I am in Anchorage running through my Kit, I fl...

I am in Anchorage running through my Kit, I fly into Unalakleet this afternoon. I am hunting with Lance Kronberger for the first time after years of working together to develop and test gear at Sitka and KUIU. Lance will be Guiding DJ Trahan who plays on the PGA Tour and I for Grizzly Bears.  We are doing an 8-day 80 mile float.

Paul Bride who shoots for Arcteryx and shot my last trip to Arctic Red will be photo documenting this trip.

It will be a full test for KUIU equipment and our mental fortitude, as the weather report does not look good; Cold temperatures, snow, sleet and wind are predicted all next week.  We have a small weather window this weekend, which will allow us to fly in to the bush, but getting out may be another story.

I look forward to giving you a full report upon my return.  Good luck to all of you heading out on your trips.  Be safe.



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  1. Bo Bonner

    Tell Lance and Nikki hi for me. Will be hunting with them next year on a archery mountain goat hunt. Good luck..Bo

    • Jason Hairston

      I will for sure!


  2. Jody M.

    Good luck, looking forward to the story!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Jody!

  3. CL

    Good luck Jason. I hope you kill a STUD! I look forward to getting up there with Lance real soon.

  4. Craig Germond


    Good luck! Hopefully you don’t get any of the highs they’ve been having up there!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Craig! We are boarding now.


  5. cody m

    Jealous! Hoping to make my first brown bear hunt next year.

  6. james stehman

    Jason, best of luck. Can’t wait for the photo blog.

  7. Trevor Esparza

    Best of luck to the both of you. Kill a couple big ones.

  8. Curt Cabrera

    Good luck brother and be safe!!!

    Looking forward to reading about, and seeing the pix of the hunt…shoot straight!

  9. Shane Close

    Good luck! I can’t wait to hear about it! Your hunt is going to be a lot harder than my 4 day Ohio whitetail hunt

  10. George Hicks

    Sounds like a wild time Jason. Best of luck!

  11. Rod

    Best of Luck!

  12. Ale

    Good luck Jason!!…

  13. Joel Biltz

    Best of luck to you Jason.

  14. lynn

    hunt hard,shoot straight,be safe you won’t need luck just good fortune

  15. Todd S

    I hope Jason didn’t book his return flight yet. Just read an email from another hunter I met in Alaska last month. He ended up spending 17 days in spike camp because of the weather. Good luck with the weather and the bears.

  16. scott daniels

    cant wait for success photos, what weapon?