Flex Fit for sure!

  56. Frank Schultz

    I wear a hat everywhere and just about everyday…I have to agree with the velcro crowd on this one.

  57. Harlan

    Flex Fit for me. Looking forward to these new hats!

  58. Ron Green

    My vote would be for the velcro back. More adjustable depending on layers worn, and easier to strap to a pack without crushing it if I decide not to wear it for whatever reason.

    I’d consider the KUIU flex fit hats more of a fitted hat. I ordered the S/M and it was too big for my noggin. There isn’t much (if any) stretch to the flex fit trucker hats.


  59. Jake

    Definetly flex fit! I hate scratchy velcro. But either way you go, please have 2 sizes! I have a small head and alot of the 1 size fits all hats are pretty big.

    Really looking forward to seeing this! Been wanting a poly hat that fits good for a while

  60. Ernie

    Velcro for the adjustability,the shock cord/lock is interesting.
    Fitted would be way too cool!

  61. Ed Pidgeon

    I use merino skull caps in 2 different thicknesses. Velcro my choice also to 71/2 plus. More room than low profile, without white logo on the camo model. I look forward to what you decide.

  62. jason noel

    Velcro and Blaze Orange is the ticket here and some other natural colors for work or just promoting Kuiu

  63. Ross

    Velcro back with Vias in Orange.

  64. Ed Gordon

    Velcro gets my vote. Beanie underneath on cold mornings keeps me comfortable and velcro lets me adjust to fit just right. Besides one day when I get that trophy bull, need room to swell. Look forward to seeing (and using) the hats, Jason.

  65. Chad Coburn

    I am with the flex fit thing too. Put the Kuiu logo on the back, that would be real sweet.

  66. Dustin Clark

    I prefer a flex fit, have the trucker flex-fit and you cant peel it off my head, love it. Keep making awesome gear and we will keep buyin it. Thanks for all Jason!!

  67. scott

    Flex fit. The l/xl flexfit trucker your currently selling fits me perfectly. I also had the mesh backed velcro trucker, which i wear to work everyday. After awhile, the velcro is starting to fail. I think the flex fit will last longer.

    With the flexfit cordura – some sort of cinch would be nice. Maybe on the side of the cap, so when its on backwards, its not in your eyes.

  68. Jay B

    I really like the current velcro closure vias hats with the Kuiu logo. I like being able to adjust the fit when I want and being able to attach it to my pack strap when wearing a cold weather hat. I also really like the lower profile fit of the hat. I like the idea of a blaze orange as well. My kids now have to wear blaze orange as law and I wouldn’t mind having one for bird hunting.

  69. David Pollock

    Velcro, as i have a huge head and flexfit is a bit snug, all the best with the new hat, David

  70. Rick Nolan

    Velcro Closure, same as our current hats

  71. Jeff Marlatt

    Deep crown would be good for us that have a mellon head (7 7/8) and the flex fit give me a headache. Velcro would be my vote. Orange would be great!

  72. Joel Biltz

    I prefer the flexfit normally but in this case a velcro would be better. It will allow for more adjusting for Beanies and such.

  73. Brent

    I like the way flex fit looks, but I have yet to find a flex fit hat that fits my apparently fat head. So my vote is for velcro!

  74. Phillip

    The large head crowd, of which I am one, probably wouldn’t mind either. We just want a hat that fits. Looking forward to what’s next.

  75. Brant McGee

    I vote for velcro to get the best possible fit for the most folks. I would like to know more about the material. If it is a rain hat, it should be in a boonie hat style. If just for sun protection, I would only buy it if it was very, very, breathable.

  76. Kyle

    I prefer a flex fit hat. Compared to the existing flex fit trucker hat I think it should have a bit more flex to it. The current trucker hat really can’t accommodate a large window of sizes. I have some other flex fit style hats that can would be able to accommodate a larger size range. This would allow people to wear it alone or over a merino beanie. Would the new material be a little thinner than the newer trucker flex fit hat? The current trucker hat isn’t too heavy, just a bit too thick on the mesh area.

    Thanks for the updates and can’t wait for the new hats!

  77. Dustin Stokes

    Velcro. I’m not a big fan of the velcro closures either but I like them better then the flex fit.

  78. Greg Pettinaro


  79. Kaleb

    Doesn’t matter. Everyone has a different head. I can get by with the hats like the regular logo hat Ive bought. Anything bigger/deeper will be a no go for me.

  80. Steve

    Velcro gets my vote.

  81. joseph ewing

    I am strictly a Velcro guy. Recently bought a flex fit and despise it

  82. Bob

    Velcro or buckle.

  83. Matt Westbrook

    i have the vias in velcro. got it when it came out and its going hard. its alittle more sweat then vias right now though.

    i would say velcro!

  84. Tom Vanasche

    Velcro for adjusting with possible multiple layers, beanie, etc. Would not need to have a large open hole in the back. Shorter brim for bowhunters.

  85. Tevis Hull

    Velcro more versatile, some days I like my hat to fit a little loose others I want a nice snug fit, epically when I’m active or in a hunting situation.

  86. Mike

    I prefer flex fit.

  87. Darin F.

    Definitely FLEX-FIT.
    Thanks for the Products-OUTSTANDING

  88. Brian

    Velcro will provide a better universal fit for different sized heads. That would be my choice. Too much variance in only two sizes of flex-fit hats.

  89. Cody

    although the flex-fit is more fashionable, KUIU seems be more concerned over function rather than fashion, and in that respect the Velcro it much more fuctionable than the flex fit in my opinion and I would personally prefer the velcro

  90. Ben


    Like the Toray fabric hat idea as well.



  92. Don

    Funny that I was just thinking about his today. I think the pack material is fine compared to some bomb material. If the weather is that bad I’ll be wearing the merino or guide beanie, or have my hood up, so who cares about the materail. Also, I think breathability is a moot point if you offer two hats. One with mesh on the back half (trucker) and one fully enclosed. I own a number of flex-fit hats for wear around, but perfer velcro for anything athletic. Let’s spin this up, summer is coming fast! I must note though Jason, not all too happy you advertise a hat company in Colorado “makes” your hats when really they are made in CHINA!!!

  93. Bill Pass

    I would like to see you develop a cap that will breath and keep it’s shape as well.
    The Velcro style is also a preference,

    Thanks for your hard work,

    Bill Pass

  94. Frank Fieweger


    Some of the flex-fit hats tend to give me a headache because of the constant preasure on my mellon.

  95. Matt

    I prefer hats with a buckle adjustment so I can get the exact fit I need and hide the adjustment tail inside the hat band.

  96. Ken Allen

    I prefer the velcro for adjustability.

  97. Bryant Askins

    I would like to see the velcro style, as the fitted hats never seem to fit me, and for the fact of throwing a beanie or facemask underneath of it. Hope this are ready by September!

  98. Ethan Starck

    I gotta go with my brother on this one. Kuiu needs to make a fitted hat. For a company that wants to be the highest quality product out there I don’t know why it hasn’t been done yet. Since Kuiu doesn’t have to stock retail stores I would think they could have a decent selection on hand in the warehouse. A pre-order could even be done and then you guys at Kuiu could order what is requested. Please, make a hat that fits the rest of your gear, and make a fitted hat. And have it made in North America.

    • Dustin

      +1 for fitted, also low profile would be awesome.

  99. Justin Doucet

    The only problem with velco fro me is it stick to my hoods I don’t really have a neck though. I vote fro flex fit!!!

  100. J

    I can never get flex fit hats to fit. I prefer velcro.

  101. Tommy Dutcher

    Velcro for me. Flex Fit actually gives me a headache. It’s fine if you have a small head, but horrible IMOP for 7+ size domes!

  102. Chris P

    Velcro = adjustable for best fit!!

  103. Rusty Knight

    My only suggestion is to make a cap in a larger size to fit those of us with a big head. I find a lot of good looking caps, but don’t buy them because they just don’t fit. My Kuiu hat is the same…just too small even with the velcro adjustment let all the way out. I’d prefer velcro in a larger cap size…one size doesn’t fit all.

  104. Cory

    I sweat buckets – a hat that wont look absolutely 10 years old after one season due to color fade or color run. I am hoping this fabric will do that.

  105. Gord C

    Flex Fit

  106. Tom Earnest

    I would like to see fitted hats, but out of the two choices I would vote velcro so it fits correctly if the flex sizes are too small or too big.

  107. Braden F


  108. Chris

    Flex Fit 2

  109. Brian

    Flex fit

  110. Kit

    Hi Jason,

    I’d prefer the velcro. I’ll second the anti-microbial headband, and add please make it sweat absorbing but quick drying.



  111. Shane

    Velcro!! An adjustable hat is the only logical option for providing the best fit for the greatest number of people under the greatest number of conditions. Velcro all the way.

  112. Shamus

    Wow to all the comments looks like this hat will be flying off the shelf. I support the flex fit as I find it more comfortable. However I would not be disappointed either way.

  113. Adam

    Flexfit all the way. If its going to be a hunting hat, why add noisy Velcro? Flex fit is definitely the better choice here.

  114. Drake Atwood

    Flexfit. Velcro hats look fine until you wear them backwards and then you look like a dork. Flexfit trucker hat in VIAS! A fitted wool mid profile hat would be great too.

    • Drake Atwood

      My supporting comment above was to be taken as a joke. Functionality obviously is top priority. However, for us stickbow hunters who cannot anchor and shoot our bows properly with a cap on brim-forward, it would be nice to have a nice cap that would be comfortable to wear backwards that would not have the opening exposing a shiny forehead. To me, wearing a velcro/buckle closure cap backwards is very uncomfortable. So, for most of us traditional archers, we need a cap to be functional when worn backwards as well.

  115. Mike

    Flex fit for me

  116. Cesar

    Velcro Closure, same as our current hats, thanks

  117. carles

    Velcro Closure

  118. Todd

    I have mentioned it before but your current hats are really lacking in quality which is odd because everything else of yours is top notch. A good quality hat is needed, blaze orange would be great in addition to camo. Velcro or flex fit is good as long as they are a quality item. Personally I have found the flex fit hats to typically be of better quality. Glad to see you are addressing the hat issue, it was a glaring hole….keep up the good work.

  119. KK

    Velcro hat so it fits properly depending how much hair you have on your head at the time and also you can wear it over a beanie .

  120. Luke

    Either velcro or buckle, because flex fit is fine until you get a hair cut or wear a stocking hat under it when cold. Also, flex fit hats would require you to make so many sizes to get correct fit, and its hard to know when ordering what size is correct. Look into the buckle that is on the technical “north face horizon” ball caps…it works great.

  121. JerseyJohn

    Velcro for me as it just seems to fit better when adjusted.

  122. Justin Starck

    I thought fabric similar to the merino/ripstop used in the First Lite Kanab pant would be great for a hat.

    Crazy how much interest is generated from a ball cap…

  123. LE

    I would use velcro or buckle. Flex fits are nice until you need get a hair cut or wear a stocking cap under it. Also, flex fits would require you to manufacture many sizes since they are such a custom fit, and as a consumer its hard to know how to order them online without trying them on. Look into the buckle system used on the “North Face Horizon Cap”, they work great.

  124. Mark

    I vote for velcro. The flex-fit hats never fit “just right”.

  125. Vesa

    Count me in for the Blaze Orange.
    Velcro is my first choice for sizing.

  126. Jesse

    VELCRO is my vote.
    I don’t have a big head, but flex fit hats tend to start bothering me after wearing them for a little while. Maybe I’ve just never broken one in.

    Vias camo – logo like what you have on the beanies or the tribal hat.

    Please make it breathable and anti-microbial.

    I’m hoping this will be exactly what I’ve been searching for my Montana elk archery hunts.

  127. Michael

    I like the idea of cordura and still hoping for a wool version. I prefer lower profile than taller and flex/velcro. Colors would/could be burnt olive or any of the fine colors including blaze.

  128. Sean

    Both are nice in their own ways, yet both have their flaws also. What about a buckle strap, doesnt wear out? I dont have the trucker hats but have all the other Kuiu hats and they fit awesome and have a nice low profile.

  129. GregPassalacqua

    I vote for velcro.
    Velcro would better suit the kuiu kit it is infinitely adjustable like the climbing belt.
    A merino hat would be a nice addition to the line or something breathable. The wool is excellent.

  130. Matt Hartsky

    Velcro- fewer customer returns due to fit issues. It’s not about looking cool or, lol, wearing the hat backwards but fitting the most people with functional gear.

  131. John

    Velcro or buckle…. fixed sizes never fit right, and anything with elastic squeezes my head.

    Thanks for asking

  132. Ben

    Velcro, adjustable. with somewhat breathable material. If you want an insulated hat put on your beanie. A little room on top is nice but not as tall as some of those trucker hats.

  133. Ryan W

    Though the FlexFit gives a cleaner look that I prefer in more casual hats, I would prefer the Velcro as per the first gen Kuiu hats since they provide flexibility to adjust for a beanie or a mop of hair underneath.

  134. Adam

    Velcro for sure. I have never had a flexfit that didn’t eventually stretch out to the point of being unusable. As mentioned numerous times above, velcro lends itself to additional layers and lifetime stretch, etc. May not be as “cool” but way more functional in my opinion.


    Velcro for me.Sometimes it needs to be tighter for wind. I’d like vias and blaze orange options.

  136. Josh Wright

    I would prefer a fitted, the flex-fit wan’t necessarily a flex-fit hat. It didn’t expand or contract at all. I still wear it. I had to wash and dry it thought.

    I’m fine with the velco also, but fitted would be great – just take pre-orders for them and stock up also.

  137. Romo


  138. Matt Bustos

    Hi Jason,

    As a 100% archer, silence to me is an absolute must. That said, I’d suggest the Flex Fit hat. The less hard edges the better. Speaking from experience, I’ve been on a stalk in Alberta wearing a hot on backwards to close distance and found my adjustable hat strap as a collection sight for every piece of grass, seed, and flower it came in contact with. In this case, less is more.

    Any chance you’re looking to incorporate a Boonie Hat into your gear sometime soon? Preferably one that’s water resistant? I had put a previous post together when you solicited ideas for new gear and am a HUGE fan of Boonies since they allow you to wear it when it’s raining and NOT have to put your hood up over it. I want to hear everything when I’m out there and the Hood dampers my ehco location significantly.

    You’re doing a great job of making yourself so accessible and leading form the front, Jason. I love your gear.

  139. John Ward

    For me, 100% Flex Fit Hat. They are quiet and comfortable, personally i was unable to wear the Kuiu hats of prior – they just did not fit my large head – thanks for expanding the cap line…!

  140. Jason Hassler

    My vote goes for Velcro. Makes it more customizable/adaptable to different conditions.

  141. Rafael

    Flex fit for sure Jason. Thanks for keeping us involved.

  142. Dave Pagel

    I would go with the flex fit, cleaner look all around. 7 3/8 -7 1/2 for me.

  143. Jason


  144. Josh

    Velcro. I only wear ball caps when it is hot out, that said I would also prefer a mesh back. I would not buy a fitted hat with an all fabric top, too hot for climbing mountains. If fitted is possible with mesh, than maybe, but unlikely.

  145. brandon


    i love the caps with a velcro closure. they provide the best fit and can be altered accordingly. the vias camo hat i have now fits amazing and gets comments everywhere i go. it has become my favorite hat to wear. flex fit hats just don’t have the same “feel” to them while being worn.

  146. Rocky

    Velcro…is there any chance of getting a full brimmed hat ?

  147. brandon

    to the guys saying velcro can get loud. you can wrap the closure in electrical tape to prevent any rubbing of the edges. by the way, i’ve never had problems with the velcro closure on my hat fwiw.

  148. Brian

    Adjustable _ Velcro or strap/buckle type _ Either way make it adjustable! At altitude and during high work loads one’s head will swell just like feet, ankles, hands, etc; and the last thing I want is pressure from a hat band that is now to tight. Also, make sure the bill is flexible enough to be shaped and not so long as to interfere with a scope or bow string. The top needs to be supple not stiff & crusty. One last thing we need a blaze orange option for the states that require it

  149. Andy Felt

    Velcro for me. I have the brown KUIU logo cap and also the camo version. The fit on the brown cap has a lower profile which I prefer over the camo. Can’t wait to give the new hat a try as long as it isn’t a flex fit.

  150. John

    Wow…it’s just a cap. Whatever happened to the day pack discussion? Just curious, seems like it would be a lot more fun to talk about.

  151. Rick Ellingsen

    Velcro on the hat for me as the flex fit don’t work well for us guys with melon sized heads! Velcro allows everyone to custom fit their own head.

  152. Mike Keller

    Flex fit cap in XL size to fit 7 5/8 head without being too tight. Thanks.

  153. David

    Of those options, Velco for adjustability. Though I prefer something more like Tactical Tailor where it’s a polymer buckle that works like the pack straps or the belt. I think I’ll hold out for a wool jeep watch cap (wool beanie with a brim) style hat or Toray Boonie though.

  154. George Hicks

    Velcro for me. I too have a large head and really have a hard time getting caps that fit. The standard KUIU’s have been a rare exception and look good too.

  155. Jake

    Flex fit for me. A couple different sizes. One thing I like about flex fit is that if you wear it for more than a couple times they tend to form a mold to your head and don’t fall off when you bend over like some of the velcro or snap back caps. They become truly custom fit hats if you break them in properly.

  156. Scott


  157. Ryan Kohatsu

    Nothing wrong with the velcro closure ones that I can tell. Did notice a few guys mentioning a boonie though. I’m going to have to join that request! Not the coolest thing in the airport or anything like that, but it’s kind of hard to beat a good boonie in the hot sun or rain all day.

  158. Kevin

    Flex Fit for me.

    I would also have interest in a boonie.

  159. Bryan Burkhardt

    Can’t wait to try one of these out! Flex fit or velcro is fine with me since I have hair 🙂 I really would like to see a short brim for bowhunting…

  160. Page Norton

    Looks almost 50/50 to me so far…. I wear flex fit for everyday casual wear but would preffer Velcro for hunting. I do like to pull my cap over my touque(beanie) in the late season and Velcro would allow easy adjustments.

  161. Gary

    I don’t like Velcro. It is noisy and snags high tech fabrics.
    If you must use velcro, make the soft side face outward so your beanies won’t stick to it or get snagged!

  162. Woody

    Velcrow or buckle adjustable

  163. Juan Puente

    Flexfit here too… ANY chance in hell a few “flat bills” could be done????? I myself only wear flat bills n would LOVE to have one in VIAS!

  164. JOAN

    I would prefer a Velcro closure.
    Depending if you put or not mask bowhunting is easyer to fix fast in different sizes….

  165. Nick

    I prefer Flexfit but looking at the response’s you got, I would do both. Seems there is a demand for both….

  166. Kyle

    I like the clip on my Patagonia velocity hat the most out of any hat. It has a low profile buckle and a little bit of elastic. I can tighten it on the fly, and the buckle makes it easy to clip to my pack or belt easily.

  167. Cory Benge

    Wow…171 comments to date! As you can tell hats are a very sensitive issue! We all have different ideas on hats and use different designs for different applications. For me, a self proclaimed hat “connoisseur” I like two styles of hats:
    1. The hat I like to use for leisure wearing etc is a Flex fit with low height crown. Crown Height should not exceed 3 5/8″ Additionally the crown should have a light backing. I’ve always liked this “set up” as the lower style crown prevents us (me) from being mistaken for a chef! LOL
    2. The hat I prefer to hunt in have a velcro closure! This is a must as it allows for on the fly adjustment of the hat to fit over skull caps or dew rags etc. The velcro also allows for the hat that becomes sweat soaked to be tightened up. The idea of a fast drying material is also a welcomed added feature as we all do a lot of sweating during our hunts.

    Just my two cents worth! Keep up the good work Jason!

  168. Tim

    Quick fix for those of you who mentioned that the Velcro can catch/snag on hoods or neck gaiters–switch the Velcro fabrics on the tab at the back of the hat.
    Meaning, put the “sticky” facing fabric on the flap, and the softer fabric on the rear hat band. That way, what is exposed is only the softer material, which doesn’t snag on anything, and makes for a better fitting hat (more head sizes)than FlexFit.
    Just my two cents.

    • Rod

      The the stiffer hook part of the velcro is always catching your hair and digging into the back of your head

  169. Jason

    Velcro. You get a much better fit. Also, I agree with Tim on the placement of the Velcro

  170. mike Newman

    Flex fit or no dice!

  171. Stephen

    Would prefer a buckle and strap. Velcro sticks to too many things. Also want a larger crown. Some cap companies have two sizes. So if you offer the larger crown along with the more standard crown, everyone will be accommodated. Would like a well ventilated cap. Any activity causes lots of perspiration. Fast dry would be great. Would also like a full brimmed well ventilated hat with a chin strap, boonie or otherwise.

  172. Paul C

    Velcro for me, the others never fit right for some folks like me and you can’t snug it up in high winds.

  173. Bryan L

    I just can’t seem to muster up any enthusiasm over the two styles mentioned. Neither velcro or flexfit have held up or felt comfortable for me in the past. I would recommend a sliding adjustable closure. You could even make the slider/adjuster match the buckle on the KUIU Climbing Belt thus keeping the KUIU line uniform.

    Just my thoughts, Keep up the great work. Bryan.

  174. JR

    This is great news. Im dying for a good fitting tech flex fit hat. Ill take one in vias, grey, and I like the blaze idea too, I would pick one of those up.

  175. TR

    FLEX FIT and VIAS FLEX FIT with mesh back would be good too.

  176. Jason Potter

    Will you have the flexfit hat available in the vias camo and will you offer anything in a youth size?

  177. Mike Keller

    Hello Jason. Hate to bother you, but, is there any update on the fitted caps? Just wondering what they’ll look like before I order several. Please make them in your tribal and kuiu styles. Please offer them in larger sizes like 7 5/8 and 7 3/4. Also, please make them deep to fit down to the ears for real windy conditions. And of coarse we’ve got to have some in your camo. Thanks a lot. I’m waiting to order.

  178. Shawn McBrien

    I know its late but. L/xl true flex fit. Velcro sticks to the inside of hoddies and hoods. the material sounds great. Really would like to see a full waterproof version.

  179. TODD

    Just ordered the trucker fit cap, i ordered a s/m and the hat was huge on me.. it was a very awesome looking hat just sucks because i cant wear it. possible to get it in smaller size? usually the s/m fitted caps fit this one is huge though! would be willing to pay extra if i could get one too fit!

  180. Ryan Diener

    I ordered one of your hats a couple of weeks back and it was pretty bad! I sent it back with a comment. Snap backs and Velcro backs have their place I guess. I would like to say though with your expertise in fabric! you could make a bad ass hat to go along with your clothing. One of the best hats ever made is a Flex Fit pro-formance hat…..it is usually a 97percent poly with 3persent spandex blend. The hat bill is curved and rigid and will not loose form. its a closed back and comes in L/XL etc. Just saying that would be a good place to start when looking how to go about making a great hat. I think u guys can do it!

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Thank you for your feedback Ryan. We currently are working on a few different hat options that I think you will really like. These options will be put on GIRU in the future to get feedback from our customers on what they would like to see.