Introducing new technologies to Mountain Hunting...

Introducing new technologies to Mountain Hunting is what drives me in this business and why I left Sitka to create KUIU.

Through Sitka and now KUIU we have been able to significantly change the performance & quality of our hunting gear. There are several technologies that have impacted our industry more significantly than others such as technical stretch wovens and soft shell fabrics, Durable Water Repellent (DWR), Stretch Water-Proof Breathable laminates and the Icon Carbon Fiber Pack Frame.

The introduction of our Super Down line may be one of the most significant Technology impacts ever introduced for Mountain Hunting.

There are three significant advancements in our Super Down products when combined make them significantly better than any other insulation products ever produced.

The first and most obvious is Toray’s Quixdown Water Repellent treatment for a Down Feather. Down has the highest warmth to weight ratios of any insulation material.  The only draw back to Down is moisture, once wet Down looses all of its performance and has very long drying times. This is the reason Down is rarely used or recommended in hunting apparel.

Through nano-technology Toray has created a water repellent finish for Down feathers called Quixdown that makes a feather essentially waterproof. Toray’s Quixdown now eliminates the need for synthetic insulation which is significantly heavier, bulkier and not nearly as warm as Down.

As with most materials in this industry not all are created equal including the Down Feather. European Goose Down has a higher quality and loft than Down from other sources throughout the world. Goose Down bought from growers in Poland have the highest rating of quality and loft of all of the down sourced in Europe.

This allows our Super Down products to be lighter and warmer with a rating of 850+ on all of our Super Down Products.

Until now ultralight micro fabric used for packable insulation have not been able to stretch and restrict your movement, especially in a layering system that offers stretch in all of the other layers.

Toray has developed a new fabric technology called STUNNER STRETCH, which is a series of ultra-light down proof fabrics that stretch.  The first of it’s kind, this totally changes the game in regards to design and the bulk of a packable insulation garment.  With the ability to stretch we can now design a better fitting garment that is more comfortable to wear, maximizes your range of motion and that minimizes bulk and weight.

SUPER DOWN Hooded Jacket – $249.99     Preorder Now and Save 10% (855) 367-5848

*** Preorders must be placed by November 15th to save the 10%. 1st Shipment is estimated to arrive December 1st.

Color Options: Verde & Gunmetal
Vias Camouflage available Early Spring 2013

The Super Down Hooded Jacket weighs only 10 Ounces will perform for your coldest hunts. Filled with 2.5 ounces 850+ Polish Quixdown with a well designed hood that tucks away when not in use and is designed to fit inside the hood of the Guide Jacket.

The Jacket has two #3 YKK Zippered hand pockets and a #3 YKK Zippered chest pocket that is designed to be used as the stuff sack with a reversible zipper and is about the 1/3rd of the size of the Spindrift Jacket compressed but is significantly warmer. The tapered cuffs include a stretch woven panel to make getting into and out of the Jacket easy.

The Toray Stunner Stretch fabric is treated at the fiber level with Toray’s Industry Leading Kudos DWR treatment.

SUPER DOWN Zip-T – $199.99 Preorder Now and SAVE 10% (855) 367-5848 

*** Preorders must be placed by November 15th to save the 10%. 1st Shipment is estimated to arrive December 1st.

Color Options: Verde & Steel Grey
Vias Camouflage available Spring 2013 

The Super Down Zip-T weighs only 7 Ounces and is designed as you ultra-light weight packable insulation for earlier season hunts or as a mid-layer insulation piece.

Filled with 1.4 ounces of 850+ Polish Quixdown, the Super Down Zip-T comes with a YKK Zippered chest pocket that is designed to be used as the stuff sack with a reversible zipper and is about the 1/4 the size of the Spindrift compressed and just as warm at only 1/2 the weight! The tapered cuffs include a stretch woven panel to make getting into and out of the Zip-T easy.

The Toray Stunner Stretch fabric is treated at the fiber level with Toray’s Industry Leading Kudos DWR treatment.

SUPER DOWN Pant – $199.99  Pre Order Now and Save 10% (855) 367-5848 

*** Preorders must be placed by November 15th to save the 10%. 1st Shipment is estimated to arrive December 1st.

Colors: Gun Metal only

The Super Down Pant weighs only 10 Ounces and is designed as ultra-light weight packable insulation for your lower body.

Filled with 1.6 ounces of 850+ Polish Quixdown, the Super Down Pant comes with full leg-zips designed so you can put this pant on WITHOUT REMOVING YOUR BOOTS and can be zipped down to ventilate and align with the Hip Zips on the 2013 Attack Pants, Guide Pants & Chugach Pants. The pant has a zippered fly, snap closure and elastic waist with adjustable Velcro tabs and two YKK Zippered hand pockets designed to be used as the stuff sack with a reversible zipper and is about the 1/3 the size of the Spindrift compressed.

The Toray Stunner Stretch fabric is treated at the fiber level with Toray’s Industry Leading Kudos DWR treatment.

Super Down Zip-T compared to the Spindrift Jacket


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  1. Cory J

    Looks absolutely awesome. speechless. I have been eagerly await this.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Cory!

  2. Armosino

    Jason, sweet looking stuff, used my Montbell stuff in the NWT but was always worried about rain, no more!
    Great innovation.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Tom!!!

  3. Ryan Trenka

    looks awesome. How is the baffling system set up? Is it compartmentalized to avoid pillage in one area.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes it is.

  4. JP

    Fantastic, just the sort of layering that can reduce backpack weights and make winter hunting comfortable. Your innovativeness is greatly appreciated.

    Two questions: What is the pants inseam and will the Vias camo release see a 10% discount for early pre-orders?

    • Jason Hairston

      32″ Inseam & Yes you may preorder Vias now.

  5. Dustin Clark

    Sweet, cant wait to get ahold of this stuff, keep revolutionizing the game Jason!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Dustin!!

  6. Kyle

    Awesome! I don’t have the funds right now but I will own this by next fall!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Kyle.

  7. Mark

    Revolutionary…seriously. Order inbound.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Mark, you are going to love this gear.

  8. adamjcook

    Holy cow I can’t wait for this thing. Just pre-ordered the XL Gunmetal zip T. I’ve been looking forward to something like this for years. Thanks Jason for continually pushing forward and bringing something like this to the industry finally.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Adam!

  9. w.b.

    Looks great. Excellent coyote hunting and late season elk.
    Wish the Vias would have come out first. I wont be switching to the Verde as it isnt correct for the country i hunt. I would have bought one for this winter. Be waiting till next year.

    • Jason Hairston

      Vias will be here in early spring 2013. You can place your pre-order now and save 10%.

  10. C.M.

    Order placed here as well. Gotta try this, could be perfect for my Dall sheep hunt next August.

    • Jason Hairston

      It will I wore it on mine last August.


  11. Ken Anderson

    I’m definitely interested in adding these pieces to my hunting wardrobe — and just in time for Christmas too!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Great Christmas Gift!!

  12. Janis Putelis

    SICK! This completes the layering circle.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Janis!! It will never be totally complete:)

  13. Trevor

    Game changer if it performs as advertised. May change the whole industry as we know it.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes it does and I believe it will. Thanks for the comment.


  14. Justin Starck

    My KUIU excitement level is back up to level it was before the initial line was released. I don’t feel that there is other hunting clothing or possibly even “outdoor” clothing that measures up. Great job KUIU! Keep on searching for perfection.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Justin!

  15. Tony ZZZZ

    I like the lok of those clothing items. I have an old NF jacket that I use for those real cold days on stand that needs replaced.

    • Jason Hairston

      Glad to hear Tony!

  16. Tony

    Looks great. Any thoughts of putting this into a sleeping bag?

    • J.R. Young


    • Jason Hairston

      In development right now.

  17. Chris

    Awesome! I was really hoping for stretch fabric so this is even better than expected. Bye bye Kelvin.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes, the stretch is amazing.

  18. Shane Close

    Pretty sure you just hit a home run with this stuff!

    • Jason Hairston

      I agree Shane. Thank you.


  19. Justin Martinez

    BAD ASS! What more can I say…

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Justin!!

  20. Mike

    Unbelievable! Home run!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Mike!!

  21. Brad

    Congrats that is really impressive. I LOVE my spindrift. This is a no brainer

    • Jason Hairston

      I agree with you Brad!

  22. Kevin Dill


    Any potential to own the jacket without a hood?

    • Jason Hairston

      In the development pipeline.


  23. Matt

    Great stuff Jason. These should be quite popular.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Matt

  24. Button Buck™

    Wow, Jason! This is exciting. Congrats!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you!!

  25. Brian

    Full fledge chubby!

    • Jason Hairston


  26. Peter

    Amazing Jason. Big thanks to you, your partners, and your staff for revolutionizing hunting apparel. I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. I will be ordering a zip T and pants from you, just not right away. How is your stock situation shaping up for the coming year with Toray?

    Cheers, Peter

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Peter,

      Thank you. We will be instock much more than in the past. However demand is always hard to forecast.


  27. Mathias R.

    This is the first Kuiu product that has really, really perked my ears. Don’t get me wrong, the other products were very good (especially when compared to other hunting companies), but (besides being camo) they just didn’t measure up to the better alpine companies. And, though they were much lighter than hunting clothes of the past, they weren’t UL in any way, shape or form.

    These new pieces however, do compete with the better UL co’s, and they are experimenting with some new technology/innovation, which you can’t help but respect. The jury is out on these new down treatments (and which maker’s “formula” will end up being best), but we’ll know a lot more this time next year. Several companies are taking variations of “w/p down” to market this quarter, so we’ll see how they all do, and who has the winner. My main concern is how it will end up effecting loft, and obviously breathability—-which is paramount. A lot of us have a sneaky feeling that 850 will be more like 550 after a little use.

    All that aside, it’s nice to see a hunting company put out some products that may just stand with the big boys. Although, the the baffles concern me a tad, especially in the model with 1.5 ounces of fill. In the other jacket, I think it will be a winner as a belay/base camp piece for sure. Hopefully the hood was thought out beyond those front 2 tighteners fasteners i see in the picture. Nothing worse than a poorly fitting hood when you’re out climbing, especially for those of us with our helmets on. The pants, it will be hard to compete with WM’s Flash pants. At over 10 ounces I just don’t see it. WM’s are just over 6, and come with 1/3 more fill at a cheaper price tag.

    All in all, I can see Kuiu is moving forward, which is great. I guess it’s wrong of me to expect a true UL/alpine product out of a hunting company. The backgrounds of the people creating the stuff is just different, as is the engineering. Its nice to see someone trying though, and to have something in Camo that’s actually pretty good gear.

    The dream would be for a boutique co. like Kuiu to team up with someone like Ueli Steck and a top, innovative designer/engineer (i.e.. someone from terra nova, or mhm). Then, bring in a few of the best thru hikers in the world (involve them from start to final tests). The things you could do that North Face failed to do b/c of their size/contractual obligations.

    Oh well, just a dream (as a consumer), and obviously not possible.

    Although, you could bring in a few top notch thru-hikers, and some innovative people from that community. As that’s where the roots of UL lie. I feel it could really help a brand like Kuiu. The things they’re doing are mind blowing. It could really help the brand become a true UL company. And, it would help the ol’ Mountain Goat on his next Sheep hunt–which is what really matters.

    Best Wishes,
    Mountain Goat

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks for your comment and compliments. I have seen the test results of Toray’s Quix Down and the rest and this is why I choose Quix Down. It does not affect breathability and not sure where you get the 850 to 550 from. This speculation is not what we have experienced. I totally appreciate your desires for KUIU to produce Though hiker weight gear for hunting. KUIU is a hunting company and not a hiking company. Our gear must perform in conditions and weight loads a through hiker will never experience. I can make our gear lighter at the sacrifice of performance and function, but what have you really saved when your gear fails because it is light? Your mention of the Western Mountaineering Pant for example, we have full side zips that allow you to get into and out of our pants with your boots on which is critical IMO when you are mountain hunting and on the move. It makes no sense to sit down and take your boots on and off every time you want to put your Super Down pants on and to not have ventilation for the sake of a non-functional pant that weighs 4 ounces less. I do appreciate the push to UL and it is certainly KUIU’s constant goal, but our gear must meet form and function for Mountain hunting.

      • Justin Starck

        Ultralight Mountain HUNTING

        I think what you have done at KUIU should receive some recognition in the outdoor world.

        • JC

          Agreed. If you want the perfect rock climbing gear it sounds like it’s already there. If you want the best HUNTING gear, it is now here too. It is KUIU. A mountain hunter could “shave” 4oz in other places than his insulation layer. This is silly.

  28. CoryS

    Arghhhhh…Been waiting for this one since I first saw the protype in September and guess I will wait until spring for Vias. What was the logic behind waiting to release it in Vias? Was it a production issue with Verde being currently up? Makes no sense otherwise. Vias is a much better late season option and there is already a TON of Vias out there. I would think pre-orders in Vias would’ve exceeded all others by a long shot.

    Looks like an amazing product to add to the line. Still can’t wait to try it…

    • Jason Hairston

      We ran Verde because we were launching Verde this Fall. Vias will be here in Early Spring 2013. Take advantage of the pre-order discount now.


  29. Mike Keller

    TWO chest pockets PLEASE. Why do we have two front and back pockets on pants? Maybe because we have TWO hands. You think? Seriously, why not? Never too many pockets. Thanks.

  30. Mike Keller

    TWO chest pockets PLEASE. Why do we have two front and back pockets on pants? Maybe because we have TWO hands. You think? Seriously, why not? Never too many pockets. Thanks. And if you say I’ve asked this before—I never got an answer or response.

    • JC

      So you have two front pockets on your pants, plus two back pockets, plus two cargo pockets…that’s six for you two hands, then there are the two lower pockets on your jacket…for you two hands, and you still need two more chest pockets? Get a hold of yourself, man! What in the world do you put in all those pockets?

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks for the comment Mike. These are layering pieces and we want to keep the weight down so only 1 chest pocket was designed for these styles.


  31. John

    Another awesome product offering Jason. Before I buy I must tell you that I’m concerned about the ability to fill orders. I placed an order for a guide pant this fall that was originally promised to be delivered in August. I had to call to follow up on the status only to learn that the shipment had been moved back to late September. I needed the gear for a hunt and had to cancel and purchase something else. I’m always so impressed with Kuiu’s offerings but have concerns about the ability to deliver.

    • Jason Hairston

      This is the whole reason to moving my supply changing to a vertical program with Toray. We will be able to be in stock on a much more consistant basis in the future. Please be patient as we are ramping up it will get better!!


  32. JC

    Looks great, but a question on the durability of the stretch fabric – in the photos it looks like a nylon shell, similar to the Spindrift and all the others, which is not a very durable fabric as you know. Is this fabric capable of being worn as an outer layer in the woods without being afraid of shredding it?

    X3 on the sleeping bag. I posted on the original thread where you introduced the quix down. Stuffed into a “guide” type shell it would be the ultimate sleep outside bag! I have an old Feathered Friends 800+ fill in a windproof and highly water resistant PTFE shell. 14 years ago it was high tech and amazingly expensive, it is still the best bag I’ve ever used. But this combination of materials you have now…it would be the ultimate.

    • Jason Hairston

      This is an ultra-light layering piece and is not designed as an outer wear style. If we make this as an outerwear jacket that you could hunt in it would weight 3 times as much and would not be packable. It would defeat the purpose of this garment. I recommend a Guide or Chugach over the top of the Super Down.

      I am in development on the sleeping bag and cannot wait to test it.

      • JC

        I understand that it is a layer…I have spindrift and Guide jacket and I love the combination. I should have been clearer, how does this fabric compare to the nylon of the spindrift? It seems that just the nature of the stretch fiber would make it a little more durable than the UL nylon.

        Thanks! Can’t wait to see that bag. You are going to kill the market with that…I meant that will the item that all hard core backcountry user will want.

  33. Shane Close

    Also, I wonder how many people who are “done with Kuiu” are reevaluating that decision now. 😉

    • Jason Hairston

      No Comment!

  34. Aaron Hartzell

    Sounds like an awesome product and one I hope to own some day. Just need to pay off my house so I have some money to spend in this arena.

    • Jason Hairston

      You are way too responsible!

  35. Chad

    X2 on the tear resistance
    X3 on the sleeping bag
    We’re starting to read each others minds Jason I think a bag would be huge for you and kuiu. Similar to a western mountaineer crossed with a kifaru woobie

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes, in development. This is an ultralight fabric that is designed to be used as a layering piece in a system. If you use these garments as outerwear you will tear them up.


  36. Matt

    Perhaps I missed it….. These garments are meant for layering, correct. You will need a soft shell or hard shell over the top to protect them from snagging. Am I correct?

    I love all the innovation going on here. I will be trying the 185, 250 tops and bottoms with the vest, spindrift and Guide jacket and pants this year on the treestand. Temps are looking to be mid teens with the always present west/north wind. I froze last year. Going to give it a go. If I still freeze it looks like a jacket and pant is in my future for next year. Perhaps the Chugach hard shell as well to cut the wind. We have a nice 150″ish buck on camera we are after. Awesome buck for the area.

    Thank you for pushing the envelope. I love every piece I have and with these added to the pile there is not much left.

    Though I would love to see a large mitten type glove to wear over my shooter gloves as I sit and wait. I have never been able to solve my cold hand issue while bowhunting.


    • James


      very simple solution to cold hands while bowhunting. Bow hangs on hanger ready to go and my hands go in the muff with a chemical warmer.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes these are a layering piece. Good luck this fall!

  37. Matt

    Forgot, Will the hood also fit nicely under the Guide jacket hood. Starting to think there will be too much going on on my head with the guide beanie, guide hood and not the hood on the super down jacket.



    • Jason Hairston

      Yes it will fit under the Guide Jacket.

  38. Craig Germond

    Looks like my CC may take another hit! Thanks Jason!

    • Jason Hairston

      Sorry Craig!!

  39. Nigel Ivy

    Looks great Jason! Looking forward to getting my hands on these! 🙂

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Nigel!!

  40. Micah

    Is this a roll away type hood or snap up hood? I don’t really like hoods and like the zip T but would like the warmth of the larger down fill.

    • Jason Hairston

      It is not a roll away or snap hood but it is not noticeable when not in use.

  41. Cory Benge

    This is one piece that no hunting pack should ever be without! Go with the hooded…you’ll only be using it when you want to stay WARM and the hood (during these times) will be worth its weight in GOLD!
    Awesome job Jason!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Cory!!!

  42. Laird

    Another great development by Kuiu! Is there one layer of baffles or two? If only one, would there be any consideration for a jacket with two layers of overlapping baffles to minimize cold spots caused by reduced loft along the stitch lines? It would likely increase the weight, but the size of the baffles could be smaller to offset the change. How about some mitts to go along with this fine new product line? Keep up the excellent work.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Laird,

      I have not experienced cold spots in these garments. The loft of the Polish Down is second to none. Try it.


  43. James

    One of my favourite pieces is my montbell ul down parka. 9.5 ozs total weight with a hood, 2.5 ozs of 800 power down fill. cost is $190. The best feature is the hood, there is a very very tiny weight penality for the hood but it adds so much warmth. I would never buy a puffy insulation piece without a hood.

    This piece looks amazing, very similar to my montbell but a few tweeks to make a perfect garment. Well done

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks James!

  44. Don

    Wow Jason, a 7ozs down pullover … that is pretty serious, love it! Are the pants just black for now, will you offer camo later? I am typically wearing a hardshell if I have insulation pants on, but with the game changer of hydrophobic down that mindset is quickly changing. Thanks for staying on the edge!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Don,

      These garments are designed as a layering piece and the reason the pants only come in Gun Metal because you will wear these under your pants. Thanks for the compliments!


      • Don

        Thanks Jason. I don’t rabbit hole my different layers into a specific layering strategy. Depending on weather parameters sometimes I wear my insulation as an outer layer, it isn’t always covered by a hard shell. There are times I wear my hard shell under my insulation, it actually keeps you warmer in dry/cold conditions. Covering your down with a hard shell is now an obsolete concept because it is hydrophobic. Looking forward to the pullover though!

  45. Kyle

    This looks awesome.


    Does the stretch in the new face fabric make it quieter than the spindrift? I would love an insulation piece that wasn’t crinkly

    • Jason Hairston

      Great questions Kyle. Ultralight fabrics are not silent. If we make the fabric quiet is will weigh significantly more and defeat the purpose of this garment which is ultra-light and packable for back pack hunting.

  46. C.M.

    Can you please update us as to the fit of the new super down garments? You have the fit listed as “athletic”, does that mean they are trimmer than the current sizing system?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Jason Hairston

      They are trimmer than the Spindrift, but remain in the same sizing as our current line.

  47. R.K.

    First off I like what I see. I was looking at a few other companies like Montbell for an insulation layer like this and held off to see what you came up with. I almost placed a custom order somewhere else. A few questions…

    Just to be clear, the 850 fill rating is of the treated down right? Not before treating.

    Are these all sewn thru construction? At these fills that would makes sense and be inline with norms.

    What is the denier of the inner and outer materials?

    How has the fit changes over the Spindrift. The spindrift in large would’ve worked for me with a stretch material but as is I had to move up a size to get it to fit in the shoulders which made it a good bit heavier then other options options.

    A stretch material is really the big winner for me. Freedoms of movement in the upper body is especially important for us archery hunters as you obviously know. Thanks for the hard work you obviously put into this. I went to a UL packing meeting tonight and had fun explaining to a well known blogger how gear considerations for backcountry hunting gear was different from hiking the AT trail. He was really interested in the unique challenges we face.

    • Jason Hairston

      This is 850+ fill after treating. Remember this is Polish Down and has more loft than just a sourced down.

      20 Denier Stunner Stretch. 20D was chosen for a balance of weight savings and durability.

      It is a trimmer fit than the Spindrift because of the stretch material which makes a huge difference if range of motion.

  48. Justin Starck

    Have you been getting a lot of positive response on the gun metal/phantom colors? Personally, I’d much rather see the packs and insulation pieces go back to a guide brown type of color.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes a lot of positive response. Thanks for letting me know you preference.

  49. Jeff M Valunas

    I wonder………… Hmmmmmm………….
    How hard, it was- To have this in development, and NEVER leak it?
    Even with all the ‘haters’, from a recent post!
    This is getting ‘Scary’, what you/suppliers are coming up with!!!

    Is there a chance, you are working on the-
    Electro-Magnetic/ Light-bending Camo, that the ‘Predator’ had in the MOVIE????? 🙂

    That might shave some weight!?!?!? LOL 🙂

    ‘Building KUIU’ is (NOT JUST), a place for information about the BEST HUNTING GEAR available…………
    It is an- Educational Tool, that enlightens knowledge about product, to a (WHOLE NEW LEVEL). Informing us consumers, to a degree, NEVER SEEN before!
    You will ALWAYS, be a Super-star, in my world…..
    Thank YOU, for enriching my mind, and my hunting world!!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Jeff! GREAT Couse Buck!!! I am really happy for you! Thanks for sending me the photos.


  50. Ron P

    I do not quite get how you are describing it works to leave boots on when putting the down pants with full side zip when it is not the outer layer? If Attack pants is the outer layer, they have no full or partial side zip so I’m sure that means boots off to get down layer under them. Or are you only layering the down pants under the Chugach pants with the full side zip?

    • James

      When walking I don’t want any down pants on, unless it is SUPER cold.

      Really cold I put the down pants on under my other pants and they stay there all day.

      Normal use the puffy pants go in the pack when moving and when I sit still the puffy pants come on.

      These pants will just about complete my system.

      I have a bigger heavier pair of pants with full zips for winter backpacking. They stay in the pack till I set up camp then they come out and I can put them on without removing boots, love it.

      Jason, if these pants didn’t have full zips i wouldn’t even consider them, well done

    • Jason Hairston

      Great questions I am glad you asked. There is a double zipper head that you start at the top of the pant like a regular jacket and zip down your leg to close. The Velcor tab on top pulls the waist closed. Because you can unzip the entire leg of the pant you can pull you outer pants down and zip on your Super Down pant then pull your Guide or Attack pants back up. Let me know if this is still unclear.


      • Mike H

        Perfect explanation Jason. This insulation piece is very well thought out!! It’s a must have for callin coyotes this winter!

        • Jason Hairston

          Thanks Mike!

  51. Paul

    That was my question as well Ron. Jason mentioned that its designed to go underneath as an insulating layer yet why the need for the zip to keep your boots on if you have to take your pants off to put on the insulating layer?

    Looks great, sign me up.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Paul!

  52. Karl


    Can you weigh-in on the noise this coat is likely to make? I’ve been looking for a good, quiet down coat for treestand hunting but everything I’ve looked at until now has been offset by the noise it makes when moving (i.e. drawing a bow). With this technology did it allow you to use a more quiet exterior fabric now that moisture exposure isn’t as big of a deal as it is to conventional down?

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Karl,

      This is a packable down jacket and will not be quiet enough for tree stand hunting as an outerwear jacket in my opinion.


  53. Gary

    Lots of great praise but on the pessimistic side….do you know that the down treatmant will stand up to repeated washing and scent clearing hot dry cycles? What is the nature of the chemical from a health and carcinogen standpoint? We all thought fabic stain and water treatments like Scothguard were the cats meow until they discovered it soaked into everyones bloodstream and water supply.

    • Jason Hairston

      I recommend as with any high quality Down Products to wash these garments a little as possible. If you are buying Super Down expecting to wash these garments every time you hunt to kill scent for tree stand hunting I would not recommend this product. The DWR does not cause health problems.

  54. Ron P

    I have been waiting on this gear and want it to work for me. But the fill wts. seem on the light side to me too. For for 10.5 oz. you can get 4.5 oz of 850+ fill, and on pants full side zips, draft tube, reinforced knees etc.

    So Jason 2 questions: Does the waterproofing add significant weight to the down? In your Alaska testing did you have any long, windy, cold glassing/sit sessions and how was the warmth?

    • Jason Hairston


      What pant are your referencing?

      There are a lot of variables that go into the build of a garment that will determine weight including the size of garments weighed. Our pants are size large, have two hand pockets, zippered fly button cuffs on the bottom and 20D Toray Stunner Stretch. The Quix Down does not add weight to the down.

      We have tested this gear and firmly believe in what is in our product. I am sure if you look for other products in the market you can find lighter weight gear but ours is designed for mountain hunting in every single choice down to the thread that goes into every KUIU product.

  55. Ron P

    Ah Ha! Yes it is clear now getting the down pants on w/o taking off boots. Thank you!

    On the pants, I was comparing to Western Mountaineering Flight Pants. Checking their website … a slight correction to my post: they are 4.0 oz of 850+ fill and 11.5 oz total wt. Benchmarking this, I was feeling like the warmth to weight ratio on the Superdown pants was on the light side versus what is possible.

    However, on the jacket side, The Superdown Hooded Jacket benchmarks specs very well against the Hooded Flash Jacket on this factor, plus you get the camo and durability! This will go on my order list.

    And I totally get it on durability for hunting applications. That is why I am looking at KUIU!

  56. Jason Hairston

    We actually decreased the amount of fill in the pants because they were too warm for Mountain Hunting applications. We can make them warmer but then you are limited to when you can use them. We feel strongly we nailed the correct fill on these.


    • Cyril

      Do you foresee having different weight options for the superdown fill?

      What’s “too hot” for one person, doesn’t necessarily meet the needs of the next person.

      • Jason Hairston

        Yes if we get request by users for different fill weights.


  57. Todd

    I have been looking at getting a good insulation jacket for the last 6 months. I have come close to buying a few different ones (Westcomb, Arc’teryx, Barney’s super cub, Brooks Range, ect), but was never 100% happy and backed out from every single one. Now seeing this line up, I have to say I am glad I waited and can’t wait to hang up my 5lb wool sweater I normally use. Great work Jason and KUIU team!

    This is my first pre-order of Kuiu. I am a little worried about the Dec. 1st arrival date, I have read a lot of horror stories on the KUIU forum of pre-order delays of 6 months and longer. I sure hope I don’t have the same experience……

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Todd,

      I am doing everything possible to keep up with demand. Our new supply chain will fix most of the issues we had in the past. I will keep you up dated on delivery as soon as I get confirmation.

      Best regards,


  58. Ron P

    Good! That is what I wanted to hear Jason, that they’re warm enough. (At that fill level, I might have expected them to be a little lighter, but I understand “they are what they are” to get the other features.) When you talk mountain hunting, I assume you are not talking much of a sit or long horseback ride in the cold involved.

    What layering niche and conditions did you find the Superdown pants most useful? As layer 2 over light base? Or layer 3 over light and heavy base layers?

    • Jason Hairston

      It all depends on how you layer Ron. I have used in all the above and it just depends on what you put on underneath and over the top. My plan is to use everything I bring into the mountains. If I am not in my Chugach (rain) Gear as well as everything else I have brought on the hunt during the coldest conditions weather it is raining or snowing or dry I have over packed.

  59. Eric Y


    What’s the proper care for these items? Dry clean only??


    • Jason Hairston

      Machine wash and tumble dry. As with any high quality down product, you do not wash it unless you have to.

  60. Ryan H.

    Looks Awesome. Cant wait to try to try these out.
    Will Sleeping Bags be in the near future?
    I will be first in line for a Kuiu Down Sleeping Bag that will be good enough to replace my synthetic Bag for cold wet alpine conditions.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes Ryan, they are in development.

  61. Ryan H.

    Sorry for the repeat. Just read your response in earlier comments.

    • Jason Hairston

      No problem

  62. Rob B

    Great work J, hater gonna hate as they say. I’m stoked on the new down and kudos on you continued quest to make expedition grade hunting gear. My dad was and is, to the extent of his physical ability, a mountaineer. You gear is UL and on par with top of the line gear at a better price point.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Rob!

  63. Shane Close

    Hey Jason,
    This came up on the blog and I don’t buy it so I’m going to ask you here. They said a KUIU rep said the zip-t and the hooded jacket are the same fill/meter, or basically the hood is where all the extra fill weight comes from. I just don’t buy it since there’s 1.1oz of more fill in the jacket then in the zip-t, which is almost the entire weight of the zip-t. My guess would be the fill weight for the jacket if it didn’t have a hood would be closer to 2oz. Is it true they are the same fill/meter?

    • Jason Hairston

      No the Jacket has more fill and is warmer.

  64. Lance

    Seriously thrilled about the jackets. But now, my wife is even more mad at me, since you don’t offer a women’s line and she wants one. With the VSC in place, any chance on opening up women’s sizing for those whose wives hunt with us?

    • Jason Hairston

      I am still trying to catch up and figure out men’s gear! I would not know where to start on a womens line.

  65. Bobby

    Another vote for pants in camo, Use of these on those cold mornings on the edge of food plots or cut corn fields. I don’t see why the you would not make it a option, if there is no price difference, why make coat or t in camo? If they are layering they should be under a guide coat so color don’t matter, but they are made it camo.

    Also you say they will be avaible in VIAS in 2013, With this be the current VIAS or the Tweaked VIAS?

    • Jason Hairston

      The pants in Camo will be expected to be hunted in just as you are suggesting. These are an ultralight layering pant, NOT designed to be worn outside of your pants. They take more abuse than a Jacket takes worn as an outerwear. If I make the pant durable enough to hunt in then they are not 10oz and not what we need for UL backpack hunting.

      They are made in the same Vias Camo as we have always ran.

      • Bobby

        I understand that perhaps mountain hunting people might wear them trying to hunt. But for eastern hunters who wear min amount of clothes to walk to a tress stand then layer up to sit in a stand. Would love to see these in Camo. For that reason, they are a layer that would be worn on stand. I would love to get a pair, but I would rather get them in camo to give me the option to be wore how I feel that would be best served, instead of limiting the use of them.

        • Jason Hairston

          Got it. I design this gear as you know for backpack/mountain hunting and I have never hunted whitetails so it is hard for me to tell you how this gear will work for stand hunting. But, I do appreciate the feed back.


  66. Cyril

    Very interested in the sleeping bag!

    Another wishlist item high on my list would be mitts.

    • Jason Hairston

      Noted, thank you!!

  67. D Means

    Looks great Jason. Well thought out with good details all around. Might have to put in a pre-order.

    Of course we always want more – any plans for a vest? Same fill weight,or higher, as the jacket but without sleeves and without hood. Should come in very lightweight/packable but serve well for core warmth. That would definitely be a pre-order item for me.

    • Jason Hairston

      In development on the Vest. Thanks for the comment D Means!

  68. Ron P

    Jason, just a footnote to thank you very much for taking time to answer all of my and others questions!!!! The interaction with KUIU and ability to ask someone who has used the gear in a variety of situations a question on the Blog and Forum is INVALUABLE!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Ron! I appreciate this comment a lot!!

  69. K Mic

    Any thoughts/plans for a vest?

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes Summer 2013

  70. Jeff Brus

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for all the R&D you do for your Kuiu products . I love them . I know you have stated that a UL sleeping bag is in the works. I think I may have bought or tried them all. One of the best bags you could check out is Mont*Bell’s -U.L.SUPER SPIRAL DOWN HUGGER EXP, if you have not checked this bag out you would be surprised. the spiral hugger material has a 4 way stretch and I don’t mean a little it is a lot. This is the only sleeping bag that is a mummy bag that you can still move around in and you don’t feel closterpobic. If you could duplicate the stretch ability of their bag, use your new super down and colors for hunting . wow, I’m buying it! Again I am not promoting the Mont*Bell , I just like some of its attributes and I think you will too. I look forward to using more of your quality gear. Jeff Brus

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Jeff! Yes I am super familiar with this Mont Bell bag. A huge advantage we will have over this bag is Toray’s Stunner Stretch Fabric that will allow us to develop a stretch bag that weighs less than the Mont Bell because they have to use the Bias for their stretch which requires significantly more fabric. Thanks for this recommendation.


  71. Brady Miller

    Placed my preorder for the Super Down Hooded Jacket earlier this week in Vias. Hope the Vias jackets are shipping in time for bowhunting spring bear in 2013. Keep up the great work!

    • Jason Hairston

      I do not think this will be a problem.


  72. Josh Kuntz

    Also excited about a sleeping bag option. Better yet, how about a quilt. As you probably know, many UL backpackers prefer quilts over mummy bags for the weight savings and increased comfort. Especially with the new HOODED Quix down jacket, it would be a perfect combo. If you don’t have much experience with down quilts I suggest looking at the products from Katabatic Gear or GoLite. There are many other high quality down quilt makers out there. Just my 2 cents.

    Thanks for diligently listening and responding to your customers.


    P.S. Got a big MT mule deer while wearing my Spindrift and Guide Jacket. Pics forthcoming.

    • Jason Hairston

      Noted on the Quilt. Something I will consider for development in the future.


  73. Justin Starck

    I hate not having good comparables, but you’re still doing direct-to-consumer, wholesale pricing, right?…Pretty pricey down garments. This must be one of those items you wouldn’t be able to offer without selling direct to the customer. What’s the expensive part, the down sourcing, the treatment, the fabric?

    • Jason Hairston


      The best ingredients are expensive and drives the price on Super Down; 850+ Polish Down, Toray Stunner Stretch and Quix Down. This is why you cannot find comparables. My margin on Super Down is the same as the rest of our Outer wear.


      • Justin Starck

        As I’ve said before, the price on the softshell and hardshell items does seem low; that is why I expect everything else to be as low, relatively speaking. It might be worth it to bring your sales model up again. I’m not sure a lot of your customers realize the deals they are getting, especially those new to KUIU.

    • Jason Hairston

      Look up KJUS Torrid Down Hoodie.

      It only has 800 down and a 90% to 10% down fill ratio versus our 92%. KJUS does not specify Polish Down and they are not using Toray’s Stunner Stretch fabric.

      BUT they are using Quix Down.

      Retail on this Jacket is $549.99

      • Justin Starck

        Thanks Jason.

        I was thinking about down jackets with comparable specs that I’m familiar with such as the Western Mountaineering Flash jacket at $290 or the Montbell UL Down Parka at $190. Although, as I said before, there are no good equivalents for comparison.

        I expected the QuixDown to add cost, just not a significant amount. With other (non-toray) hydrophobic down treatments, I haven’t seen noticeable cost increases over the the their non-treated down counterparts. Again, I cannot justify these other jackets as valid comparisons.

        • Jason Hairston

          It is not just the the Quix Down that drives the price in our Super Down line.

          Polish Down is more expensive than just a sourced 850 Down. Not any difference than Primaloft is more expensive than a non branded insulation. They are both insulations but Primaloft performs better and Polish Down performs better a well.

          Stunner Stretch fabric is a revolutionary fabric. Toray has invented a micro fabric that is Down Proof with stretch. This is a substantial advantage over any other down jacket on the market. Stunner Stretch is significantly more expensive than any other micro down proof fabric on the market. In a down garment fabric consumption is double because it is a baffled product and this is a driver to the expense of Super Down as well.

          I hope this helps you feel better about the pricing for Super Down. Again, we are making the same margin on Super Down as the rest of our gear.


          • Justin Starck

            Thanks, Jason. I’m on board. I believe they are going to be the best down pieces I’ve had or can get at any price. That’s the main thing. I’m excited to get’em.

          • Justin Starck

            I do believe that the price you are offering the down garments at is below what I would expect them to retail at. I would have ballpark estimated the hooded down jacket at $300 to $350 retail which would put the wholesale at $180 to $210 assuming a 40% markup. Is that correct? It worked with the Chugach Jacket which I would estimate retail at $500 to $550 resulting in a wholesale price of $300 to $330. That is where I was coming from.

            Did you know the Sitka Kelvin Jacket retails for $230?!? That makes me feel good to be KUIU customer!

            Also, I don’t know why I am making this argument. My favorite thing about KUIU is designing the best performing gear and letting the cost fall where it may. Thanks Jason!

  74. Jason Hairston

    Thanks Justin! You bring up a great point! I will.


    • Justin Starck

      I guess it’s in your “About” section, but it still might be worth highlighting why you are able to develop products such as this.

  75. Matt V


    You replied to a couple previous posters about noise with these products in a treestand. One, referred to simply the noise of the garment……the second to the noise as an outer garment in a treestand. Specifically, if I wore the super down jacket and pants UNDER the guide jacket and pants, would it still be too loud in a treestand?? i.e,., would the soft lining of the Guide jacket and pant eliminate enough noise to remain quiet while drawing my bow?

    (I know you’re probably sick of treestand questions and aren’t targeting this market…….but we don’t have any mountains in Kansas and I really want to try your products!!) 🙂


    • Jason Hairston

      I would say yes, according to others that have shot whitetails using our Guide Products. They have told me they are not too noisy, just look at the album. Super Down will not make our Guide Products louder.


  76. Greg Borton

    Jason, could you elaborate a little more about the durability of the product (Quixdown) that is applied to the down? I understand that repeated washings creates considerable wear and tear for any down product, but what I’m concerned about is the Quixdown eventually washing out/wearing out of the down, and the down loosing it’s water repellency capabilities.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Greg,

      Independent Lab test show Toray’s Quix Down significantly out performs in water resistance and durability versus all other water resistant treatments for Down. After reviewing the results, occasionally washing our Super Down products will not significantly degrade the Quix Down for the life of the garment.

      As with any down product we recommend not washing unless you absolutely need to. Heavy washing will degrade the loft of down products.


  77. Todd

    Does anyone know if the superdown is still on schedule?

  78. Pingback: KUIU Super Down Zip-T - hunt prey eathunt prey eat

  79. Ben Kern

    Any plans to offer a vest in super down?

  80. Casey

    Well, at first I thought these garments would not have enough Down inside to make much of a difference. But after reading many peoples post on different hunting sites, It appears that in fact they are pretty darn warm. So I believe I will be making a purchase pretty soon. Thanks for doing your homework and making the best that is possible.

  81. Ned Kensington


    I have the spindrift in camo, but would like a super down jacket without hood in a solid color. Any plans for that? If so, when and what colors?

    Thank you.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes later this fall in Grey.