During a rain soaked final round at the Masters in...

During a rain soaked final round at the Masters in Augusta Georgia yesterday, there was only one person who remained dry and comfortable the entire day.Vias on the golf course is next fashion trend!

Thank you to who ever this was wearing KUIU in the Gallery on the 18th Green, what an amazing end of the Masters you witnessed. Go KUIU!



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  1. Meg Gray

    Wow! You need to find that person for a testimonial! Good Sleuthing KUIU!

  2. Ryan Athey

    I saw this guy too, and had to rewind the DVR to confirm what I saw.

  3. Rowdy Anderson

    Even Golfers know what is good for them!

  4. Val marquez

    I wear my Vista at the mall, but I’m a Maine redneck so it’s OK.


  5. Alan Freilich

    I wore mine to the Iowa St bowl game this December and was warm and dry for the entire game as everybody else around me got wet wearing their ponchos. I figure if it works in the mountains, it will work anywhere and comfort is more important than what someone thinks of my fashion statement.

  6. Glen Irvine

    Hilarious…good eyes guys…but then again, we are hunters!

  7. Larry Schwartz

    Well, maybe there is a demand for a VIAS merino golf shirt/polo after all… 😉

  8. Jeff Short

    VERDE would have been more appropriate at Augusta

  9. Kevin

    Will this make it into Eastmoan’s Photo Selection Contset.

  10. B_Bolding aka TradRag

    LOL!!! I saw him too! I thought it was very cool!

  11. Tom

    Gotta love that! I was driving to work (Olympia, Washington) about a month ago and passed a truck sporting a KUIU decal. I pulled up and gave him a nod, knowing he’d know why once he saw my back window.

  12. Paul Bride

    That is awesome!

  13. Jeff M. Valunas

    I saw that, and kept thinking, I should post something!!!
    He sticks out like a “sore-thumb” in that crowd… But, would have
    disappeared in the (intended use) surroundings! 🙂
    At least we know, he had no problems, with the rain!!!
    Looking forward, to your review/comment- Of ALL THE SUGGESTIONS given, for the KUIU Quix Down Sleeping Bag Project.


  14. Kevin

    Great advertisement!!! Great gear will pop up at the most unexpected places!!!

  15. jon

    awesome. i wear my kuiu raingear golfing often. great stuff.

  16. Dan F

    Jason, gotta tell ya Bro, you are living the dream!! How satisfying it must be to bring your ideas and products to life and watch as your company takes off and enjoys incredible success. Even know it was a golf tournament and not a foggy Alaskan ridgeline, I am thinking you had a tear in your eye on that one. Building something from nothing is the American Dream. And you and your employees are crushing it!!!
    Congrats and continued success!!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you so much Dan! Yes KUIU’s growth blows me away. Our rate of growth is 4 times faster than Sitka, which I never would have guessed for a direct on-line business. I had so many people tell me this business model would not work and I would loose everything, glad I followed my instincts on this one.

  17. Ken

    Too cool, saw it live too!!! It’s great to see KUIU gear that far back east. I used
    my rain gear in Florida during tropical storm Debbie and it passed with flying colors! Ken-Reno

  18. Clay


    You sure you weren’t in Augusta this past weekend? You’re slick Bro!

  19. Parker

    I could be wrong, but I don’t believe that Boo Weekley played / qualified for the Masters in 2013. Perhaps, he was a spectator this year, who has decided to adopt Vias into his camo portfolio!?! If not, KUIU should hunt him down. When he does play in the major tournaments, he is typically sporting some camo. If you don’t know much about Boo, access the Jim Rome archives to listen to a couple of his interviews. They are classic, and Boo seems to be a solid guy! Cool pic folks!