I am excited to introduce to you the ICON 1850. ...

I am excited to introduce to you the ICON 1850.

This was a year long development project created by requests made here on the blog and is by far the most versatile day pack ever created.

It can be used with and without the Icon Frame and excels in comfort and performance in either set up.

The Icon 1850 Specifications:

  • 1850 cubic inches
  • Bag Weight: 21oz
  • Bag & Shoulder Straps: 31.5 ounces
  • Bag with Shoulder Strap & Hip Belt: 50 ounces
  • Bag with Icon Frame & Suspension: 63 ounces
  • Hydration port with inside hydration hook & sleeve
  • 1 large top pocket with smaller storage pocket inside
  • 2 large inside stretch mesh storage pockets
  • 2 side stuff-it/water bottle pockets
  • 2 compression straps
  • Load Sling for attachment to Icon 2012 or 2011 Frame that can be stored away when not in use
  • Front Vertical Pocket holds up to an 85mm Spotting Scope
  • Suspension is easily adjustable for customized fit
  • 3 touch points for maximum air flow
  • 3 tubular aluminum stays (removable)
  • YKK Weather Resistant Zippers
  • Vias
  • Verde
  • Two Tone Phantom Grey & Major Brown


  • Icon 1850 Bag Only – $99.99
  • Icon 1850 With Shoulder Straps & Hip Belt – $189.99
  • Icon 1850 with Icon Frame & Suspension – $399.98

*Hip Belt Pouches & Roll Top Dry Bags Sold Separately

****The New Icon 1850 will ship to you by June 15th, 2013

Preorder by February 15th and save 10%.

To preorder, reach us Monday-Friday form 9:00AM-5:00PM PST at (855) 367-5848.  International customers that can’t call in can follow these instructions.

Please note: The Icon 1850 can be used with your 2011 Frame & Suspension, but cannot be used alone with 2011 suspension.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments and questions.




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  1. David


    Looks good, when can we pre-order?


    • Jason Hairston

      Right now! call 855 367-5848. Pre order by February 15th and save 10%.

  2. eburgsnake

    Looks awesome, can’t wait to try it out.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you!

  3. Armosino

    Nice addition to the 5000 and 7000 in my quiver Jason.
    The 5000 was perfect on my sheep hunt this year.
    Look forward to seeing you at the Sheep Show this week.
    Tom Armosino

    • Jason Hairston

      Come check it out at the Sheep Show

  4. Bryan

    Yes! Looks great! I’ve been waiting for this piece.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Bryan!

  5. Tom

    Great looknig rig Jason!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Tom!

  6. Nigel Ivy

    Looks good! Well done guys!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Nigel!

      • Nigel Ivy

        Got mine pre-ordered today. Looking forward to getting my hands on this piece of kit! 🙂

  7. Brian

    I’m assuming this means no good with 2011, but good with 2012?

    “Please note: The Icon 1850 can be used with your 2011 Frame & Suspension, but cannot be used alone with 2011 suspension.”

    Looks great.

    • Jason Hairston

      It will go on the 2011 & 2012 Frame. The 2011 shoulder straps and hip belt will not attach to the 1850 bag. Just the 2012 and 2013 hip Belt and Shoulder Straps.


  8. Pedro Ampuero

    Finally!!!!! Great for 80% Of The Hunts. Thanks!!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Pedro!

  9. Keith Peter

    Nice looking bag but out of my price range I am afraid. Congrats

    • Jason Hairston

      I am sorry to hear that Keith. Keep checking the outlet in the future.

  10. Eric Bergey

    Looks outstanding! Cant wait to get it, pre-order going in … now.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Eric! Get on the list it grew quite a bit today!

  11. JohnC

    Looks nice, and $190 for the full day pack is a good price. I have a question though, I do not own an Icon frame/suspension but your disclaimer made me curious:
    “The Icon 1850 can be used with your 2011 Frame & Suspension, but cannot be used alone with 2011 suspension.”

    May I then assume that on the 2012 Icon Frame that the suspension can be removed from the frame and used on the bag as a day pack? If that is the case it would make buying the Icon Frame much more attractive than simply the shoulder/belt package.

    Nice work, it’s been a long time coming!

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes John. You may take the hip belt and shoulder straps off of the 2012 Frame and put them on the day pack. It is totally modular.

      • Cody

        am i reading this correctly that the pack works fine with the 2011 frame

  12. Don

    Jason, first thanks for bringing this one home. I’ll be pre-ordering one today. I would be remiss not to say I am disappointing in the weight. I was encouraged by your earlier videos of the prototypes being under a pound for the 1600 and just over a pound for the 2500. I see you picked the middle ground at 1850 but the weight shot up to 21ozs. The whole combo is still under my benchmark of 4lbs, but it sure would’ve been nice to hit that 3.5lb mark like Stone Glacier. Now I cannot wait for those technical fitted hats!!!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Don,

      We could have hit that weight if I wanted to give up organization and access compared to Kurts Pack. A pack without organization requires me to pack everything in dry bags or zip locks, I can never find what I am looking for as it all sits in the bottom of my pack. I prefer to keep things organized and easy to find. I also find that once you add in all the dry storage bag in the end you do not save anything and cannot find what you need. Just food for thought on design.


      • Todd

        I could not agree more. I can’t understand why guys would want the barrel bag with no pockets. I’ll take the extra weight of pockets any day.

        • Jason Hairston

          Thanks Todd!

      • Sherm

        I agree, worth the extra weight for organization

        • Jason Hairston

          Thank you Sherm!

  13. Will Jenkins

    Very Cool Jason! It looks great!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Will!

  14. Mike M


    • Jason Hairston


  15. Brady Miller

    Another huge home run!! I like the looks of the new hip belt. Will the new 2013 hip belt design be available for purchase to replace the 2012 hip belt on the Icon 7000?

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Brady. Yes you can purchase the new 2013 hip belt. The photo is not the final 2013 hip belt, just a proto. The final hip belt is even better looking.


      • Justin Starck

        You’ll be sending one of those my way.

  16. Mark Huelsing

    The new bag looks great, as does the updated frame/harness!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Mark!

  17. Bryant

    Is there a recommended way to carry your rifle or bow with this pack? I really like the layout of this day pack!!!

    • Bryant

      I have one more question about this pack. If I were to purchase the bag, suspension and hip belt now, and decided at a future date that I wanted the Icon Frame, would I be able to purchase just the Icon Frame at a later date? Thanks!

      • Jason Hairston

        Yes you can purchase just the frame in the future.

        We recommend the 2 compression straps for holding a bow. You can certainly stuff the butt of your gun in the side stuff-it’s and use the 2 compression straps to cinch it down.


  18. Kevin

    Yes will the hip belt fit the 2012
    Icon??? Looks nice!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes it will.

      • Kevin

        Can I purchase the new hip belt seperatly to put on my 2012 icon pack?? Absolutely love the pack except the hip belt!!! Thanks

        • Jason Hairston

          Yes you will be able to purchase the 2013 Hip Belt and put it on your 2012 frame and pack.

  19. Shane C

    I’ve been waiting for this! I guess my comments are similar to others on here. I can use my suspension w/o the frame if I have the 2012 set-up? If I buy the bag with shoulder straps and hip belt, can I use those to replace the shoulder straps and hip belt on my 2012 frame and suspension? Looking at the frame in the picture I can see where some things were cut. Looks like you cut 7 ounces from the 2012 frame/suspension for the new 2013 frame/suspension?

    • Shane Close

      Other side question is did you guys decide to scrap the 2300 day pack you were developing in addition to the 1850? I prefer the 1850 size, but I know before it was said you were going to come out with both sizes…

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Shane,

      Yes you can use the suspension 2012 and 2013 as mentioned above. The weights listed are prototype weights and can vary on production slightly.

      We decided there was not enough difference with the 1850 and 2300 packs. With the load sling we felt the 1850 was the best size choice for a full day hunt.

  20. Nathan

    I notice there is no side shot without the Icon frame. Are the load lifters functional without the frame? It would be nice to see a side shot without the frame. It does look good though.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Nathan,

      The pack is not tall enough to make that happen for most, notice where the Icon Frame Stays sit in relation to the pack. If you are carrying a load heavy enough to need load lifter we recommend using the Icon Frame.

  21. Matt T

    This one Rocks! You have certainly set the bar high with this new pack. I can’t wait to see it in hand and get this thing packed and out for the day.
    Can’t wait to see the rest of the 2013 line up.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Matt!

  22. Eric Johnson

    Can’t wait to see it tomorrow and find out all the ways it can be used.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Eric! I look forward to seeing you at the Show!

  23. Cyril

    Now I understand why you are using velcro for securing the straps and hip belt to the icon frame….simply switch them over to a different pack as required….makes sense!

    I take it the weight you have listed with the icon frame and suspension is talking about the 2013 icon frame and suspension? (by deduction you are saying the icon frame is 42oz: 63oz minus 21oz…the 2012 icon is listed as 49oz…I definitely like the sounds of shaving 7oz!). Do I have this right?

    Ultimately though, before I take the plunge on a new pack, I’d like to see a lighter version of the 5000 – the 51oz of the 2012 model is just too heavy for me (get that 51 oz down to ~40oz…I’d even be willing to give up 500cubic inches…making the pack and frame combo just over the 80oz mark and I’ll do whatever it takes to get to the front of the line to buy one!).

    • Jason Hairston

      Well Noted.

  24. Chad

    Jason, is there any feasible way to attatch the icon top lid to the 1850?

    • Jason Hairston

      Not sure? Good question I will look at it.


  25. Chad

    Also is load sling space the same size on all three bags? If the space in the sling is big enough I’ll be ok with only 1850 ci

    • Jason Hairston

      The load sling is larger on the day pack and can handle more volume.

  26. ehunter

    Jason looks great but I don’t see a bucket for carrying a rifle or a bow? Is there a way to secure a bow or rifle.

    • Jason Hairston

      Compressions straps work well and save the bulk and weight of a bucket.

  27. Seth

    I’ve been waiting for this pack ever since it was first announced. Passed on many tempting packs knowing that this would hit the sweet spot in every aspect. You have not disappointed. Looking forward to putting in my order.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Seth!

  28. Warren

    Is the a Bow / rifle attachment ? And can you post pictures ?

    • Jason Hairston

      We recommend using the compression straps, which work well and do not add weight or bulk.

  29. Ty

    Awesome. Making me rethink a kifaru and getting this with the frame, then upgrading to your bigger packs when I go bivy.

    • Jason Hairston


  30. Matt

    Awesome! Maybe a you-tube video demonstrating the features of the new pack and how it attaches to the frame? I can’t remember when I bought my frame/suspension so I don’t know if it’s compatible. Is there a way to look up my account history? If I already have the right frame/suspension then I’m definitely buying the new bag.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes video demonstrations are coming!

      • Bryan aka Tradrag

        SWEET! I need to see how long it takes to go from 7000 to daypack in the field by using the straps and waist belt. This is my only reservation. I have the 2012 Icon 7000 kit and I want to make sure I just need the 1850 bag and stays.

  31. Robby White

    This looks like an awesome addition! I just might have to pull the trigger. Great work Jason!

    Quick comment/question, kind of off topic…. I’m looking forward to the bino harness and figured i’d throw in an idea. FHF Gear makes some custom bino harnesses with a rangefinder pocket up front next to their bino case. Is there any possibility that a kuiu hip belt pocket would be able to be attached somehow to the bino harness straps? Not sure if this is making sense but there are times when hunting when ill drop my pack for a stalk and if my rangefinder is in my hip belt pocket I might leave behind an important piece of gear in the moment that it’s needed most. My binos are always strapped to my chest. it would be nice to have the option of carrying a rangefinder on my chest right a long side the binos. Not sure if this is something you have considered but I think there is a market for this type of bino/rangefinder harness. I think for now I will hold out for the kuiu harness but I have been very tempted to grab the FHF bino/rangefinder harness combo just for the rangefinder tidbit.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes we are working on a few concepts for attaching a range finder to the harness.

  32. Kyle

    looks awesome. Few questions for you if you get a chance:

    Can you use it with just the backpack straps, no hipbelt?

    How small does the bag pack up, say if you wanted to stuff it in the bottom of the 5000/7000 bag for a longer hunt, and can you post pictures?

    Can you post some more pictures of the pack on people and fully loaded?

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes, with or without the hip belt. I will shoot a video of it compressing down.

  33. Chad

    Awesome work Jason. Looking foreword to the top lid info as I think that could significantly boost your hits.

  34. Cory Benge

    A very well thought out design! Hope you have this at WSF! Nice job!

  35. Craig Germond

    Great looking pack might have to pull the plastic out!

  36. F2 Outfitter

    I’m primarily a whitetail hunter who travels less than a mile, is the frame really needed for what I am doing?

    • Jason Haskell

      Two miles of travel round trip? My guess is no, but not sure what exactly you are carrying either.

  37. John Foster

    It says that the aluminum stays are removable. Are they needed when the pack is used with the frame. Or can they be removed and have the pack stay just as functional while reducing the weight some?

  38. Anthony

    What type of meat hauling capabilities does this pack have without the frame? Or do you need the frame for meat hauling such as elk Quarters


  39. Jason Haskell

    Any pictures of the two-tone?

  40. Todd

    Does the pack come with the two hip belt pockets shown in the pictures?

    • Jason Hairston

      You can order it with two.

  41. Todd

    Will the new 1850 be available in Vias camo? I have a long list of gear to purchase, including the “super down” jacket in Vias when it comes out…hoping to add the 1850 to the list to complement my 5000.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes it will come in Vias!!

  42. Richard Wooster

    Awesome. I just put in my order, in Vias!

  43. Bigassbull

    That looks pretty sweet Kuiu!!! Like the weight and the looks

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you!!

  44. BillK

    In Icon1850_VerdeV3.jpg, what is the black layer between the camo pack and Shoulder Strap & Hip Belt?

    The field for day packs is crowded. Your post says little about why you spent the time and money to build a, presumably better, day pack than already available in the crowed field.

    • Jason Hairston

      The Versatility and function of our day pack using it with or without the Icon Carbon Fiber frame is the biggest difference IMO.

  45. Kyle

    Sory, I may have missed it in the blog, if you pre-order the bag, frame, and suspension now will it be the 2012 or 2013 frame and suspension?

    • Jason Hairston

      2013 frame

  46. Luke Petrus

    Is it possible to just get the Bag and Shoulder Straps, or is it that the Bag comes with Shoulder Straps?

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes it is. You can order it with the bag and shoulder straps only or with shoulder straps and the waist belt or with the frame and full suspension.


  47. ehunter

    I think we can answer that because he had a lot of customer demand. Its a dry bag that stretches the capacity from 1850 to around 4000 pretty cool idea uh!.

  48. JR

    Jason you should post a video. Please.

    • Jason Hairston

      I will shoot a video as soon as possible. We are up against a couple of big deadlines for our new website right now. Please be patient.


  49. JR

    Also the idea of being able to use the lids from the bigger pack on the 1850 would be an awesome feature. Increase this pack versatility even further! Excited to hear if this is a possibility.

    • Jason Hairston

      I have been at trade shows and have not been able to play with this concept. I will take a look at it this week.


  50. Matt Burrows

    Great looking pack Jason!!

    So how does this work with the 2011 frame as the straps aren’t that long to allow for the load cell. Does the pack come with longer straps to replace them? If I remember you can’t take off the buckles on the side compression straps because of the end on the strap not fitting through the buckle. Then the only option is to cut the strap or the sewing of the strap end. How is this going to work to allow for interchanging of the packs on 2011 frames?

    • Jason Hairston

      New webbing straps that will come with the pack.


  51. bob

    If you pre-order this with the frame, will you be getting the 2013 frame (since it’s 2013 now)? It sounds like it has changed. Also – will you have the video up before Feb. 15? Thanks

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Bob,

      Yes you will be getting the 2013 frame. I will work on getting a video up loaded. We are up against a couple of big deadlines for our new website so we may not get them up before. You can always cancel your preorder if you do not like what you see on the video.


      • bob


  52. MAT

    So are the shoulder and hip belts the same as the Icon 5000/7000? I’m a bit confused, I thought these had their own suspension too?

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes they are the same on both the 5000 & 7000. The suspension is modular and can be removed from the frame really easily.

  53. Brock

    Liking the pack. Do you have any pictures of the organization inside the pack? Might have to sell my current daypack and pick one of these up. Also, if I am only considering the 1850 would the frame still be worth the extra cost? Thanks

  54. Connor

    Love the pack design! This will most likely be my go to scouting pack. KUIU will be getting a good portion of my next few paychecks. Keep turning out excellent products!

  55. jesus

    hello I’m from Spain and I want to buy the backpack I have to do.Icon 1850 With Shoulder Straps & Hip Belt y Hip Belt Pouches .

  56. jesus

    hello I’m from Spain and I want to buy the backpack I have to do.Icon 1850 With Shoulder Straps & Hip Belt y Hip Belt Pouches .

  57. Joe

    I know you said you were going to make a video, but I want to pre order the 1850 and also get the 5000 with it. Can the 1850 be packed in the 5000 or would it have to be carried between the pack and frame?

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Joe,

      You can pack it either way. Place your pre-order to get your discount and if you do not like what you see on the video you can always cancel it. I will get the video up as soon as possible.


  58. JR

    Any chance you beat the estimated date of June 15? I want it for my backcountry fishing trip for a good trial run so badly but thats on memorial weekend :(.

  59. Scott D

    Is the preorder still open to order a few of these packs?

  60. Scott D

    Is the preorder still open to order a few of these packs and get the 10%?

  61. Chad S.

    What, if any, are the limitations on the load sling? Is there a recommended max weight? What type of depth can you get between the pack and the carbon frame? I am not too familiar with your packs, sorry.

    Essentially, would I be able/ safe to put an elk hind quarter in there?

    Pack does look great!

  62. D R Horrocks

    Do you guys have a video on the Icon 1850?

  63. Shaun E

    Any chance there will be an 1850 available mid April? Heading to the dark continent for a long hunt and weight is an issue. Love your products!!


    • Jason Hairston

      We are not expecting the 1850 until early June.


  64. Jeremy

    Jason, What changes are being made to the 2013 frame? It appears the frame is different, but I haven’t seen any description on what changes have been made for this year. I’m giving this pack some strong consideration as a day pack that can be converted for backpacking just by adding a few stuff sacks and using the webbing. I love the idea of having a meat hauler on my back at all times. I’m also curious if there is a meat shelf option for packing out quarters?

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Jeremy,

      The 2013 frame uses a new resin formula which has more elasticity and gives the frame more durability. We also improved the manufacturing process which has allowed us to further reduce the weight of the frame.


  65. David Young

    Hi Jason,

    Can you tell me how much the 3 aluminum stays weigh and are they needed if attatched the the carbon frame? Thanks in advance, Dave

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi David,

      I do not have the exact weight of the stays off the top of my head and I am out of the office but will post this information up. They are not needed if you are attaching the bag to the frame or if you are not carrying moderate loads in the day pack.


  66. David Young

    Thanks as always for your response. Really looking forward to putting this pack to work. The mods answered my question on the stays weight and it is so minimal I will just leave them in. Thanks again, David

  67. Todd Watkins

    I preordered the 1850 in Phantom/Major Brown. Could you post some pictures of the pack in that color scheme? I hear we have some new products to look forward too like the new Kestrel knife, glove liners, bino harness, more hats, new Guide jacket colors? Any new solid colors being released? Price points? Thanks again for making the best gear available. This is gonna be a very exciting season

  68. Doug

    Any chance you have video showing the full layout of the pack? Also, if I were to order it now how long of a wait would I be looking at?

    • Jason Hairston

      The packs will be launched early next week. If you order a pack it will ship in 5 to 7 business days right now. This will get to 1 to 2 business days once things get caught up.