Size large Binocular Harness System. Side pockets ...

Size large Binocular Harness System. Side pockets hold wind indicator or Elk Calls

Elastic cord and Dura-flex cord locks adjust the height of the cover for an exact fit.The harness holds tight to your chest and is easily adjustable

30 denier Sil-Nylon diamond rip stop rain cover included
Attachment with gripper elastic to hold the Binoculars in place if you are not using the cover4-Way Stretch Back Panel for Comfort

This is a prototype so not everything is in the exact color, hardware may be slightly improved and the embroidery is not exact. We should have pricing and an estimated delivery schedule by the end of next week.

The Binocular Harness System will be available in Vias & Verde.

This system comes in 2 sizes.  Large will fit up to 10×42, XL will fit up to a 15X56 binocular.

The cover is made of Toray Prime-flex Soft Shell Fabric with Toray’s Durable Water Repellency. The inside of the cover is micro-fleece which makes it very quiet.

More information to come as we receive it.


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  1. Jody M.

    Looking good.

  2. Ben G

    Is the whole harness strap system elastic?

    • Jason Hairston

      No it is nylon webbing.

  3. Brady Miller

    Very impressive! Looks like it will function great while wearing a backpack. Straps and back material won’t get in the way or press against the pack creating hot spots.

  4. Will Jenkins

    Love it! Good work Jason.

  5. Joel Biltz

    Looks sweet. Sign me up for one large in Verde Can’t wait to get it in my hands.

  6. Russ Eldridge

    This looks fantastic! You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into this it looks like you have taken care of all the shortcomings of all the other bino holders! Can’t wait to get one.

  7. CHL

    Those look sweet! Can’t wait to get one.

  8. Jerry Gowins

    Perfect! Just what I’ve been looking for.

  9. Todd

    Looks good! how does it feel with a pack on?

    • Jason Hairston

      Feels GREAT with a pack on!

  10. David


    Can we apply our 50$ credit toward the bino straps and or the day pack which I have on order. I will be ordering the bino strap as soon as you have it available.

    Can’t wait!

    • Jason Hairston

      Credit does not apply to pre-orders

  11. Terence

    Awesome. I can’t wait to order these.

    Would you happen to know which size would fit the new Leica Geovid HD-B in 10×42?

  12. Jason Hairston

    Size L

    • Terence

      Thanks! Will definitely preorder when you announce it. One in vias and one in verde.

  13. Robby White

    Looks great! I’m not exactly sure how the Icon Hip Belt Pouch attaches to the Icon Frame, but it looks like it would be easy enough to slip the pouch onto the lower strap of the harness. This would make for an easily accessible/ambidextrous rangefinder pocket.

    Would that work jason? Do you have something else in mind?

    Looking forward to this product! Thanks for all you’re doing!

  14. Nate

    When can we pre order???

  15. Blake

    Can u post a video it would really help to see how this system works thanks

  16. Darin

    I’m wondering if the branding will be less conspicuous on the finished product. I don’t really see the need for huge KUIU logos when I’m in the mountains. I’m perfectly fine as are the sheep with smaller brand logos tone on tone in the corner vs. approximately 10′ wide on the rain cover and the entire front of the camo fabric cover.

    The branding on the other KUIU gear I own is fine in my opinion but this one seems to be a little too much for my tastes and wants in the field.

    Just my two cents.


  17. KMM

    Hi, Jason. looks great! which size would fit the Leica Geovid 8×56?

  18. Juan Puente

    I’m thinking a size L would fit the ZEISS Conquest’s? If so, put me down for a L in VIAS…

  19. Joel Biltz

    Hey Jason, does this have a small pocket to store the rain cover?

  20. Terran Leavitt

    Jason will it be available in vias from the start too or just verde?

  21. Chad

    Jason, what’s with that word ‘elastic’ that keep popping up? Haha just kidding I like the harness a lot. Finally

  22. A.Ivy

    Jason, Firstly I really like that it holds to your chest so unlike other Bino harnesses its not dangling down when your crawling though the bush.
    Couple things I notice, the top buckles-clips, as a bowhunter, the less stuff in that front chest area the better, also it looks like it could be close to getting under the backpack shoulder straps which can be terribly uncomfortable, those plastic ones are always noisy as well. I like to see those much closer to the Bino’s better yet try get rid of them altogether or go for a much more slimline (non clip) buckle that works like the Belt Buckle, it would be one less thing to go wrong and much more slimline.

    Agree with reducing branding size.

    Great looking harness!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks for the comment I can understand your concerns. After two years of testing and developing this system we have never had an issue with the quick clips with or without a pack on or catching on a bow string or any type of comfort issue.


  23. Bradpeddy

    Looks great – can i pre-order a L in Verde

  24. Jeff M Valunas

    I assume, this has been a difficult venture. I have seen, the numerous comments/Forum posts, begging for this to come to
    fruition.(Perhaps that ‘rush’, drove you, to release, early)
    Based off these photos- I can’t help to wonder, if perhaps; The carriage got ahead of the horse???
    Thankfully- Due to your past performance, we can all look forward to this being an anomaly.
    I have on paper, a possible solution/suggestion, to all 6 Photos that you shared with us.
    I would have shared right here, but- That would not be Cool! Nor, appropriate!!!

    Be Well-

    PS- Let me know if you would like an email, about some of these possible solutions/suggestions.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks for the comment and commitment to KUIU. 2 years of development and testing is not rushing by any means. I believe this is the best Binocular Harness System that has ever been brought to market. You are more than welcome to email me the suggestions, I am always eager to learn. I look forward to hearing from you!!


      • Jeff M Valunas

        Thank you for replying in the professional manner, I have always appreciated and NEVER taken for granted.
        2 years of hard R&D, DESERVES better than- Me, posting about some (first look) pictures, and making assumed potential design flaws.
        I apologize, for my lack of mindfulness.
        I will send an email your direction, very soon.
        Again- Sorry for the ‘quick trigger on the keyboard’…
        KUIU Customer forever-

  25. Ron Green

    Looks great Jason! Can’t wait to be using one!

  26. Kevin


    In your 2 years of torturing me (testing), how well does it keep dust out? It doesn’t fully enclose the glass, but it may not need to. I like the idea. Send me a large in Vias. Thanks homeboy.

    Also, I like the large decal on the raincover.

    Your pal,


  27. ChadH

    Looks good Jason. Like others I’ve tried most of the systems out there (I honestly think I’ve owned every one of them… but who knows for sure). And I’ve ended up modifying or selling all the others for one reason or another. So, I know just how hard it is to come up with the perfect system (one that supports, transfers weight, isn’t in the way and is comfortable). It looks like you may be to something. I will need to try it out to be sure, but so far so good.

    I do have a qestion though. From the pictures it looks like the shoulder strap section shares dual purpose in providing the support to keep the system from sliding down your torso (as well as the top of the bino from falling away from your torso) while also being detachable from the “main body” and allowing you to raise the binos for observation. This seems to me that it would require the main support to actually be the torso rather than the shoulders. Is this correct? Does it mean that the “chest strap” is necessarily tighter than the shoulder? If so, how does the system provide the support needed to keep a large pair of Binos from being “top heavy” and the eye piece falling away from the objective end which is held tightly to the body? This is the main complaint I have with the current system I use. When it is loose enough to allow for easy use in the observation position, it isn’t nearly tight enough to keep the eye piece of larger binos from being floppy (I’m only talking Swaro SLC 10x42WB, not a range finding Lieca or anything… I can only imagine…).

    I’m not sure if I am being clear with my question. Sorry. And also, I want you to know I think it looks good so far. I’ve been SUPER pleased with all my Kuiu gear (with only one minor exception) and I own basically all of it. Thanks for putting so much work into bringing us great products!

    Oh, and thanks for the REALLY nice inner circle credit I recieved this year… spent it yesterday. You are the best!


  28. Les

    A couple questions:
    1. Are the clasps non-reflective?
    2. Many of us have adapters on our binos that provide quick mounting to tripods. There may be comfort issues without a protective layer between the adapter and user.
    3. Will your design keep dust from attaching to the lenses?
    4. Any pockets to carry lense pens, lense brush and micro cloth for cleaning lenses?

  29. Craig Germond

    Looks great! Is this going to be offer in Vias camo also?

  30. Craig Germond

    I guess I read over it and see it’s offered in Vias. When will pre-order be available?

  31. Kyle

    Looks great Jason, exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

    On a side note, when can we see that black shirt you are wearing show up on the website?

  32. Bryan

    2yrs!? You’ve been holding out on us brother! 😉 Looks great and I can’t wait!

  33. Roger

    As previously suggested, the branding should be reduced in size, maybe some of it eliminated… That is, unless you’re planning on sponsoring me!

    • Kevin

      Why would you eliminate the branding?? I’m proud to wear the kuiu brand!! Great product Jason !! Ill be on the preorder !! You have the best brand!!! Cheers

  34. Jim

    I agree with above comments about keeping branding to a minimum. The shoulder strap webbing might be too wide to fit my Vortex Kaibabs. Are the shoulder strap buckles absolutely necessary? If you unbuckle the torso strap to take the harness on or off, I don’t see what purpose the shoulder strap buckles serve. I know there needs to a way to adjust those straps, but as mentioned above, maybe there’s a lower profile, lighter weight method to do it? I know some guys don’t care and I’m not a total gram weenie, but every ounce adds up until suddenly our gear isn’t very light anymore. I’ve never had a bino harness, but never had heavy, expensive big eye binos to haul around until now, either. Definitely like the way they will keep the binos glued to you when running, creeping or crawling. They appear easier to use in the field than some of the set ups I’ve looked at. Pretty interested, we’ll see what they weigh and cost.

  35. Kevin M

    Looks great and appears to be a significant improvement over what I’ve tried over the past few years.

    However, I’m curious how well this works in conjuction with the Icon pack and if there’s been any thought of simply integrating into the pack itself for those times when the pack simply doesn’t come off your back.

  36. JR

    Jason in pic #3 I am wondering how the case doest drop down when you let the slack out of your binos or when you put them to your eyes… how does the case stay in place when the top straps have slack in them? You know what I mean? Does it just have to be pretty tight around your torso?

  37. JR

    Also I wish so badly that the 1850 and the harness came in the phantom grey! Both in major brown would be decent option too though.

  38. CoryS

    I, for one, like all the “branding”…Breaks up the camo a little and looks good.

    Will be ordering two! One for 8.5×43 EL’s and one for 15×56 Swaros. One in Vias and one in Verde….please.

  39. RustyH

    Any chance of getting all the straps/hardware in a different color, maybe a coyote brown or even grey/olive? It seems to me like black just really stands out in open country, but most straps, belts, and accessories these days just seems to come in black. Just a thought. Thanks for your time and the incredible product line.

  40. Dan Fisher

    +1 for the branding being alittle heavy on the front of the harness pouch and the rain cover. I gotta say the rain cover would be a no go for me with that huge white logo on it. That white logo looks awesome on the back window of my Tundra, but not plastered on my chest when I am hunting. Looking at the pouch, the logo, KUIU and Ultra Light Hunting on the front panel is way toooo much. I would feel like a walking, cheezy bilboard wearing that. My vote would be logo only on the front. Logo and KUIU on the back harness looks good. Thx for listening.

  41. Mike Moore

    Please make the case modular like the Eberlestock Multipouch Chest rig.
    Make the straps removable and the Bino case attachable to both the 1st and 2nd Generation Icon Pack Shoulder Straps. This way you don’t have to worry about hard spots and hot spots under the pack. I agree with the other guys, the rain cover and straps should be a natural color like Major Brown but not Black. Black sticks out like a sore thumb against all that expensive Vias and Verde kit.
    Please no big gawdy logos. A nice classy subdued Ram’s head logo would be cool.I have used a Custom Binobib and a Badlands Mag Bino case for my Leupold RBX. I think yours could be the ticket!

    Please Modular, Natural colored straps and rain cover, Subdued embroidered classy logo only.


  42. Shane Close

    Here’s my initial thoughts: the branding is a little extreme. Why have all that branding on this product, but not on any other product. (Excessive stitching is excessive weight) Obviously you guys tested this, but it just seems like the chest strap would need to be uncomfortably tight in order for the harness to not slip down when you are holding the binos out of the pouch but still slack (hope that description makes sense). Also, does Toray not make a waterproof material that is more similar to whatever soft shell material you are currently using for this. I think polartec has a waterproof soft shell material? (Theirs is 10,000 mpv vs Kuiu’s 20,000) I thought I heard of Toray coming out with a fabric like this… That would eliminate the need for a rain cover which I’m sure half of us will lose. Weight may be slightly more, but I’m sure a lot of people would be okay with this tradeoff so they don’t have to keep track of a miniature rain shell.

    I’m really not so worried that the binos aren’t fully enclosed because the design looks like it’ll keep out any dirt or water just fine. A few of the buckles could be removed in exchange for the pull closures like the belt but I think they’ll be fine and offer a quick release ability so I prefer them.

    Probably not something that I’ll pick up right away, not because I don’t wasn’t it but because I have no use for it in these lame woods. Maybe for the 2014 season if I can get to Nevada for a mule deer hunt. I’m sure you’ll sell the heck out of these and I look forward to seeing the final product. Also, consider coming out with a solid color too.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Shane,

      Great comments and questions. Thank you! Noted on the branding, as I mentioned in my post these are samples and will be adjusted in production.

      To make the Bino Cover waterproof we would need a coated fabric which would make the cover noisy and we would need to seam tape the inside which would be very challenging/impossible with this design.

      This cover is treated with Toray DWR which is the best in the world and will provide some pretty good weather protection while still allowing the cover to be quiet. The rain cover works really well and fits nicely into a pack pocket.

      After 2 years of testing this system I can tell you the chest strap is not uncomfortable to wear, nor would I bring out this product if it was.. The pouch is just a few ounces and does not pull down the chest strap as you are suggesting either.


      • Shane Close

        Thanks Jason!
        I believe you when you say that it’s comfy and it won’t fall down. I just wonder about if you throw slightly heavier items in those side pockets like a pocket knife or one of those super small rangefinders (if it would even fit). But that may not fit into the things this was designed for.

        I fully believe in Toray’s DWR. I’ve been caught in a few different downpours and heavy snowfall and its kept me dry. I can understand the noise being a factor and the seam tape issue. I’d have to get my hands on it, but I wonder if there would be a way to make it using a single piece of fabric thereby eliminating the seams. Might not work. Just throwing ideas around.

        Anyways, I see now that you said the embroidery isn’t correct so I apologize for that. I think that sent a lot of into a tizzy because its so senseless and nothing else you make is like that. When I reread I also noticed you said it will come in major brown. Why major brown? I’m a little more partial to the phantom color. (Again, personal preference. I’m sure either color will sell great.)

        Maybe a preorder incentive would be to throw in one of those lens cleaning cloths? Anyways, keep it up! Looking forward to seeing what else is in the pipeline. Also, keep me updated on Kalamazoo. I’ve got a couple other ideas for potential things if you’re interested too.

  43. Jim Currie

    Jason, for the Bino Cover/Harness:

    My bino’s are: Swarovski SLC 10 x 42 WB.

    Looking forward to seeing the final product.


  44. Stephen Shea

    Thanks Jason. Handier than the Sitka harness. Swarovski EL 8×32

    • Jason Hairston

      yes it is handier.

  45. JEG


    ANy updates on when we can preorder the bino harness in size L?

    Thanks, Jorge

  46. Mark

    I am dying to get one of these (in Vias) !! Any updates?

    • Jason Hairston

      Early summer. I do not have a definitive date yet.

  47. Todd Watkins

    Wow, this is a must have Jason, you can count me in for one. I have the Vortex Talon HD 10x42s!

  48. Mark Lampman

    Jason,I have a eberelstock j34. There is two eye’s on the shoulder straps,could I hook the binocular harness to the j34 shoulder straps?

  49. Todd Watkins

    Do you have any suggestions for a rangefinder with this harness? Or any in general? For hiking purposes the pouch will suffice but in a lock-on stand, organization is crucial.

  50. Mark

    How’s it coming? Any updates??

  51. BIG ERN

    Update on these, need a harness for new Vortex Viper HD 10×42.Inches from ordering the Vortex harness.

    By the way thank you for the great service on my ICON frame. Be wearing the loaded pack tomorrow for a 3D shoot and hike. Ernie

  52. Nick

    I got the same question that Blake posted – I would like to see a video of these.