After returning from three trade shows and working...

After returning from three trade shows and working directly with customers and new people to the KUIU brand it is clear to me I have not done a good enough job educating our customer base on fabrics and why KUIU is so different than every other Outdoor and Hunting apparel product line.

To help, I will do a series of posts covering KUIU suppliers and why I have chosen them.

I encourage you to ask me questions and encourage you to ask the same questions to other brands you may be considering when shopping for gear.  This is an age of the consumer. You have the right to know what you are buying. Please ask.


FABRIC – A Massive Difference

Price points have driven performance and quality out of today’s Outdoor technical fabrics. “Big Box” retailers do not have the gear experts to explain to their customers why one brand’s fabric performs better than another.

Branded fabrics such as Toray, Schoeller, Cordura, and Polartec ensure quality backed by years of research and development, strict raw material standards, skilled labor, the highest quality equipment and extensive testing and supportive data.

At Big Box stores, the retail price is what ends up selling the product.  Especially when racks of clothes all look the same, and no one explains the differences. Once dominate in technical performance apparel, over the past decade fabrics from Polartec, Toray, Schoeller, and Cordura are being replaced by non-branded low cost fabrics.

Non-Branded or “Sourced” knockoff fabrics are made in low cost mills in Taiwan, China and India to save manufactures as much as 75% in compairison to a “similar” fabric from Polartec, Schoeller, Cordura or Toray.

For example:

Attack Pant Fabric: $14.00 per yard from Toray.
Attack Pant Fabric: $4.00 per yard from a Taiwan sourced mill.

Guide Soft Shell Fabric: $15.00 per yard from Toray
Guide Soft Shell Fabric: $5.00 per yard form Taiwan sourced mill.

Because they are made to be inexpensive, sourced fabrics do not have fabric engineers with expertise in research and development, nor the skilled labor or equipment as large branded fabric programs. Everything these mills do is focused on reducing costs, there is little if any testing, no warranty and you do not know what you are getting other than a LOT OF ELASTIC and a low price.

Sourced fabrics are the reason so many of you are biased against Asian made apparel. I get it. Cheap fabrics do not perform, feel or wear the same or have the comfort and durability as more expensive branded fabrics and have created this stigma.


Manufactures know this and make up fake names for their fabrics so they appear as branded fabrics. This is very common. Google these names and see who makes these so called “branded” fabrics. Ask who makes these fabrics. If they tell you they are the same as branded fabrics they are flat out lying to you.

Another trick for cheap fabrics is to add coatings, additives, or treatments to help with pilling and drying times. These are not solutions to sourced fabrics. These are band-aids for cheap fabric and will wear out over time.

When you are shopping for a new garment look at who makes the fabric so you are not paying $150 for a pair of pants using a $4.00 per yard fabric. You are paying too much for too little.

I hope this information helps you be a smarter consumer. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding our fabrics I would love to answer them.




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  1. Aaron Tubbs

    Jason- posts like this are exactly why I’ve come to buy and love KUIU. At first I was skeptical, not being able to put your products in hand before buying. Not anymore. I’m convinced you’re doing good work with us in mind, using great materials to build superior gear. Only one question: are you going to be able to keep up on the number of orders once people are actually educated on KUIU 🙂

    • Jason Hairston

      Great question Aaron!! I hope so!

  2. Jerry V

    Thanks Jason

    • Jason Hairston

      My pleasure Jerry!

  3. Dario

    Hello KUIU staff,

    I read your blog and articles on you web page. I’m very fascinated about yours clothes, pants and pacs. I spend a lot of time in nature – hunting. I have one question. Do you send your items to Europe, Slovenia? We are part of european union.

    Best regards,

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Dario,

      We ship orders everyday to Europe, no problem. Please let me know if you have any questions.


  4. gary

    I just have to say I LOVE my attack pants. The fit is awesome and they are so damn comfortable. I wear them everywhere.. KUIU..not just for hunting anymore

    • Jason Hairston

      Love to hear this Gary!

  5. Dave

    An uneducated consumer is every high end manufacturer’s nightmare. The same can be said for the many upper echelon optics companies that provide high quality optics. To the uneducated consumer looking to purchase a spotting scope or set if binos, price is usually the deciding factor, hence the reason for more low end optics suppliers than high end. I think every industry suffers this dilemma and it is just as prevalent in ur business. Continuing to communicate and educate us is the best thu g u can do, from there we become spokespeople for the brand. From a personal standpoint there is no way I knew half if what I do now when it comes to performance outer wear, for exams the info you posted about use of spandex/Lycra and the negative impact they have in the weight ratio. If you hadn’t explained that to us none of us would be any of the wiser. Keep up the good work and product innovation, those demanding the best will follow.

    F2 Outfitters

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Dave, very well said! I will continue to educate. It is fun to share the knowledge.


  6. Jeremy

    Jason, I only own the Chugach jacket and pant so far, but I really love them and they have been a great shell for some Winter treks here in Vermont! My question is what do you know about Cocona fabrics? I have been a HUGE fan of Firstlite’s base layers for years now and I see they are coming out with some outer wear garments. I am considering your guide series, but wanted to see your take on a competitor? Thanks,

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Jeremy,

      GREAT Queston! Cocona is an additive made from Coconut Shells that is supposed to help fabrics dry faster and eliminate order and resist UV. Cocona does not make fabric. Fabric mills add Cocona to fabric. This is an example of putting a bandaid on less expensive fabric. Let me know if I have not answered your question.


      • Jeremy

        Thanks Jason, that’s exactly what I needed to hear!I’ll be ordering my Guide gear soon.

        • Jason Hairston

          Glad I could help.

  7. Craig Germond

    KUIU is doing a great job! I think some consumers just like to complain about companies and the internet hasn’t help. They’re quick to bash. A lot of folks don’t like buying top end clothing and in their opinion it’s a waste of money and unnecessary. It’s funny they’ll buy top end bows or guns etc then go cheap on clothing. IMO if you aren’t comfortable and protected from the environment those top end bows and guns aren’t going to make your hunt successful especially on hardcore mountain hunts like out west or in AK, BC or Yukon. I know your fully aware you can’t make everyone happy even though you try your best.

    I like KUIU because you build great products that are functional and well though out and made for hunters by hunters. I’ve taken my KUIU gear on hunts all over the country and it’s performed flawlessly. Actually five of my friends just bought over a $1000 each worth of KUIU gear after I showed them mine. They stated to me it was the best clothing they’ve ever worn and they’re very hard to please.

    Team KUIU keep up the good work and looking forward to more newly developed products.

  8. Joe Polunc

    The cost/benefit analysis is a key component for a lot of what we buy today. Not just for hunting either. Knowledge gives you the power to make smart decisions which are not always the cheapest.

    • Jason Hairston

      Well Said Joe!

  9. Will Jenkins

    Great post Jason. Kind of along the lines of my review of the Guide Series on the Western Hunter Magazine blog not too long ago. With KUIU you definitely get what you pay for and then some. Like most I never had a chance to touch it until I owned it and I’ve been nothing but impressed. Now seeing the cost per yard of the fabrics I’m somewhat shocked as to how low the prices are. Keep up the good work!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Will for your comment. Add 50% to KUIU’s prices to the realize the Retail Cost of KUIU. This is why there are so few brands running Toray fabrics in the United States.


  10. Joel Biltz

    Well when KUIU was first introduced I was paying for a quality consistant hunting gear that fit me great. But with the move came inconsistant fit that I can no longer rely on. Your answer is wait longer and get a bigger size. Well there was nothing wrong with the fit before why did things change. Move = lower cost for you and consistency went to hell. JMHO. I used to love KUIU but with all the issues and wait times I went back to SITKA. No waiting and very consistent in sizing.

    • Jason Hairston

      Ho Joel,

      As I have mentioned before, the move to Toray was only made to increase quality and increase quantities to meet demand. Toray is not a low cost provider in fabric or production. I am sorry if we lost you as a customer. I hope I can earn your business back someday soon. I am here to work with you personally if this will help. Please let me know.


      • Joel Biltz

        Jason. You also have my email address. Thanks.

  11. Erik Skaaning

    The whole reason I buy Kuiu is BECAUSE I get what I pay for!! Great post Jason.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Erik!

  12. Jason Haskell


    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Jason,

      I meet and review Schoeller fabrics twice a year and absolutely love them. I have tested them head to head against Toray and continue to stay with Toray because they are lighter and perform better because of Toray’s patented spiral yarn technology.


  13. Nigel Ivy

    Great info as always, Jason. Love your transparency. It’s a rare trait in todays business world.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Nigel! I hope you are doing well.


  14. Kevin Dill

    Personally…I think the KUIU products of today easily surpass those of a few years back. I’ve always thought that your fabrics were superior to the competition. No amount of workmanship will offset poor or cheap fabrics…regardless of name.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Kevin!

  15. Joel Biltz

    Transparency. Yea. Selling and shipping a lot of Verde gear before telling everyone that we moved our opporation to china. That’s about as transparent as it gets. Why not tell us before you ship out all the gear. And to top it off all the sizing at least for my size got screwed up. Great business practice.

    • Jason Hairston


      I am not perfect. I am do my best running a fast growth business and will make mistakes. I am so sorry you are this upset with KUIU. If you give me the chance I will fix it.


      • Joel Biltz

        Jason. Thank you for taking the time to email me. I just returned your email. Feel free to call me anytime to discuss

  16. Joel Biltz

    Why did my last post get erased. I thought you were done erasing post!!!

    • Jason Hairston

      I do not believe it did?

  17. Ryan Thorne

    I lurk around this site quite a bit. I read the blog and the forums. I don’t have any Kuiu as of yet and I have yet to even put my hands on it. But the next piece that I buy will be Kuiu. This stuff is built by a guy that is driven by passion and the desire to make and use the best gear possible. That’s hard to find in any products that we use. I know that there are some issues, but that’s going to happen. It’s not the problems, but how they are addressed. And it seems to me that they have been addressed, at least to my satisfaction.

    • Jason Hairston

      I look forward to having you as a customer. Thank you for the comment.


  18. Ken Allen

    Jason – you are appealing to a large sector that understands backcountry hunting and hiking as well as layering – I am headed out this Friday for four days in the backcountry in WA State and with the climate changes, snow, and amount of miles that we will put on; the comfort and confidence for me is unmatched. There will always be the consumer that will convinces themself that the cheaper product is just as good. That is the same consumer that either doesn’t want to spend the extra money or they have developed an attachment to another brand. It’s hard to capture a consumer that either won’t try the product or that is biased to another brand.

    Keep pushing and innovating and along the way some of the naysayers will jump on board – and for those that don’t, it’s okay. The KUIU community will keep growing.

    Ken Allen

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Ken for the kind words and taking the time to comment.


  19. Kevin M

    Despite the issues that you’ve faced, I will remain a dedicated customer due to your commitment to building the best products you can. And I laugh when I see people getting bent out of shape when things don’t go perfectly their way. Sure you’ve had some growing pains but that’s to be expected when the success of your business has been so phenomenal in the first couple of years. Can’t wait until the budget will allow my next purchase.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Kevin!

  20. Todd

    Once again, great job Jason! No other company has the balls to be this upfront and open to their customers. Keep up the great work!

    The only thing I think you guys need to work on (And I know you probably are) is lowering the shipping costs to Canada. I have a stack of mad money burning a hole in my pocket and a list of Kuiu gear I want, but am holding off because of the shipping costs. I have to wait until I will be close to the US boarder and use Ship Happens. ( A US shipping address for Canadians) Please give this topic some more thought. I know a lot of guys that don’t buy your gear just because of this.

    Anyways, keep up the great work!

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Todd,

      We are working on this and may have some solutions to be announced this spring. I get it and appreciate everyone’s feedback and we will get something better Canada soon.


  21. Armosino

    Thank you for the stream of info Jason. Recently got my new attack pant and quix down pullover. Compared them with my first run items and found the quality continues at KUIU. Thanks for great products and innovation. As I told you at the sheep show, you have created more than a brand, you have created a family of likeminded hunters. Whether I am home in Oregon or the Yellowknife airport and see someone in KUIU, stories are shared and friends made. I am happy to be a part of this. Tom Armosino

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you so much for the comment and nice words. It was good to see you at the show. Good luck this season!


  22. Tim Hansford

    Perfect, thank you for being so honest to us.

    • Jason Hairston

      I appreciate the feedback Tim!!

  23. Steve Shannon

    Thanks for the great work. Haters gonna hate. Keep doing what you are doing and innovating the hunting industry, and forget the nay sayers. Mistakes were made and you have offered to correct them as best you can.
    I love all my KUIU gear and have a new pack waiting to be broken in this Spring. Looking forward to some bear, moose, and caribou hunting with it.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Steve!!

  24. NathanR

    It’s hard to find any company now days that looks at customer service as a priority. KUIU is a company that is passionate about not only the product they provide, but the people that purchase and wear the product. Kudos to you Jason and staff.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you NathanR!

  25. JR

    Joel it doesnt sound like you went back to SITKA. Sounds like your still here. 🙂

  26. Nick

    Joel – talk to Jason/KUIU (nicely) I had the same issue with mis-sized guide pants – after I mentioned it to Jason, it was acknowledged and fixed.
    Jason – the gloves suck – sorry, at least as far as warmth goes, durability not sure yet. I mention this because mine say “made in China” – comments?
    Thanks for the opportunity to communicate with you.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Nick. In regards to our Guide Gloves, they are not designed to be a winter glove. The Pittards Leather will wear like a work glove and protect your hands against slips and falls in sheep country while still having enough dexterity to shoot with them on. The best glove factories in the world are overseas.


  27. w.b.

    Well, i’ll tell you this. I saw sitka a a couple sports shows.. but the CEO/owners were no where to be found.. humm..
    Yet, Jason was at all the shows. Explaining in great detail his company, products, any any questions customers had.
    I didnt get to talk to him personally in Utah, but I watched his interactions with others. The Kuiu booth was packed all day each day. I could not say the same for the other companies.
    I ended up buying the 1850 pack at the expo. Great pack.
    Kuiu definitely has room for improvement as all companies do, but you will be hard pressed to find better material, clothing, prices and quality.
    All of you heading back to Sitka.. dont let the door hit ya.
    Thanks Jason for making great gear. I know my back, knee’s, legs, and shoulders appreciate it!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks W.B. I am sorry I did not get to say hello!


  28. lynn

    i seen you but didn’t get back to your booth in friend bought your down coat he says it is not very warm,what should he wear with it.

    • w.b.

      First, it is ‘I saw’ not ‘I seen’. Second, the down jacket is not an outer shell. He should be wearing it under an outer shell like the Guide Jacket if he is not.
      If he is wearing it as an outer shell, he is not using it properly. If he is using it as a layer and he is still cold, i would begin to question what kind of weather he was in while using it.
      It has become apparent to me there are just some people you cannot please no matter what you do. In that case, ignore them. Nothing you say or do will ever be good enough.

    • Jason Hairston

      As W. B. Explained so well. Our down are ultralight mid-layers. Not a heavy down outer coat that would only serve one purpose. I recommend wearing it under a Guide or Chugach Jacket.


  29. Mike Schlegel


    Thanks for clarifying and addressing the ‘bad’ raps KUIU has been receiving from the uninformed and difficult to please.

    See you in Boise, ID on March 23.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Mike!!

  30. Joel Biltz

    Ok I want to personally thank Jason for taking the time to email me and talk to me on the phone about my concerns. Jason has went above and beyond to accommodate me and try to get me back into KUIU. Jason was a pleasure to talk to and has convinced me to come back. This my friends is what customer service is all about. Going above and beyond. With what Jason and I discussed I will be using KUIU from hear on out. Thanks for taking the time Jason. It means a lot. Joel Biltz

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Joel for giving me the chance to earn your business back. It is important to me and I cannot wait to see photos from your Alaska trip. Good luck.

  31. Justin Starck

    Great post Jason! There are so many advantages of quality materials for the consumer; durability, weight, dry time, weather protection, breathability, etc. On the other hand there seem to be many clothing manufactures that prefer the advantage of reduced cost which should ultimately hurt their bottom line (not that it does). When looking at other manufacturer’s product descriptions, it seems like they distract you from the product by concentrating on “features” or portraying the heroic feat that can be performed using their gear.

    I have had people contact me asking about KUIU or how it compared to other technical hunting clothing manufacturers. My answer is normally along these lines, “I would have a hard time using anything else.”

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Justin. I always appreciate your feed back!


  32. Glenn


    Thank you for personally taking the time to further educate me on your products at the Expo in SLC. I’m not sure I can say enough about the service I received. I get a lot of cock-eyed looks when I tell people how much I am paying for KUIU gear, but it soon turns into a look of amazement when they try on the Super Down Jacket then it folds it into its own pocket. I’m sure it will be the same with the rest of the line. Looking forward to getting my icon 5000 in June. I’ve learned with all things, that getting what you want is worth waiting for over settling for your second choice and always regretting it.

    Cedar City

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Glen! It was nice to meet you as well.


  33. Rob Power

    xhanged since my

    Jason Ian wanting to order the Verde camo has the sizes changed since I preferred two years ago??

  34. Josh Wright

    I will not use anything else. I just hope you get the Polartec fleece in permanently. The gloves could be better and the hats do not fit as good as the first run, but that is being picky. I’m sure I own close to 2k worth of KUIU. Keep up good work.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Josh,

      I love Power Stretch by Polartec, unfortunately they will not print. So for now not in Vias or Verde. I will be running this program in solids.


      • Josh Wright

        Solids are fine. Just get them stocked!! LOL.

  35. mike

    Hey Jason, it was great meeting you in Salt Lake and I think those who are worried about quality should try Kuiu side by side to ANY other brand. I am a firm believer in Kuiu after my 9 days sheep hunting,I wore competitors pants and shirt one day and went back to wearing my rinsed out attack pants and merino shirt…much better,keep it up. Mike

    • Jason Hairston

      Glad to hear it Mike!

  36. dirk

    All I can add is that I also had problems with the sizing issue of the attack pants. Returned them with no questions asked and got a different pair that fit awesome.

    As long as kuiu is in business, i WILL not buy another brand. Great product and great customer service EVERY TIME i called.

    Now….when are the Verde in 38’s coming? lol

    • Jason Hairston


  37. Jeff M Valunas

    As you know- I absolutely love these technical posts from you, on this blog, and look forward to learning more in future posts on this upcoming series of posts.(“What are you paying for”)
    I have so much to say- However, I will keep it to this topic! I subscribe to 2 blogs (BUILDING KUIU and another), both are of the HIGHEST QUALITY in my opinion. On the other blog, he (unbiased to my belief) speaks highly of your product, and Arc’teryx. In a “perfect controlled bubble”; I get the impression, that he likes the others fabric/function better than KUIU! However, he understands the lack of camo patterns on that brand. Although, they have started making some more earth tone colors available. THE HUGE PROBLEM IS- That stuff is priced “OUT of this WORLD” and certainly out of my current(disposable income), hunting apparel range. So, the QUESTION IS: Is that stuff better technically, or just priced so high, due to the lack of- DIRECT TO CONSUMER MODEL, that KUIU is incorperating?
    In full disclosure: I HAVE NOT researched them, due to pricing. I would probably bet my life, you have investigated/researched/used their product, at some point in your life.
    Nearly ALL of the 2K’ish worth of “Original KUIU apparel” I purchased, is holding up strong… My ‘Attack Pants’ are nearing the end, due to mesquite and cactus… Not KUIU’s fault, just hunting hard!!!
    Thanks, for making KUIU such an enjoyable place to spend my hard earned money and learning why, that was a GREAT CHOICE! 🙂

    PS- I read, somewhere in a past, recent comment, that putting something on the site about cleaning instructions for each piece of gear. I think that would be a PERFECT WAY, to show your commitment to your consumers. We have done the research and committed the funds, to this AMAZING apparel. Extending its life, should be a prerequisite! (yes, I had to look that one up 🙂 )

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Jeff,

      You may be surprised at some of the fabrics Arcteryx uses. They are certainly not all the branded fabrics. You will find Polartec, Toray and Gore fabrics as well as sourced. Arcteryx is expensive because of the retail mark up. For example the Chugach Jacket would retail for $600, the Guide Jacket for $460 and Attack Pants for $300 more expensive than Arcteryx Products at times.

      I always appreciate your input and feedback my friend.


  38. Kyle johnson

    Jason, I have been a Kuiu customer from the start. I have over $1k invested in Kuiu clothing and it has changed the way I pack for the backcountry. I can take less clothing, be more comfortable and best of all it weighs less. I had one zipper break on some attack pants that was fixed free of charge.

    I will be a Kuiu customer for a long time. Animals beware. Thanks for continuing to push innovation!


    PNW backcountry

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Kyle!

  39. Eric

    I was reading my Field and Stream and saw an article by Steven Rinella titled Hells Gobblers. In the article photos I couldn’t help but notice the Vias pants he was wearing. More and more people will get it as time passes. I’m definitely seeing your gear more often in publications.

    Also when are you going to release a baseball cap in Verde made out of a technical fabric? A thicker beanie would be nice too:)

    • Jason Hairston

      The Caps will be here next month as in March. I do not have delivery dates yet.


  40. Donn Neitzel

    Great information in that post Mr. Hairston.

    But this quote is only part of the story;
    “Sourced fabrics are the reason so many of you are biased against Asian made apparel”.

    Supporting workers in our own country(and Canada), while getting a premium product is also very important to myself, and many others I presume.

  41. Jim Meloy

    Hey Jason,
    Just a quick question? After much research i have decided to upgrade to my moutain hunting clothes to KUIU. My only question now is which pattern wiuld work the best for me? I hunt in CO and Idaho for mule deer and elk. I live in TX, so i also do a lot of turkey and deer hunting. And if time will allow, i try to make it back east to spend time hunting with my Dad. Your help and input on which camo pattern to use would be greatly appreciated!! Also if anyone else is reading this and feels like they can help, please feel free tondo so!

    • Justin Starck

      Go with Vias, it is very versatile and very effective.

      • Brady Miller

        I will second what Justin has said. I’d recommend Vias as well. It flat out works at breaking up your profile!! Vias works perfect mule deer and elk hunting here in Montana.

    • Jason Hairston

      I am a big fan of Vias and Verde, so I may not be the best person to ask which one and get a definitive answer. They both work on the same principals of using light and dark contrast to break up your profile at distance which makes them effective just about everywhere.


  42. Jim Meloy

    Thanks Justin! Appreciate the feedback!

  43. Jon

    I have a pretty indepth understanding of wholesale performance clothing lines, and the companies selling the technology to clothing mfg’s. What Kuiu has done is amazing, not only for the consumer but also the industry. Most whole sale to retail market up is 100% and on top of that its MAPP protected by the Maker. So the only time you see a discount is on discontiued products. When you look at competing products, think of that and think of what you are really getting for your money. Kuiu is truely selling wholesale to the public.

    I greatly appreciate the transparency and the new techincal offerings that Jason has brought to the industry. There are technology mfg’s that have fought hard to keep new cutting edge competing techologies from hitting the market place, thus creating a dependancy on thier technologies. Jason has done an outstanding job finding new emerging technologies mfg’s and entering those products into the market place.

    Now please hurry up on the bino covers

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Jon! I appreciate your kind words and insight. You are spot on. The final Bino harness samples arrived yesterday. It looks REALLY good.


  44. Jerry V

    The bottom line is Kuiu works very well, all year long. Awesome fabric, design and choices in camo & solid colors. Won’t be obsolete or wear out in a couple years, at a price that is affordable and of great value. Though there was always be room for tweaking and improvements, you’ve done well Jason, keep it coming.


    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Jerry for the comment and kind words.


  45. Ron Green

    Jason, you say this in your opening paragraph:

    “After returning from three trade shows and working directly with customers and new people to the KUIU brand it is clear to me I have not done a good enough job educating our customer base on fabrics and why KUIU is so different than every other Outdoor and Hunting apparel product line.”

    I disagree… You have done a great job explaining to OLD/ORIGINAL customers about the fabrics, but as your tribe grows and new people are attracted to KUIU, they may not have taken the time to do the research and figure out what makes KUIU different than the big box ‘bubba’ camo.

    I think a continual effort is needed to educate new and potential customers.

    Some of your new customers just see what is the popular new camo and they want some, but may not know (or even be interested in) the benefits of owning KUIU. For those that want to do the research and understand the technology going into KUIU, they may come across conflicting information by just doing a web search and reading what is posted on different forums by un or mis informed ‘experts’…

    Thank you for having this blog to post up correct and relevant information for those willing to do the research. Anything and everything you can do to help with the research is appreciated!

    One thing I’m wondering that might help with the research of products and components that make up the products is having links to pertinent blog posts on the shopping page for each item. That way customers who are interested can go directly to information on the fabric used or even general information posts (such as this one) for more background information.

    Keep up the great work!


    • Josh Wright

      I agree with Ron. Your first customers know what we are getting. The new growth needs to understand also. Use your blog as much as possible for education as well as product announcements. Most are gear junkies and enjoy the tech side anyway.

  46. Kevin

    I just want a bino harness…

  47. ed duda

    Jason, I agree with much of what has been mentioned here. My concern over manufacturing location has peaked once again. Are you now shipping from overseas for some of your product? I have been using your gear for awhile now. Even when a piece failed,still had no cuss words for your line. Have always been a user of high end clothing for hunting or casual. Crossed fingers I hear a favorable response from you, as I have been extremely satisfied with your gear and anticipate more of it. Great job either way…

  48. Joe S

    Every time I am on the fence about whether or not I want to buy one of Kuiu’s products, I always find myself thrown over the edge by simply clicking on a video or two and understanding why you do what you do to make your products with as much quality as you can.

    So whether or not other products are made with equal or similar suppliers, vs. low cost knock off’s isn’t really why I end up buying Kuiu. Although I completely believe that most companies are looking to cut expense everywhere they can. It’s the amount of passion that you have for your company and your gear, and the amount of transparency that you operate Kuiu with. It’s incredibly reassuring to know what makes my gear great that I get from you guys. Keep doing what you are doing and I will continue to trust in your brand.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Thank you, Joe. I appreciate your support for KUIU.