There have been concerns expressed on the forums r...

There have been concerns expressed on the forums regarding sizing of our Verde gear.  It’s important to me that I express how passionately I stand behind my brand, and how equally dedicated I am to delivering the best products and experience possible to our customers.

If anyone has had or is having a fit issue with Verde in comparison to other KUIU products you have ordered in the past, please contact me directly at or call 707-676-5260. I will personally work with our customer service team to take the necessary steps in making things right for you again.  I apologize for any inconvenience and hope I may keep you as a valued customer.

To put in perspective the magnitude of Verde sizing concerns, we have shipped 19,378 units of Verde and received a total of 38 returns from returning customers due to sizing. A .0019% return rate is the lowest return rate I have experience while in the apparel business.

I firmly believe in the products we make, what they are made with, who they are made by and the performance you will get when you choose KUIU. We will continue to innovate and push the boundaries further than any other brand in this industry and I hope you will be a part of it.

Feel free to email or call or comment on the blog. or call the office 707 676-5260.


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  1. CoryS

    Wow…Pretty amazing numbers…Makes me feel bad as I think I represent about 10% of those returns!

    I WILL be emailing you in a couple weeks, but it won’t be about fit issues…Hope to send you a “hero” shot wearing some KUIU solids with a big ol Desert Sheep at my feet.

    Thanks for the phone call the other day. Sounds like things are going well.

    • Jason Hairston

      Good to talk to you as well Cory. Good luck on your hunt and I look forward to hearing about your trip. Be safe.


  2. Will Jenkins

    Very cool Jason I’ve seem the complaints and comments but I couldn’t be happier with the fit of my verde gear. That said it was my first garments. Keep up the great work Jason!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Will!

  3. Lane Buck

    Good job,Jason.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Lane!

  4. Tim Loran

    Jason, I think one of the reason for the low return rate is cost of shipping to return items, at least in Canada cost of shipping makes up 1/4 of the price on some items. So shipping back would be 1/2 the cost of the original garment. (attack pants cost me $60.00 to canada). I think most people just trade off or resell localy if possible or keep and grin and bear it. I no you have no control over the shipping but i just wanted to bring this reason to light.

    • Jason Hairston

      OK. Good to know. I will meet with my logistics team tomorrow and see how we can help with this challenge for customers in Canada. I will figure out something for you and then for Canada. Thank you for taking the time to let me know.


  5. Ron

    was the A .0019% return rate on the XXL side only? I have to immagine if anyone else bought the first run they mave have moved a size up. I have to immagine the only areas you may have had returns were your larger customer base the folks wearing your XXL items. As well the pants in the 40’s i have to immagine might be the ones returned because they fit smaller than your Vias from Canada?


    • Jason Hairston

      90% of our business is in L & XL. We did get some of the returns on 40’s and XXL as you mention. We do have XXXL on orders and have triple checked the 40’s.


      • Ron

        Thanks for the feedback

  6. Armosino

    EVERTHING has been 100 % fit and finish Jason.
    Keep up the good work.
    Great to catch up with you at the Sheep Show.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes it was great to see you at WSF! Thanks for the support and comment.


  7. Joel Biltz

    Well I was 100% on verde returns. 3 items ordered and 3 items returned. I couldn’t get anywhere with customer service so I decided to sell all my KUIU and look elsewhere. I hated to do it but KUIU really didn’t give me a choice. I was really looking forward to using it on my SE Alaska goat and brown bear hunt this sept but I could no longer rely on KUIU.

    • Jason Hairston


      I would like to hear more about you not getting anywhere with customer service. If you would not mind emailing me so I can learn more about your experience and see what I may do for you in the future.


  8. largo

    I have returned 2 pairs of verde attack pants and 1 guide pants all in size 32 from the knee down they were skin tight. My older major brown pants fit perfect ( not sure if this falls under the sizing issue since the waist and length did fit fine ) hope you guys fix the issue otherwise all gear fits great

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Largo,

      Please email me so we can get you taken care of.

  9. Daniel

    Good job!!! Good Service!!!

    I am looking forward your new garment for the summer use.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Daniel!


  10. Nick

    Well I’m glad in a way that I’m not the only one who has had this concern, nobody seemed to want to listen to me at the time but I knew something was wrong.

    I have several pairs of attack pants in Vias and charcoal. 36” waist fits perfectly for me in these pants. So when I ordered and received a pair of 36” Guide pant in Verde and saw how tight they were I knew something was wrong. It is simply not worth it for me to ship them back from Canada, and at the time I was a little upset at spending that kind of money and getting something that didn’t fit. I also expected that If I was to reorder I would end up with the same size issue. So I talked my son into taking them. He orders size 34” waist and they fit him perfectly. I tried on his attack pants in Vias size 34” and they fit me just the same as the Verde Guide pant. So for what its worth I think mine were mislabelled. Anyway when I spoke to someone at Kuiu it seemed like I was going to have to spend a pile of money to return them to potentially receive the same thing. I was left with the impression that I would have to pay to return and to ship another pair. For me it wasn’t worth it. I contemplated reordering a pair in 38” but decided against it as I was upset and didn’t know what I would receive.

    Between my son and I we have a couple thousand bucks worth of your stuff. When I got the Verde pants it was shortly after we had returned from a Stone Sheep hunt on which my son’s ICON 6000 had failed. The frame had broken and a shoulder tension strap had ripped away from the stitching. Kuiu fixed it for him but between this issue and the pants – well as I said I was upset.

    Thanks for the opportunity to contact you.

    • Kevin

      I agree 100 percent!! I sit at home in canada with a 6000 icon which I bought for good money second hand that the strap broke also !! Now I have the 7000 icon with a hip belt that rubs me raw on the small of my back !! Can’t afford the shipping to return even if there was warranty. Sometimes it sucks living in canada!!

      • Kevin

        Just recieved an email from Jason and he said he’d make things great when he had products avaliable!!! Now that is great service!!! It’s not the point that kuiu doesn’t have great customer service they have the best customer service!! It’ just sucks on the cost of doing business in canada. Shipping and receiving product is expensive. But again has nothing to do with kuiu product. I enjoy your product !! It is well made and a leader in the industry!! Thanks again Jason!!

        • Jason Hairston

          I just got out of a meeting discuss in Canada and how we fix the return and shipping issues for you. I do not have any answers yet. But we will get something much better than we currently have so you guys do not get stuck with something that does not fit or perform as expected. I will give you an up date in the future as we work out the details.

          If you have any suggestions or ideas please pass them on!


  11. Carl Hicks

    Jason, one way to squash some of these concerns and further strengthen the guarantee would be to cover return shipping expenses on all returns, when the return is for an alternative item.. I realize this would be an added expense to you but great customer service always costs more than standard customer service….


    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Carl,

      This is something we have discussed and you bring up a great point.


  12. Brad

    Wish I could chime in but still waiting on my verde attack pants preorder. 🙁
    Any word on when they will be in?

    • Jason Hairston

      May is the ETD.


  13. Greg

    I had a few items that fit snug when other clothing the same size fit perfect. I sent back a few items but didnt send back other items because I didnt want to invest/lose any more money because of shipping charges. So i either sold it or dealt with it. I bought a hat for 15-20$ and the size was so different I couldnt wear it or shrink it to fit. I sold it on ebay for -5$ on top of the 15-20$ i already invested. I am pleased with 85% of the products bought.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks for the comment Greg. I back up all of my products and if you still want to return or exchange please let me know.


  14. Jerry

    WOW almost 20,000 units! That is quite a feat however, I like many are disappointed there are no solid colors in attack pants. I know the biggest point is getting the new verde pattern out in the general hunting populous but I think the solid colors get worn much more than the camo.

    When the new solids come out, will there be enough units to go around?

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Jerry they are coming and we will be better about having these in stock in the future.


  15. Jerry

    BTW, Kuiu does have some of the best customer service around, bar none.

    I just wish stock could keep up with demand. Solid color Attack pants are popular enough that you can’t find any online anywhere, not ebay, not craigslist, not in the whole world.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Jerry!


  16. Pedro Ampuero

    Amazing numbers!

    I dont know how you find time to take care of everything personally Jason, great job, people really appreciate that.

    Take care,

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Pedro! Sleep less work more:))

  17. Ryan

    I did get some of your quix down stuff in verde and it was alot tighter than the other down stuff i ordered. It is awesome stuff for sure but the fit is different. I will be able to use it but will not be able to layer as much as it hoped. I do appreciate that you have made this stuff in a more athletic fit and have never been dissapointed with the quality.

    Thanks for all the great stuff,

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Ryan,

      We have not had any sizing issues at all with the Super Down product line. If you are not happy with the fit please return it for a size up. Super down is not a over coat, but a mid-layer piece that is designed to be worn over the merino and maybe a Guide Vest and under your Guide Jacket or Chugach Jacket.


  18. Ryan

    I was just saying it fit smaller that my previous down jacket. Very happy with the new stuff and dont need to return it just wanted to point out it fit a little smaller than the previous stuff.

    • Jason Hairston

      Got it Ryan. Remember Super Down stretches and is a mid-layer so it will fit a bit smaller than other down outerwear. Thank you for the comment and support!


  19. Brian McElrea

    I’ve invested a lot of money since day one and overall I’m very satisfied. Putting everything into perspective KUIU has done incredibly well in many aspects with the overwhelming success of the company. We are still in the infancy stages here people!

    Success and demand certainly can compound an issue but overall my dealings with both the customer service folks and Jason have been top notch.

    I did notice a tighter fit on the Verde attack pants from the knee down but otherwise the quality has been great. My sizing is in the 32 pant/M tops range though.

    Falling on the sword is the best way to deal with any issues. How you have responded will build a tribe for life.

  20. Jason Hairston


    Thank you for your comment and support! I SINCERELY appreciate it.


  21. Cody

    hey man could you put on the website with the item descriptions what the proper care and cleaning instructions are for each item.. i know my self i’d hate to wash something wrong and ruin it..

    • Jason Hairston

      This is a great idea. Thank you.


  22. corry wright

    have purchased several kuiu products. Only issue is with verde 185s zip ts. They are not even close to size of vias zip t 250. 185 verde is bigger body, few inch longer sleeves, not even close to fit of 250 in vias. Thanks.

    • Jason Hairston

      Noted Corry. Thank you.


  23. Harley

    You guys in Canada need to stop complaining… you have over the counter Dall and Stone sheep tags! Just go on ONE do it yourself sheep hunt and you’ll have saved waaaay more money than I’ll ever save with cheaper shipping to the US! 🙂

    • Jason Hairston

      Harley does have a point! A REALLY good point!! 🙂

  24. T Downing

    I am just grateful and really, blown away that the owner of KUIU addresses each and every customer concern. I personally respect and admire the transparency of KUIU…No other company I know of is this truthful, this professional. I love all my gear thus far and if I have some sizing issues, I know I can simply send it back and I will be more than taken care of…I think at times it is good to see the big picture…Thank you Jason and the rest of KUIU employees for a job well done. I appreciate it. T Downing

  25. ron p

    I have no complaints sizing except the crotch length on pants, but I look forward to the day when I need replacements and all colors and appropriate sizes are in stock. I have Vias Chugach set. I had a long time order last year for Vias Attack pants which I switched to Verde last fall when offered. Then since I had Verde pants I switched my guide jacket to Verde. And when Verde Guide pants were the only camo color for the Black Friday sale I could not afford to pass the savings and wait for Vias. I can not (or choose not) to afford multiple sets for different camo patterns. Although I am still getting experience with the camo patterns, I believe what I would prefer if starting over and available is the Attack pants and an Attack weight jacket in Verde for early fall and spring season turkey hunting. Then Vias for all of the Guide wear for colder weather/open terrain and where there is less green.

  26. Dale Bennicke

    Well, one reason Kuiu may not be getting returns for different sizing is from Canadian orders. I ordered a guide jacket in medium and needed a large. I called Canada Customs and they told me as long as the invoice says ‘exchange’on it I would not be charged the taxes and duty again.

    I called and Kuiu told me they would send a large out right away and I could send the medium back. I asked the girl to make sure she put exchange on it and she told me she couldn’t do that because, and I quote “if customs start seeing a lot of exchanges going through we could get in trouble”. end quote. I pleaded with her to no avail and then asked her to check on this and she promised me she would and call me back. She never did, so I just went and bought SitkaGear for my sheep hunt as it was much easier and simpler dealing with a local store.

    • Dale Bennicke

      Oh yeah, I gave the guide jacket to my son. He doesn’t hunt but like the hood.

  27. Brad

    I returned the super down. Ordered XL in all of my shirts/ coats previously and did so with SD. Way to small, returned for XXL.

  28. RP

    I have the vias and the verde..They seem to fit the same to me! No complaints here! Great gear!

  29. Mike P


    You make a valid point about the sheep hunts however…

    We pay 20% more for vehicles, food, cloths, Internet, cable,cell phones…etc

    You guys aren’t that hard done by… 🙂

    All in fun,

    Mike P

  30. George O

    I bought a Kuiu DCS guide jacket in xl so that i could layer under it. My problem is that the sleeves are about 3 to 4 inches to long. I have to adjust the cuffs down tight. I took it on one hunt and it drove me crazy. I do not like th feeling on my wraist. Has anyone else have this problem with long sleeves? How are the sleeves on a spin drift or the new super down zip t? I emailed Jason with my concerns and no reply yet.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi George, what is your sleeve length?


  31. George O

    Not sure, how do i measure that? I shoot a bow at 27.5 inch draw length. I just do not like the tight feeling my my wrist. Thanks for your reply.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi George,

      Do you know your dress shirt size? Or what size Tee-Shirt do you normally wear? You will not have a tight feeling on your wrist with a Super Down Jacket.

  32. George O

    Jason, i sold the jacket today. I still would like to know about the super down zip t or the spin drift. thx.

  33. Jim

    So have the sizing issues been fixed with the attack pan ? i am getting ready to order a pair and want to have an idea on correct size i have a pair of the vias pants from canada in a 36 so 38 in verde ?


    • Jason Hairston


      • Jim


      • Jim

        so yes they have been fixed or yes order a 38 ?

        • Jason Hairston

          Yes they will fit the same.


          • Jim Dempewolf


            Just received the new Verde attack pants size seems to still be an issue i tried my old pair on and the fit was still great and no weight gain on my end. i called customer service and they told me to measure the new pants and see what the size was so i came up with 35″ (if i am doing it right) and i need 36″ my old pair in Vias measure 36 1/4 ” i asked customer service when the next size up will be available they said not until the end of summer. Getting slightly frustrated this will be the second pair of Verde attack pants i have had to send back because of sizing .

  34. George O

    Jason, I am still waiting for your reply. Possible future customer.

    • Jason Hairston

      Sorry George! I responded above.


  35. Nathan Haugen

    I just purchased the guide jacket and the attack pants. I love the material and can’t wait to use them on my next hunt. I have a question, the garments did not have tags on them. Do they normally come with tags?

    The fit is perfect. How much will they shrink after washing and what do you recommend for washing instructions. I would hate to wash them and have them too tight.