We are in development of the new KUIU Super Down...

We are in development of the new KUIU Super Down Sleeping bag line which incorporates the most advanced ingredients ever put into a sleeping bag. They will be incredibly light and warm.

  • Toray fabric
  • Toray’s Kudos DWR
  • 100 % Polish Quix Down
  • YKK Zipper
  • Vertical baffle design maximizes warmth to weight ratios.

As we are working through the development process I need your help in answering the following questions in the comments section below:

  • What temperature rating(s) do you need? 0 degree, 15 degree or 30 degree?
  • What size? Regular (up to 72″) or Tall (up to 78″)
  • What color combinations do you like?

*** Please note: I do not have the spec’s, delivery dates or prices. We are still in the development and testing phase, please be patient.  Because of this, we’re not able to take preorders at this time.  I will share this information with you as soon as it is available.***

Thank you in advance for your help!!


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  1. Isaac

    I currently use a 15 degree regular length bag and it’s perfect. Not too concerned about color.

  2. William

    0 Degree

  3. Kevin

    Word. 15 is a good number in my book, depending on how realistic it is. 72″ is great for me, with some wiggle room on width. Looking forward to more info Jason.

  4. J.R. Young

    0 Degree (already have a 20)
    Charcoal grey (honestly I have no preference though)

  5. Sam

    My personal preference would be 0 or 15 degree, regular size, and any subdued color/camo (ie black, brown, tan, green, VIAS camo, etc.)

  6. Bryant

    I would want a 0 and 30 degree bag. For color I think the gunmetal or major brown would loom good for a sleeping bag. Looking forward to hearing the specs!

  7. J.R. Young

    Choice of zipper side would be a nice option as I could see myself getting one for my wife.

  8. Brian Grossnickle

    For September hunts here in NM I’d get a 30F.
    For my other NM hunts I’d get a 0 degree.
    Color, doesn’t affect my purchase whatsoever as long as it works.

  9. Matt

    Q: What temperature rating(s) do you need? 0 degree, 15 degree or 30 degree?
    A: For me, 0 & 15, but could see L48 guys wanting a 30

    Q: What size? Regular (up to 72″) or Tall (up to 78″)
    A: Regular for me, but lots of guys over 6′ use KUIU

    Q: What color combinations do you like?
    A: I like at least one color to be black (dries well in the sun). Your example looks fine by me.

    Look forward to this!

  10. Eric Bergey

    For going truly ultralight, a 30 degree is perfect. One could double up with the superdown pants and jacket when the temps dip colder. Size regular. Color, not red or yellow. Keep up the good work!!

    • Matt T

      30 degree is right on, I agree with the layering concept even when sleeping, I currently use a 38 degree Western Mountaineering bag with a NeoAir pad, and have had no problems in just t-shirt and drawers down to 30 degree outside temps. The warmer the rating, the more versatile the bag in my opinion. Use black and a primary or strong secondary color for the scheme, that way you can tell when it is dirty, if you use earth tones, dirt will just blend in, meaning you will wash the bag too often, or not often enough.
      Primary or Secondary Color, plus black.
      Please have 78″ option.
      Some big picture date info would be nice, waiting on this before I buy my next bag for bear this fall.

  11. Darren

    0 or 15, regular so stoked to hear about this!!!

  12. Phil

    I use a super light weight 20 degree here in Alaska on most early hunts for myself and guiding. I believe its about a pound and a half. Really helps keep the sheep pack weight down. If yours is as good as the rest of your products I’ll own one. Color isn’t important to me either.

  13. Joe

    Regular length, vias camo, 0 degree. I want a bag where i dont have to worry about getting cold in.

  14. Ron

    0 degree
    Earth Tone Colors



  15. Chuck P

    0 deg.
    Any color

  16. David Casaceli

    15 or 0 deg bag

    Colors preferably outdoorsy, earthy colors. Major brown would look nicer, but it really is a non issue

    Tall tall tall

  17. Marc Fong

    How about an inner and outer bag allowing you the option of modifying weight and temperature rating?

    • Josh Wright

      Like this idea.

      • Bryce

        Second the idea.

    • Justin Starck

      Would pry make it too heavy and bulky…

      • Marc Fong

        Justin, you are right, it would make it a little heavier. However my super down gear is so light that I think the additional weight would be negligible. I would opt for the versatility of adjusting temperature and when warmer, just using the one bag.

        • Justin Starck

          I have two WM bags one is the Megalight(6’6″)(30 degree) and one is the Badger (6’6″)(15 degree).

          The megalight is 25 oz and has 13 oz of fill leaving 12 to be material, zippers and cords. The badger is 40 oz with 25 oz of fill. In order to add a second bag to the megalight so that the two would equal the fill weight of the badger you would end up with 25 oz. of fill and 24 oz. (2*12) of material, zippers and cords. The two bags would total 49 oz., that is 1/2 pound more than the badger. I don’t think you can consider that negligible when you are talking ultralight.

  18. Chad G

    I’m guessing I am not the only man with a big of girth around the waist. I would really take shoulder and belly diameter in to account. Mummy bags are nice, but being uncomfortable is worse. Mountain Hard Wear had a mummy called the sandman. It had elastic cords to expand and contact around the bag to allow leg movement. As for color, stick to earth tones..

  19. Maurice andre

    At least 15F
    Tall, sorry I’m 73″
    Dark colors would be best I think.
    Most bags are too narrow for me, I need extra shoulder width.


  20. Jordan

    15 degree, tall. Keep with the browns and tans, earth tones. Although a vias or verde sleeping bag would be sweet.

  21. Joe Bronson

    I would like to see a 30 for early season and then a 15 or 0 for later. Need a tall, color not real important!

  22. J-F

    20 degree,good for a 6 foot tall.Soon…

  23. Grant

    0-15 degree bag in a tall (78″) bag would be perfect. The other thing that would be nice is making it a little larger in the shoulders. I currently use the marmot plasma in a tall and love the bag for sheep and goat hunts but I need it to be a little wider in the shoulders to avoid cold spots on my elbows. Preferred colors would be black on the outside and a bright color to catch someone’s attention if need be on the inside (turning it inside out and waving it).

  24. J-F

    and a quilt design will be awesome…

  25. Ryan W

    0 degree for sure (for our cold BC hunting weather).
    Regular (up to 72″) is fine.
    Colour doesn’t matter, as long as it keeps me warm!

  26. Patrick

    I think you should look at giving them a little extra width through the shoulders and hips for the guys that wear your XL and XXL gear. I currently use a Big Agnes bag and it fits great. I also think you may look at some sort of traction coating on the bottom so you won’t slide off your pad in the middle of the night. A quix down pillow would also be a cool option!

  27. Edd

    0 degree, regular, Red

  28. Bill Tozer

    zero degrees, I like ample hip room… please don’t make them just for the skinny guys! Modified mummy style, 76″ long with a foot well, built in hoodie, and for goodness sake make sure the zippers won’t catch the material – got to be able to zip in/out without snags!

    • Bryce

      Agreed! I would also like to see a baffle to keep the heat in on the zipper.

  29. Mike

    I think 30 is ideal especially of you have superdown jacket. The late season crowd is catching on though so maybe a 0 and 30. Color seems of little importance but the example looks awesome. What kind of weight are you predicting? I think a 30 in reg length and possibly slightly oversized in diameter, under 2 lbs would be the ticket.

  30. Darin F

    15 degree
    Regular Length
    Color doesn’t matter
    Left Zip
    Sub 2 lbs would be awesome

    Thanks Jason…

  31. Jeff

    15 degree bag

    Black or Gun Metal Gray / Burnt Olive = Color Combination

    I really like 4 way stretch design of the Mont Bell UL sleeping bags, they are great for guys who can’t sleep in one position all night.

    I would buy 2 or 4 of these if they have the 4 way stretch design…

  32. Roger

    0 degrees, tall/78″ long, black inside, foliage green outside. Please make it wide enough in the shoulders and foot box so a guy can roll over on his side without the bag binding and restricting movement.

  33. Robert

    I want 0 or 15 and need the 78 or longer
    Color. The green like on my icon 5000
    or major brown with black

  34. Justin

    I would buy a Zero degree in regular width and long bag. Earthy colors

  35. Bryant

    I would also like to know if these will be EN rated?

  36. Brett

    Early Season: (Aug-early Oct)
    20-30 degree
    78 inches – I enjoy the extra room when warmth is less an issue
    Black or dark color, same reason as below. More often than not in a bivy sac

    Late Season: (Mid Oct – Dec)
    0 degree
    72″ – if cold weather camping, you want it form fitting, extra long can cause cold spots.
    Black or dark color – dries faster in the sun because it absorbs sun light. Most likely don’t need a camo pattern. I would be in a bivy sac or small tent.

    Design a lightweight, camo bivy. That would be interesting. Prefer to keep a low profile when hunting.

  37. stewart

    0 or 15 degrees and tall length
    darker color

  38. Gary

    15° , Tall and wide. Full length zipper would be nice to use it as a comforter if one desires. As for colors, Black, olive green, a shade of brown, grey.

  39. Ty

    15 degree regular

  40. Mark

    0 degree, tall and Maize and Blue,(MICHIGAN) HA just kidding. Any colors would be fine but like Grant says, bright color inside just in case so maybe the Maize inside would be OK

    Looking forward to a down sleeping bag with all the advantages.

  41. Seth M

    10° is nice and versatile, the hood can be left off or the bag left unzipped in warmer climes. I will sacrifice comfort for weight everywhere, except when it comes to my sleeping pad and sleeping bag.

    72″ length

    I like brighter colors for camp gear because it makes it easier for search & rescue to find my body or it’s easier to tell which bear ate me while I slept. Color isn’t that big of a deal.

    I know you didn’t ask, but I prefer a rectangular cut. Western Mountaineering has proven that this can be done while still keeping the bags super light.

  42. MJ

    A 0 deg bag for sure. Earth tone color. Reg(72″) size.

    Zipper side option would be great as mentioned above.

    An ultralight 0 deg bag is the ultimate achievement. Thanks Jason!

  43. Jason

    0 degree
    Any solid – brown, green, grey or black
    What about a pad? Possibly incorporated in the bag like Big Agnes??

  44. Joe

    15 degree. Modified mummy. Large.

  45. Rob

    0 degree bag is good and size you need room to move and the color camo would be cool

  46. Steve

    15 degree awesome all around bag
    tall 78″
    color doesnt matter, but am partial to earth tones, shades of greens-browns-oranges

  47. Greg Borton

    15 degree and regular. I also like the camo idea as stated above.

  48. Joe

    15 deg tall. If it helps at all, the best I have had over the years and I have had a lot, was the Montbell Super Spiral type. So beat that and you will have a winner.

  49. dirk

    we hunt at 10,500 feet at the end of sept. would love to see something 20-30 below and NOT mummy. i disagree that you don’t want it too long because of cold spots. i put my cloths at the bottom of the bag to stay warm at night, 84″is what i run now and just love it.

  50. CoryS

    Zero or 15…If I HAVE to chose, I’d go 15.

    Gotta have tall.

    Vias would be cool…Phantom Gray or Black would be good too.

  51. Dean

    I would prefer a 15 degree bag with an outer bag option for colder temps. Regular size is best for me. Earth tone or gray outer color with an orange inner shell in case it was needed to signal. We all appreciate your efforts and bringing us in on the design process. Best of luck!

  52. A.Ivy

    Very keen to see this develop Jason.
    Id like to see 0 and 15 degree options. In long and Reg.
    A lot of bags have Crap Zippers, so a really bullet proof zipper is a key.
    All for the vertical Baffle.

    Also really like the bags that have some sleeping pad compatibility-integration something that stops the bag sliding off the pad.

    Options for a Super lightweight bag would be very popular! (2lbs) But an option for a good all round more economical bag would also be nice.

    What options are there for having a super light intergrateable inner bag, that would say drop the rating by 10degree’s giving people the the option depending on the temps?

    No pref on color.

  53. Brant McGee

    0, tall (I’m 6′ but like the extra room), dark color for drying.

  54. Ken Anderson

    I’m a bigger guy and many mummy/backpacking bags are way too narrow.

    I think a 15 degree bag is a good compromise, especially if it’s loose-fitting, as it gives me the option of using a liner or wearing long underwear in colder temps without feeling like I’m being squeezed into a sausage skin.

    Color should be dark to dry more quickly in the sun and be less conspicuous when you’re airing it out to dry.

  55. Bryan

    Awesome! I’m thinking a 15 degree. My current Western Mtn bag is that with 850 down so I’m sure the KUIU will be exceptionally better. I do prefer a Long and color doesn’t matter to me. Thanks for the update Jason!

  56. john

    15 degrees
    Olive, black or grey

  57. Robert

    Long 78-80 and Definitely ample width. I would much rather carry an extra 1/2 or 1 lb to have a wider bag

  58. Ryan Thorne

    15 is the most versatile for me. I can clothing if it will be colder and, if the zipper is full length, vent if it is warmer. Long to 78″ works as well. I also like the selectable zippers, like JR Young, for when the wife comes along. I not picky about the color, but I would like something that is not camo. The camo implies that it is hunting equipment and hunting equipment can be a harder sell, at least in my house, than backpacking equipment.

  59. Bryan Bolding aka TradRag

    Awesome! I’m thinking a 15 degree. My current Western Mtn bag is that with 850 down so I’m sure the KUIU will be exceptionally better. I do prefer a Long and color doesn’t matter to me. Thanks for the update Jason!

  60. Mark

    The inner and outer bag seems to be a good idea if it could be done without sacrificing to much weight. If not I think 0 degree and tall would be best. Vias camo would be cool, but the blue/black in the picture looks real good.

  61. john

    Good news and smart move. You’ll bring in a whole new group of non hunter outdoor people.

    I think you should consider zero AND 30 degree bags. While there is nothing worse than being cold being too warm doesn’t help you sleep either. If you can only do one, then it has to be zero degree. Two years ago I had to wear my Spindrift and two layers of long underwear inside my 800+ fill zero degree Feathered Friend bag just to stop shivering all night. It was minus 12 the next morning.

    If you are going to make the best sleeping bag ever, please make it warm enough to handle those brutal cold nights.

    I hope you would also consider a short bag. The reason I boughtspent $700 or $800 way back 15 years ago on the FF bag when I didn’t even have a job was because they were the only company making bags that would fit and could keep my fit warm. I was sleeping outside nearly every might at that time and it was well worth the investment.

  62. Joel Biltz

    15 degrees would be fine. Regular length but either make it wide or stretchy like the mont bell super spiral. Any color as long as it works good. I like the one in the photo.

  63. Phillip

    15 degree. Tall. Color doesn’t matter. Thanks Jason.

  64. muleguy

    Always go with 0 and rectangle with extra room – full zipper i would pay extra. vias

  65. Clayton

    15 degrees, or even 10 degrees. Yes a Tall. Red outside, Black inside.

  66. Russ

    0 degree
    Darker colors

  67. Nate Hovey

    0-15 degrees, tall bag with shoulder room. Color isn’t a big deal to me. Comfort is!

  68. Tony

    All temps I think should be available but for me 15 or 30 no color preference

  69. Kevin

    Looks great !! 0 degree and a charcoal color would be great!! Regular length makes them lighter !!!!

  70. David Young

    I use a 30 degree bag in regular. With the superdown I’m good to 10 degrees. Dark outside with light inside.

    Love the draft collar, my current marmot doesn’t have one and I miss it from my old Moonstone

  71. Mike

    0 degree tall

  72. JH

    I held off on purchasing a Kifaru Slick Bag last week … I wasn’t sure why I didn’t pull the trigger, but it just didn’t feel right.

    Now I know!

    Zero degree, tall, and color is meaningless to me, though lighter inside colors help find things like headlamps that have been dropped.

  73. Kevin Osberg

    15 would probably be the best all-around number for early season archery and late seasons (if there’s room for a bag liner). Regular (72″) is good and color is not an issue. Features like anti-slip sections for the sleeping pad are nice, but also features == $$$.

  74. Max

    There are so many amazing options on the market, that I just don’t see the point. I don’t see how a company that has never been involved with sleeping bags whatsoever could ever compete, and I say that without meaning any offense. Even if you’re partnered with a top notch company, there’s nothing of value you could really bring to the table beyond what their designers/partners/pro. staff/etc…bring. There just doesn’t seem to be much reason, beyond some blind money grab on Kuiu’s part.

  75. Janis Putelis

    15 deg, Tall(nice to have the extra room to keep some clothes and water warm for morning), black color to soak up the sun.

  76. Nick t

    0 degree tall

  77. Russ Eldridge

    This is awesome! I am for the 72 inch in 30 degree for light weight. Color the Vias and Verde camp along with major brown would be nice

  78. Aaron Kessie

    0- 78″ & shoulder room!

  79. Jay B

    15 Degree ( find it to be most versatile )
    Color doesn’t matter much. Just nothing that looks like it is being taken to a teenage girls slumber party.

  80. Lloyd

    I prefer a,30 degree bag a little stretch in it would be nice. 72 is a good size

  81. Doug

    I too would like to see a quilt design. H

  82. Chad Fountain

    Regular, left zip, 0-15 degree! Color doesn’t matter. If you need me to test one for you I’m going in August to Alaska for a caribou hunt! Just thought I would throw it out there! 🙂

  83. Lance Kovar

    I’d like a 15degree Long, with a decent amount of should room.

  84. Josh Wright

    I just ordered a quilt, but would still be interested if its not a narrow mummy.

    0 or 15
    78 inches
    Black on outside

  85. Layton Perry

    15 Degree, Tall. Color does not matter. Can’t wait!

  86. quarbles

    15 degree, red/gold, regular size. more roomy than the plasmas though. thems are tight.

  87. Snow

    Wow! I can’t wait for these. I need a 0 degree 72″ now and then a 30 later in the year. The black and blue pictured is good or black and red also looks good.

  88. gabe Markway

    Color doesn’t matter but a vias or Verde bivvy bag would be cool.
    0 degree bag covers most temps. Also needs to be a tall you can never have enough room

  89. Doug Rauls

    I too would like to see a quilt design, having read a lot about quilts on some of the ultra-light forums. Quilts sound great for early season hunts, weight savings due to the design, temp control also due to the design, sounds like they would be perfect for us bigger hunters,would like to know if others are interested in a quilt design. 15 degree tall color doesn’t really matter

  90. Frans Diepstraten

    Current bag is 5 oF, regular length, but semi-rectangular, to allow a bit of foot movement. So I’d choose zero degrees from your options… and would rally love it if the bag was not too tight in the foot area!

  91. Scoot

    I LOVE this… 0 and 15 degree bag. I’d love it if the regular bag was long enough for a 6’1″ or 6’2″ person (like the Slick bags). Also, a regular and wide option would be nice. Left and right zip don’t matter to me and color couldn’t matter less to me.

  92. Chris Harmston

    I don’t think you should make mummy bags. 🙂

    I have a -20 TNF long and a +20 Marmot Helium Reg. I hate mummy bags as I am 5.11 and 220 lbs with XL chest. I can’t comfortably zip either bag up and so simply use them as a down comforter. In the vast majority of my times in the woods I use my +20 bag and think that is the best overall temp rating as I can wear a down jacket if necessary when using it as a comforter. No way I could fit inside either bag ziped up with a down jacket too. My ideal sleeping system is to eliminate the hood and zipper and integrate the shape of the comforter to snug around the pad (maybe an adjustable strap or two under the pad???).

    The chest baffle is necessary. Some other material around the face area to deal with breath moisture better? Additional foot space is also desireable. I prefer the exterior material to be more waterproof to alleviate frost and condensation on the bag. Inside I would prefer a more comfortable material that is not so slick as used in the bags I own. I like the idea of Vais on the outside and a darker color on the inside. Like your olive or major brown.

  93. Jeff M. Valunas


    OOOOHHH Man, I can’t wait to see this ‘KUIU Vision’ come to life!!! 🙂
    I TRULY believe, when this is released for ‘pre-order’, your going to be SHOCKED at the requests!

    First Question answer-
    All 3 Temp ratings would surely fit most anyones kit, however-
    The 15 Degree Bag, is the one (in my opinion), that would cover just about anyone who is typically hunting in the West, most times of the year! THAT WOULD BE MY RECOMMENDATION FOR A ‘DO ALL’ BAG!!!
    Second Question answer-
    At 6’7″, you know I will be pleading for a TALL VERSION!!!
    I have had my Marmot Helium Tall 78″ 15 degree bag for nearly 7 yrs. It works, and I could live with this measurment! (IN A PERFECT WORLD, 80″ TALL), would be SHANGRI-LA!!!
    Third Question answer-
    Color scheme, would be an irrelevant factor, to me! Whatever costs less to you, and transferred to us, would work just fine!!!
    I typically am not hiding from anything while sleeping- EXCEPT for the ‘Boogie-Man’. 🙂
    Classic KUIU colors would seem to be, just. However, some brighter colors, might increase demand from the ‘Non-Hunting World’!
    Your decision on color, will be fine with me!!! 🙂

    Thanks, I LOOK FORWARD to the continuing development of this product!


    PS/Side-note: I saw somewhere on the web, that a ‘Down Product’, has been given a 1000+ down rating!!! I can’t remember the product off hand… Would this EVEN be POSSIBLE??? Or, (likely) are they ‘fudging’ the #’s???

    • Jeff M. Valunas

      I was SOOOOOOO excited about this development, that I sent a reply (for the first time), without reading the suggestions posted already.
      After reading all those, I would like to revise some of my suggestions above.

      First- GLAD TO SEE all the suggestions for TALL!!! 🙂

      Grant, stated a VERY IMPORTANT point!
      Black on the outside, would help in any potential drying time. A BRIGHT inside color, makes sense BEYOND COMPREHENSION!!!
      Many of us, that love the KUIU Brand, are ‘SOLO’ hunters! If we had this bag with us, and- Heaven Forbid, we snapped an ankle or worse… The BRIGHT inside color, could be used as a ‘flagging/alert’ signaling device for Search And Rescue (SAR)!
      Likewise- When getting into your bag at night or getting out of your bag in the morning- Most of us (who have been there done that), unzip half-way and fire up the head lamp! Having the BRIGHT interior of the bag, would GREATLY improve reflected light!
      I am thinking Fluorescent Yellow or Orange!?!?!?
      Imagine the feeling you would have- If someday, a KUIU Customers LIFE was saved, because SAR saw their BRIGHT (inside out)sleeping bag, as a ‘flagging device’ that attracted their location!?!?!?!!!

      ONE last thing-
      Half and 2/3 zips are VERY nice on ‘Cold Bags, 0 Degree or Less’!
      Having FULL zip, on the 15 and 30 degree Bags, allow the option of full venting, (in case the weather, didn’t get to expected low temp.) and allows a 15 or 30 degree Bag, to be opened fully, and used more like a blanket, in much higher than expected Temps.
      Double zips are essential here!

      Hope I didn’t ‘freeze the server’ with these ‘novel-like’ comments! 🙂
      I am SUPER EXCITED, about this ‘KUIU Vision’!!!

      Looking forward to hearing something about your trip, someday!
      Good luck, answering ALL of these comments….. LOL, I know you will figure out a way!!!

      KUIU Customer for LIFE-

      • Chris Stagg

        Great comments.

        • Jeff M. Valunas

          Thanks Chris-
          Sometimes, I come up with a winner!!! In all honesty, it took reading all of the earlier comments, to ‘spark’ that insightfulness given, on the second comment!
          WE ALL NEED HELP, sometimes… The character and knowledge, that typically floats around here, on this ‘Building KUIU Blog’, helps me believe….. There is STILL GOOD living on planet EARTH!!!
          Be Well-

    • Suchee

      Patagonia, of course, “Encapsil down belay parka”. 1000 fill down water repellent.

    • Suchee

      100% agreement Jeff, great ideas on color, design

      I need a 15, reg, bright inside and out for me,SAR plus I want to see when it’s dirty

      BUT these have to be sub $300 to see any advantage on what’s already out there

      • Jeff M. Valunas

        Yes, of course… Patagonia!!! I think, I found that after some discussions, we had on the ‘KUIU Forum’!?!?
        In the event, some can’t relate- I believe, your insight and knowledge, is TRUST-WORTHY!!!
        I will try to hit the ‘KUIU Forum’ this weekend- To see, if you have anymore insightful comments. 🙂 (I mean that)
        Hope your healing is going WELL!!!

        If these bags, end up selling for less that $400 US… I will be SHOCKED!!!
        One of the ‘down-falls’ of this product, will be the FACT- You will not need to replace it, possibly EVER!!! Worst case scenerio, in a decade or two!!!

        My Guess on this product is $500 US, even at (KUIU’s Direct to Consumer Model). I HOPE, I am wrong, but consider this- The ‘Quix Down’ is in a KUIU product. I don’t remember the weight in the jacket off-hand, but 2.4 ounces rings a bell. These bags are going to be in the 8-14 ounce range… SWAG, (Scientific Wild ASS Guess)!!! 🙂 YOU do the math, I need to go to bed!
        Continued Healing Suchee-

        • Jeff M. Valunas

          ounces, as in ‘fill weight’, not actual overall weight!

  94. Justin Starck

    15°, then 30°. I have both and I don’t feel like I need any other temp ratings.
    Tall if it’s just going to be one.
    Brown, green or grey.

  95. AZinAK

    Temperature rating I would most like with hunting in Alaska and being a cold sleeper would be 0º F. Regular length as I’m 5′ 10″, but on the subject of sizing I wouldn’t mind seeing a little extra width through the knees or an option for it as I am naturally more of a side sleeper. I know this adds some ounces but I’ll carry them for the added comfort. NEMO’s new bags are goofy looking but I’m sure comfy, and no I’m not suggesting anything that drastic. As far as color, dark outer, dark inner.

  96. chadw

    15 degree, tall, i like some room at the end of the bag to stuff my socks and such to keep warm at night. How about a pocket or sleeve to keep your sleeping pad in place? thanks for your great products!

  97. Richard Tidd

    I like a tall 0 degree bag with a black interior and a bright color on the outside that can be used as to signal help in an emergency.

  98. Frank

    15 degree…..if its woo warm out you can leave the zipper open etc. If you have a bag that’s not warm enough and it snow’s …..well.


    Color…not to worried. I don’t hunt in my bag, make it like the rest of the KUIU items and it can be PINK for all i care 😉

  99. Larry Schwartz


    So glad to hear that this is happening. You know me so my inner designer is jumping up and down right now. 🙂

    Length: regular and tall are a must since your customers come in both sizes.

    Temperature: If you are only going to offer one temperature rating I would go with 15 degrees since that is a good compromise for most weather. It’s surprising how often things get down into the 20s or lower even in the Spring and Fall here on the East Coast.

    One thing to keep in mind is to test them with the new European Norm (EN) 13537 testing methodology which is becoming the standard in the industry since it is less subjective. This link gives you some background on it: http://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/sleeping-bag-backpacking.html.

    One of the interesting things that has come out of this new testing system is the importance of a draft collar around the top opening of the bag, it snugs around the persons neck or head. One of the biggest ways that we loose heat from our sleeping bags is that when we move or turn we push the bag up and when it comes back down it pushes the warm air out like a bellows if there isn’t a draft collar.

    As for the shape, I would agree with many of the comments above, go with a modified mummy/tapered bag which will give us room to move around and provide adequate shoulder and arm room.

    You might also think about putting a sleeve on the bottom of the bag for a sleeping pad. This will keep the bag from sliding off of the pad and will also allow you to put less or no insulation on the bottom side of the bag which will make it weigh less while still being thermally efficient. BA uses this approach but it isn’t a unique idea, many folks have thought of this approach. Also, definitely keep a foot box in the design as has been mentioned many times above, trapezoidal in shape please.

    Color: I don’t hunt in my sleeping bag so any neutral/natural color would be fine. Brown, tan, or gray would work well.

    So, a tall or regular sized bag with plenty of width or an option for regular or wide, tapered body/not mummy, 15 degrees, neutral colors, draft collar, and a sleeping pad sleeve.

    I’ll be hitting our humid Appalachians in April and October for some week long hunts if you need some more testers 😉


  100. Doug Rauls

    I too would like to see a quilt design. I’ve read a lot about quilts on some of the ultralight forums and they sound awesome, weight savings and temp control due to design, no zipper to worry about, could be perfect for early season hunts, would like to hear what other think about quilts, 15 degree tall color doesn’t really matter as long as its an earth tone

  101. Dave

    Regular length, 15 deg. Although choices of 0 and 30 should also be offered. Solid, subdued, dark (gunmetal) outside color for drying and PID of kit and clothing vs. bag. Camo exteriors blend your gear inside the shelter too much and it’s hard to tell apart clothing and kit from the bag. Bright interior colors for emergency signaling is a great idea.

  102. Ray

    15 degree, Tall, no real preference on color.

  103. Hak

    78 inches, 15 degrees, orange and blue (for use as rescue sighting)
    Other thoughts, rectangle foot area vs. traditional mummy so a form fitting sleeping pad can be inserted- I use a klymit inertia x l ultralight sleeping pad

  104. Chad Sprague

    15 degree bag, 72″ length would work. Any color combo minus red or yellow is good by me. Thanks

  105. Jim Forestieri

    0 degree and 15 degree options would be great. Regular length. Color isn’t really important, but the black outer for drying is a good idea.

  106. Sherm

    I like the 10-15 degree bags
    Regular 72″ size
    Solid colors, black, brown, Grey most
    Two things I love in my Big agnes bag, that I hope will be incorpratedin kuiu is how the pad incorporates into the bag so your not sliding all over, and second, ample feet room, slightly square at the bottom of bag.

  107. guy

    tall (78)

    0 degree

    any color but pink. I would never get it away from my grandaugher

  108. Kurt

    Look like you might need a few different bags. For me would say 78″ long and 0 degree

  109. Ben P.

    0 or 15 degree


    dark or earth tones like brown/olive.

    I volunteer to test it out as well 🙂

  110. Adam J Cook

    15 degree would be great if KUIU is making one bag, but it would be really nice to see a 0 degree bag, 15 degree and 25/30 degree bag. I would really like to see the regular length be at least 74″, most of the bags I’ve worked with say regular fits up to 72″, but as a guy who is exactly 72″ tall, most don’t deliver on that promise. I currently use a Marmot Helium long because the regular wasn’t cutting it when I tried it out in store. Color isn’t really that important to me, and Toray probably has colors already in production that wouldn’t require extra work or cost. If the regular bag fit up to 74″, the long bag could fit up to 80″ for the tall folks out there. Might add an ounce or two, but it would be worth it for me.

  111. elmcreek

    We have three kids and a pile of down bags from Western Mountaineering, Marmot, Mountain Hardware for summer. The KUIU bag will have to blow my socks clean off to get me to bite, BUT we could use another zero degree bag. We’ll see what the super down jacket is like when it gets here.

    My vote: 0 degree and 30 degree, Regular. Choice of right or left mateable zipper. Prefer earth tones to bright colors, but color is low priority compared to quality, weight, and performance. Darker fabrics dry faster in the sun.

  112. Ethan S.

    15 and 30 degree. Already have the 15 so I would buy a 30 from Kuiu.

    Regular length for me, but think you need to make a tall for taller guys.

    Color: Either all black or something interesting like a neon green. Don’t see the need for earth tones in a sleeping bag as I won’t be sitting in it while hunting.

  113. Ray Dirling

    15* regular length. This is all very exciting! Please make the zipper snag less. Any color from the Vias would be cool.

  114. Grant

    I commented above but I feel like I need to mention it again in the tall version (78″) if the bag could be wider in the shoulders than the marmot plasma that would be perfect ( maybe 6 inches wider, 3 inches to each side at the shoulder for us taller guys with broad shoulders ). As I mentioned above 15 degree bag with black outer shell to dry faster in the sun and your choice of inner color. Can’t wait for more development. The marmot plasma in the above picture is a perfect bag to base design off of.

  115. DMeans

    15 degrees
    Tall, 78″
    Dark gray and light gray

  116. Lee


    O degree

    Black or brown

    sleeping pad holder

    NO mummy..need leg room

  117. RustyH

    15 and 30 degree both have their place. Regular 6′ length. Dark color with black interior for quick drying. Are the bags to be modeled after the Marmot Plasma in the picture?

  118. beau purvis

    15 deg
    long/tall…I am 6’3
    good width
    I have Big agness now and like it…but I am sure you will dish out something better!!

  119. Chris Stagg

    This is awesome! I am still looking for the perfect 0 deg ultralight bag. I have great bags in the 15 and 30 deg rating categories (Mont Bel, Moonstone, etc) and hunting in Rocky Mts in the spring (g-bear) and in sheep country in Sept-Nov, they just don’t cut it. I would go to a 0 deg bag for all purpose if I could find the right one, as you just never know when the weather will turn in the mountains in the shoulder seasons, and I am sick of shivering.

    I also would need the Tall (78″) version.

    I prefer the mummy style, for heat conservation and weight reduction.

    Color is unimportant, but I would prefer solids over camo for a bag. In keeping with your other color schemes, I like the gun metal/green and charcoal/major brown combos.

    Looking forward to the results! A light, durable, reliable and warm bag for 3 seasons in the mountains has been on my “to buy” list for some time!!

    • Chris Stagg

      “Color is unimportant, but I would prefer solids over camo for a bag. In keeping with your other colors, I like gun metal/green and charcoal/major brown combos.”

      Actually, the two combos you use on the icon 5000 and 7000 would be good for a bag (phantom/olive and steel grey/phantom).


  120. BrandonK

    Being from Canada a 0deg bag would be ideal for a late season sheep hunt REG size and for colors i think the earth tone for an interior and black for the outer

  121. Woody

    Temps: 30 for early season, 10 or 15 for mid to late, put the 30 inside the 10 or 15 for later season.

    Size: Short. I am 5’9″ and have been trying to find the lightest synthetic 30 degree available. I fit perfectly into some companies short bags length wise, not crammed but just right. A regular has more extra space than I want b/c I have to keep that extra open area warm and carry that extra material.

    Here’s an idea you probably won’t entertain as to sizing/cut but here goes anyways. Make a skinny, medium, and wide version. All bags seem to be made for fat/claustrophobic people and have a pile of extra room that again, you have to keep warm and carry around. Really wish I could get a bag that was snug all the way around….. Lighter and warmer……

    Color: Major brown, mellow earth tones, something that doesn’t stand out and/or make my eyes hurt. Don’t really care as long as it works well.

  122. TX Maverick

    15 degree tall. Color doesn’t matter. Look forward to it!

  123. Ryan

    Color – outer shell gun metal, inner shell a bright color for rescue purposes.

    Size- 78 ”

    Style- mummy, cinch on head, built in or room for sleeping pad.

    Temp- I would prefer a 0 to 30 degree bag system. An inner shell that is good for 30 degrees and and outer shell that zips to inner shell for a 0 degree rating. One or the other could be used as a stand alone. This way if you are on an early season short duration hunt and you are sure of weather you can just pack the inner shell. If you are unsure of conditions you pack both.

    What would be really cool is to have a cool compression system built into the bag so you can really pack it tight.

  124. Randy

    15 degree, regular 72″, color no preference.

  125. ksteed17

    At least a 15 degree bag for me. 0 would be great as well

  126. Ryan

    0 and 15 degree. I prefer one that isn’t tapered to tight at the bottom and if you offered them in a short and tall that would be great.

  127. Aaron

    15 degree, tall 78” for us tall guys, any color

  128. Bryce

    A true zero degree bag, 2 lbs, awesome baffled zipper (that runs smoothly), baffled neck and shoulder area, more down on top than bottom (sleeping pad should keep the heat in on the back side), all in a mummy bag with a rectangular boot (most efficient for the body to keep warm). Color not to much of an issue. Awesome stuff! It was good to see you at the Utah hunt expo.

  129. Shane Close

    I’d like to see a 30 and a 0 degree bag. I think there’s a big enough difference there that the 2 options would be good. That said, if you made only one I’d go with a 15, but would prefer the two. Color: I really like the color of the one in the picture. Phantom/Gun metal with a blue or whatever color on the inside. If you came out with a camo sleeping bag I’d just laugh and probably not buy it because it’s so ridiculous. (Not saying you would, just based off comments). Tall size please!

  130. lee peet

    A regular would be fine for length, i’d want a 0 degree bag but would consider a 15 degree bag depending on the weight difference?

  131. Nate


    Tall size for sure!

    Would be nice to be able to zip two together so choice of zipper side would be great.

    A 0 and a 30 degree bag are what I would want to buy

    Please of please make is wide enough for a guy who wears a size 50 jacket and has a 38 incha waist!!!! I have shoulders and would love a mummy style bag I could have just a little wiggle room in too often they are just too narrow and dont work.

    No brite colors please…olive, dark blue black.

    The zipper should work from the top down and the bottom up to modulate heat

  132. Bill Pass

    0 degree for sure for high elevation hunting. Also with room in the shoulders and hips and for-sure a material that the zipper won’t grab. I am not worried about the colors, just a light weight bag that is warm and won’t suck up moisture!!!!

  133. Grey

    15 degree bag (0 & 30 degree if doing two styles)

    Solid colors (black with a bright color)

    Tall size (short guys can use a tall bag, but tall guys can’t use a short one)

    PS. Being able to zip two bags together would be a nice touch.

  134. Wade

    15 degree is awesome. Major brown, keep it classic. 🙂

  135. JR

    Tall, 0 degrees
    There are great bags out there but what is missing is a quality cold weather, light backpack hunting bag that is resistant to the moisture encountered in winter. This bag could be it. I’m excited to see the results.

  136. shane .c

    color does not matter to me,0 temp rating & regular length,have been waiting for this great to see its moving forward.

  137. ashford

    5 deg. Reg. Color is irrelevant, quality and warranty are not.

  138. Karen

    As for temperatures you should have all three; the 0, 15, and 30 degree bags.

    As for size; a modified mummy with foot room in a regular and tall length. With near full length zippers(double for venting the foot)

    As for color both the vias and verde camo.

    THE ONLY CONCERN I have is with the vertical baffles…. will these have internal baffle stops to keep the down from migrating from your feet or head to keep from having cold spots? Having long baffles head to toe makes me think that this would happen and the only flaw with what you propose.

  139. Mike

    15 degree reg length color makes no difference

  140. Wesley

    Can you give and idea as to weight and pack size difference between a 15 degree and a 0? I always expect they are similar and go for the colder rating. It is much easier to unzip than shiver all night.

  141. Justin Martinez

    0, 15, 30, 45. Earth tones regularly. I’m fired up to see this! Maybe cut an inch or two wider. I tend to flip around in my sleep. I can’t be the only one…

  142. Brandon Olivier

    Bivy sack combo. 15° bag with waterproof bivy good to below zero and 100% waterproof for only a couple ozs. Water resistant bags never dry once wet in the backcountry. Dark colors (personal pref black/copper) with a long/tall option, anti-snag zippers, and please avoid the body condom design.

  143. duane

    Tall – I’m 6’4″
    Wide – I’m muscular not fat like the short little man previously commented
    0 degrees – I sleep very cold and when I usually hunt its pretty cool at night. You can always leave a zipper open but cant find warmth in the back country

  144. Wyo7

    30 degree, and 0 degree, honest comfort ratings too
    Dark earth tone outside, light colored inside
    1/2 to 2/3 zipper length
    Forgiving girth/chest size
    Elastic stitching like MB super spiral

    This would be the ultimate bag if you could keep the 30 degree bag under 20-22 oz.

  145. Phil Stone

    Any temp, but would probably be most interested in a 30 first. I would need a tall bag and don’t care about color.

  146. errol

    – Full side zip (for summer nights), anti-cold flap Internal zip.
    – Preformed hood with drawstring
    – Shoulder flange
    – No inner pocket (I never use it)
    – Thermal compartment feet (for winter)
    – Connectable is not necessary
    – With a compression bag
    – For a little 15 ° C for weight gain (winter I use a outer bivi bag and inner bag silk)
    – With a large cut on shoulders (dressed to sleep the hard winter night)
    color no slightly messy

  147. Nigel Ivy

    Looking forward to watching this development, Jason.

    I would look for the 0 or -15 degree option. I would like to see something super light weight but still durable and with good performance. As someone that travels internationally for all my hunting, I almost always take a sleeping bag in my bowcase as there is NOTHING worse than not sleeping properly because you’re cold and uncomfortable. Even if I’m hunting somewhere where I’m sleeping in a heated house/lodge, I’ll take my bag just in case. For this reason, the smaller/lighter it is, the better as I have to get it into my bowcase with all my other gear.

    As for size, it’s very important that you cater for regular and long. As someone that would use a regular, I would want the option of cutting back on that little bit of weight that would be wasted on me.

  148. Alvaro from Spain

    my pick:
    i) 0 degree
    ii) regular
    iii) charcoal grey outside, light grey inside


  149. Val marquez

    Zero, 78″long and any color.


  150. Scott

    I believe a tall, zero degree plus bag in your Vias pattern makes sense for me. I often sleep outside and that pattern works great. As for the inside, any earth tone works…not bright. Keep the great products coming…maybe even a super light weight Vias tent.

  151. Chad Burks

    I like the combination of Olive and Green bags,hip room, and tall.

  152. Kevin

    0 or 15 degrees 78″ long and little wider than normal bags a. Wear a size 50 jacket or 2XL and 40 waist and 6’3″ like the double zipper. Color dark colors black outside and maybe a dark green or grey inside.

  153. Ned

    0 degree, tall, wider than usual so it is comfortable, no color preference.

  154. Darryn

    For our Alberta sheep season a 10 degree bag seems to cover the majority of the nights. Regular length would fit me and the color combos of your packs work well. Draft collar and flawless, non binding zipper operation are a must.

  155. MAT

    15 degree w/ real draft collar (not passive), 72″ length, no more than 60″ shoulder width. To keep it warm, light AND compressible you will need to keep it narrow. This would be ideal for those who hunt out west in the fall. 30 degree bags don’t work very well, and not everyone will have a superdown jacket. If you did then you would be better off with a quilt, not a full bag.

  156. Craig Germond

    Definitely 0-15 degrees. Also no binding zipper. Color does not matter to me.

  157. Dave Pagel

    I would prefer a 0 degree bag. 72 inch is fine. Color isn’t very important to me although the idea of using it as a signal marker in the event of trouble is an interesting idea.


  158. Jody Witt

    0 to 15 and long! Please make xxxl line also I’m 6 6 260 and like wearing the best!

  159. Greg A

    not too slim
    I like a natural color that blends in if I am going super light and want to sleep out in the open. A bright interior – especially in the body area would be fine for reversing if the bag needed to be used for signalling in case of emergency or in order to visually mark something.

  160. Joseph ewing

    I would like a 15-20 deg bag as long as it is true to its rating and not in perfect conditions. A overfill option would be nice. I would defiantly need a tall being 6’5″. Color doesn’t matter but black warms and drys quicker in the sun. The little less down on the bottom is a good idea in my opinion as it is compressed. A slip for the pad would be great or even just straps to keep the pad in place. I never sleep on level ground and my pad is always half under me by midnight. Very anxiously awaiting to order one!

  161. Kevin Dill

    Reading all the comments: This seems to be one of those items which is extremely individual to each person. How to create and stock enough bags in lengths, widths, and fill weights seems a tall order. Would be nice to envision the ability to call KUIU and simply order one’s ideal bag…which is then sewn and filled. I’m pretty sure that companies like Western Mountaineering and Feathered Friends keep a certain supply of ‘bag shells’ sewn and ready to complete. A customer can call and specify ‘x’ model, length, and perhaps an ‘overfill’ option. A 30F bag could be ordered with 4 ounces overfill to bring it to 15F. The shell is then filled and sew-out is completed. Given the business model here (KUIU) I’m uncertain about that being a possible marketing strategy.

    I think logic puts it at 2 bags: ZeroF and 30F. I prefer moderately tapered or semi-rect bags with plenty of shoulder room. Size 40 Jacket and wide shoulders here. My current bag has a Gore (GWS) outer fabric which serves as an effective wind and water barrier. No pink or lavender please.

  162. Danny Berndt

    I would want a 15 degree, regular size but enough room for wide shoulders. Outdoor colors and left side the zipper.

  163. Fred Leone

    Zero Degree, Tall
    Prefer black quicker drying, Thanks Jason!

  164. Cameron

    I like a regular bag to be a 74″ and I really like a 20 degree bag for general use. I also like bags that have less down on the bottom side of the bag. It gets compressed anyhow and this helps save on weight. Don’t care about color, but something in the black, brown, or green colors would be nice.

  165. Desarae Beery

    I would like to see a 30 or 15 degree sleeping bag. Regular size would be fine. And I think some fun colors would be cool. Wont really be in my sleeping bag in the feild so it would be nice to distinguish them from other things in my pack that are KUIU.

  166. Mike Keller

    0 and 30 degree. I’m 6’4″ So the longer the better. I will not own a bag that my feet touch the end when zipped completely up. That’s why I love Cabela’s 90″ bags. Please—LONG. Thanks.

  167. Bill

    0 degree regular. Dark colors.

  168. Rod

    For me it would be a 15 degree regular sized bag. But you are going to need to make it in tall sizes as well.

    Really dont care about the color except maybe the darker colors so they dry faster and dont show dirt as much.

  169. Danny T

    You need a wide/tall version. Not just by a couple inches either. There are almost no vendors that hit us guys that have broad shoulders.

  170. brian

    30 degree regular length. colors dont matter to me.

  171. Jason

    0 and 15 degree for me. Color should be dark on the outside ( charcoal grey) and bright inside. While only 5-9 you should offer these in long as well.

  172. Greg Pettinaro

    15 is good (if it’s a true 15) as it keeps the weight down and you can always pick what you wear to bed. If it’s a mummy bag the regular is fine (I’m 5′-11″)as we are trying to keep the weight down. color is not important but someone suggestion of black as it dries in the sun was interesting

  173. Wade

    I tend to sleep cold, so I always use a 0 degree bag, because I have found most bag ratings are off for me. A 15 degree bag would be great if it was a true 15 degree bag. The regular bag is fine, and color is not a real concern.

  174. Peter

    I would be looking at the tall versions of a 15 and 30 degree bag Jason. Do you have any info on size when compressed? I’ve been waiting for a sleeping bag from Kuiu for a while, glad it’s not going to be much longer!

    Keep up the great work.


  175. B

    I’m hoping you’ll do something usefull like put the zipper up the middle/ front of the bag. Maybe only 1/2 to 3/4 the length of the bag. I have on system that has a small pouch on the inside to keep an alarm or whatever, I like that feature.

  176. kevin


  177. Darin F.

    15 Degree/Regular size with a bit more Open Footbox area. I have trouble with a true restrictive Mummy. Pad compartment/slip area would be nice. Color not a factor.
    Thank You Jason.

  178. Stacey

    Definitely need tall sizing. 15* bag is most useful(as long as its a true 15 bag). Color is not that important to me.

    Hoping KUIU has a tent in the works too!

  179. Warren Woodcock

    0 degree and 30 degree
    regular and tall
    NOT a mummy style, extra room in hips and shoulders, footwell for stashing clothes to dry out/warm up
    draft collar,drawstring hood, zipper baffle
    zipper must be bombproof, some backing on the zipper baffle so the &$#@# thing doesn’t get caught in the zipper
    darker colour on outside( dries in sun faster), mid to lighter colour on inside ( black and electric blue in the photo looks good)

  180. David

    15* Regular. Maybe a bit wide. A full length zipper would be a huge bonus to me. Color wise, nothing bright. Olive, Vias, Black, Gray, or Brown would all be fine, preferably in that order as well. I hate it when camping/hunting items are bright colors. The whole reason I go to the wilderness is to be a part of it, not so I can pitch some neon orange abomination, and fill it with other neon colored stuff.

  181. Nathan

    Excited about this development! 0 degrees, Tall, and standard Kuiu colors for me! The quix down will be a great addition to a sleeping bag!


    15 degree bag makes the most sense to me for wieght and if you need a 0 degree bag you probably don’t need to worry about rain and we all already have one of those. Tall for me. I like the guy that had the inside color bright in case of emergency.

  183. dave mcneill

    0 degrees long any color red could be used as an emergency

  184. Jess Brensrud

    To make everyone happy you would need to offer 2 lengths. Regular for guys up to 6’2 and tall for 6’4 and up, sorry 6’3 fellas you’re out of luck. Enough room to roll over inside it, a mummy design with a square base gusset so there is foot room. A bright inside is a great option the blaze orange is great. Outside colour, I love the Vias/Verde but whatever is cheapest. A small inside pocket wallet, headlamp sized. 0 bag is perfect if you could make it light (you will). Good zippers are a must. If you get hot in a 0 bag, open it up. If you get cold in a 15 or 30 your screwed. I have been on hunts where the weather went from 30c to -5c and I shivered my buns off. My 2 cents. Also if you need someone to test it let me know.

    • Austin L

      I agree with just about everything Jess said!

  185. Thomas

    Dear Jason,

    Just remember that the WM Badger and the Montbell spiral stretch bags get a lot of fans because they are wide enough in the shoulders. 15′ is optimal for bang for the buck – goldilocks weight vs warmth- Long is a good size. also see if you can attach two pieces of velcro to the bottom of the bag so it shifts less with the pad and a couple of reflective tags on the zip pull and collar so it would be visible in a survival situation.


  186. Alaskasheepguide

    My concern is the difference in the size and the weight. A lighter bag may allow me to take other layer resources, while a heavier, larger bag will reduce my options. Before choosing a bag temp I would first like to know the dimensions and weight. Then I can decide which works best.

  187. john

    Know you didn’t ask…
    Why not a two temp bag? ie a zip top piece?
    When hunting in the mountains I find I’m too hot early evening, and then cold when the temp drops. So I end up first sweating with the bag unzipped (I like the middle zip idea), then zipping it up, then adding clothes as the temperature drops.

    I always want a little more leg/foot room

    Thanks for asking

  188. Chuck

    0 or 15 in a tall, color unimportant-size, weight,water resistant important.

  189. Jeromy Stafford

    regular length, 15 degree is my preference. color doesn’t matter. weight needs to be under two pounds preferably closer to one pound. stuff sack is important as every brand has terrible stuff sacks. kifaru compression stuff sacks that compress the bag like a loaf of bread are the best. nobody wants a bowling ball in their backpack! center half zip is my preference (for weight saving). Zippered foot pockets for water bottles are a waste of weight in my opinion.

  190. Daniel Russell

    0 deg. regular length/width in an earth tone color is the bag I’d buy first. Would also be interested in the 30 deg, 15 not as much.

  191. JR

    I like a 15.

    Gunmetal would be an awesome color. So would vias camo.

    I hope the kuiu bag is something different than what is already out there. Just waterproof down isnt enough to be different.

    You didnt ask but things I would like to see that would make for a unique hunting style bag:

    – Roomy! Ultralight materials should allow the bag can be a bit bigger and still be ultralight IMO. Let us spread out and enjoy the nights sleep.
    – Good zippers. Lots of zippers suck on bags.
    – Some type of sleeve system on the back to keep the bag on the pad would be awesome and would be a small weight cost. I love the big agnes system because of that but it could be done better. Slighly less insualtion on the bag side and a pad sleeve rather than no insulation.
    – A base bag that was like a 30 degree with the ability to zip on a top quilt… one that takes you to 15 one that takes you to 0 etc. We hunt in all sorts of conditions and weather so being able to stuff in the approprite top quilt with the bag would be awesome and versitle. A 30 degree bag and a quilt that makes it a 0 degree bag could weigh as little or less than a comparable 0 degree bag. It would be an awesome system.

    • JR

      – Oh and a quality stuff suck. Agree with the non bowling ball style stuff sack. Something like kifaru.

  192. Matt Alford

    Rating: 0 degrees.
    Size: regular
    Color preference: green or brown; anything except blue, pink, purple, or yellow.

  193. Kelly McKrill

    Tall and the colors in the image looks great, 30 degree

  194. seth rogers

    A reversible quilt, black for fast drying, vias. In a 0, 15, and 30

  195. Kyle Peck

    O degree, tall, black exterior, blue interior

  196. Eric

    15 degrees, regular length. I like darker colors on the outside. The gunmetal gray color in the Verde pattern or Major Brown would look good. A quilt design would be pretty awesome too. When are the hats getting in by the way? I need one for turkey season 🙂

  197. Tim


    Not sure if it has been addressed in the comments yet, but here are my two cents:
    30° and 15°, Regular and Long options. Covers two varying temperature ranges as well as fit options.
    Perhaps one color option for each temperature range: 30°= Major Brown, 15°= Gunmetal? Easy to identify the bag/temp rating by sight.

    Also, here is the wild-card option: a superlight quilt. Ultralight backpackers and thru-hikers have known about the benefits of specialized “quilts” for moderate weather, and savvy users can have a very, very lightweight option. For backcountry hunters in the lower 48 chasing elk and deer in September, this is a viable option, pared up with a lightweight tarp shelter, and you are good to go.

    Keep up the great work,

  198. Kim

    o degree, med,

  199. David

    I like thew idea of 0 degree. Nice to have a nice warm bag that you dont have to wear addition clohtes to keep warm. other design ideas that i have always liked are a 2 way zipper so you can open the foot area for ventilation and low in the dark zipper pulls. The biggest thing that i hate with most sleeping bags is that they put a fine tootrh zipper on them, when the bag material gets caught in the zipper it can mess up the teeth and tear the bag material. A big tooth zipper that is easy to back the bag material out of would be very nice.

  200. Ed Gordon

    MTC: Tall Bag, some integration with sleeping pad, 15 degrees (with down jacket and pants, would take comfort down to 0 I would surmise. Stay with dark colors (doesn’t show dirt and picks up heat from sun during day) Might consider the idea of a bright color for visibility in case of need for rescue.

  201. Cory Benge

    Hi Jason,
    Short and sweet!
    1. 15 degree bag is all that is needed Especially considering that most of us will be layering with the Super Down stuff.
    2. Colors don’t matter but if I had to choose I’d say Black or dark Gray outer and Tan inner
    3. Baffle system and design you have described is a must.
    4. Length (I’m 5’8″ but liked the extra room to put clothes in) should be at least 78″
    5. Lets add a litte girth so we can have room to move and place items in the bag with us.
    6. Consider having a headlamp pocket or “essentials” pocket.
    Keep up the good work.

  202. Sean

    30 degree bag for bow season, if the temps drop you can always wear layers to stay warm when in the bag..
    Tall size for sure as I’m 6’2″
    Colors don’t matter but I’ve always liked something more basic as a steel grey or black.

  203. Jason Winter

    15 or 20 degree bag. Doesn’t pay to re-invent the wheel on this one. Take the best bag made today like western mountaineering/feathered friends and copy it. fill it with your waterproof down and you’ll have a hit. All sleeping bags should be black to help the drying process if they ever got wet. Zipper all the way to the foot so you can use it as a quilt during summer scouting trips.

    A western mountaineering alpinlite or megalite look a like with “super down” is all most would ever need. Maybe 4 versions. Tall/thin, tall/fat, avg/thin and avg/fat. Keep the price around $400 and you’ll have a winner. Good luck!

  204. Brett

    15 degree, long, gun metal

  205. Brian R

    No Easter egg colors on the outside please. Darker outside, lighter color inside. An inside color that can be used as an emergency signal is a good idea though Regular with some hip & shoulder room. You will need both the Tall & the Regular though. I don’t think a one size fits all is applicable here. Quality, non snagging zippers, with LH/RH side option. Provide good adjust-ability for snugging up the head portion. I like a semi tapered profile. 30F will work if I can layer up in the colder temps, and not feel like I’m in a stuff sack. Otherwise the 15 would be the compromise. Sleeping pad stays would be a plus but not necessary.

  206. Jamie

    15 degrees
    78 inches
    Color doesn’t matter

    Extra width (I move a bunch when I sleep), so I can get a good night’s sleep is the critical factor for me with a bag. I can pack a few more ounces to get a little bit more sleep.

  207. Shane N

    0, LONG, Any dark dirt color.

  208. Colby Kendell


    I just ordered the Marmot Plasma bag for this hunting season coming up. I was hoping KUIU would come out with one before then, but looks like I will be selling my Marmot bag next year and getting yours if it is for sale by then. The Plasma bag is top of the line but I know KUIU will easily surpass that.

    So pumped!!

    0-15 degrees
    Regular Size
    Black/hemlock color looks cool! http://marmot.com/products/hydrogen?p=117 -and- http://marmot.com/products/plasma_30?p=117
    Burnt orange and black also looks great!

  209. kenmack

    Tall sizes are a must. I also appreciate a little more shoulder room too. I just bought a 0* synthetic bag so I needed one of that range. I also have a North Face Ibex down bag from the late 70’s that was rated for -20*. It usually is too hot, but I’ve been cold in it once while at 11,000 ft and 25*. Short answer: 0*. Please no loud colors that SCREAM ARTIFICIAL, PLASTIC, UNNATURAL, URBAN, ETC. I prefer earth tones to fit in with the earth.

  210. kenmack

    A pocket inside and out and a flashlight clip-on point.

    • Glenn

      You beat me to the flash light pocket, didn’t read your comment before I posted mine. Always hate digging around the bottom of my bag for the small stuff in the morning.

  211. jeffmartin

    20 degree
    I like the “short” versions like Western Mountaineering.
    5″6 is the length of their bags

  212. Troy

    if you are just doing one bag then i would say 0 degree and add some length with earth tone color, dark outer to speed drying time if it gets wet.

  213. Glenn

    15 Degreee. If it’s much colder than that I’m looking at some sort of other heat source besides my bag to keep me warm at night.

    Black Outer
    Light or Dark Grey Inner

    If there was a size option that would be great. No need to make
    vertically challenged guys like myself pack around the extra bag we don’t need.

    How about a small pocket on the inside or outside of the bag, about chest height for things to keep handy when waking up in the dark hours of the morning so you’re not fumbling around for a small flash light? How many times do you fall asleep and things aren’t where you left them when you wake up?

  214. Romo

    0-15 degree. Reg and wide. Green, Black, Purrple (LSU). Vias and Verde. Make sure it has a good draft collar and good baffles too. Right and left zip would be nice as well. Tapered, but not full mummy.

  215. Chip

    I would prefer a 15 degree and 0 degree option, and I am not concerned with color. Definitely a long length. Wish I could have one in time for my August Dall sheep hunt!

  216. Terry Marcum

    My go to bag is currently the 15 degree Marmot Helium with EQ waterproof membrane, regular size. I love this bag dearly but wish it was 850 waterproof down. I’d say this bag would be a really good template. Color is no big deal to me.

  217. Sniper1

    Jason as you can see we are all,pretty excited for this item! Sounds like a 0-15 bag is pretty where it needs to be and a more rectanglar bag and color, well that your call. But loft, weight, draft color, waterproof, all,of those are more important which you know this so…. Go at it my friend and I’m down with what you come up with.
    Thanks Jason!!!!

  218. Kyle johnson

    15 degree bag in regular size. Brown or black is most practical.

  219. robert

    15 or 30 tall

  220. Brock Wahl

    0 and 15 degree seem the most logical. For hunting those have to be the most demanded bags. Color doesn’t matter and I’d request a regular. Keep it Light with a good zipper is my only request!

  221. Austin L

    Well my comments aren’t going to be much different from the others’, but I’ll have to say 0 degree, regular length if I have to pick just one bag…and don’t care about the color. It has been my experience, and maybe I’m the only one, but I have yet to use a bag that performed to its temperature rating, which is why I would choose the 0 degree. I can open the zipper if I get too hot. I hate mummy bags, and I’m not even a big guy. The lack of movement in those things makes them incredibly uncomfortable to sleep in, in my opinion. Just my two cents. Put me on the waiting list when these things do finally hit the market!!!

  222. Todd

    For me, I am a bigger dude and have frame more suited to rugby than marathon running and would like to see a tall and a bit more barrel shaped or wider bag to be available.

    I also flip-flop turn and toss all night if uncomfortable or can’t sleep. Especially on the first night out when I really can’t sleep with big bull Elk or whatever game racing through my mind, a less restrictive option would make the long nights more bearable! I kn

    What temperature rating(s) do you need? 0 degree, 15 degree or 30 degree?
    30 degree

    What size? Regular (up to 72″) or Tall (up to 78″)

    What color combinations do you like?

  223. Todd

    For me, I am a bigger dude and have frame more suited to rugby than marathon running and would like to see a tall and a bit more barrel shaped or wider bag to be available.

    I also flip-flop turn and toss all night if uncomfortable or can’t sleep. Especially on the first night out when I really can’t sleep with big bull Elk or whatever game racing through my mind, a less restrictive option would make the long nights more bearable!

    Temp rating

    30 degree

    What size? Regular (up to 72″) or Tall (up to 78″)

    What color combinations do you like?

  224. El Kunter

    -30 degree bag is perfect (I use a liner that adds a little more warmth and keeps the stink off, also keeps your bag clean). 30 is, IMO, a great weight to warmth ratio.
    -Tall is essential.
    -Green (outer), Orange (inner). Orange is nice for survival situations, good visibility.
    -3/4 length inside/out zipper.
    -Mummy style w/drawstring or capability to cinch.
    -Gripper backside to keep from sliding off pad.

  225. Matt Michaels

    0 Degree bag tall, I have yet to sleep in a bag that is actually comfortable at the stated temp rating so I always get a bag that will go colder then what I actually am sleeping in. I have been using western mountaineering bags and am interested to see this new line u have coming out.

  226. mike S L

    0 degree tall and I would like verde camo outer orange inner but I would any color will work….can’t wait

  227. Cody L.

    I’d like to see a 15 degree. And something in between a reg and long length. The long bag I have is ridiculously long and the regular is just a bit too short. Plus a legit compression stuff sack. And figure out a way to keep the bag from twisting around during the night. Also I kind of like the idea of a top quilt thing like the hammockers use. It seems like a waste to put all of that down underneath you to just get compressed.

  228. Tyler

    15 degree
    No preference

  229. Ron Phenicie

    30 degree and 1 1/2 pounds or less. I just replaced a 20 year old down bag so I have a new 10 degree 2 lb. bag.

    Color scheme as shown is good.

  230. Ron Phenicie

    And I forgot to include that regular size is good for me in my previous post.

  231. Brady Miller

    30 degree is plenty. As others have stated…using the superdown as layers in your sleeping bag will add additional warmth if needed. Tall bag, I am 6’5″ and short bags just don’t cut it. Prefer a dark color for the outside of the bag. I’d love to left or right side zipper options.

  232. Russ

    Ok here are my thoughts on a sleeping bag:
    1.) Multiple temp rates 0, 15, 30 would be a good start to a sleeping bag line. If only one temp line is an option I vote for 15 degrees.
    2.) Multiple lengths needed 72″ length and 78″ length.
    3.) The thing I don’t see anybody talking about is girth size. This is very imporant in sleeping bags. I would suggest having two different girth models. You need one for skinny guys and one for larger guys. A 60″ girth for the skinny guys and a 66″ girth for the larger guys would be a good start.

    Sleeping bags are like shoes, one size does not fit all and work for everybody. To do this right, you need multiple sleeping bags in different temp rates, lengths, and girth size to fit people. Good luck you have quite the competion in high end down bags!!!

  233. George Hicks

    The temp rating where down is the biggest concern for me is 30 degrees and higher. The likelihood that a down bags is compromised by water is less the lower the temperature goes. I already have super high quality down bags in 30, 15, and 0 degrees. I would be more imclined to spend the money to upgarde my 30 degree bag than one of the others.

    As far as details go, I am looking for full-length zipper, a moderate to wide cut so I can roll-over without getting bound up, 78″ length (BTW I think the Marmot tall bags are perfect for length and width).

  234. Paul Bride

    Very Kool!

  235. Brad Ridgeway

    I agree with George Hicks. 30 degree will most effectively exploit the bennifts of the super down. I also agree with a cut that is more roomy that a typical mummy. Most guys like to roll around a bit while they sleep. Big Agnes has figured this out as far as cut goes. the bag has bo offered in both regular and long. Short people don’t need longs and tall people can’t use shorts. You don’t sell jackets in only one size. Also the 30 range bag coupled with an overbag and bivy will allow you to be comfortable into dang fridgid temps. Consider a whole sleep system. That would be awesome.

  236. Mathew D’Ath

    60″ girth tall would be good I sleep in the bag and don’t hunt from it so color does not matter, 0 deg would fit well with me.
    Cheers And Good luck

  237. Chris

    A 15 degree bag, 78 inch, color is not that big an issue but if I had the opportunity I would get a Vias. I was inquiring about a sleeping bag from Kuiu a year ago. Glad to finally see it in serious development. Can’t wait.

  238. Hugh


    Mountain hunters need light gear under 2lbs.

    0-15 bag with option if waterproof shell in camo or plain earth tone color.

    Option of having thinner insert to custom for coldet temps.

    Material in back to prevent it from sliding.

    ood quality zippers.

    look forward to seeing what happens with this.

  239. Nik

    I would make a 0, 15, and 30 degree bags. I would make them have a decent amount of girth or a wide version for us guys who don’t want to be sardines.

    Girths in the shoulders along the lines of 75 for the wide 66 for the regular. Make it 78 inches or so. Color could be a grey, green, black or any dark tone. Keep the weight down with the down feathers and should be a winner. I know I like a semi rectangular mummy cut bag that is under 2.5 lbs. Anything in that range with good warmth will do the trick.

  240. Sam

    Are you planning to put some sort of sideways stretch technology in it? My Montbell had me instantly hooked because of that.

  241. Michael Wiggins

    I currently use a 15 degree Marmot Helium (reg length:72″). I use it primarily, on back country hunts during archery elk/deer season and summer scouting; here in Montana. The two features that I consider to be most important in a good bag are both: weight(the liter the better) and size once packed in compression sack (the smaller the better). A flat earth-tone/ camo would be best, but not imperative.

  242. Andy Bacigalupo

    Good to see this coming along, been looking at a lot of bags and had finally settled on the Pipedream 600 from Alpkit.com, 14/15f down bag under 1kilo. Similar to this in specks and price with quicks down would really pique my interest. (the pipedream uses Toray fabric too,)

  243. Rob Register

    0 degree would be my first choice if you could keep it somewhere around 2 lbs.

    15 degree if 2 lbs or under.

    Regular size, maybe consider slightly wider foot box, i.e. hourglass shape.

    Please include double zippers, i.e. top and bottom.

    Dark color outside, black or gray.
    Light color inside, prefer light green similar to verde color
    What color combinations do you like?

  244. Darren Best

    Six feet tall, so right on the border of needing a tall bag.

    Wide in the shoulders a must.

    If only one temp rating offered, 0 degrees.

    Gunmetal for outside color, Olive for inside.

    Full length zipper that doesn’t snag.

    NO hood or make it an option?

  245. Drew Messerli

    0 or 15 degree
    Require extra width
    78 inch
    Color: camo (vias or verde), earth tone colors
    Full length zipper

  246. Ken

    I’m excited to see this. I’m over 6′, so I need a tall bag, preferably wide. 15 degree would be good. As far as color, I don’t really care, but Vias or Verde would be cool.

  247. Mike mooney

    20 degree quilt version would be a great complement to the lineup. You could come in at 16-18 ounces. This would be an awesome early season setup. Gamble and give it a try, I’ll bet you’ll find a lot of guys going to the quilt.

  248. DREW

    I think that being Kuiu is a ultralight company then the bag main focus should be ULTRALIGHT. In my opinion for whatever that is worth a 30 degree bag is sufficient. In colder temps the super down combo can be worn to keep comfortable. As far as color here are some combos I think would be cool.

    OD green exterior with a verde interior
    Tan exterior with Vias interior
    Black with OD green
    Dark Grey and Vias or swap the vias with verde

    It would be nice to have a bag that does not require sunglasses to look at it. If you know what I mean.

  249. Coop

    I have been using a Western Mountaineering Antelope (overstuffed) for years. It’s been the PERFECT do it all bag for western hunting. I have used it for early season mule deer and elk unzipped, brown bear in October, Dall sheep in September, sitka blacktail in November, camping on a snow ledge in December & January for mule deer and wolves. I think it’s a 10 degree bag. I’ve used it for 17 years!!! I do wish the shell was water resistant and of course quix down would be the ultimate fill.

    Make short/medium/long and medium/wide versions. Love the idea of a camo/earth – toned bag.

    I also have a Marmot Atom – it’s light, but I almost never use it (except in my trailer as a quilt. It sucks in comparison – cramped, cold, flimsy. Don’t get so crazy about weight that you ultimately sacrifice comfort. 3/4 zip would be OK to save weight. Sew in pouch on the outside of the head with a velcro flap for pillow (so you could stuff clothing or a pillow in and it wouldn’t slide out in the middle of the night) would be a GREAT feature.

    Also a sewn in head net that could be unrolled from of a zippered flap for buggy nights under the stars or under a paratarp could be a nice feature for ultralight hunting.

  250. John Martin

    For Perspective, My 30 deg bag is a WM Ultralite, and my 0 deg bag is a Big Agnes Storm King.
    Tall length
    Girth is important 72″
    Full length zipper
    30 degree model needs ability to vent the feet (Early archery season)
    Hood and collar
    Accessory ideas
    pocket for flashlight could velcro on/off

    Weight range:
    30deg 1.5 #
    15deg 2.0#
    0deg 3.0#

  251. Stephen

    Would like a tall,extra wide, dark color outside, light color inside,full zip,zero degree bag with a loose fitting bivy sac.

  252. Tye

    0 degree. Tall. Black is a fine color but sometimes a sleeping bag might serve as a rescue beacon so I will say a bight color like orange, or yellow. I have one that’s purple and it stands out so a plane overhead could see it in an emergency.

  253. Shane

    Size: Both Regular and Tall
    Temp: 15 deg. That’s what I’m using here in Alaska until there’s snow on the ground.
    Color: Something in solid. Maybe a black or charcoal outer with a blue or green inner.
    Weight: 2-2.25 lbs for a 15 deg bag
    Price: There’s lots of competition in sleeping bags so price and weight are going to be the biggest selling points. Better beat the competitions retail pricing.

  254. JD

    Backpack hunters I know want a more generous cut, from shoulder to foot & a sleeve on the bottom for the sleeping pad. A 0 degree bag is what I’ll buy from you if you make a bag with these two components. I’m very willing to gain some ounces for these features. I’d be happy to test a prototype for you this fall above timberline, write me.

  255. Jesse Lund

    Tall, 30Deg. If its colder I would sleep in my quix down under layer. Black on the outside

  256. Michael Schneider

    0 degree
    black/dark blue

    Now I can’t wait……………..lol

  257. Troy

    Color is not very important.

  258. David

    The two most popular are 15 deg & 0 deg. Both regular length & long ( 6’6″ height) One key thing for the bigger man is shoulder & hip girth. To add 12″ in girth only adds about 5 oz. in weight. Making it possible to actually turn over in your bag. A pad sleeve is a HUGE benefit also, ESPECIALLY when sleeping on uneven ground on a goat or sheep hunt.

  259. John

    I like the idea of 0 degree bag with a sleeve for a pad. I can see where it would be nice to have a 20 or 30 degree bag for earlier season hunts. I like a long bag to have the option for putting boots in with you to keep them from freezing solid.

  260. BIG ERN

    Ever consider using the stretch type stitching or design similar to the Mont Bell super stretch bags? I now own one and as a person who needs to move around a lot at night this works well for me.

  261. www.pej.no

    What temperature rating(s) do you need? 0 degree and/or 15 degree
    What size? Regular (up to 72″)
    What color combinations do you like: Green or Coyote. Not black!
    Zipper: just 1/2 way down. Not all the way

  262. John

    0 degree, black and blue, 78 long, it would be great to have a pad sleeve and a pad designed for this bag also. 1 stop shopping for a quality bag for all mountain hunting needs! Thx Jason!…..John

  263. Jordan Seitz

    Regular, 15 degree, any colors.

  264. Tom

    My take on bags:

    – I’m 5′-8″ so a “regular” sized bag usually works fine. 72″ would be perfect. I have a couple 20 degree North Face bags and they work pretty well.

    – A 15 degree bag would be ideal but in a synthetic fill, they are typically too bulky. I have avoided down due to the wet weather factor here in the PNW.

    – I like to carry my sleeping bag inside my pack as well, mainly due to weather protection, so it needs to compress well. Down is ideal for compression/loft performance. I’d like to see this demo with a Super Down prototype.

    – I like a tad more leg room than provided by typical ultralight mummy designs.

    – I like a bag liner that I can remove and wash.

    – I sleep with a headnet to keep the friggin’ bugs off my face.

    – I typically use a Slumberjack bivy and not a tent but It would be great to have a down bag that offered a better moisture barrier (think dew not rain).

    – My older REI down bag has poor baffling so the down moves around a lot. I know you have to balance this with enabling good loft.

    – I want good insulation around my head and the ability to cinch down when it gets colder.

    – Locking zipper, right side when laying on back. I hate zipper creep.

    – Color: I like darker colors because they absorb heat and will dry faster when airing out. Black or Major Brown, but maybe a KUIU-specific acent color/shape as a key design element could be a cool differentiator from a Brand perpective.

    Hope this helps,

  265. Tom

    Forgot, I sleep in base layers and more recently my merino wool + spindrift jacket for variances in weather temps. I most always sleep in a wool beanie as well.

  266. Glenn

    How about having a pocket similar to the way the Super Down Jacket works where you can stuff it into it’s self?

  267. russell

    15 degree, regular, no particular color. Looks like you’ve decided on verticle baffles. As someone who really, really struggles in a mummy style bag I actually like the fit & flex of the spiral down hugger by Monte Bell.

  268. Greg Perry

    Temp: Zero degrees.

    Color: Black. Why? If it gets wet, a black color bag can be set out in the sun and will dry the quickest.

    Tall size is a must for 6’3″ guys like me.

  269. Nick

    Would love to see a 20 degree bag but would settle for a 15.
    72″ is perfect
    Earth tone colors but doesn’t really matter
    Adding an integrated pad sleeve would be awesome or some kind of traction tape

  270. Ron Green

    What temperature rating(s) do you need? 0 degree, 15 degree or 30 degree?
    15 or 30 degree bag (both)

    By having superdown in my pack as well, I’d opt for a lighter, higher temp rating bag if it’d save enough weight overall.

    (I kind of think a zero degree bag doesn’t need quixdown as badly as a mid/mild temp bag. At zero degrees everything will be frozen…

    What size? Regular (up to 72″) or Tall (up to 78″)
    I’m 5’9″ and use a regular bag in my 15 and 30 degree bags, but have a Tall in my 0 degree bag (for boot/clothing storage at my feet).

    What color combinations do you like?
    Black or dark earth tone outer, either bright (blaze/neon) or lighter earth tone inside.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

  271. Bob

    Colors I would prefer would be ones that show dirt so I know if my bag is getting dirty. Also like the Big Agnes design but with at least a little insulation underside in case your pad goes flat. Otherwise what I saw in the pic looked pretty good. Price point is important also as there are companies that sell dry down bags now at a good price that most people can afford.

  272. Joe

    15 degree tall dark outside light inside

  273. Dallas

    Regular length -72″ is fine.
    A small interior pocket
    Major brown, vias or verde
    Light as possible
    Temp rating should be for mild weather as the super down coat and pant could be worn when temps drop

    The rest of the design I’ll leave to you Jason as everything I’ve bought has been thoroughly anilyzed and perfected.


  274. Clay

    I currently use a 30 deg marmot helium and have used it down into the teens. I agree with the earlier comments that a higher temp rating can be more versatile. Aug to dec hunting in some climates. You would also save weight which is great for the ultralight folks. I use a reg size, don’t care as much about the color. I would imagine a 0 deg and a 30 deg in reg and long will capture most of the business out there.

    I need to get rid of my marmot to make room for this bag!

  275. Bob Terwilliger

    Hi Jason, for here during elk season in the Colorado Rockies, the zero degree bag would be ideal as it could be used for Archery through the Rifle Seasons. I would need a tall. Color is not an issue…Thanks for asking!

  276. Vladimir

    Ideally would like to make two options for tepmeraturnomu regime:
    1) up to-15C
    2) to-30C
    I need an option in the mountains-30C, but the mountains are different 🙂

    Color Verde Camo.

    Sizes are also better to make 72 “and 78”, all the growth is different.

  277. Robert

    0 & Tall, some good comments about colour already ( no preference here).

    Great work KUIU (Jason and Team). Amazing to watch this brand develop…

  278. Nick

    i would have to suggest 15 degree bag, regular length and possibly the reflective material as the internal liner (mixed reviews on if it helps), and selling an additional super super featherlight liner bag that possibly snaps in to give you a 0 rating if that seems to be a popular temp. however, I feel sticking with a fifteen degree bag is perfect during the times i am looking for an ultra light bag.

  279. Brent

    A 0 or 15 degree bag would be perfect, prefer a 0 degree bag as it better to be too warm than too cold. I’m 6’0″ and always have an issue with a regular bag being a bit tight, so I prefer a longer bag, a tall bag is perfect for me. As for color, I have no preference, but from a marketing and sales perspective, a neutral color would appeal to a wider range of consumers, ex/ forest green. The bag definitely needs a full length zipper, hood and collar.

  280. Waylon

    I would like to see good to -6c ,mummy style and 72 inches ,baffle , and zippers that don’t catch on the side of the bag, made with super-down, color don’t matter but my well by visa camo . I like that pattern

  281. Richard

    I’m 6’1″, so I’m usually in the middle of the two lengths you posted. Usually the Regular works for me, but if it’s on the short side, it would be the long.

    I would probably want a 15 degree bag.

    I don’t care about the color. I prefer a bag that has lighter or brighter colors over those with dark colors.

    Can’t wait to get one of these, hopefully it’s in 2013 since I’m thinking about upgrading my sleeping bag this year!

  282. Tim Loran

    I would love to see a bag in vias camo, just because it would look cool!
    as far as temp rating to about -7c keeps bag light but gives ok if your caught in a fall storm and freeze on top. light/super light weight and packable to very small size. I love the new barrel style (with hood), I have 3 mummy’s and find as I age I need to move my feet and legs more during the night, especially after a long mountain accent (cramp free is always the best way to have it).

    cheers Jason, a great new product.

  283. Alex Lewis

    Definitely the tall due some situations of needing to keep boots on or bundling the top for the use of a thicker pillow.

  284. David Johnson

    Def. Do it in the Kuiu camo patterns, both reg & tall to accomodate everyone. I hunt AK and the 0’/15’degree bag would be great. Let me know when pre-orders go up I would love one in Verde Camo.

    Cheers Dave

  285. David Johnson

    Def. Do it in the Kuiu camo patterns, both reg & tall to accomodate everyone. I hunt AK and the 0’/15’degree bag would be great. Let me know when pre-orders go up I would love one in Verde Camo.

    Cheers Dave

  286. Ben Stourac

    Hey Jason. A 0 degree bag would be best for guides and outfitters. Something with a little colour would be nice. A cammo sleeping bag would be overkill. Basic colours are best. Red/black, or blue/black I think would be nice. Tall sleeping bags are nice so you can really snug yourself inside of them, or put clothing in the bottom of your bag so it is warm in the morning. I look forward to this sleeping bag coming out. Ill be ordering one up for sure! Cheers!!

  287. Phil Pera

    Temperature: 0 degrees

    Size: Tall

    Color: No preference

  288. Bruce

    Jason, So a 15 bag would be preferred around 2 1/2 lbs or so on weight. Still use it early season and its a great bed. Draft tubes on the collars & zippers, more of a top/off center zipper that has a large pull tag(glow in the dark tab would be great)(not dead center so it doesn’t tap your face all night) zippered footbox for odds and ends. Darker color tones but no a deal killer. 78″ L 66″ shoulder 56″ hip 40″ foot…storage pouch on the outside for odds and ends.
    Can’t wait to see a final version—

  289. Harv

    0 Deg bag would be nice for the late season Sheep and Elk hunt. Gun metal gray with the Kuiu Ram on the front and Vias camo inside would look way too cool. I would like to see a compression bag similar to the Kifaru one, instead of the normal bowling ball one. Don’t forget the loft bag when storing it in the off season.
    Once again, THANKS for asking for our input.

  290. Almat


  291. Ken

    I’d like to see it in a temp range as low as possible with the bag weight legitimately under 3 pounds! We know you’ll have the latest technology,features and colors. Ken-Reno

  292. Todd Watkins

    15-30 degree…….in phantom and green like the packs. Can’t wait!

  293. Tim

    Light weight is key. 0 Degree
    I want to fit into the Regular but at 72.5″ it usually is a bit tight

  294. Dan

    15 – 0 deg , color no preference. wider shoulder girth than standard option

  295. Mark Caywood

    Some thoughts on your bag(s). 1) A neck collar gives better temperature control. 2) If the bag is intended for S/E Alaska type wet a 0 to + 10 would be good. 3) For below 0 spike camp a minus 10 to -20. 4)Earth tone color(s). 5) A standard length and shoulder width will work for me. 6) The lighter and dryer the better. 7) Have you thought about a sleeping pad sleeve? 8) Make a water prof compression sack for wet weather use. My bags are used with a bivy sack.

  296. Jake

    Please tailor these like BA. No insulation on the bottom, sleeping pad pouch, pillow pouch, and wider size so you don’t feel like your in a body bag.

  297. Chris

    Definitly in the market for a new bag for early season archery, and will be holding out untill yours is available…

    I’d be interested in:

    15 or 30 deg. bag
    Reg. Sized
    KUIU camo color options (With Black or Tan/brown as accent/secondary color)

    My option thoughts:

    Side and foot vents
    Ipod Pocket
    Pillow pocket (I useully stuff a sweatshirt for a pillow)
    Oversized shoulder area as an option for us broader guys.
    Oversized option
    Merino wool liner Option for adjusting temp rating
    Compression stuff sack

    Thank you for allowing our ideas! There is no doubt what you design is going to be top notch! I can’t wait….
    Lots of awesome input with great ideas.

  298. Scott Martin

    I don’t like insulation on the back of the bag as a result when you lay on it the compression reduces or eliminates the insulation -just a waste. I like larger foot boxes so you can bend your leg and don’t have sleep like a mummy – stretch like Montbel – water resistant material that breaths under 2lbs.

  299. Brad

    Mummy style in size long, 0-15 degree. Outer subdued colors with interior black (flip inside out to dry in sun). 3/4 zipper. Stuff sack interior lined with fleece so it can be turned inside out and stuffed for a pillow.

    I would also like to see an ultralight weight quilt for bivy archery hunts.

    My 2 cents.

  300. Josh Henkel

    0 degrees rectangle bag – I think you should go with the color schemes that you offer in the clothing for the bags.

  301. Kacy

    I would offer all temp ratings that you listed, but as of now I’m in search of a 30°, 72″ reg
    bag is perfect I wouldn’t go any shorter than that. I would also like to see the colors stay more earth tones, maybe with a camo option.

  302. Michael Fröman

    I need plenty of wiggle room so my toes don’t compress the insulation in the footwell(maybe no 78″ worth but certainly more than 72″). Also, please shape this bag for an actual athletic man instead of a bean pole. The shoulders in every bag I own are tight and the hips are cavernous. Men fit enough to hump 1/2 a dressed elk down a mountain usually have strong bags and broad shoulders and not much “junk in the trunk”.

  303. Sheldon

    I would appreciate a bag that is rated at 0 F, that is around 2 pounds, I’m only 5 foot 5, so a bag that is available in a few sizes, I hate it when I have to buy a bag, that is built for a person that is 6 ft

  304. Greg

    30 Degree, regular & whatever color is cheaper since I really don’t care what color it is.

  305. Josh Marchand

    0 degree as I have a 30 already

    Would love it to have a windproof shell to save bringing a bivy and make it that much warmer for weight

    Also don’t care for the hoods as they add weight where a toque adds warmth (yeah toque not beanie)

    taffeta lining is really nice too

  306. Jerry

    Bring on the bag!

  307. steve

    0 degree bag but 20 below would be better.78 in. bag with plenty of shoulder room,most bags I try are to short and to narrow in the shoulders,making for a long night.