Hi Everyone, I have had repeated requests for...

Hi Everyone,

I have had repeated requests for what is new in 2012 and when to can you get your hands on it.

I appreciate your patience as we have had the factory maxed working on getting our current product line completed so we can fill the hundreds of backorders.

As we have finally began to get caught up the factory will begin to delivery new product styles for 2012 beginning last week with the Guide Pant and new styles to follow.  Below is the most current information on deliveries, which are subject to change depending on the factory and customs.

Merino 185 Crew Tee: Available Late June

Yukon Gaiter: Available Late June

Icon Rain Covers (3 Sizes): Available July

Icon Suspension & Frame: Available in July

30 Denier Cordura Sill Nylon Roll Top Dry Bags (4 sizes): Available July

2012 Guide Gloves: August, due to delayed delivery by Pittards Leather (I am pushing to move up this delivery date)





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  1. CL

    Sounds like some great stuff man! Looking forward to them arriving.

  2. Russell Eldridge

    Can’t wait to see some of these new products!

  3. matt

    Thanks for the update. Sign me up for T and I’ll be eyeing the other gear closely! Good stuff! 🙂

    • Matt

      To follow up on my comment…

      Can we pre-order the T?
      Are the Guide Gloves a new design or a new production run of the last version?
      What changes have been made on the ICON Frame / Suspension?


    • Jason Hairston

      I will let you know when we will begin preorders for all of these products. We will have an announcement next week.


  4. Zach

    Looking forward to it. Eapically the gaiters and gloves. How about some long sizes in the rain gear as well?

  5. brian

    How about some light weight merino boxers?

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Brian,

      I have tested these and have durability issues if we make them too light. If we make them too heavy they hold moisture and can cause chaffing. Do you have a particular brand you like now. I will check them out.


      • Darren

        Jason; late to the party, but i thought i would throw out my 2 cents anyway; ice breaker makes some great light weight merino boxer briefs in various inseam lengths.

      • Nicholai

        I really like the beast breifs made by icebreaker. I think that they add a little bit of spandex to the wool to make if more durable. I wore one pair on a 2 week sheep hunt (forgot a spare) that didn’t get too smelly. I also did a 100 mile foot race in them and had no chafing problems.

  6. Scott Dillon

    Looking forward to the gaters!

  7. Lee Hammons

    I need one of everything…well maybe two…lol
    Can’t wait!

  8. Kevin

    Are you taking pre-orders on any of that stuff or will it just a free for all when they become available? Crew, gaitor, Icon stuff – I NEED it all!!! 🙂

    • Jason Hairston

      We will announce the preorders in the next week or so.


  9. Kevin

    Any date on a bino harness? I heard this was in the works and REALLY need one for this year. Also, any truth to the 150 weight merino tops?
    Thanks for the update Jason.

    • Josh Wright

      I would be stunned if they make a 150 weight top. Would it hold up? I’m not so sure.

      • Jerry V

        I wear a Smartwool 150 Microfit shortsleeve tee under the Kuiu 185 top, works great.

      • Jason Hairston

        You are right Josh. We are testing a 145 blended fabric with great results. Adding in Poly with the wool give us the durability we are looking for. We hammered 150 100% merino in short order. We will have this weight out early next year.


  10. Cory Benge

    Keep up the good work J! My mouth is watering…(not literally) for the new GAITERS!

    • Jason Hairston

      The Pre-Production samples arrived this afternoon. Best Gaiter ever made. Bar-None.


  11. Larry Schwartz


    Glad to hear that the merino t-shirt is on the way. When and where can we order/pre-order them?

    Are the 2012 Guide Gloves any different from the original design, which BTW I use every time I hit the woods or waters?


  12. lindsey

    Is there a difference in the 2012 frame for the icon and gloves?

  13. JerseyJohn

    Gloves, Gaitors, Frame for 3000, Dry Bags??? The list is starting. JJ

  14. riley

    What will you be pricing these items at?

  15. Nick

    Interesting pictures? are they supposed to depict KUIU products being fabricated? Looks more like an Asian sweatshop than a facility in Vancouver BC Canada? I didn’t know KUIU produced Neon Yellow clothing?

    • J.R. Young

      Toray – Made in Japan
      KUIU Products – Assembled in Canada

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Nick,

      These photos are posted as a theme for the post. The white fabric you see above is not our fabric, nor is the neon fabric, for clarification.

      The factory is one of the most advanced technical and quality cut and sew facilities in the world. Just because a facility employes asian workers does not classify it as a sweatshop.

      I would be very interested in understanding what an “Asian Sweat Shop” looks like? Please help me better understand so I do not do business with one in the future.


      • Nick

        Thanks for the reply – I feel special – honestly.
        Apologies and don’t worry about it – I just thought it was strange that the pics didn’t at least show something that KUIU produces. Since my comments I have talked with others and realize that a shop in Vancouver would very likely have a high number of Asian workers because of the demographics in the area. Also I now realize that the shop you use doesn’t exclusively produce just KUIU products.
        Change subject – are you familiar with “Buff” headgear products? A KUIU Buff in Vias cammo I’m sure would be very practical and popular. Basically a longer (and perhaps more stretchy) version of the neck warmer. I have several in Merino wool and they are an invaluable piece of headgear on the mountain.
        Thanks so much for the response. Nick

  16. Shane C

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of this stuff!

  17. Greg Borton

    Jason, do you guy’s have any primaloft pants in the works? I was thinking of something along the lines of the Spindrift.

  18. J.R. Young

    “Icon Suspension & Frame: Available in July” – new for 2012? What are the changes?

    Stoked for the gaiters, I left mine (Kenetreks) in Northern BC with my guide since he was just starting his seasons and his crapped out and I knew that KUIU had them in development.

  19. Dan Geiger

    Some great new product coming looking forward to the Pack covers.

  20. JR

    Can we preorder the crew T?

  21. Jerry Gowins

    Looking forward to the gaiters. What changes were made to the gloves?


  22. Craig

    Really looking to get some gaiters and the Icon Rain Bag covers!

  23. Jerry V

    Jason – What colors will the Gaiters come in ?

  24. George Hicks


    At what point can we pre-order, particularly for the crew? I want to be in the front of the line I know will be forming for these products. Thanks for the update.


  25. Paul C


    Is there any difference in the 2012 gloves and the first gen pair or is it just new stock?

    Thanks, Paul C.

  26. Juan P.

    Hey Jason what ever happened with the hats you were doing? Last email I got from you said you had a meeting with the “hat supplier” that week and that was the 27th of last month and also sent an email that went unanswered the 20th… Just curious where you were at in that process…

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Juan,

      We are in process of the development with the hat supplier and they are awaiting delivery of the new fabric which will ship next week. I apologize for the missed email.


  27. Butch

    Sound great Jason, thanks for the update!

  28. Kevin

    3 sizes in rain covers. Hmmmmmmmmmm. 😉

    • Cameron Meier

      You noticed this as well…. Why might a guy need 3 sizes? Maybe for the Icon 3000, and two for the 6000? One to take into account the snow collar and one to not take it into account? Or….


    Any word on some tall size rain pants ?

  30. Pedro Ampuero

    Great additions, can wait to see the final results! Its going to be great for sure.

    Take and good luck next week Jason!


  31. Brady Miller

    Can’t wait to see the new gaiters! Keep up the great work.

  32. Nicholai

    Any chance of seeing a sil-nylon poncho/tarp like what go-lite offers. I am going to be purchasing a poncho/tarp this fall to use while glassing and as an emergency shelter for my sheep and goat hunts this fall and I would just assume that it is in the vias camo pattern.

  33. Chuck Largent

    Are there specs on the new gaiters ? I would like a mid-calf style, uninsulated. I have the ones that come up to the base of the knee and they are too hot, and I would not try to hunt in snow that deep.
    Quiet fabric hopefully and gore-tex.

  34. Tom Murphy

    How about a Merino wool ball cap? say 230-250gm wt fabric in Vias camo and a couple solids too? or a ball cap in the attack pant fabric? With Kuiu’s research in tech fabrics and ball caps in cotton it’s pretty disappointing.

  35. Cyril

    What about the binocular harness? (I noticed you failed to answer this question further up….I take it that means it’s still up in the air?)