After two days of flying I am finally sitting in m...

After two days of flying I am finally sitting in my hotel room in Norman Wells NWT waiting to fly in tomorrow morning to hunt Dall Sheep and Mountain Caribou with Arctic Red River Outfitters.

We flew in this morning and hit the range to check my Boswell .300 WSM and loaded our packs. Anticipation is running high.  I will give you an up date a soon as I get out on the 28th.

Good luck to all of you heading out on your hunts.



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  1. David C


    Get me one of those fitted hats!

  2. Button Buck™

    Very nice, Jason. We need to get up there with those guys. Let us know how it shakes out. Cheers!

  3. Cory S

    Good Luck Jason!!!! I leave for BC Mountain Goat Tuesday for 10 days then fly back out to Arctic Red on the 10th for Mountain Caribou…Can’t wait!!!!

    Can’t wait to hear about your trip. AND can’t wait to get my hands on one of those fitted hats!

  4. J.R. Young

    By the looks of that metal piping some guys in the past had some dissapointing sheep hunts….or it’s a damn good thing they got they took the time to shoot!

    Good luck on your hunt, sheep fever is slowly creeping in on me I can see myself up that way in 5 years of so.

  5. Bill Tozer

    You are in Wells at the best time of year… the beer goes skunky after November! True! Ask your pilot to point out Heart Lake about 30 miles west of NW along the Canol Rd… great spot for BIG black bears!

    Good luck Jason!

  6. Ryan Kohatsu

    All the best Jason! Can’t wait to see one with your longbow someday!

  7. Jerry Gowins

    Good luck to you, Jason! I’m heading out to Quebec on the 1st with my KUIU gear to hunt caribou. Pics to follow. 🙂


  8. todd conley

    Id love to have one of those hats. Good luck with the hunt

  9. joel biltz

    Good luck Jason. Kill a couple giants.

  10. heron163

    that’s great – can’t wait to see the pictures.

  11. Cory Benge

    Good luck Jason! Remember, lamb tips are cool and broomed equates to character! Now go get ’em!

  12. Cody Carlon

    Lucky dog !!!!! I cant believe it has already been a year since we seen you guys up there. Good luck and push Victor around for me if he’s in camp.

  13. Gary Guerrieri

    Hi Jason – Just got back from Arctic Red the other day. As you know, spectacular and wild country. Had a great hunt and was fortunate to take a 40 3/4 inch ram. Enjoy the country and find a good one! By the way, the gear surpassed my expectations. The pants, jacket , and vest worked very well and were extremely comfortable and breathable. Ditto for the rain gear. Great stuff. Keep up the good work!

  14. Larry Schwartz


    I’m likin’ those red Zamberlan trail runners you’ve got on!!!!

    How’s that for starting a rumor, eh….. 😉


  15. markopolo

    Good luck Jason. Hope you can get close to a sheep. I wasn’t real close but got in a long shot a few days ago.



  16. Tom Armosino

    Enjoy the hunt! I just got home from the NWT, the Yellowknife airport looked like a KUIU convention! Met Pedro who was also carring a new Icon 5000, great guy, enjoyed visiting with him and all the other KUIU family. Jason, my gear was flawless. Rain, sun, fog, sleet, never skipped a beat. The Icon 5000 worked great and the gaiters are the best I have ever worn. Hope your hunt is as good as mine, thanks for your ideas and innovation. Tom Armosino, Oregon

  17. Kevin

    Looking forward to the write up Jason. I’m sure it’ll be awesome. And hopefully have a review for the last prototype of the bino-harness 😉

  18. Tom

    Hey good luck i hope you score big i like that 300WSM. there great guns.