Thank you for the massive response! This input is ...

Thank you for the massive response! This input is so helpful and I really appreciate the support.  It was really impressive!!!

From your input, it is obvious we need to make both styles, Velcro closure and Flex Fit.  These new hats will be available in early summer and I will give you exact ship dates here on the blog as soon as I have the confirmation from the factory.

In addition to the Flex Fit and Velcro Closure hats I have received quite a few request for a “Boonie Style hat”.  How many of you would like this added to the hat line up?  We would make it out of this light weight Cordura Nylon Rip Stop Fabric.  Let me know with a comment below and if there is enough request I will develop this style as well.

I appreciate the input and help.


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  1. Mike P

    Count me in for a Gilligan Hat 🙂


    Mike P

  2. B

    Not interested in a boonie hat. Invest your time and energy into developing other gear! So far the stuff you put out is great.

  3. Tom Ryle


    On the “Boonie” hat, please explore redefining the perimeter brim. I have used them in the past and don’t like the large overhang above my ears because it changes the way sound enters my ears. And I don’t want to fold it up on the sides or hassle with the drawstring. I do like the hat designed by my long-time friend Rich Thompson at Kathy Kelly Designs. It features a reduced overhang above the ears, but only comes in fleece. I’ve never seen one like this in other materials…(hint, hint).


  4. Ron G

    Thanks for the feedback, I will take two of each colors on the flex and throw the Boonie in for days at the beach.



  5. Armosino

    You know we are all going to get one of each! (At least that is what I have done so far)

  6. Kevin

    One concern I had Jason: I got one of the “Flexfit” hats you currently have for sale in the green color. It’s a great looking hat, but it’s NOT Flexfit. It’s just a sized hat with no stretch at all. It doesn’t fit quite right and therfore I never wear it. Did I get an early version that wasn’t Flexfit? Are the new hats going to be this same way?


    • Josh

      Same here. It’s been the only item I purchased that wasn’t perfect. I washed and dried mine, it helped.

  7. mountain man

    I make my living in the outdoors and have worn a boonie hat since the mid 80’s. Yes PLEASE make one. Baseball caps are worthless on the mountain, they only shade your eyes. A boonie hat protects your face,ears,neck,and head. They are the only way to go. A cotton/poly version would be good, cotton stays cooler than nylon.

  8. Jerry Gowins

    Yeah, I could go for a Boonie, too! I agree with Tom Ryle on the sides being more like the Kelly hat.


  9. Kyle

    I have no interest in a boonie hat. Just not my style. I am looking forward to the velcro hats!

  10. Ryan

    I’d be in for a “boonie” type hat (vias camo or solid).

  11. Mat

    Yes, I would get one.

  12. Kyle

    I would not be interested in a boonie hat. Any possibility of making one of the new ball cap style hats have a short brim?

  13. Greg

    I would like to see you offer ball caps without the ‘button’ on the top of the hat. It’s not needed and might save you some manufacturing costs.

    I’m anti-button because of using electronic ear protection while shooting. Headphones push on that button making it pretty uncomfortable while wearing a ball cap. At the moment i’m using the “Downrange” ballcap from SKD Tactical (http://www.skdtacDOTcom) for when i’m at the shooting range. I’m considering popping off that button on my VIAS cap, but i haven’t yet.

  14. Michael

    All sounds good..Second a shorter brim Boonie. Drop Zone Tactical developed one called the “stubby” I believe. If u google the stubby Boonie, one can view it.
    Still hoping for wool at some point.

  15. Matt

    Count me in on a Boonie hat. A short brim hat with flaps like the Sitka Jetstream would be interesting as well. I could see a use for all of these! : )

  16. Gary

    Many of us are traditional bowhunters and the standard ball cap brim is too long. It hits the bowstring, so often times I reverse the hat, flexfit is nice for this. I have one particular hat that has a soft brim with a malleable wire in the brim lip. The brim can be bent or adjusted in any attitude and it retains that shape. This is a fabulous feature which is hard to find. Here is a link that shows the hat. The hat wears “rounder” than the bucket look in the picture would imply. I could send a sample if Jason is interested since I can get a few from my bowyer friend who sews his patch on them.

  17. Mike

    I have an REI khaki boonie style hat (called a Paddler’s Hat I believe) that I use exclusively for August/September hunting and it is great…but eventually it will wear out and I will need a replacement. In October I just wear my Kuiu Merino wool hat under it as it starts to get colder. It has a foam brim that keeps its form in the rain and allows for the back to be folded up and stay in place out of the way when wearing a pack, has a big enough overhang to shade the face from the sun and critters, and is flexible and sized so that I can shoot my bow. It has mesh on the sides at the top to allow improved air flow and is very light. It can fit large heads and adjust down some as needed also. I have never found a hunting hat which does all of this. It might be worth it for you to pick up one for $30 and try it out and take some of the good from it…at the very least you’ll have a good river rafting hat.

  18. Graham

    Yeah I would like a boonie. I also like the wool ballcap idea, or maybe a merino lined attack or guide ballcap.

  19. Ron Green

    I would (and do) use a boonie style hat. Way too much sun exposure here in AZ and I need all the protection I can get from it, especially while glassing.

    Jason, thanks for considering this option!


  20. Cory Benge

    I’d go for all three!

  21. Alex Hoover

    I would pass on the boonie.
    On the ball cap, what about the blaze orange suggestion that a few guys floated? A blaze hat is a must-have in so many states.

  22. Justin Starck

    I’ll try again.

    Merino wool w/ rip stop (like First Lite pant material)
    FITTED (for grownups)

    • Justin Starck

      I’d pass on a bonnie cap, just couldn’t bring myself to wear one.

  23. Chris

    Absolute yes to the boonie hat. I always worry about sun protection but I’ve never found a full brim hat I’ve liked, so I always wear a ball cap. I suspect I’d buy a KUIU boonie in a heartbeat. My only request would be that it be built primarily with function in mind, and have at most a simple, understated logo (like the guide beanie). If it had a giant, loud KUIU logo like the ball caps I wouldn’t be interested.

  24. Shane Close

    Pass on the boonie. Still hoping for a merino ballcap and an attack ballcap

  25. Shane Close

    Also, I echo the sentiment for just a small logo, or at least just the ram on it. No big white circle around the ram, but the ram could be as big as the one in the tribal hat. Just some thoughts.

  26. David

    Well like I said in the other post I would definitely get a Boonie hat, in either regular or short brim. I would prefer if it was in the Guide or Chugach material, but I guess it wouldn’t stop me from getting one if it wasn’t because those both have a hood to keep my head dry. The shorter brim would probably be more functional for archery where you may have concerns about the bowstring hitting a longer brim. I’d love a Jeep watch cap too out of merino. Jeep watch caps are the wool beanies with a small hat brim on the front.

  27. Brett H

    I probably wouldn’t get one. In they past these style hats were only useful in two use cases (for me)…rainy environment, where I want to keep the water off my back of my neck. (I generally don’t hunt in those conditions too much, but do fish in that environment, which is when I use it.) In that use case it needs to be water proof. The second is early season archery hunting for mule deer or antelope…hot environment, sunny and looking to keep the sun off my face and neck. Needs good ventilation and prefer lighter colors (sage brush) so it doesn’t absorb heat. Anti-microbial might be a factor for scent control.

    Product feature considerations – I like the venting as seen on the Tilly Hats or improve the design to give more venting but block the sun. Do folks want ventilation? The tilly hat has the right amount of venting (relative to others I’ve bought). On others with more venting, I’ve actually got sun burn on my head. The Tilly brim also holds it’s form better than other’s I’ve seen.

    Do people fold sides up or want to? Kind of like the Safari version. No me, but others might. Although I think I wore one once archery hunting and was surprised when I drew back the bow and the brim of the hat hit my string. I guess I didn’t practice with that hat on.

    I assume having a chin strap is required. Mine occasionally would blow off with a good gust of wind. Not often, but in the right conditions, it’s invaluable to have a chin strap.

  28. Lee Hammons

    I like the boonies hat idea and I also like the idea of something lined with merino wool. The hats you have now…I don’t care for them, I keep trying to like them but cant stand to wear them, that heavy material used is no good. Velco is a great idea for summer hat and flex fit for winter.

    The best thing or idea I would like to see,is you make a velco hat that use the” dri-fit material ” that Nike uses in its sport hats. You could use this to make boonie hat, ballcsaps and you could also add a detachable liner to the boonie.

    Take it a step further and on one side of ballcsaps and boonie you could do different colors….like camo on one side and flip and solid brown on the other or…orange one side and camo the other.

    That dri fit material is very pliable and breathes pretty good. I have many of those hats…if you want, I would be happy to send you one so you can know exactly what I am talking about

    Thanks, Lee

  29. Bill Pass

    I am in, as long as the hat”s material Cordura Nylon will breath.



  30. Jason Hassler

    Boonie hats are my favorite, hands down! Count me in for a boonie hat. If it’s not too cost restrictive, the best boonie hat I have allows the top solid fabric to be removed & there is just a mesh top. This allows for maximum circulation of air during maximum exertion. This would be a over the top feature.

  31. Steven Dimitrakellis

    Definitley would get a boonie style hat. Here in Australia I wear one all the time, and found that the military style hat available here fits my needs perfectly. I would prefer it in a lighter material like the Attack Pants, and the brim length I find perfect at 2 1/2 inches. Any shorter than that I find is like a bucket hat and doesn’t offer enough shade/concealment, Longer will get in the way on my bowstring (longbow).
    I’ll also prefer not to have the Kuiu white badge on the front, but just plain like the beanie.
    I’ll just put my order in now thanks Jason,
    Keep up the good work,
    Here is a pic of my well worn hat.

  32. Nick

    I would take a Boone hat also. Perfect for beating the brush on those rainy days

  33. heron153

    I would love a boonie hat in Vias… please make it!

  34. Chad Coburn

    I would definitely purchase a boonie.

  35. Paul

    I have no interest in the boonie hat, but the others sound great. Any chance we can get a brimmed beanie made out of the merino wool? I would love to see one, they are my go to hats in cold weather.

  36. Victor Charlie

    Being a Trad shooter a “Boonie” is the best. Would definately get one if you make them.

  37. Tom Murphy

    I was disappointed when the ball caps came out and were cotton and not Merino Wool or the Attack Pant fabric. I would love to see ball caps made out of both fabrics and with rip and stick adjustment. Day one camo makes a short brimmed booney type hat that is camo or gray wool that reverses to blaze orange, maybe something like this would be a good all round hunting hat if made out of all merino wool?

  38. F2 Outfitter

    U couldn’t pay me to wear a boon hat, not interested. Put ur team’s efforts into making a cold weather hat like the Kimg of the Mountain Railroader style. I think more hunting is done incolder weather than in warmer weather where a boon might be applicable.

  39. Stephen

    Yes for a full brimmed hat. I like lots of shade for my face,neck, and ears. Make it well ventilated and size adjustable with a chin strap,please.

  40. Woody

    No on the boonie. Would not want one in the rain (real rain, not a “shower”), that’s what hoods are for and such a hat just leaves a gap around your neck. It is a hat design for sitting on a sunny beach drinking beers, not chasing critters imo….

    Glad you are making one with Velcro. the window in back is nice to use instead of a hair tie to keep long hair up and out of the way.

    The short brim version idea is GREAT for bowhunters.

  41. mark klis

    I would definately like to see a boonie hat. I am a traditional bowhunter and would like a brim to keep the sun out, as well as hide my eyes. I think one with DWR finish and moldable brim would be just the ticket.

  42. Justin Doucet

    bonnie style not for me but a kromer type had would be a dream come true!!!!

  43. Brian

    Another YES for a boonie hat – they’re the best for keeping sun off the back of the neck and top of the ears. Would also be interested in a boonie with merino wool fold down ear flaps for colder weather.

  44. Matt Pavlovec

    Please make the boonie! It’s the only style I use for hunting.

  45. Russell Eldridge

    A boonie hat would be awesome! I have a Columbia boonie hat that is waterproof I wear a lot especially spring turkey hunting for that rain storm that always seems to pop up. I would definitely be in for one!

  46. Huntem

    Please, please do not forget that some individuals require a larger brain bucket. I’m not necessarily referring to just the diameter, a little more depth to a hat goes a long way in making a comfortable hat for pumpkin heads like myself.

    thank you,

  47. John Foster

    A boonie hat? I just lost a little respect for Kuiu.

    • Justin Starck

      I feel the same way.

  48. Mike

    Jason, I would definitely prefer a boonie style for hunting. I use a Filson Mackinaw wool hat all the time, but it’s just too warm for early season use. I like the soft brim, as it doesn’t interfere with my bowstring. Ball caps are nice, but I have to fiddle with them to shoot properly (twisting the brim around, etc.) Count me in for a boonie in VIAS.


  49. George Hicks


    No boonie for me. One other thought on hats though. Have you ever considered making one in blaze orange? A blaze hat is required in Colorado and I prefer wearing one when rifle hunting. The waxed canvas brims are my favoraite, as they don’t wick water so I don’t have sweat dripping off the brim when packing.


  50. Ryan Wuest

    Make a blaze orange boonie hat with camo and I will buy it. Needs to be water resistant. This would be amazing for the rainy Oregon coast range where I elk hunt in November! I don’t like wearing a hood unless its pouring, but water is constantly dripping down my collar.

  51. Rene

    I’d love a boonie in vías camo. I wore out my old boonie I use for hunting and also on my fishing trips out on Big Lake. Definitely something I would purchase especially to go with all the new gear I recently purchased.

  52. Brian

    No chance, those look ridiculous.

    Brimmed beanie in a heavier weight merino.

  53. Ryan Kohatsu

    There’s got to be something better than a ball cap. The back of neck and sides of face absolutely get fried at altitude or in the beating sun. Sure would beat lathering sunscreen over or just running the risk of skin cancer. Numerous outdoor workers get skin cancer that starts on the face or neck. It may not be a boonie looking hat, but something that serves more purpose than what we currently got out there.
    I don’t know, but one’s got imagine the hardcore guys out there are not too concerned about winning fashion contests or “style points.” Though looking good or being “cool” helps sell, it’s all in vain without fit and function. Just my $0.02. Keep the innovation alive at KUIU!

  54. Dave Pagel

    I like boonie hats and would buy one, but I am more interested in the packs and gaiters.


  55. Ethan Starck

    I agree with Dave, focus on other gear instead of a new hat. I think your time and energy would be better placed on designing new styles of jackets, pants, packs, gloves or base layers instead of a hat, especially since Kuiu already offers several hat choices. I hope this hat isn’t taking away from other more important projects. How is the day pack coming, or the gaiters?

    No on the boonie for me.

  56. joe

    i’m in with the vias boonie hat

  57. Matt Westbrook

    i would be interested!

  58. Rod

    read through the comments on previous blog and this one and wanted to consolidate some comments that would make an awesome hat for me.

    Being in the My head is larger than most group, a larger crown would be nice. Just received my flex fit truckers hat, and its “OK” but not great and does lack some volume in the crown area. Also I have to agree that after a while the “flex” starts to make the head hurt a bit.

    To solve that and some issues related to velco, why not go to a style like Big Lids does on their hats. Larger crown, and the sliding buckle (not the cam over buckle). Of the 3 hats I wear all 3 have a “larger volume” than the flex fit trucker – and they have the buckle in the back.

    By removing the velcro, you dont have any issues with it sticking to the hood or other material.

    Also – The idea of no button on the top of the hat is an awesome idea.

  59. john

    A water resistant boonie gets my money. I don’t like hunting with hoods in the rain and ball cap just doesn’t provide the cover. A quiet material that doesn’t amplify the rain. Bow friendly. Not floppy. Water resistant material as light as possible. Maybe a cinch/cord lock size adjuster at the back of head so the merino beanie can be layered under. Vias and solid.

    The ball cap ideas are all good. Velcro does catch on other material but the adjustability is important to me as I like to layer the wool beanie under when I need to.

    Guys, I’m sure Jason and his people can work on many products at any given moment. Not like they have to quit designing gaiters or packs or…. to design a booney. Look what they’ve done so far!

  60. Matt Bustos

    Hi Jason,

    HUGE fan of a Boonie. HUGE!

    I’ve mentioned it in 2 previous posts, but when I’m still hunting on a river full of Salmon waiting for a Grizz to come through the tall Alders, I need my ears. When it’s raining and I have to wear my rain top hood, I lose my ears. Not good. Of course some rain repelling properties would be preferable in the boonie of possible.

    For tree stand bow hunters, I’d believe a Boonie wold be hearing friendly too.

    Options are a good thing for all. If you’re a smoke pole user or a string puller, spot and stalking long beards in Oklahoma or chasing Moose in the Yukon, different environments and different conditions require different equipment.

    Failure to plan is to plan for failure.

  61. BFlood

    I would buy a boonie. Love them!

  62. Shawn

    Yes! Was hoping you guy’s would make a “Boonie Style hat”. Sage or Brindle would be nice!

  63. Brad Dahme

    Yes. Full brimmed please.

  64. Rob Register

    Boonie hat would be great!!!

    How about those light weight stretch gloves we talked about?!??

  65. Mike Moore

    Yes on the Boonie!
    Make one in Major Brown to match my Icon 6000 Pack with the same subdued emboidered Ram Logo.

  66. Trevor

    Boonie for the high anchor traditional archery shooters would be awesome.

  67. scott

    i would definately be interested in a boonie, most of the other boonies repell water but arent breathable enough or have a mesh top. i would loike to see a breathable water repellant that i could use for shade and to shuck rain past my collar

  68. John Schroeder

    You can’t pleases every one, so go for it. Hell even the pope has one! Why not yours.

  69. TR

    Indifferent on the boonie, but need a FLEX FIT with a mesh back

  70. John

    I would buy a Boonie hat. Also have hopes for a merino ball cap.

  71. Rob

    For spring and fall hunting, nothing beats a light weight, waterproof boonie hat. I would definately buy one.

  72. Mark

    Would love to see a Boone Hat but agree with some of the previous comments/concerns regarding brim performance. They too often flop down and cover ears of eyesight. Needs some sort of light-weight, integrated support that is flexible enough to tie/velcro/snap up when hiking with a weapon and yet stiff enough to maintain elevation above ears and eyes. Perhaps an ultra thin carbon fiber hoop placed optimally out from headband could accomplish this. I would also encourge some thoughtful analysis on material for the strap. The crushed wool used in most german hunting hats is an ideal material and seems to maintain its shape. Don’t know why there isnt a Boone Hat with that material or something like it. Just a thought. Thanks.

  73. Mike Keller

    Would LOVE to have a booney hat in your camo and a British Tan color. Please make them in FITTED sizes or at least XL (7 5/8 ) flex fit. Also, please make the brim at least 3″ all the way around. Although, I think 4″ is better. Please remind some of these folks that we’re not concerned with fashion, but more about what actually works and is best in a hunting and outdoor world. Thanks a lot. Still praying for 2 chest pockets ( 1 on each side ) on ALL jackets and vests–inside or outside the garment. Thanks again.

  74. Joshua

    Boonie would be great

  75. Anthony

    Count me in on the boonie style. BTW, my kuiu trucker cap’s getting a ton of use.

  76. Clynt

    Will take a couple here in Australia, boonie’s are great for some of our intense northern environments.

  77. EKillian

    I would be up for a boonie, or two.

  78. Matt Burke

    I’d buy a boonie hat.

  79. Dipendra

    I would definitely purchase a boonie.