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DWR going off

We are fans of  product driven brands.  Brands that deliver best in class product, lead an industry and continue driving to reset the bar.  Brands with products that are truly remarkable, creating discussion by exceeding consumer expectations.  Studying successful brands is how we have modeled KUIU.

Below are some of my favorite brand influencers for KUIU.  Please let us know your favorites and lets add to this list….

  1. Arc’teryx
  2. Patagonia
  3. MSR
  4. Big Agnes
  5. Osprey
  6. Apple

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  1. Michael Sendrowicz

    Thanks for a great blog. I very much enjoy reading your thoughts, and seeing the development of Kuiu.

    Regarding brands which influence development, thought I’d add to your list.

    At the top of my list would be Kifaru, Patrick Smith’s new company after he sold Mountainsmith. He’s developed a tremendously loyal following of repeat customers. Not many backpack manufacturers can claim customers who own every pack the company makes, or own multiple tents. Kifaru clothing and sleeping bags use Climashield Combat insulation and Rhinoskin outers.

    Filson’s core line of gear (i.e., their Tin Cloth and Shelter cloth) is legendary, although not necessarily appropriate in the “light and fast” gestalt used by modern hunters. From an outsiders perspective, it’s interesting to watch them take some of their manufacturing offshore, and note the reaction of their customers, as well as note changes in quality. I wonder what the future holds for them.

    Integral Designs, of Canada, is another company who’s products I keep my eye on. Their eVent fabric is often touted as the best breathable on the market.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, both here and on Facebook. I look forward to watching your growth, and future success.

    Michael Sendrowicz
    Seattle, WA

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Mike,

      I am glad you like the blog and I sincerely appreciate your help in building KUIU.

      Your brand influencers are spot on. I am a huge fan of Pat Smiths products and own quite a few of them. My favorite is his tipi and stove for elk camp.

      eVent is the new standard for breathability in all of the data I have reviewed. Integral designs is a great brand and puts out some great products. Thanks for you input here.


  2. Kendall

    I’d add Outdoor Research to the line up of companies making really solid gear that performs and is free from fluff and needless extras. I’ve been backcountry skiing in the Alibi soft shell which was originally made for ice climbing and it’s a tremendous piece of gear. They likely take influence from Arc Teryx as does many in the outdoor world.

    Next time you’re in town for OR, (this summer?) ring me up as I’m just down the road from SLC and attend OR each summer and winter.