I need your help. I am working on my 2013 marke...

I need your help.

I am working on my 2013 marketing plan and need your help of where KUIU should advertise. What magazines and forums do you read or visit?  Please list them in the comments section.

As a token of appreciation I will randomly choose a name from the comments for a FREE Super Down Hooded Jacket size and color of your choice.

I will do the drawing for the Super Down Jacket Tuesday, November 22nd.

Thank you in advance to all those who comment.  I appreciate it!!!



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  1. Jake Goin

    Huntin Fool
    Monster Muleys

    • Jacques Hansen

      Eastman Bowhunting Journal and Outdoorlife.

    • Chris Hull

      Huntin fool, Sportsmen Voice, MDF Magazine. Some backpacker magazines and maybe Mountain biking mags where guys need light weight clothing would expand the brand.

  2. Brad

    Hunting Magazines – Huntin Fool, EBJ, Extreme Elk
    Forums – Elk 101

  3. Joe

    I read Elk Hunter, Huntin Fool and Eastmans…

  4. David

    Eastmans bhj and hj
    Mostly online article browsing of the below sites

    Deer and deer hunting
    Field & Stream

  5. Grant Todd

    Rokslide.com, extreme elk, American hunter, Eastmans.com, EBJ, EHJ

  6. Randy

    Sporting Classics and Gray’s Sporting Journal, as well as OL and F&S

  7. Bryan aka Tradrag

    Mags… Traditional Bowhunter, Eastmans Bowhunting Journal, and Extreme Elk.

    Forums… TradRag.com

  8. Bill

    Gray’s Sporting Journal.

  9. Jim Madsen

    I read the BOWSITE forums daily. The magazine I read most is Bowhunter.

    Thanks Jason, I own about everything you’ve made and love every piece.

    All the best,


  10. John Garren

    EHJ,EBJ., Elk Hunter, Western Hunter

    Forums – Rokslide

  11. DougInWisconsin

    I would think an obvious forum would be 24 Hr. Campfire. Alaska Outdoors might work. Archery talk forum. Good luck.

  12. Darren Blackett

    I regularly read and subscribe to:
    Eastmans hunting journal (EHJ)
    Eastmans Bowhunting Journal (EBJ)
    Huntin’ Fool
    Runners World

    I sometimes pick up and read Field and Stream but no longer subscribe.

  13. Genaro Moreno

    Bowhunter and Bowhunting, as well as Petersons Bowhunting and Deer and Deer hunting

  14. Chuck

    24hr campfire, Monster Mulies, And Rokslide are the forums. Elk Hunter mag. is the publication.

  15. Kyle

    Huntin Fool, Elk Hunter/Western Hunter, Outdoor Life/Field and Stream, Outdoor News

    Archery talk, Field and Stream forums

  16. Russ

    I normally read through tradgang.com.

    Kuiu gear is mentioned on there basically every time questions about base layer clothes and outerwear come up in threads (at least the ones that I’ve seen recently).

  17. Matt

    Publications – Eastmans Bowhunting Journal, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life

    Online forums – Bowsite, Rokslide, Archery Talk

  18. azpidge

    My choice in magazines is Bugle, Both Eastman’s and Elk Hunter.

  19. Jay

    Hunting Fool


  20. clayton lamb

    Hunting BC
    BC outdoors

  21. Jason McMillan

    Bowhunter, Petersen’s Bowhunting, Sports Afield, Sporting Classics and Backpacker.

  22. Darrin Anderson

    Alaska Magazine
    Alaska Outdoor Forum



  23. Jason McMillan

    wrong email address above

  24. Brian

    Mags –
    Extreme Elk & Eastman’s

    Forms –
    Hunt talk (On Your Own Adventures.com)

  25. Morten

    I read longrangehunting, 65grendel.com, reloadersnest, 24hourcampfire, opticstalk, backpackinglight.com

  26. Seth Rogers

    Rokslide, traditional bowhunter, bowsite

  27. Jeremy

    Eastmans Bowhunting Journal is prolly my fav. I also get Elk Hunter, Extreme Elk and don’t get but like Western Hunter.

    Getting tired of forums these days but Rokslide.com has been the one I frequent if any.

    Good Luck Jason.

  28. Brandon

    Hunting Fool, Western hunter, Elk hunter

  29. Michael Weber

    F&S, Outdoor Life, Bowhunter, EHJ, Outside

    Good Luck.

  30. Ryan Parker

    Eastman’s Bowhunting Journal & MuleyCrazy, are the two that I subscribe to, and read regularly.

  31. Mike P

    Eastmans, Traditional Bowhunter

    Bowsite, Rokslide, KUIU


    Mike P

  32. Bryan (SoCalArcher)

    Traditional Bowhunter, TradTalk, Trad Gang, Leatherwall, Archery Talk.

  33. Steve Spence

    Traditional Bowhunter and Bowhunter. Also Professional Bowhunters Society magaizne and website.

    Website forums on TradGang and Stikbow.


  34. Ben

    Mags: Extreme Elk, EBJ, Huntin Fool
    Forums: Bowsite, Rokslide

  35. Mark

    Magazines: Huntin’ Fool and Western Hunter

    Forums: Monster Muleys and Alaska Outdoors Forums

  36. Phil Delord

    I read Gray’s Sporting Journal
    website/forum Arizona Sportsman’s Journal

  37. Franko

    Magazines: Outdoor Life, Field and Stream.

  38. Eric

    Mags: Extreme Elk, Elk Hunter, Bugle, backpacker, EBHJ

    Forums :
    Bow site
    Archery talk
    On your own adventures
    24 hour campfire
    Elk nut forums

  39. Jason noel

    Outdoorlife, elk 101, bayou bucks.com.

  40. Ryan

    Awesome! I read petersons, elk hunter, bugle, and western hunter.

    Great products and great company!

  41. Troy

    Huntin Fool
    Bow & Arrow

  42. Todd

    Mags: Extreme Elk #1, EBJ, Backpacker
    Forums: Rokslide, Elk 101

  43. J.R. Young

    Hunt Talk – On your own adventures
    Kuiu Forums 😉

    Extreme Elk
    Cooking Wild (see below)
    Backcountry Hunters and Anglers
    Huntin’ Fool

    Something that might be a little out of the box is the rise of media dedicated to cooking wild game. Since a big component of new hunters are those interested in obtaining their own food (as they’re “foodies”), they may be a new market that haven’t been previously exposed to hunting gear and advertising. Additionally, most of them (from my experience) have outdoor experience and some knowledge of outdoor apparel in general.

  44. Andrew

    I don’t subscribe to any magazines, but I do look at Eastmans, Huntin Fool, Wild Sheep, Extreme Elk and Bugle when I get the chance.

    I spend most of my reading online. My most visited forums are

    Long Range Hunting

    Would love to win the jacket! It’s on my wish list either way!

  45. Travis

    Alberta Outdoorsmen magazine and message board. Definitely the dominant paper and online resource for Alberta hunters. Search the boards and you’ll see Kuiu mentioned often.

  46. Ken Welch

    Bugle (RMEF), Bowhunter Magaizine, EBJ & EHJ, Gray’s Sporting Journal

  47. Tom Ryle

    Mags: EBJ, Petersen’s Bowhunting, Bowhunter, Traditional Bowhunter, Bowhunting World, Elk Hunter, Extreme Elk.

    Forums: Hunting-Washington.com, Bowsite, Blacktailcountry.com, ifish.com

  48. Nick Massman

    Kifaru,tradgang, traditional bow hunter ,eastmans

  49. Julien

    I’m reading:
    Elk Hunter
    Huntin’ Fool
    and WW:
    24 hour campfire

  50. Rene

    Huntin Fool, EBJ, Extreme Elk magazines

    Archery Talk forums

  51. Brett

    Hunting Magazines – Huntin Fool, Eastmans, Western Hunter and Elk Hunter. I also read a handful of fly fishing magazines, mainly travel destination based.

    Forums – Jesse’s, Eastmans, Archery Talk and Mulie Madness.

    If you buy ads on line you should leverage Facebook to target relevant users on their site or use their data to target across the web. I’m always amazed how well they target me. Maybe work with an ad network to target Cabelas users, since Cabalas doesn’t sell your products. I believe they target based on the Cabelas cookie on a users computer.

  52. Jon

    Alberta Outdoorsmen

    Alberta Outdoorsmen
    Hunting BC

  53. Chris Harmston


  54. Derrik

    Mags – Eastman’s BHJ, Bowhunt America, Bowhunting
    Forums – Bowsite, Texasbowhunter, Huntin Fool

  55. Dave

    Elk hunter, western hunter and trophy hunter.

  56. Jay B


    The only subscription that I have is Alpinist. I usually just grab one here or there that look interesting as I am traveling. I do check out the websites of most the major hunting mags pretty regularly.

  57. Ken Anderson

    Magazines: Eastman’s Hunting Journal, Eastman’s Bowhunting Journal, Traditional Bowhunter

    Online: Rokslide, Bowsite

  58. Adryan Slaght

    I’ve had subscriptions to Eastman’s, Bowhunter, Peterson’s Bowhunting, North American Whitetail, Field & Stream, Western Hunter, Elk Hunter, and the magazines for the Mule Deer Foundation, Wild Sheep Foundation, Ovis, & Safari Club Intl. I’ve managed to cut things back to Eastman’s (hunting & bowhunting), Western Hunter & Elk Hunter, and the Mule Deer Foundation/Wild Sheep Foundation magazines. If there are a decent number of adventure hunt articles (e.g. Sports Afield) or one of the others has a few decent articles, i’ll buy it off of the magazine rack. Every once in a while i’ll pick up a Deer & Deer Hunting, Alberta Outdoors, or Big Buck Magazine.

    As far as forums, I usually check out bowsite.com & monstermuleys.com. Occassionaly I check out Rokslide, On Your Own Adventures, Coueswhitetail.com, ArcheryTalk, HuntingBC, and Alberta Outdoors, depending on what info i’m looking for. Apparently i have too much time on my hands… Best of luck.

  59. Justin

    Mags – F&S, Outdoor Life, Ducks Unlimited
    Forums – shotgunworld, ultimate pheasant hunting, 24hourcampfire, goosehuntingchat.com

  60. Armosino

    Elk Hunter, Western Hunter, Eastman’s, Extreme Elk, Ovis/Grand Slam, WSF and online Longrangehunting.com

  61. Jim

    In my opinion I would not waste my money on TV. Internet is the answer. I’m a whitetail fanatic so BOWHUNTER Magazine is a good one, but to be honest I real could care less about the Ads. I found KUIU from a friend of mine who ask me to check out your website and the rest is history. I love your protects, they are the best hands down. WORD OF MOUTH and good customer service.

  62. David

    mags-both eastmans

    forums-ifish, monstermuleys and rokslide

  63. jerry tyrrell

    Wild Sheep
    Huntin Fool
    Sports Afield

  64. JFK

    Mags: Cabelas catalogs, Men’s Journal
    Online: Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Alaska Outdoor Directory Forum, Alberta Outdoorsman Forum, BC Outdoor Forum, 24hour Campfire, Kifaru Forum, Outside Magazine Online, Backpacker Mag online, Kuiu blog

    In my world, magazines are getting to be an outdated form of communication, unless I pick-up a random one in an airport for a flight, or see one laying around while in a waiting room.

  65. Ned

    I read Bugle (RMEF), Field and Stream, and 24 Hour Campfire (online forum).


  66. Steve

    Bowhunter world
    Archery Talk

  67. Eric Bergey

    I do not subscribe to any magazines, with the technology today I think internet marketing is very strong. I don’t look at any forums regularly other than KUIU’s. That being said most of my searches take me to bow site, archery talk, and ifish.

  68. Steve Ameral

    EBJ, EHJ, Elk hunter magazine.
    eastmans forum

  69. Matt

    Eastmans, Western Hunting, Petersons, Shooting Times, Bowhunter

    Rokslide, AT, Elite Archery, 24hrcampfire, M4carbine

  70. Mike

    Wild Sheep
    Ovis/Grand Slam
    Petersen’s Hunting
    Petersen’s Bowhunting
    Huntin Fool
    The Hunting Report

  71. Ryan Howard


  72. marc gutman

    both Eastman’s
    Western Hunter..i think that’s what it’s called.

  73. Danny Thornton

    Magazines- Huntinfool, EBJ, EHJ, Extreme Elk, Elk Hunter, Western Hunter, Outdoorlife

    Forums- Hunttalk, Bowsite, Rokslide, Texasbowhunter

  74. Kris Jurek

    Elk Hunter
    Western hunter
    Field and stream

  75. Nate C.

    I read Gray’s Sporting Journal and Eastman’s Bowhunting Journal.

  76. wsquared

    Sports Afield is the only magazine I have subscribed to regularly over the last 5 years.
    Websites: GSCO, Accurate reloading, Hunting BC

  77. Kim Olson

    Varmint Hunter, SCI, Wild Sheep, Bow Hunter,Traditional Bowhunter

  78. Josh Georgio

    Magazines: Elk Hunter/Western Hunter, Eastman’s Bowhunting, Bugle, and I’m going to subscribe to Extreme Elk.

    Forums: Archerytalk, looks like a lot of KUIU fans check out the Rokslide forum. I might have to see what that’s all about and I also just learned about the Hunting Washington forum. So I’ll be checking that one out as well since I’m a resident of a few years and looking to get dialed in.

    Thanks for showing your appreciation to us fans at this opportunity.

  79. Jim

    Social Media Facebook,Twitter

  80. JJ McBride

    Extreme Elk
    Muley Crazy

  81. Ken Welch

    Gray’s, a well written publication.

  82. Chad W

    I read Bowsite daily and only find time to read my favorite magazines which are bugle and extreme elk. Thanks Jason!!!!

  83. Waylon J

    Rockslide.com,Western hunter,N.American hunting club,Extreme Elk.Field and Stream,Peterson Hunting

  84. Brad Eldridge

    Eastmans, Rokslide and Field and Stream.

  85. Caleb

    Magazines: Extreme Elk, Bowhunter, Alberta Outdoorsman, online articles at Rokslide.com
    Online Forums: Alberta Outdoorsman Forums, Archery Talk Forums, Kuiu Forum

  86. aaron Raichel

    eastmans hj & bhj

  87. Matt Westbrook

    Texas hunting forums

    American hunter magazine.

  88. John

    American Hunter (NRA)
    Extreme Elk

  89. Bill Berger

    Eastmans and Bowhunter.

    24 hour Campfire, monster mulies, and Alaska outdoors for forums.

  90. Will Ellison

    Safari Club International
    Wild Sheep Foundation
    Eastmans (both)
    no tv shows

  91. Donald J. Baker

    Extreme Elk

  92. dino prodromakis

    As far as forums i read Accurate Reloading, 24 hr campfire, and rockslide
    But the best info i received was from Brian Martin, as i was on a hunt with him recently
    He was a wealth of information and recommends unbiased what works for him .

  93. Matt

    Mags- traditional bowhunter
    Forum Trad Gang

  94. Tim Doolin

    Extreme Elk
    Peterson’s Bowhunting
    Wyoming Wildlife
    Montana Outdoors

  95. Matt

    Bow & Arrow, Eastman’s, Huntin Fool.

    Archery Talk, Monster Muleys, Bowsite.

  96. Cameron Meier

    Extreme Elk

  97. P&Y

    Forums – Bowsite, Monster Muley,CouesWhitetail
    Mags – Bowhunter, Trad Bowhunter

  98. Ed Gordon

    I read these. Prefer to read electronically.

    Huntin Fool, Petersen’s Bowhunting, Eastman Bowhunting Journal, Gray’s Sporting Journal, Bugle (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation) and Outside.

  99. Chris A

    Magazines Eastmans BHJ HJ, Elk Hunter, extreme Elk

    websites bowsite, monster muleys and rokslide

  100. Justin Starck


  101. Bill Obeid

    Bowsite everyday

    Huntin Fool
    Bugle and FNAWS

  102. Stephen

    Read eastmans bowhunting

    Ifish.net for forum.

  103. Jerry

    Muley Crazy

  104. Ed Gordon


    Kuiu, Archerytalk, Kifaru, Bowsite and Rockslide.

    Already ordered my Super Down jacket.

  105. Eric Johnson

    HuntinFool, Eastman’s BowHunting Journal, Western Hunter, Extreme Elk.
    Archery Addix Forum, ArcheryTalk Forum, Jesse’s Hunting and Outdoor Forum.

  106. JD Hankins


    Bugle magazine

  107. Simon Warbrick-Smith

    I read Safari Times, Safari.
    The UK magazines are pretty poor, and its difficult to get American ones. I do like Caza Mayor but my Spanish isnt good enough to really get it!
    Website wise:
    Stalking Directory
    24 hr campfire

  108. Adam Cramer

    Read: Huntin Fool, SCI, P&Y, Grand Slam Ovis and Bowhunter
    Websites: Bowsite

  109. George Hicks

    Magazines: Huntin Fool, Eastman’s, Elk Hunter, and Bugle.
    Forums: KUIU and LongRangeHunting

  110. Ryan

    Eastmans Hunting Journal
    Western Hunter

    I still spend more time browsing through the Kuiu Website and forum though.

  111. Todd S

    forums:Rokslide & KUIU


  112. CoryS

    Forums: Bowsite, Rokslide, Archery Talk

    Mags/Rags: EBJ, EHJ, Huntinfool, Bow and Arrow.

    Others: Wild Sheep Foundation, Ovis, SCI

  113. Michael MacDonald

    Magazines: Traditional Bowhunter, TradArchers World
    Forums: TradGang.com, Stickbow.com

  114. Rod

    PBS magazine & Traditional Bowhunter mag. Rokslide forum

  115. Rye

    Elk Hunter
    Bugle (RMEF)

    Archery Talk

  116. Tim Hansford

    F&S, KUIU, Outdoor Life.

  117. Jason Wiest

    Eastmans Bowhunting and Hunting magazine
    Bow and Arrow Hunting
    Huntin’ Fool


  118. Cooper Carothers

    Hunt Alaska

  119. Tim B

    Forums: Archery Talk, Trad Gang, Iowawhitetail.

    No mags

  120. Cyril

    Forums: Alberta Outdoorsman, Alaska Outdoor, Hunting BC, Monster Mulies, KUIU, Canadian Gun Nutz

    Magazines: rarely

  121. Kirby Terherst

    both Eastman’s, Huntin’ Fool, Extreme Elk, Western Hunter, Bugle, Backpacker, Amercian Hunter, SCI Safari.

  122. shamus

    I am usually all over the map when it comes to blogs but the magazines I read are BC outdoors, Western sportsman and Eastman’s. Being Canadian I tend to read the Canadian publications more as they tend to be more relevant to me. Just a suggestions but your gear could use a little more Canadian exposure. The only time I see your gear up here it is usually on people I know.

  123. Merch

    Accurate Shooter
    Archery Talk
    Trad Gang

  124. Ryan Athey

    Eastmans is the only magazine I read consistently.

    I’m on Bowsite, Rokslide, and 24-Hour Campfire almost daily. I also visit Monster Muleys on occasion. Rokslide and Bowsite seem to be the most open to new technical clothing, where as Campfire and MM seem to be less open (trying to be politically correct) to the new high-end technical clothing manufacturers.

  125. Gordon

    Wild Sheep Foundation & all the Chapters/affiliates
    Grand Slam Club

    • Gordon

      Wild Sheep Foundation & all it’s Chapters @ affiates
      Grand Slam Club

  126. Shane



  127. Lloyd Bush

    Magazines: North American Whitetail,Bowhunter,Bowhunting

    Forums: Bowsite

  128. Jason C.

    Peterson’s Hunting
    American Hunter
    Rifle Shooter
    Shooting Times

    24 Campfire
    JHO-Jesse’s Hunting Outdoors

  129. Grey

    Eastmans EBJ & EHJ
    OL and F&S

  130. Matt Sailor

    Eastmans, Archery Talk, Bowsite, F&S, North America Whitetail.

  131. beau purvis


  132. Gene

    In print I read Wild Sheep and Western Hunter.

    Online I read Rokslide.com and Longrangehunting.com forums.

  133. Ed Kim

    I read Huntin Fool, Extreme Elk, Eastman Bowhunting Journal, TagsandGear.com

  134. Mike Schlegel

    Magazines I receive: The Ethic (Pope & Young Club), The Bugle (RMEF), Wild Sheep Foundation, A Walk in the Woods (Compton Traditional Bowhunters), The Professional Bowhunter Magazine (Professional Bowhunter Society), Traditional Bowhunter Magazine.

    Forums: the Bowsite, Leatherwall, Trad Gang

    Thanks Jason

  135. Danny Berndt

    Eastman’s Hunting Journal and Outdoor Life

  136. TX Maverick

    Western Hunter and Eastman’s HJ and BHJ

  137. Alvaro from Spain

    24hourcampfire.com, Field&Stream, Rifle, Handloader, SCI Magazine, Ovis Magazine.

  138. Bucky


  139. Chuck Petty

    Trad. Bowhunter
    Sport aviation

  140. Gord C

    Hunting Fool
    BC Hunting Forum on a daily basis.

  141. Kody

    Eastman’s, Bugle, Huntin’ Fool

  142. Paul Carter

    Mags: EBJ,extreme elk, bugle, western hunter
    Forums: rokslide, archery talk, kifaru, bowsite

  143. Bryan

    Monster Muleys
    Ridgeline Outdoors

  144. Cody Carlon

    Magazines-Huntin Fool, Eastmans BHJ and EHJ, GSCO/Super Slam, Wildsheep, Extreme Elk, Elk Hunter, Western Hunter.

    Forums-Rokslide, Monster Muleys, Bowsite, KUIU

  145. Kris

    6.5 Grendel forum, Guns and ammo, Soldier of fortune, soldiersystems.net(where I first heard about kuiu), kitup, M4carbine.net, predator extreme.

  146. Jeffrey TibbettsBinesiwag

    Bowhunter Magazine, Petersons Bowhunting, Easton Bowhunting Journal,

  147. Lee

    Hunting fool
    Eastmans journals (both )
    Sports afield by Petersons

    24 hr campfire
    Alaska outdoors
    Texas hunting forum
    Archery talk
    Long range hunting
    Kuiu forum

  148. Shane Close

    Don’t read much for magazines.
    Forums: tradgang and PBS (professional bowhunters society) occasionally archerytalk

  149. Kirk.

    Rokslide.com, Eastmans, IFish.com,Relentless365(California Magazine)

  150. Andy

    Bowhunter and bowhunting

  151. Brent

    Forums: longrangehunting, iceshanty, 24hrcampfire, uplandtalk

    Publications: eastmans journal, elk hunter, gun dog, field & stream

  152. Ron Green

    Magazines: Eastmans’ HJ and BHJ, Extreme Elk, Elk Hunter, Western Hunter

    Forums: Coueswhitetail.com, Hunttalk (On your own adventures), Rokslide, and Bowsite

    Thanks for the opportunity Jason!


  153. Brandon Patrick

    Alberta outdoorsman forum, and BC outdoors

  154. Micah

    I regular read Rokslide.com forums and magazines i read are Eastmans HJ and BowJournal. I just started to reading Western Hunter and Extreme Elk.


  155. Dan Buchman

    Extreme Elk magazine
    Pointing Dog Journal
    NRA American Hunter magazine
    KUIU, Bowsite, Archery Talk, Versatile Dogs, Gun Dog Forum

  156. gus

    Cowboys and Indians magazine. We do very well there and it goes to a very wealthy part of our country who ranch, farm, and of coarse hunt. We do well for the fishing lodge. You will be the only game in town. Extreme elk would be another great one

  157. Danny P.

    Elk hunter
    Huntin Fool
    Relentless 365
    Western Hunting
    Rockslide, Monster Muleys, Eastmans, The outdoors forum, Blacktail country, Archery Talk, Ifish, 6.8 forums and graylight.
    Danny P.

  158. Matt Bliss

    NW Sportman
    Hunt Washington Forum

  159. Blake

    i am a regular at TRADGANG

  160. todd conley

    Guns and Ammo
    preditor extreme

  161. Bob

    Huntin Fool and Monster Muleys

  162. Jody M.

    Western Hunter
    Extreme Elk

  163. Ryan W

    Mags: EHJ, Petersen’s Hunting, Alberta Outdoorsmen, Western Sportsman
    Online forums: Alberta Outdoorsmen Forum, Hunting in BC, 24hour Campfire, LonRangeHunting, Canadian GunNutz, Kuiu forums

  164. Darin

    Magazines: Eastman’s, Wild Sheep, NRA American Hunter
    Forums: KUIU, Rokslide, Tradrag, Archery Talk

  165. sam

    Outdoors-mans Resource guide
    Western Whitetail Magazine
    western hunter
    elk hunter Magazine
    Long range hunter forum

  166. Ernie

    Backpacker Magazine (a whole other group of people)

    • Justin Starck

      They should be buying it!

  167. Duane Kramer

    All of them. Bugle, Muley crazy, huntin fool, mule deer fnd, trophy hunter, eastmans, safari, etc. the forums I think are the best for advertising for my viewing are monster mulies, rokslide and eastmans

  168. Lorne

    24 hourcampfire
    Canadian gunnutz

  169. Phil B

    Eastmans BHJ


  170. Zachariah

    Magazines- Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Deer and Deer Hunting, Petersen’s Bowhuntung
    Forums-Kuiu, Archery Talk, Iowawhitetail.com, bowhunting.com

  171. Todd Schrock

    Magazines: Shooting Sportsman, Texas Sporting Journal, NRA mag

    Forums: Texasbowhunter, 24hourcampfire, Accuracyreloading, Shotgunworld, Lightfighter, Doublegunshop, 2coolfishing, Refuge, Parkerguns.org, Shootingsportsman, Kuiu

  172. JB

    Outdoor Life
    Field & Stream
    Bow Hunter

  173. James


    Archery Talk.com

    Huntin Fool
    Western Hunter

  174. Dave

    Mags: Trad Bowhunter, PBS, Deer & Deer Hunting, bowhunter. Forums: Trad Gang, PBS, Archery Talk

  175. eburgsnake

    Outdoor life
    Field and stream
    DU magizine

  176. Jarom

    Rokslide.com, eastmans.com and monstermuleys.com. I’m a big fan of the new western hunter and elk hunter magazines. I also subscribe to both eastmans.

  177. Kelly daniels

    Alaska hunting.
    Alaska fishing.
    Alaska sporting journal

  178. Josh M


    The #1 Texas hunting forum..

  179. Harley

    Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
    Field & Stream
    Ducks Unlimited


  180. Mark

    Forums: Archery Talk, Hunt Talk (OYOA), Rokslide, 24hr Campfire, Bowsite

    Magazines: Bugle, EBJ, Western Hunter, Elk Hunter, Extreme Elk

  181. Slim9300

    Mags: EEM, EHM, EHJ, and EBJ.
    Forums: RokSlide, Elknut’s Forum and Archery-Talk

  182. Juan Puente


    Muley Crazy
    Eastman’s Bowhunting Journal
    Eastman’s Hunting Journal
    Western Hunter
    Hunting Illustrated

  183. Colby

    Elk101.com, rokslide.com, Elk Hunter mag. Outdoorlife mag.

  184. Cameron

    SCI, WSF, Bowsite Forum.

  185. Brian R

    Western Hunter
    Field and Stream is nothing but advertisements anymore

  186. Jordan



  187. Jeff in WI

    Extreme Elk
    Peterson’s Bowhunting

  188. Josh

    Soldier systems blog

  189. Jeff McAllister

    Monster Muleys
    Huntin Fool

  190. Chris


    I think someone else has commented on how you could use some more exposure in Canada as I only see it on my buddies at this point.

  191. Trey Brunson

    Hi Jason,

    I read Shooting Times and Traditional Archer.

  192. Josh

    Soldier systems blog/forum

  193. Coastal Redneck

    Paper Mags: Huntin Fool, Bugle and SCI’s Safari are the ones I read regularly.

    I do a lot of internet reading on the variuous outdoor forums,but that usually depends on where I am hunting. For example, this year’s big hunt was to alaska so I read a lot on http://forums.outdoorsdirectory.com/forum.php

  194. Harlan


    Eastmans, hunting fool, extreme elk, colorado bowhunter magazine


    Elknut forums, Rokslide, bowsite, onyourownadventures, archery talk, kifaruforums

  195. Brian

    Elk Hunter, EBJ, Bugle

    Web Forums:
    Kifaru, RokSlide, 24Hr Campfire, Predator Masters

  196. Eric Demers

    Magazines: Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Ducks Unlimited, RMEF (Bugle)

    Non-hunting: Whiskey Advocate, Wine Spectator

    Forms: Duck Hunting (Refuge Forum.net)

  197. jonathan

    Eastmans Hunting Journal, Peterson’s Bowhunting, Peterson’s Hunting, Field and Stream, Rifle shooter

  198. tom

    Every Issue of commercial magazines: Western Hunter, Huntin Fool, Muley Crazy, Trophy Hunter,
    member magazines of WSF,GSCO,SCI,Superslam.
    Forums: MonsterMulies,Jeepforum,Accuratereloading,africahunting,wildsheepfoundation,GSCO forum,Nosler reloading
    Retired, have time

  199. BrandonH

    BC Hunting Forum
    Alberta Outdoorsmen Forum

  200. James

    bowsite, 24hourcampfire, Rokslide, Backpackinglight,

    Ontario Out of Doors magazine

  201. Matt


    Eastmans, Extreme Elk, bowhunter


    Rokslide, AT, Bowsite

  202. Rod L

    Both Eastmans magazines, Huntin Fool and Western Hunter

  203. Jerry V

    Traditional Bowhunter, Primitive Archer, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, TradGang.com,

  204. Drake Atwood

    Traditional Bowhunter

  205. Anthony Morales

    I read Eastmans Bowhunter Journal, Eastmans Hunting Journal, Western Hunter Magizine, and Mulie Crazy.


    Coueswhitetail.com And Rutnhard.net.

    And I’d like a size large in the gun metal, lol.

  206. Jeff Ryan

    Archerytalk.com and Canadian gun nutz

  207. Ryan W

    Eastmans bhj and eastmans hj. Also Peterson bowhunting

  208. William Ramos

    Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
    Field and Stream

  209. Scoot

    Bowsite, archerytalk, EBJ, Extreme Elk

  210. Kyle

    Eastmans Bowhunter Journal
    Extreme Elk
    Traditional Bowhunter

  211. Brad S


    Western sportsman
    Hunting BC

  212. Bart Hill

    Magazines: Extreme Elk & Bugle
    Forums: Elknut, ArcheryTalk, Bowsite, Rokslide, Ultimate Pheasant

  213. Brady Miller

    Eastmans Bowhunting Journal
    Eastmans Hunting Journal
    Extreme Elk
    Elk Hunter

    Web forums:

  214. Scott

    Huntin Fool
    Elk Hunter
    Hunt Alaska Magazine
    Fish Alaska Magazine
    Western Hunter
    Wild Sheep Foundation
    Outdoor Photography

  215. Rick Searcy

    Extreme Elk


  216. JBR

    Primitive Archer
    Traditional Bowhunter
    Field & Stream

    Rok Slide
    Trad Gang (Traditional Bowhunters of Washington specifically)
    Primitive Acher

  217. Bill Tozer

    Bowhunter, Traditional Bowhunter of BC, Wild Sheep Soricty, Outdoor Edge,

  218. Bill Tozer

    Bowhunter, Traditional Bowhunter of BC, Wild Sheep Soricty, Outdoor Edge, Bowzone

  219. Mike M.

    Traditional Bowhunter
    Trad Archers World
    Primitive archer (occasionally)
    Extreme Elk

    jungle training (ESEE knives… you shouls look into a KUIU/ ESEE colaboration!)
    Trad Gang

  220. Mike M.

    …. and backcountry hunters and anglers!

  221. gary

    Professional Bowhunters Society and Bugle along with Traditional Bowhunter

  222. Matt Michaels

    Extreme Elk
    Western hunter journal
    Elk Hunter

  223. LeRoy Archer

    RECOIL was on the list as well, but am on the fence about continuing with it.

    I participate in 24hourcampfire.com and canadiangunnutz.com

  224. Robert

    I normally read just a few magazines these days. The forum market has really broadened our research. Here it what I normally follow. American rifleman, American hunter, backpacker, eastmans, and field and stream. As far as the Internet goes I always watch longrangehunter, Alaska outdoor forum, and 6mmbr forum. Thanks Jason.

  225. Thinair

    Huntin’ Fool
    Outdoor Life
    Traditional Bowhunter

  226. Tim Seitzinger

    Huntin Fool
    Western Hunter
    Mulie Crazy
    Internet i check out Bowsite,Alaska outdoor forum.

  227. Joe Gregory

    Huntin fool, Eastman Journal, Trophy Hunter, Ducks Unlimited, Muley Crazy, California Deer, North American Hunter, American Waterfowler and Wildfowl , Western Hunter Journal.

  228. Benjamin Allen

    I personally visit Rokslide

  229. Jason Haskell

    Wild Sheep, Extreme Elk, Eastman’s, OYOA Blog.

  230. Scott

    Bowhunter Magazine, Peterson’s Bowhunting Magazine, North American Whitetail Magazine. ArcheryTalk.com forum

  231. Nik

    Ifish.net,rokslide,and EBJ

    Thanks Jason!

  232. Jim Currie

    Bowhunter Magazine, Peterson’s Bowhunting Magazine, Eastmans Bowhunting & Mountain Hunter Magazine.

  233. Joseph ewing

    Magazines- eastmans, extreme elk, elk hunter, western hunting, Huntin fool, bowhunter, petersons bowhunting, bow and arrow.
    Forums- rokslide, archery talk, bowsite, monster muleys, Alaska outdoors

  234. Robby White

    EBJ, monstermuleys.com, archerytalk.com

  235. David Sisamis

    Forums: tradgang, stick bow, brothers of the bow, and the PBS.

    Mag: PBS, traditional bowhunter, bowhunter, bows across America , and primitive archer.

  236. Steve Stroud

    Bowsite forums

  237. Andrew Schmucker

    Forums rokslide, 24hourcampfire, bowsite

    magazines, eastmens, rock mountain elk foundation magazine, field and stream

  238. Charles

    All these recommendations listed so far are excellent, but I would also suggest listing your “solid” colors in climbing, skiing, and other outdoor sports publications. The Toray material and the high quality of design/detail will appeal to anyone in outdoor pursuits (especially your Superdown, where light weight, compact-ability, and almost waterproofness could save your life in an emergency).
    If you did pursue this suggestion, I would also suggest adding the beautiful sage and brown colors to the Superdown line. Living here in the mountains of Colorado, a grey jacket that matches the heavy, leaden skies is too depressing when its been snowing for days.

    Thank you Jason for your great clothing.

  239. Shane

    Mags: American Hunter, Backpacker, Safari
    Forums: Alaska Outdoors Directory, Rokslide, 24hourcampfire

  240. Laird

    Peterson’s Bowhunting
    Peterson’s Hunting
    Bowhunting World
    Bow & Arrow Hunting
    Alberta Outdoorsmen
    Big Buck
    Safari The Journal of Big Game Hunting

    Thanks for the chance at one of these amazing jackets. Have a good weekend.

  241. Steve O

    Forums: Bowsite, http://www.probowsociety.net, Archery Talk, 24 Hour Campfire, Kifaru.net

    Magazines: Professional Bowhunters Society, Extreme Elk, Boone & Crockett Fair Chase, Eastmans

  242. Lawrence

    You should do an online poll on the kuiu forum to see where the majority of your current buyers lie.
    Then you could target those with the highest votes.

    Personally, huntingbc.ca and outdoorsmenforum.ca here in the great white north!

  243. Rowdy Anderson

    Hunting Fool, Eastmans Journal, Western Hunter, Muley Crazy, Guy eastmans Blog,

  244. Muley-man

    Since this is a hunting forum I will keep the magazine choices appropriate. 🙂

    Hunting Fool
    Eastmans HJ and BHJ


  245. Joshua

    Long Range Hunting
    Archery Talk
    Long Range Pursuit

  246. Harvey Harrold

    Peterson hunting
    Eastmans hunting
    His about advertising in all the provincial and state hunting synopsis. I think every hunter has one of those.


  247. Scott Buckingham

    Grand Slam Club
    Wild Sheep Foundation
    Hunting Fool

  248. Mike Swan

    Extreme Elk, Elk Hunter, Bugle, Wyoming Wildlife, Eastmans

  249. Justin Thole

    Eastmans bow journal
    Extreme elk magazine
    Field and stream
    Outdoor life

  250. Greg

    Just EBJ & EHJ for me.

  251. James Johnson

    Traditional Bowhunter and Sporting Classics are the main two hunting magazines I get and look through right now.

    I also get South Carolina Wildlife on a local level.

    My wife gets a magazine called Garden and Gun that is pretty cool that I don’t mind looking through a little bit.

  252. Tim Loran

    For sure Tradgang website/blog, I have answered many inquires about what camo I’m wearing and were to get it.

  253. JC

    Montana Sporting Journal
    Petersen’s (occasionally)
    F&S (online and print occasionally)
    Fur, Fish & Game

  254. Andrew


  255. Wayne Perry

    Magazines: outdoorlife, field & stream, peterson’s hunting
    Forums: 24hrcampfire, archerytalk, azhuntingtoday, noslerreloading, longrangehunting, coueswhitetail

  256. Jeremy Silvis

    Eastmans & Eastmans BHJ
    Extreme Elk

  257. Rodney

    Bow and Arrow, Bowhunter, Huntin Fool, Eastman’s Journals, Elk Hunter and Western Hunter.


  258. Darrin Welsh

    Trad Bowhunter / Eastmans Bowhunting / Elk Hunters Journal / Bowsite . Com

  259. JEREMY

    MAGAZINES; Tradgang, Primitive Archer, and Fur Fish and Game

    FORUMS; Tradgang, Leatherwall, and Alaskan Forums

  260. Doug Hufford

    bowsite, rokslide, eastmans

  261. Gary

    Bugle, Bowhunting, Bowhunter, Elk Hunter, Western Hunter, Traditional Bowhunter, Sporting Classics

  262. Joe

    Western Hunter
    AK Outdoors Fourm
    Extreme Elk Hunter
    CO, MT, AK, Canada Outfitters Journal’s
    Rokslide Forum

    Start marketing through Sportsman Warehouse
    Cabelas, and Bass Pro Shops, etc… Get the name out there! You have a friggin awesome product!

  263. Bill Miller

    extreme elk mag
    traditional bowhunter
    Kuiu Blog

  264. Darren H.


  265. Jeff Jung

    EBJ; Western Hunter; Traditional Bowhunter; Bugle; Elk Hunter

  266. rick hamzy

    I read the following, Eastman’s Journal (bow and gun), Outdoorman’s,Trophy Hunter, Trapper and Predator Caller,
    North American Trap Collector Assoc.,Ramhorn (Arizona Desert Sheep Society), Foundation for North American Sheep

  267. Richard Ilg

    Eastmans (both), Rifle, Bugle, Petersons Hunting, hunting illistrated,& Trophy hunter
    Ifish, Monster Muley

  268. Grant

    Alaska outdoor forum

  269. Justin Martinez


  270. Andrew Criagen

    huntingbc.ca rokslide.com

  271. Thomas Hermann

    archerytalk + rokslide are two of my go to sites

  272. Dawntrell Rasberry

    Outdoor Lifes, Whitetail Bowhunting, Eastmans, Peterson’s Hunting, Bowhunter, Archery talk. Bowblitz.

  273. Chad Leksan

    Outdoor Life
    Field and Stream
    American Hunter
    Guns and Ammo
    Shooting Times

  274. Preston Lay

    Traditional bowhunter, American Hunter, Professional Bowhunter, Tradgang.com, Stickbow.com,Kifaru.net

  275. David Telfer

    EBJ, Extreme Elk and Archery Talk

    • Doug in Kirkland

      I frequent:
      Fredmiranda.com (photography centric)
      I read:
      Elk Hunter
      Western Hunter
      Outdoor Photographer

  276. Dreux Pellis

    Traditional Bowhunter

  277. Doug in Kirkland

    I frequent:
    Fredmiranda.com (photography centric)
    I read:
    Elk Hunter
    Western Hunter
    Outdoor Photographer

    (sorry, may be a double post I replied from another post the first time)

  278. jake

    I would try advertising at the California deer association dinners

  279. Val marquez

    I read: Bowhunter Mag. and Bowsite often.

    Val Marquez

  280. Chad Brookshire

    Field and Stream

  281. Bowdy

    South Pacific Bow-hunter
    Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures
    Archery Action


  282. Tom Jacobsen

    Magazines – EBJ & Extreme Elk

    Forums – Rokslide
    Elk 101

  283. Jamin

    I agree with something Bret said, I do most of my reading online, and my facebook, or even The Blaze always then has an add up for something I’ve just been looking up, weather its ammo, bows, knives etc.

    If you want print, I pretty much follow field and stream, in my part of the country its really popular to get what the Drury Brothers have, so everyone shoots PSE, wears scentblocker, and shoots rages. This is an effective form of advertising, not saying go for Drury brothers, they do a lot of deep timber tree stand hunting, but those shows, as hookie as their product plugs are, work.

  284. brucebarnes

    Bowsite, archery talk, rockslide, bow and arrow hunting

  285. Matt Alford

    Mags: Bowhunter, Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Elk Hunter, Washington/Oregon Fish & Game, Bugle

    Forums: iFish.net

  286. TJ

    Forums I visit pretty often are:


    Magazines I read Huntinfool and Eastmans, on occasion I will pick up a trophy hunter magazine.

  287. Ray Dirling

    Kuiu Forum
    Huntin Fool

  288. Jamin

    sorry for the quick follow up comment, being that I’m in Nebraska and hunt mostly Nebraska and Missouri, most of my hunting is in timber and tree stands, (although I did just take a mule deer in solider creek wilderness nebraksa, which is when I first learned about Kuiu)

    I really like the thin layers as I bow hunt a lot. I would like to see these products but tweaked a bit to gear them more towards hunters like myself that due to geographic problems are forced into stands.

  289. Michael Mitchell

    Longtime subscriber to: EHJ,EBJ,Hunting Fool,Bugle,Petersen’s Hunting, Elk Hunter, Muley Crazy, Bowhunting World, Hunting Illustrated,BowHunter, OutdoorLife, & Field and Stream.

  290. Brian

    Anything Wolfe Publishing ; Succesful Hunter, Rifle, Handloader. As well as Bowhunter.

    Forums; Archery Talk, Alberta Outdoorsman, Hunting BC

  291. Mike

    Extreme Elk, American Hunter.
    Rokslide Forum.

  292. Mike

    Magazines: Eastman’s Bowhunting, Extreme Elk, American Hunter, Bowhunter
    Forums: Kuiu of course, Bowsite, Rokslide

  293. Jordan

    Eastmans Bowhunting
    Extreme Elk

  294. Dusty Clement

    Huntin Fool
    Extreme Elk
    Elk Hunter
    Monster Mulies
    Eastmans EHJ,BHJ, forum
    rokslide.com forum

    • Jason Hairston

      Dusty, congratulations you the Super Down Jacket. We will be contacting you for sizing and shipping information. Thank you for your help as well as everyone else.


  295. Ryan

    Hunting fool
    Eastmans hj and bhj
    Monster mulies

  296. Woody

    mags – none consistently, generally too much stumping/advertising products and guides

    forums – outdoors directory AK

    chuck hawks articles if i want the quick and dirty overview/ how things work

  297. Chris Brown

    Bowsite. KUIU forum
    Eastmans Bowhunting Journal, Bowhunter, Field and Stream and Outdoor Life occasionally

  298. Chad

    I read Eastman’s and Extreme Elk magazines. Visit archerytalk, rokslide, and bowsite on the web.

  299. David Cullen

    EBJ, Monster Muleys, Bugle, 24 hr campfire…

  300. Roel

    Bowhunter Mag
    Grays Sporting Journal
    Outdoor Life

    Forums – Archerytalk / Texasbowhunter

  301. Kevin

    I read alberta outdoorsman mag & bow hunter

  302. Doug Rodgers

    I personally hold memberships or subscriptions to Wild Sheep Foundation, Grand Slam, Muley Crazy, Eastman’s hunting and bowhunting journal, Trophy Hunter Magazine, Hunting Fool, and Bowhunter.
    I don’t think you can go wrong advertising with any of these publications and sites. You might consider Safari Club’s publication or Dallas Safari Club as well. Thats my thoughts
    Thanks for allowing our feedback

  303. Dale Bennicke

    B&C Fair Chase
    Peterson’s Hunting
    North American Whitetail
    Deer & Deer Hunting


  304. Jeremy Yarbrough

    Bowhunter; massive eastern U.S. subscription #’s
    Huntin Fool
    Monster Muleys

    Archery Talk


  305. Blaine Munro

    Western Hunter Magazine
    Elk Hunter Magazine
    Alberta Outdoorsmen Magazine. 

  306. Gareth W

    Peterson’s hunting

  307. Colby Lewis

    Eastmans, rokslide,bowsite, ifish.net

  308. Greg Daves

    I read:

    Eastman’s HJ
    Field & Stream
    Outdoor Life
    Peterson’s Hunting



  309. Corey Smith

    EBJ, Elk Hunter. I think Mags are your best bet.

  310. David Young

    Magizine: Bugle, Taditional Bowhunter

    Websites: Eastmans, Rocslide, Tradgang, Stickbow

  311. Jeremy F

    Eastman’s, Peterson’s & American Hunter

    KUIU, OYOA, Rokslide & 24HRCampfire

  312. Scott

    American Rifleman
    Handloader magazine
    24hrCampfire Forum
    Graybeard outdoors forum
    Archery talk forum
    Mathews forum

  313. Guy Hanson

    bow hunt or die

  314. Joe

    Monster muleys, eastmans hunting journal

  315. Steven Gendreau

    Traditional Bowhunter


  316. Dustin Clark


    I read traditional Bowhunter, EHJ, EBJ,Gray’s Sporting Journal, Full Cry, and Bugle regularly. Shoot not sure if you even need to advertise, the stuff seems to sell itself:)

  317. JJ Dudzik

    Tradgang and Stickbow.com(leatherwall).
    Traditional Bowhunter and Primitive Archer.

  318. joe hundley

    Traditional bowhunting
    Backcountry hunters anglers
    elk hunter
    extreme elk hunter
    western hunter

  319. Chris Stagg


    Extreme Elk
    Christensen Hunting
    Muley Crazey
    BC Outdoors
    Outdoor Edge

  320. ehunter

    I agree with most of the magazines 2 forums 24hour campfire forum and
    and Oregon forum, Oregon Ifish.net

  321. Mike

    Magazines: Eastmans Hunting Journal, Huntin Fool, Muley Crazy, Fair Chase, Hunting Illustrated, Western Hunter, Peterson’s Hunting.
    Forums: monstermulies, coueswhitetail and the outdoors forum.
    Thanks Jason!!!

  322. Ryan

    ifish.net every day. Big with Oregon hunters!

  323. mark anderson

    Eastmans journal
    American rifleman

  324. Steve Hill

    Magazines EBJ and EHJ

    Forums Rokslide and Campfire

  325. Bryan

    No magazines for me.

    and the Kuiu forum of course

  326. Chris

    EBJ, EBH,Field& Stream,Ontario Out of Doors


  327. Doug Minor

    Huntin’ Fool, NAVHDA, DU, Pheasants Forever, Mule Deer Foundation, Bugle (RMEF), Monster Muleys

  328. Frank Fieweger

    Field and Stream
    American Hunter
    Extreme Elk

  329. Jeremy Quinn

    Field and Stream, Deer and Deer Hunter, Outside, Northwoods Sporting Journal…

  330. Fred Leone

    Forums-Bowsite, Accurate Reloading, 24hr campfire,Outdoors Directory
    Bugle Magazine, American Hunter

  331. len hawkins

    eastmans bowhunting journal, eastmans journal, accurate reloading, monster muleys, rmef magazine, american hunter

  332. Les Adams

    Huntin’ Fool
    Muley Madness
    Monster Muleys

  333. Judson

    BC Outdoors Hunting/Fishing
    BC Hunting Trapping Synopsis
    Outside Magazine

  334. Jerry Smith

    Monster Muleys
    predator masters forums

    predator xtreme

  335. Kyle Peck

    The Hunting fool and EBJ and EHJ.

  336. terence

    field and stream
    bc outdoors
    outdoor life

  337. Kevin

    Petersons. Bowhunter. North American Whitetail. Bowsite.com

  338. Joel Biltz

    Huntin fool
    Western hunter
    Trophy hunter
    Hunting illustrated

    24 hour campfire
    Monster mulies
    Archery talk
    Long range hunting
    And of corse the KUIU forum lol.

  339. Kurt

    EBJ and EHJ, Bugle, Extreme Elk Mag, and Bowhunter

    Forums, Bowsite and A/T

  340. Jarred

    Forums- Bowsite & Rokslide
    Magazines- Eastmans, Outdoor Life, Peterson’s Bowhunting

  341. Jerry Tamlin

    Traditional Bowhunter Magazine, and their website
    Traditioal Archer World Magazine
    Rocky Mountain Speciality Gear

  342. Lee

    Eastmans, Traditional Bow Hunter and the GOABC semiannual publication.

  343. Joe Polunc

    I read Eastmans (rifle), American Rifleman and the website 24Hour Campfire.

  344. Mana

    Field and Stream
    American Hunter
    Long Range Hunting

  345. Chloe

    Eastmans Hunting Journal
    Outdoor channel
    Elk Hunter


  346. Don

    Eastmans BJ – Western Hunter / Elk Hunter – Bighorn – Bugle

    Forums; Bowsite – ElkNut – LongRange hunting

  347. Ron Wright

    Rokslide, Kifaru, 24hourcampfire, Monstermuleys, Jesseshunting

    Fur, Fish & Game

  348. Mike

    Archery Talk, Bugle,American Hunter

  349. Jeremy

    forums: KUIU, ArcheryTalk & Bowsite

    Magazines: Mostly Bowhunter and Petersens Bowhunting. Ocassionaly I will pick up a few EHJ & EBJ

  350. William Cullins

    Magazines: Eastmans, RMEF, American Hunter, Huntin Fool, Western Hunter
    Forums: 24hourcamfire, Monstermuleys, Longrangehunting,coueswhitetail

  351. Steve

    Alaska Magazine

  352. Ron Mihalko

    Magazines:Petersens Bowhunting, Bowhunter, EBJ, and Traditional Bowhunter

    forums:KUIU,ArcheryTalk, and Bowsite

  353. Casey


    Elk hunter magazine
    Eastmans bowhunting journal


    Long range hunting

  354. Brock

    Magazines: Eastmans BHJ & HJ, Bugle, Extreme Elk.
    Forums: Rokslide, MonsterMuleys, sometimes archery talk and Bowsite.

  355. Nick

    Gunnutz – Canada’s #1 firearms and hunting equip buy,sell,trade site. Tens of thousands of registered users, several hundred thousand posts.


  356. battleborn

    Everyone’s comments seem to list about every forum and website known to man, and I agree with every one of them. Bowsite and Monstermuleys are my most common haunts, and both seem to advertise a lot of good products. I think you have history with bowsite.

    You may also try advertising in some of the state fish and game agency’s regulation booklets if allowed. Maybe even focus on states that have a specific regulation booklet for sheep/goats/trophy species like Idaho, Montana, etc.

    Best of luck to you.

  357. Danny

    I read the following:
    American Hunter
    Peterson’s Hunting
    Field & Stream
    Outdoor Life

  358. Aaron

    The regulations synopsis for provinces and states. Every hunter reads those!

    Outdoor life
    BC outdoors Hunting and shooting
    Petersons Hunting/Rifle shooter
    Western Sportsman
    Deer and Deer Hunting
    Big Buck
    Rifle sporting firearms Journal
    Shooting Times

    Wholesale Sports Outfitters catalogue. They have random adds mixed in with all their products

    You should offer bonuses with orders for those who recruit a number of new members to the Kuiu website. I’m your best advertiser! Word of mouth baby!

  359. David Pollock

    Petersons Hunting
    The Following Australian magazines
    South Pacific Bowhunter
    Guns and Game
    Australian Deer Hunter
    Australian and International Trophy Hunter

  360. Jim

    Outdoor Edge – Magazine of the B.C. Wildlife Federation
    BC Outdoors – Magazine
    Big Buck – Magazine


    Cheers. Jim.

  361. Martin Kohout

    TradArchers’ World Magazin, Traditional Bowhunter Magazin,
    Tradgang. com

  362. Bruce

    Mags – American Hunter, Field & Stream, Traditional Bowhunter, Bugle

    Online – Alaska Outdoors, 24hour Campfire, Stickbow, Bowsite

  363. dan

    EBJ, EHJ, Extreme Elk, Bowhunter mag, Rokslide

  364. Casey

    Traditional Bowhunter magazine
    Bowsite.com & Bowsite Leatherwall
    These are the websites I tend to visit daily. Thank you for offering to give back to your clients!!

  365. Todd

    Rokslide.com and the Kuiu forum are the only forums I follow these days.

    As for magazines Bugle and BC Outdoors

  366. wloarinclar

    Magazines: American Hunter, American Rifleman, Field and Stream, Petersen’s Hunting

  367. Jeff

    Extreme Elk Magazine
    Elk Hunter Magazine
    Western Hunter
    Eastmans BHJ

  368. Mark

    Alaska outdoor forum, 24 hour campfire, Accurate reloading, Marlin owners forum.

    Good luck Jason

  369. Aaron Hartzell

    I usually read through Arizona Sportsmans Journal and Coueswhitetail.com forums and for magazines i look at Eastmans, Western Hunter and Elk Hunter.

  370. Andy

    Mags- Traditional Bowhunter is how I first heard of Kuiu, Gray’s Sporting Journal

    Forums- QDMA and Archerytalk*

  371. James Reinert

    Huntin fool, Hunting Illustrated, Western Hunter, Elk Hunter and Eastman’s HJ

    Thanks Jason

    Keep up the good work



  372. David

    Huntingbc forum and BC Outdoors for magazine


  373. Larry Skiles

    Backcountry Journal (Backcountry Hunters and Anglers)
    Traditional Bowhunter
    Primitive Archer

  374. Steve Shannon

    Traditional Bowhunter
    Bow and Arrow magazine

    Alaska Outdoor Forums
    Archery Talk

  375. kyle dalke

    eastmans BJ, Elk hunter mag, wild sheep federation mag, bowsite.com, elk101.com
    thanks for the great products im a customer for life

  376. Josh

    I read

    Traditional Bowhunter
    Primitive Archer
    Backcountry Journal

    Pirates of Archery

  377. Jake

    Thanks Jason ………..
    I read EBJ, Peterson’s Bowhunting
    I visit bowsite.com, rokslide.com

  378. Vito

    Archery talk has exploded over the past several years ……..

  379. Jerry

    outdoorsdirectory.com (alaska outdoor forums)

  380. Gregory S. Jackson

    I have too many… Huntin’ Fool; Outdoor Life; Eastman’s Hunting Journal and Eastman’s Bowhunting Journal, Sports Afield; Sporting Classics; Peterson’s Hunting, BowHunting; Extreme Elk; Sports and Field; World of Bowhunting. Probably others, but that is enough.

  381. Darryn

    Alberta Outdoorsman

    Alberta Outdoorsman Forum
    Alberta Sportsman
    Hunting BC
    24hr Campfire
    Canadian GunNutz

  382. Ron Mihalko

    websites and forums I visit are: Archerytalk, Bowsite, KUIU, Elite Archery forum

    Magazines: Traditional Bowhunter, Petersons Bowhunting, Bowhunter, and Eastmans Bowhunting Journal

  383. Michael Goodson

    Elk Hunter and Western Hunter

  384. Dave

    Hunt Alaska, Eastman’s BHJ, Huntin’ Fool

    Alaska Outdoors Directory, Archery Talk

  385. Kim

    magazines: Sports Afield, Bugle and Safari

    forums: Bowsite and Rokslide

  386. Eliot

    Magazines: Trophy Hunter, Safari, Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Rifle Shooter, Peterson’s Bowhunting
    Websites: coueswhitetail.com

  387. Brian

    Alaska Outdoors

    Outdoor Life
    Hunt Alaska

  388. Dick

    Hunt Alaska
    Western Hunter
    Outdoor Life
    Field & Stream
    American Hunter
    Monster Muleys

  389. Todd

    Magazines: Big Buck, Alberta Outdoorsman

    Forum: Alberta Outdoorsman

  390. Scott

    Forum: 24hourcampfire.com

    Magazines: Bugle, American Hunter

  391. Page Norton

    Forums: rokslide.com, huntingbc.ca, kuiu.com, kifaru forum.


  392. Mike Estrada

    Both Eastmans, Bugle, Rokslide, Backpackinglight
    Thanx Mike

  393. Ben Hobbs

    magazines: Eastmans hunting journal,muley crazy

    Forums:Rokslide.com,monster muley..

  394. Dean Malatino

    I read Huntin’ Fool, SCI, Sheep Hunter, Mountain Hunter, and Eastman’s.

  395. Joe Bronson

    Eastmans , Bowhunter, wild sheep.

  396. Rob

    Magazines: BC Outdoors

    Forums: huntingbc.ca

  397. Dustin

    monstermuleys.com, archerytalk.com,Huntin’ Fool, rokslide.com

  398. Josh

    For mags: eastmans, relentless, and outdoor life.

    For forums: rokslide, TOF, eastmans, hunting net.

    Just a thought, but spending time on forums with a screen name of Kuiu is free and spreads the word very, very well. I found kuiu from the forums, much like I have found most of my gear. Word of mouth is better, for some, then a few pictures with some destructive text of a product.

  399. Travis Bertrand

    Ahh, let’s see, eastmans ehj, ebj, extreme elk, western hunter, field and stream, outdoor life,rokslide, eastmans forum, I think that’s it…

  400. Shaun Smith

    Rokslide.com, Eastmans

    EHJ, EBHJ, Elk Hunter, Extreme Elk, Western Hunter

  401. Garald Fillmore

    Eastmans Bowhunting, and Hunting Journals, Elk Hunter, and Western Hunter.

  402. Jeremy

    You guys should check out hunting-Washington.com with close to 13000 members should get some sales other than that I’m on rokslide and read hooks and horns and eastmans

  403. TJ Morgan

    Monster muleys forum, Tines Up forum. Trophy hunter and muley crazy magazine.


  404. C.M.

    24hr Campfire

  405. Josh

    Mags Eastmans bow hunting journal, Huntin Fool

    Online Monster Muleys, Kuiu forums, Archery talk!

  406. Neal

    Muley Crazy
    Extreme Elk
    Outdoor Life

  407. Pat Barber

    Magazines:Eastmens BHJ
    NRAs American Rifleman
    Web site: Train to Hunt.com
    Forums: Adventure Rider

  408. Terry

    Sports Afield, Eastmans, and The Meat Eater

  409. Nick M

    Monster Muleys
    EBJ & EHJ
    Bowhunter Magazine

  410. Kendall

    Eastmans BHJ
    Extreme Elk
    OYO Adventures
    Western Hunter

  411. JR

    411 comments. Must be giving asway a superdown jacket.

    Magazines: Huntin Fool, Muley Crazy

    Forums: Rokslide, Kifaru Forums, Adventurousbowhunter

  412. Paul


  413. Erick

    Magazines – Safari,,Eastmans;

    Websites for hunting – Accurate Reloading, Outdoors International

  414. Bobby Mick

    rokslide, Monster Muleys, EBJ, EHJ,Muley Crazy, MDF,

  415. J D

    Forums: 24hourcampfire, AReloading, OYOadventures.
    Mags: Sports Afield, Grand Slam Club Ovis, Eastmans

  416. Jon Freeman

    Quite the following around AK so Alaska Outdoors Directory (outdoorsdirectory.com) would be a good one. Rokslide.com and 24hourcampfire are also winners.

  417. rueben

    Peterson’s hunting, Eastman’s, sometimes sports afield.

    outdoor life and field/stream very rarely,

    Fur, Fish and Game

    Forums: trappertalk, 24hrcampfire

  418. David


    Don’t have a lot of time to read, but am rather religious about traditional bowhunting and Huntinfool.
    GSCO and FNAWS when I have time.

    Good luck with it!!

  419. Steve Dimitrakellis

    South Pacific Bow-hunter
    Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures
    NZ Hunter


  420. clinton miller

    magazine- south pacific bowhunter

    forums- australian bowhunting forum, tradgang, rokslide

  421. John Carnahan

    Forums: Trad Gang and Droptinetraditions

    Mags: Traditional Bowhunter

  422. Nigel Ivy

    Forums: Bowsite, Rokslide, Tradgang
    Mags: South Pacific Bowhunter

  423. Brandon Thorne

    I read Elk Hunter Magazine, Bowhunter, Outdoor Life, Huntin’ Fool, Field & Stream and Eastman’s Hunting Journal. Websites/ forums Rokslide, Archery Talk. I would just like to tell you Jason you have done a great job with this brand. I have been impressed with what you have done with it. Can’t wait to see what else you got comong down the pipe.

  424. Dwight

    Sports Afield, Outdoor Life, Backpacker

    Alaska Outdoors Directory, BackpackingLight, Rokslide

  425. Lindsay

    Eastman’s Hunting and Bowhunting

    Archery Talk
    24 hr Campfire

  426. Luke Erickson

    Forums: Archerytalk
    Magazines: Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, NRA American Hunter


  427. Craig Germond

    Magazines; Bowhunter Magazine, Bugle, EBJ, and Extreme Elk

    Forums: Archerytalk, Bowsite, EBJ Forum, KUIU, Rokslide, and Tines-up

  428. Mark Graham

    I read Bugle, Traditional Bowhunter

  429. Ale

    Bowsite,South Pacific Bowhunter,Archerytalk…

  430. Dale


  431. Kyle

    traditional bowhunter magazine

  432. lynn

    american rifleman,shooting times,kuiu,longrangehunting

  433. Steve

    Eastmans- EBJ & EHJ
    Western Hunter
    Elk Hunter

  434. Todd

    Forum, Rokslide.com
    Mag. BC Outdoors

  435. Nathan

    Archerytalk Western bowhunting forum.

  436. Jeff MacKenzie

    Eastman’s Bowhunting Journal
    Eastman’s Forums

  437. Jonn

    Alaska outdoor forum, Kuiu, American Rifleman, and several of the shooting/gun mags.

  438. Larry

    24-hour campfire, Bowsite, Bow and Arrow, EBJ, and Wolfe Handloader/Hunter magazine.

  439. Kevin

    EBJ, Huntin Fool, Muley Crazy.

  440. Mark

    Huntin Fool

    Alaska outdoor forum

  441. Gary Syrett

    Muley Crazy, EHJ, EBJ, monster muley, Elk Hunter

  442. Scott Kendrix

    I read Ovis/GSC, Wild Sheep Foundation, and Sports Afield


    Subscribe to Muley Crazy,Eastmans,Elk Hunter,Hunting Illustrated,Huntin Fool,Outdoor Life,MDF plus some gun mags. Forum most used Monster Mulies. Favorite mags are Muley Crazy and Huntin Fool. Lee

  444. Bill Burrell

    Bowsite, MonsterMuleys, Eastmans Bowhunting, Extreme Elk

  445. John Gardiner

    Wild Sheep Foundation, Muley Crazy.

  446. John Gardiner

    Word of mouth advertising through guides and outfitters would also be huge…

  447. Jim

    Magazines: Hunting Fool, Eastman’s, Muley Crazy, Grand Slam/Ovis

    Forums: Eastman’s, Rokslide, Ifish

  448. Mike Peters

    Elk Hunter, Western Hunter, Eastmans, Sports Afield, trailrunner
    Rokslide.com, Ifish.net hunting,

  449. ChadH

    The Mags I read are: Western Hunter and Elk Hunter
    The forums I frequent are:RokSlide, Eastmans and Washington Hunting Forums

  450. Paul

    Eastmans and peterson’s bow hunting

  451. Allan Correia

    Traditional Bowhunter Magazine, TradGang forum

  452. Dan engellant

    Eastmans, western hunter, elk hunter, extreme elk.
    Fourms:eastmans, rokslide

  453. Ty Sumner

    Magazines I read are: Extreme Elk, Eastmans, and Outdoor Life.

    Online Forums: Elk101.com, Rockymountainathlete.com, and ifish.net.

    Love seeing the advancements you are making. Got my first Kuiu last Fall, and now all I can think about is what I want next. The only problem is that I want it all.

  454. Steve K

    forums – rokslide, bowsite

    magazines – eastmans, extreme elk, and bowhunter

  455. Grant

    Eastmans Hunting Journal and rokslide.com

  456. DKimball

    SCI and SportsAfield

  457. Mathew D’Ath

    Huntin ‘fool ,Bowsite, bow country, Traditional bowhunter

  458. Justin Leung


  459. Dwayne

    Alberta outdoorsman
    Archery talk

  460. Kevin C

    I read Hunt Alaska, Wild Sheep Foundation and Bugle………Ifish.net Alaska outdoor forum

  461. Zach Zeiner


    Huntin Fool
    Eastmans Journl
    Colorado DOW Magazine

    Thanks for the opportunity to respond. As a military guy, there are many opportunities to not only hunt with your great, but also for use at deployed locations (your visas camo is very close to several military patterns – marketing with the military may be something you look into). Just a thought.

  462. Bruce MacDonell

    I read RMEF’s Bugle, Peterson’s Bow Hunting , Field and Stream, and Outdoorlife . I think Bugle is a perfect place for Kuiu product placement .

  463. Brad

    Outdoor Life, Rocky Mountain Fish and Game, Bowsite.

  464. Karl

    Eastmans, Peterson’s and Outdoor Life,

    I used to read The Double Gun Journal which would be a good one if you’re trying to attract the snobby uppity ups of the double gun African hunting rifle world.

    (DU, PF, Wildfowl and gun dog journal as well, but unless you’re thinking about breaking into the upland/waterfowl world (heck Sitka did it!) it probably wouldn’t be as productive)

  465. Nicholai

    Traditional bowhunter, eastmans hunting journal, Wild sheep fpundation, Primitive archer

  466. Jake

    Western Hunter, Eastmans, sportsman elite and Bugle

  467. Olivier

    Hunting bc, hunting washington forum, rokslide, tines up, elk 101, kifaru.

  468. Aaron Seitz

    Big buck magazine and bowsite.

  469. Billy W

    Huntin Fool, Boone and Crocket and Western Hunter

  470. Jason

    Magazines: Huntin Fool
    Forums: Archery Talk

  471. T Downing

    Traditional Bowhunter Magazine…Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Publication. PBS.
    Forums: Kuiu, Tradbow.com, Tradgang.com, Black Widow widow wall.

  472. Brodie McDonald

    Eastmans and Sports Afield

  473. Bob V.

    Huntin Fool and Eastman’s, but also most recently Western Hunter and Elk Hunter magazines whom I’ve been very impressed with. I’d consider some Canada and AK-oriented publications if there are any. Also, as mentioned, I would also recommend you consider a few select websites such as 24-hour Campfire, Monster Muley and Rokslide.

  474. Jason

    Magazines: Bugle, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life.
    Forums: Monster Muleys, On Your Own Adventures, & big game houndsmen

  475. Jonathan Darner

    Magazines: Bow Hunter; Eastman’s & Western Hunter
    Forums: Monster Muleys, Muley Crazy & Rut n’ Hard

  476. Jesse

    Bugle, huntin fool, and field and stream.

    No forums

  477. Peter

    EBJ, EHJ, Elk Hunter, Successful Hunter


  478. Ashford

    Grays Sporting Journal, Sports Afield, 24 hour campfire, Kifaru, Hill People Gear.

  479. Bruce

    Mags, EBJ – EHJ – extreme elk – western hunter – elk hunter

    Forums, bowsite – hunt talk – monster muleys – archerytalk

  480. Justin Redman

    Magazines:Extreme elk, Elk Hunter. Hunting Illustrated, Both Eastmans

    Forums:Hunting Washington,Rokslide.Monster Muleys,Kuiu

  481. Rod A.

    Subscribe to Bowhunter, EBJ and buy Buck Buck Magazine,

    Web forums I participate regularly in are Bowsite and Hunting BC. Hunting BC [HBC] is a very busy site for hunting British Columbia which is, as you know, the perfect country for Kuiu.
    Looking forward to trying out some of the down here in Northern BC.

  482. Heath Petersen

    eastman’s bowhunting magazine
    huntin fool magazine
    hunting illustrated magazine

    tinesup.com forum

  483. Tim

    Eastman’s Bowhunting Journal
    Eastman’s Hunting Journal
    Traditional Bowhunter
    African Hunting Gazette

  484. Sam

    EBJ, Huntin Fool, Western Hunter and Elk Hunter

  485. Chris Miley

    I read Elk Hunter, Western Sportsmen, Peterson’s Hunting, BC Outdoors. I participate in BC Hunting forum. I noticed the add in the latest issue of Elk Hunter. It caught my eye right away because up until that point I hadn’t seen a magazine add for Kuiu. Keep up the great work. Your passion for the product shows.

  486. Matt Burrows

    Western Hunter and Elk Hunter

  487. BMac

    Alberta Outdoorsmen Forum, Hunting BC – both have a pile of experienced and helpful members. Both are filled with guys who spend lots of time in the mountains hunting in tough style.

    Bowzone is another great online community.

    Check them out – I know you have fans on both!

  488. Jay



  489. Chet Miller

    Eastman’s Hunting Journal, Eastman’s Bowhunting Journal, Oregon Hunter

  490. Ron P

    Publications: Eastmans Bowhunting and Hunting Journals, Bugle, American Hunter, Bowhunter
    Shows: Eastmans Hunting TV, Live 2 Hunt, Best of the West, Jim Shockey’s Hunting, Solo Hunter, etc

  491. Bryce W.

    Shows: Jim shockey, the professionals(best program out there imho), canada in the rough, live to hunt

    forums: huntingbc.ca

    magazines: bc outdoors, bowhunter

  492. Alden

    Outdoor Life
    Alaska Magazine
    Online: Alaska Outdoor Forum

  493. Steve K

    Publications: Wild Sheep Magazine, Grand Slam, N American Hunter

    Websites: BC Hunting Forum

  494. Jeff Bailey

    I read and subscribe to Bow and Arrow Magazine and Bowhunting World.

  495. Mike W

    I read Traditional Bowhunter, Backwoodsman, Primitive Archer, (occassionally) Field and Stream.

    I don’t watch too much hunter porn TV shows. I do like the new show “Sasquatch, Mountain Man” or something like that. I do like On Your Own Adventures quite a bit.


    Elk Hunter, Eastmans both magazines and the forum, Bowsite and Monster Muleys. I agree with above that magazines will bring in new customers that haven’t heard of KUIU yet.

  497. Dave Pagel

    Traditional Bowhunter, Compton’s, PBS, RMEF, & Wild Sheep are the ones I always read.


  498. cohofishing

    Eastman’s, both publications; Bow and Arrow, and Rocky Mountain Game and Fish. Formus: Coueswhitetail.com, 24hourcampfire, longrangehunting.com, and monstermuleys.com

    Great Product,

  499. Ellie

    Field & Stream, Outdoorlife, Facebook.

  500. JoAnen Banzhaf

    Magazines that I read;
    Guns & Ammo
    Hunt Alaska

  501. Matt

    Forums- Bowsite.com Elknuts.com Extreme Elk.com
    Magazines- Extreme Elk, Eastmans Bowhunter journal, Eastmans backpacking special

  502. TS

    Websites: Bowsite, Archery Talk, Monster Muleys, 24 Hour Campfire, magazines: Petersons Hunting, Huntin Fool, Bugle (RMEF), Wild Sheep, Grand Slam in that order.

  503. Steve Scott


  504. Al

    Traditional Bowhunter magazine, Tradgang.com, Bowsite.com, 1911forum. com

  505. Dustin

    Extreme Elk
    Peterson’s Hunting
    American Hunter

    On Your Own Adventures (Hunt Talk)

  506. bob

    Eastmans, Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Bowhunter, Petersen’s Bowhunting

    Nosler Reloading, occasionally Monster Muleys


    I read HUNTIN FOOL EASTMANS, and Huntwashington FORUM

    Kuiu Hunter!

  508. J Bivens

    Hunting Fool, Bowhunter, Eastmans

  509. Frank S

    Magazines: Eastman’s Hunting Journal

    Website: 24hourcampfire.com

  510. Kuiu Hunter

    Huntin Fool, Eastmans, and huntingwashington forum, are the main ones I checkout reguarly!!

    Great GEAR!!!

  511. Mitchel Doolin


  512. Hak

    I read all the Eastman journals, Extreme elk, Elk hunter, RMEF Bugle, MDF Journal

  513. Clint

    Forums: Rokslide, Bowsite, Hunting-Washington, Eastmans, Monster Muleys

    Mags: Huntin Fool, Eastmans both, Elk Hunter and Western Hunter, Muley Crazey, Bugle, Hunting Illustrated, Trophy Hunter

    Shows: Eastmans Tv, On Your Own Adventures, Solo Hunters, Meateater, Noslers Magnum Tv, Bowhunter Tv

  514. F2 Outfitter

    Deer & Deer Hunting
    North American Whitetail

  515. Evan Williams

    Eastmans Bowhunting Journal
    Muley Crazy Magazine
    Extreme Elk Magazine
    Western Hunter Magazine

  516. Dave Polichetti

    I’m sure most people will recommend hunting magazines or forums but in my experience a lot of dedicated mountain hunters like to ski, fly fish, ride mountain bikes, etc. I think you should look in other directions such as Men’s Health, Outside Magazine, etc. The Safari Club International Magazine would be a good choice (I met you at the show last year.
    Dave (Wood River VAlley, Idaho)

  517. Russ

    Alberta Outdoorsmen forum and magazine.Frequent Kuiu Discussion(forum).
    Archery talk
    24Hr Campfire

  518. Jeff Cromer

    Elk Hunter, Western Hunter, Eastmans,


  519. Ken Allen

    Huntin Fool Magazine – Bugle Magazine – WSF – SCI

  520. Jon Pynch

    huntin fool
    monster muleys

  521. Lane Severe

    Huntin fool, monster muley’s, try getting the gear on some hunting shows and they could do some spotlights on them.

  522. Ross

    Print: Bugle, Extreme Elk

    Online: Rokslide, ELK101 and Tinesup

  523. Josh Hintz

    Bowsite- field&stream

  524. Ed Tomsic

    RMEF, Extreme Elk, Petersen’s Hunting

  525. Amanda

    24 Hour campfire, Monster Muley, hunting net, UKC forum, Fly Fishing Forum.

    Bugle, Boone & Crockett Magazine, Eastman’s, Montana Outdoors.

  526. Ben A

    Eastmans, Bowhunter, Elk Hunter

  527. Jason Huebner

    Magazines: Eastman’s, Elk Hunter, and RMEF

    Websites: Rokslide, Kifaru, and 24 Hour Campfire

  528. Jason Smith

    Western Hunter
    Hunting Illustrated
    Elk Hunter

  529. Bob H

    Both Eastmans, Extreme Elk, Elk Hunter, Muley Crazy. Bowsite.com and Rokslide.com

  530. Erika Cruz

    Wester Hunter
    Huntin Fool

    Killed my first Coues Deer this year and father in-law has some of your camo and it really blended in great in Southern AZ.

  531. Tristan

    Huntingbc .ca would be a good bet, large community of bc hunters. It is not the largest audience in the hunting world, but the website holds a large group of mountain hunters.

  532. Ben P.

    Eastmans Magazine; Bowsite, Rokslide, Kifaru, and KUIU forums.

  533. Aaron Crowder

    24hourcampfire.com more than anything else

    Magazines Subscribed to:
    Petersen’s Hunting
    Petersen’s Rifleshooter
    Guns & Ammo
    Shooting Times
    Montana Sporting Journal
    Montana Outdoors

    Magazines I purchase:
    Outdoor Life

    My room mate subscribes to Field & Stream and we occasionally buy Guns, Gun World, Recoil, Handloader, and Shooting Illustrated.

  534. Brent Watson

    Read/subscribe to Bowhunter and Traditional Bowhunter magazines, Game Warden magazine. Read Big Buck magazine.
    Forums — Bowsite, TradGang

  535. Tom Lepley

    eastmans bowhunting journal, eastmans hunting journal, extreme elk

  536. John West

    Hey Jason,
    The ads that run on You Tube would probably be excellent for your advertising. It think it would give Kuiu some major coverage.

  537. Doug Hawkes

    Magazines- Eastmans Bowhunting Journal, Eastmans Hunting Journal, Bugle, Field and Stream, Guns and Ammo, Backpacker.

    Forums- Utah Wildlife Network, Archery Talk

  538. Yates Hudson


    Archery Talk (where I first learned of Kuiu)

  539. Yates Hudson

    Eastman’s Bowhunting

    Archery Talk

  540. Rod Billett

    Magazines – Extreme Elk, Eastmans Bowhunting Journal, Eastmans Hunting Journal.

    Forums – BowSite, Archery Talk, Monster mulies, Elk 101, Kuiu

  541. Trevor

    AlbertaOutdoorsmenForum.ca and HuntingBC.ca. Lots of KUIU fans on those boards, including me!

  542. Matthew Young

    Huntin’ Fool (where I first learned about KUIU)

  543. Kevin

    Extreme Elk
    Eastmans BHJ
    Huntin’ Fool

    archery talk
    FB Rocky Mountain Athlete

  544. Daniel Clayton


    Extreme elk

    Hunt talk.com

  545. Robert Woodward

    Petersen’s Hunting
    Safari Club International Magazine
    Sports Afield
    Peterson’s Hunting
    Ovis/Grand Slam

  546. Vince

    Magazines- Eastmans’ EHJ & EBJ, Outdoor Life, Western Hunter, Elk Hunter
    Forums- Eastmans’ & Rokslide

  547. Casey

    Field and Stream

  548. Lp

    Hunting BC Forum
    Outdoor Life Magazine

  549. norm larson

    forums: KUIU, Elknut, Archerytalk, Bowsite

    Mags: Bugle, Elk Hunting, Bow & Arrow hunting

  550. Jeb

    Eastmans BHJ
    Petersen’s Bowhunting
    Traditional Bowhunter Magazine

    KUIU Forums

  551. Tony

    Traditional Bowhunter

    Droptine Traditions

  552. Darin F.

    MAGS = Extreme Elk, Elk/Western Hunter, Eastman’s
    FORUMS = Bowsite, RokSlide, Elk 101.
    Thanks for all your efforts Jason

  553. Almat

    Good day!

    My name is Almat. I live in highlands of Kazakhstan and i’m a big fun of kuiu stuff. I am pleased to help you in promoting kuiu goods. The main source of information for ex Soviet union countries is forum, the link below: forum.guns.ru Where every hunter can share with others his experience, discuss pros and cons and of course can share information about kuiu.

    I’m sure in success of kuiu and on behalf of many hunters, I can say that we will be happy to kuiu new products. Such as shoes, tents, sleeping bags, etc. for a successful hunt in the mountains.

  554. Kevin C

    Mags: EHJ, EBJ, Huntin’ Fool
    Forums: Rokslide.com, Monstermuleys.com, Bowsite

  555. Larry Maschmeier

    Traditional Bowhunter, Outdoor Life, The Trapper and Predator caller, Fur Fish and Game. Forums Tradgang, Stickbow.com, Trapperman.

  556. Tim F.

    Mouthful of Feathers
    Itinerant Angler

  557. Tony Burke

    Both Eastman’s magazines,EHJ and EBJ, Northwest Sportsman magazine and North American Hunter.

  558. Masoud

    Huntin Fool
    Trophy Hunter
    Grand Slam / Ovis
    Wild Sheep
    Western Hunter

    Forum = MonsterMuley.com

  559. Richard Wooster

    Mags- Petersen’s Bowhunting, Bugle
    Forums- Bowsite.com, KUIU
    TV- some shows on the Outdoor Channel

    I own almost every piece of KUIU gear and love it.
    It has performed well in Mountain hunting, Eastern whitetail tree-stand hunting, spring turkey and Canadian spring bear hunting.

    Well done Jason and I wish you continued success!

  560. Shane Nicholson

    American Hunter
    Alaska Outdoor Forum

  561. Alex

    hardcore outdoor
    its tactical
    backpacking light
    northeast shooters

  562. Pete S

    Bowhunter, Bugle, Extreme Elk, and I’m going to susbscribe to Eastmans Bowhunting Journal.

    Forums – Elk 101, Hunting-Washington.com, Rokslide.com

  563. Joshua

    I don’t read a lot of hunting publications however, I do read a lot of outdoor magazines. Backpacker, rock and ice, etc. I do know that I have turned quite a few non hunters on to Kuiu gear. The same people that purchase a lot of name brand technical gear have checked out kuiu gear and made purchases. It may not be the type of consumers you are targeting, or even want to target, but most people who spend time in the mountains want high quality reasonably priced gear. Kuiu is exactly that.

  564. Nick

    I read mostly Guns and Ammo, Tactical Weapons, and Hiking magazines. I do read some of the forums associated with the military as well. Hope this helps!

  565. John

    Bugle, Outdoor Life, Bowsite, Outside and Eastmans


    I read Petersen’s Bowhunting and Traditional Bowhunter.

    Continue like that your equipment is the best!


  567. Mike

    Elk hunter, Eastmans Bowhunting Journal, Western Hunter

    Rokslide, Kuiu, OYOA, Bowsite,

    FACEBOOK, and Twitter are always the first to inform me of something new I need to check out at http://www.kuiu.com

  568. T Anderton

    – Eastmans, Western Hunting, Outdoor Life, Sports Afield
    – Long Range Hunter
    – Reloaders Nest Forum
    – Kuiu Forum
    – Bowhunters Forum
    – Nosler Forum
    – Alaska Outdoors Forum

  569. Kalin

    The Alaska Hunting Forum, Pristine Ventures Forum, Hunt and Fish Alaska Magazines.

  570. Scott H

    Magazines: Eastmans, Backpacker, Outside, Trail Runner
    Forums: Bowsite

  571. Bryant Askins

    Eastman’s Hunting and Bowhunting Journal
    Huntin’ Fool


  572. Jason Amaro

    Western Hunter


  573. Keith

    Bugle (RMEF)
    ELK101 (forum)
    KUIU (forum)
    Pennsylvania Game & Fish
    Outdoor Life

  574. Shawn Williams

    Rokslide.com, extreme elk, western hunter, elk hunter, EBJ, EHJ.

  575. Brennan Hauk

    Huntin’ Fool and both Eastman’s magazines.

  576. Rick Lovaas

    I see many of the magazines and forums abroad that have been covered. Maybe even a simpler form could be with Sportman’s Warehouse News. They print free newsletters that are available at their stores; very easy to grab as one walks in/out of the store.
    Keep up the great work,


  577. Mike Johnson (HCA)




  578. Erich Burkentine

    Bow and Arrow Hunting (mag)
    Traditional Bowhunter (mag)
    Meat Eater (online)

    Mathews (forum)
    Kuiu (forum)
    Trad Gang (forum)

  579. Jake Hembree

    My main forums are: 24hourcampfire & KUIU
    The only magazines: Eastmans (EHJ & EBJ) & Backpacker magazine

    Thanks for the chance of winning the jacket!

  580. Jim Treeman

    Eastmans and extreme elk.

    Bowsite forums, Rokslide

  581. Jon K.

    Western Hunter
    Elk Hunter
    Outdoor Life

  582. Cody Miller

    Eastmans–both versions
    Huntin Fool (but slipping due to Eastmans giving better value)
    graybeards outdoors
    alaska outdoors

  583. Jason Sagen

    Outdoor Life (magazine)
    Field and Stream (magazine)
    Sport Afield (magazine)
    Backpacker (magazine)
    Petersen’s Hunting (magazine)
    Outside (magazine)
    24hourcampfire (forum)
    Rokslide (forum)

  584. Robert

    Bowhunting World
    Quality Whitetails

    Archery Talk
    Predator Talk

  585. Jesse Gamble

    Huntin Fool
    On Your Own Adventures (forums)

    I’ve also read 24hourcampfire.com and some others.

    By the way, just did a 4 week Muley hunt at around 9,000-10,000′, 10 to 45 degrees F, using the whole Kuiu kit and my Icon pack. Everything performed outstanding. The merino layers even still smelled ok at the end (more than I could say for the other guys

  586. Darryl

    Kuiu (forum)
    Grand Slam Club
    Wild Sheep Foundation
    Alberta Outdoorsmen
    Hunting BC
    Mountain Hunting Forum

  587. Levi Bowler

    Read alot of stuff on-line, but Huntin’ Fool and Elk Hunter Magazines actually come to the house. Kuiu, Hunt Talk and MeatEater Forums.

  588. phillip campos

    huntin fool, eastmans, longrangehunting.com, monstermuleys.com

  589. Jim Spinner

    I don’t have subscriptions to any magazines, but will buy a copy from time to time of:
    Primitive Archer
    Traditional Bowhunter
    Boundary Waters Journal (publisher is a wilderness hunting/fishing guide, many readers might appreciate quality, ultralight outdoor gear and you already offer other colors than camo)

    I visit the following forums:


  590. Scott B.

    I read field and stream, outdoor life, sporting classics, shooting sportsman, RMEF Bugle, and I visit NEFGA.com.

  591. Chad

    Extreme Elk, EBJ, Elk hunter

  592. Ken Begnal

    Petersens Hunting
    eastmans hunting journal


  593. Justin Bogle

    Magazines: huntin fool, Eastmans, Muley Crazy

    Forums: rokslide, longrangehuntin, monstermuleys

  594. wfietz


    Western Sportsman
    BC Outdoors

  595. John

    Love your stuff!

    Outdoor, Backpacker, North American Hunter, Hardcoreoutdoor.com, hillpeoplegear.com, kifaru.net, vaguntrader (hunting forum)

  596. D Means

    Professional Bowhunter Society
    Quality Whitetails (QDMA)
    Traditional Bowhunter

    Professional Bowhunter Society
    Stickbow Leatherwall

  597. Kevin Ashfield

    HuntingBC, Archery Talk, Rokslide

  598. Toby Krutz

    I would recommend the following magazines:

    1. Bugle
    2. The Drake (Not hunting, but fly-fishing, but I bet the readers would buy Kuiu)
    3. Sporting Classics

  599. Mike Pace

    Western Hunter, Muley Crazy, Coues Whitetail.com

  600. Cameron Madsen

    1. Rokslide
    2. Monstermuleys
    3. Eastmans

  601. Arvid Ekenberg

    1. Eastmans, Relentless. CA Waterfowl.
    2. Montana Outdoors, Colorado Outdoors.
    3. backpackinglight.com, scoutrifle.org

  602. Brian Taylor

    Bow and arrow
    Bowhunting world

    Archery talk.com

  603. Alexander

    Hi Jason,

    My 2 cents… There is a huge hunting/fishing community in the ex-USSR, and some guys have already mentioned that the biggest specialized forum is guns.ru (russian language only). But I’d like to add that it’s worth to look at the social networks as well, there are many groups with thousands of active members over there… The most popular russian network (facebook clone, actually) is vk.com. Anyways, I’ll be glad to help if you decide to take a closer look at russian speaking hunting/fishing community.

    Best regards,

  604. Kyle W

    Extreme Elk
    Hunt WA

  605. chuck weckel

    sports afield, fur fish & game, outdoor life, field & stream, SCI, North American Hunter, Trapper & Predator caller

  606. Jesús

    Promote Kuiu be interesting in the European market, in the International Fairs of Hunting, Germany, Spain, Portugual etc.

  607. Gareth W

    Also, Field and Stream

  608. Brett D

    The magazines that I read are Extreme Elk, EBJ, and EHJ

  609. Stephen.Shea

    Bugle, the Elk Foundation magazine and montana newspaper articles. I’d rather do it than read about it.
    Thanks for the great products, Jason and team!

  610. David Dukat

    Western Hunter, Eastman’s, Jay Scott Outdoors, Monstermuleys

  611. Robert Bisinger

    Magazines: Bowhunter, Bowhunting

  612. Tyler G

    RokSlide, ArcheryTalk, Eastmans, Cal Deer Assn, Relentless 365

  613. Matt Gunter

    Eastmans, Bugle, Extreme Elk, North American Whitetail, Elk Hunter

  614. Zach Bowler

    Magazines: Huntin’ Fool; Outdoor Life; Montana Outdoors; Bugle; North American Hunter

    Forums: On Your Own Adventures – Hunt Talk ; KUIU

    Thanks for the great products!!

  615. Aaron Tubbs

    Gray’s Sporting Journal. My dad introduced me to Gray’s, and I fell in love with it, particularly the “artistic” edge. KUIU would fit in well (if it’s not already advertising in Gray’s).

  616. Jacob Trexler

    Forum~Rocky Mountain Athlete, ELk101,Jesse’s Hunting, Rockslide and KUIU. Magazines ~ Eastmans and Extreme Elk

  617. Dalbo

    Eastmans’s BHJ/HJ

    OYOA Hunt Talk
    Rokslide Forum
    Long Rang Hunting Online

  618. Darin Cooper

    Magazines: Eastmans Bowhunting, Western Hunter, Bow & Arrow
    Forums: Rokslide.com

  619. Ross

    Jason, the usual magazines of coarse but why not Ovis grand slam they recently sold all there Sitka gear every stitch I know they sold a lot of gear, another idea is through outfitters I have been guiding for the past 17years and have introduced and been introduced to a lot of material and recently been introduced to kuiu. I have followed your gear when you were with Sitka and now kuiu this past year I guided Justin ragazini and he had it I liked it a lot and have introduced many of my other clients to it. I just got done hunting three clients from Hawaii we were on a blacktail hunt and they had The new green camo and the rain gear worked flawlessly they never got wet at all and it rained inches for three day strait that made me a believer so I am going to take the plung.

  620. Greg

    I watch the hunting channels faithfully and i have yet to see a Kuiu brand advertised. Hunting magazines will boast product knowledge but it doesn’t confirm reliability or effective uses in the field. I use the magazines to educate whats new and what brand is paying the most to be in there magazines not most affective. I use YouTube to do product reviews, almost everything i buy including the Kuiu i did a product search on YouTube. here are my two cents.

    YouTube-give examples on how to layer start to finish. and try to show different body shapes to give a better example of how things fit.
    Outdoor/archery/backpacking magazines
    Outdoor tv shows- nothing cheesy or corn

  621. Tom

    Don’t watch much on the sportsman networks.

    Sports Afield
    Washington oregon Game
    American Rifleman
    Huntin Fool

  622. John

    B.C. Outdoors

  623. Seth

    i subscribe to:
    field & stream
    and Eastmans bowhunting

    thanks for the chance!

  624. Casher


    No mags for me.


    bowhunter magazine
    elk hunter
    western hunter
    muley crazy

    big bucks-Canadian magazine

  626. Andrew

    Huntin fool

  627. Micky Sorie

    Sports Afield
    Grand Slam
    Anything waterfowl or big game

  628. keith P

    I spend a lot of time and so do other Washington State hunters on Hunt Wa forum, also a member of Huntin Fool