Tiburon utilizes a new Toray fabric technology tha...

Tiburon utilizes a new Toray fabric technology that gives you a wider temperature range in your layering system, especially if you hunt in warm climates or early season. Toray invented a new fabric technology called Dot-Air for Japan’s Summer Olympic team to help manage heat stress and we have turned this technology into the most advanced warm weather-hunting product line ever made.

The Tiburon Shirt and Pant is one of my favorite developments because it solves the problem of the wide temperature changes we face during Summer and early Fall hunts.

At 149 g/m2 Tiburon is not thin, noisy or non-durable like typical “light weight-quick dry” pants or shirts. Dot Air is made with “Micro-Openings” to allow air to flow easily through the fabric to cool the surface of your skin with the slightest breeze or movement.

I have tested the Tiburon on the costal range in California during the summer in 100 degree heat and layered up underneath in 10 degree hunts in November and love the versatility of Tiburon.

The Tiburon Zip-T & Pant are treated with Toray’s Kudos DWR, quick drying, and extremely quiet. You can wear it next to your skin or over your Merino Wool base layers.

Toray Dot Air fabric contains small mesh-like micro-openings designed to maximize breathability without giving up durability. Allowing the slightest breeze to pass through the fabric to cool your skin on hot weather hunts, while still protecting you from the elements.


Price:               $99.99
Sizes:               M, L, XL, XXL
Color:              Vias Camo & Verde Camo

Toray Dot Air Fabric – 149 g/m2 – 100% Polyester
Toray KUDOS DWR Finish (Durable Water Repellant)
YKK Zippers (1/4 zip chest opening and chest pocket)

Technical Features:
8.50 ounces
2-Way Stretch
Water Repellent-Treated with Toray KUDOS DWR Finish
Extremely Breathable – Dot Air Fabric is ventilated with tiny air holes
Quick Drying
Very Quiet

Pockets Configuration
Chest Pocket with #3 YKK Zipper
Easily accessible for essential small gear

Collar Configuration
¼ Zip Mock Collar for extra comfort and added ventilation – #3YKK zipper
Allows dump of heat and excess moisture

Anatomical shaping for fit and comfort when climbing
Athletic Fit
Flat Lock Stitching




The Tiburon Pant is the most technically advanced warm weather-hunting pant ever created.  Add layers underneath it, and you can use the Tiburon Pant for any hunting condition.

Price:               $139.99
Sizes:               32, 34, 36, 38, 40
Inseam:         34” (2″ cuff can be let out for an additional 1 3/4″)
Color:              Vias Camo & Verde Camo

Toray Dot Air Fabric – 149 g/m2 – 100% Polyester
Toray KUDOS DWR Finish – Durable Water Repellant
YKK Zippers – #3 (seat pockets, hip/cargo pockets, hip zip, fly)

Technical Features:
Designed as a Warm Weather Pant – Next to skin or add layers underneath for cooler weather hunting.
12.50 ounces
2-Way Stretch
Water Repellent-Treated with Toray KUDOS DWR Finish
Extremely Breathable – Fabric is ventilated with tiny air holes
Quick Drying
Very Quiet
Hip Zip Vents – Designed to dump heat and excess moisture – lightweight mesh lining to keep debris out

Pocket Configuration
Two hand pockets with lightweight mesh lining for added ventilation
Two rear/seat pockets – #3 YKK zippers
Two thigh/cargo pockets – #3 YKK zippers
Two hip-zips with mesh lining for added ventilation – #3 YKK zippers

Zipper (Fly) Configuration
Front Fly #3 YKK Concealed Coiled Fly Zipper with 2 heads

Belt Configuration
Web & Bar-tacked PU-button
Bar Tack Belt Loops

Anatomical shaping for fit and comfort when climbing
Gusseted crotch
Articulated knees
Flat Lock Stitching

As I’m sure you’re aware, our new product releases have been met with a very high demand and have sold out within days. We highly recommend that you place your preorder as soon as you can.  There’s no obligation, you aren’t charged until your order ships.

To preorder, call KUIU Customer Service toll free at 855-367-5848 Monday-Friday from 9:00AM-5:00PM PST.  International customers who aren’t able to call in can email service@kuiu.com for instructions.


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  1. jim madsen

    Looks great Jason. Does this material stretch like the attack pants etc?



    • Jason Hairston

      Dot Air is a 2 ways stretch fabric and will not restrict your movement or range of motion. It is an amazing fabric.

  2. Mike

    Wow Jason sounds like another winner from Kuiu!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Mike!!

  3. Nigel Ivy

    These look great, Jason. Pre-order placed.
    Looking forward to putting this gear through it’s paces and seeing the outcome. The other gear has served me very well so far hunting on 3 different continents.

    • Jason Hairston

      Glad to hear it Nigel! I look forward to hearing how you like Tiburon.


  4. Ken Anderson

    I didn’t see an anticipated availability date. Do you anticipate having them available by the time early deer & elk open in late August?


    • Jason Hairston

      We expect them to begin shipping by Mid-June.

  5. Josh Isely

    Looks sweet! Is this similar to a Traverse from that other company but more breathabile ?

    • Jason Hairston

      No this is a light weight very breathable fabric. Not a jersey fleece product like the traverse. I hope this answers your question? Let me know if it does not.


  6. Shane McAteer

    Nice looking gear Jason. I had a question… what is the comparison of the tiburon pant, guide pant, or attack pant to Sitka’s to the 90% pant? Just cuirous? Thanks for your help!

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Shane,

      It is hard to compair our pants to Sitka’s because our fabrics do not have elastic and the yarn is a higher quality. So you end up with a better performing product that weighs less and last longer. The Tiburon is a VERY unique fabric that breaths like crazy, it is thin like the Ascent pant but weighs significantly less and dries much faster. What type of hunting are you buying the pant for? Then I can steer you to the right pant.

  7. Chaz

    Just preordered pants and a top, looking forward to using this in the hot September sun. They said that their estimated ship date is June 14th.

  8. Matt

    Great stuff! I need to call! 🙂

    • Jason Hairston

      The phones are going crazy right now so please be patient.


  9. Todd Watkins

    Great stuff Jason! This will definitely come in handy this Sept/Oct. Can’t wait to see the material and maybe some gloves and a beanie.

  10. Jamie

    Great looking stuff – you seem to always be a step ahead and are making products that exactly meet my needs that everyone else seems to miss!

    I’ve been wearing lightweight merino for a few years now and love it (I can’t wait to wear my Kuiu gear in A and B zones for archery this summer- it’ll be great to finally have merino in camo).

    What was your experience with wearing this fabric next to your skin in the heat with respect to odor control? If you were bowhunting in hot weather, when would you wear this vs. the merino 185 Zip-T? Thanks!

    • Jason Hairston

      I run both and if it gets really hot I would just wear the Tiburon.

  11. Tim Hansford

    BRILLIANT!!! Thank you for bringing this to us.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Tim!

  12. Wolfmen

    Great stuff!!!

    Any chance of plain color for the pant and shirt?


    • Jason Hairston

      Not in this run of product. Sorry!


  13. Tye

    Any plans for solid colors in the future?

  14. Brian R

    Was going to order the Attacks for the warmer seasons. Glad I waited a couple of days. Tiburon’s pre-ordered.

  15. Jerry V

    Got 2 shirts/1 pant pre-ordered, should be perfect for early archery season.

    A light jacket out of this fabric would be nice for misty/light rain but warm tempeture days.


  16. Jerry V

    How snag resistant is the material ??

    The only compliant I have about the Attack pants is how easy they snag on blackberry thorns. Have a solid & a vias pair of Attack pants I use when out around blackberries that are fairly well trashed (but still usable) from the knee down, hoping the Tiburon fairs better.


    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Jerry,

      Unfortunately no-one has figured out a way to make a stretch fabric snag proof. Tiburon is slightly more snag resistant because it is two-way stretch.

      I have asked all the high-end mills from Toray to Schoeller and if it stretches Blackberry Thorns will snag it. If this is a constant problem, you are best looking as something like a phesant hunting type of pant that is made specifically for Briars. Although I could not imagine trying to sneak up on a anything wearing a pair of these?

      • Jerry V

        Thanks Jason,

        Somethings have to be sacrificed for the good of the hunt, so I’ll keep using them snag or not.
        One thing that does help is gaitors, though the Yukons may be a bit warm for early archery season, they do hold up well against blackberries.
        Can’t wait to get my Tiburon order, looks like good stuff.


  17. Scott


    Any plans for a boonie hat in this fabric?

    • Will

      I like this idea!!!

  18. errol

    A fabric that looks great for hunting roe deer during the European summer rut.

  19. Scoot

    That stuff looks awesome! How quiet/loud is the material?

  20. Dan Russell

    Looks sweet Jason. I for one would love to see a short-sleeve shirt option, and zip-off pants or shorts. Keep up the good work!

  21. Nick

    Compared to the attack pants what’s the durability of the tiburon pants?

  22. Troy

    Jason, question on the sizing of this compared to some of the others in the pants line up i have the orig attack in 36 which is a good fit but just slightly big have a nephew who bought the attack in verde and said that they were a little smaller and was glad he bought the 36 he normaly wears a 34 do they fit the same or should i be concerned at all. I was considering a 34 in attack for a summer pair but now looking at the tiburon??

  23. Josh

    What does new refer to? The “weave” or yarn or…? I am also curious about the smell factor, how does it compare with modern synthetics and wool in terms of smell?


  24. Andrew

    Since the fabric is so thin, how is the strength of it? Is moving through timber going to be an issue with snags?


    • Jason Hairston

      149g/m squared is not that light of a fabric for how it performs in heat. That is the genius of this fabric.

  25. Andrew

    Curious if these pants are something you would take on an August stone sheep hunt? too lightweight?

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes absolutely.

  26. Shane Close

    Looks sweet! I’m excited about this. Can’t wait to try it out!

    Only question: any issues with polka dot sunburns?

    • Jason Hairston

      No sunburns in testing.

      • Shane Close

        lol Good!

        I’m just curious about the branding. Will all the new clothes have that “Kuiu Ultralight Hunting” logo put on them now?

  27. Ty

    Any plans of a hat made from this?

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes this will make a great hat fabric.

      • Scott

        Boonie hats and regular ball caps?

        • Shane Close

          yes please on a hat from this material!

  28. Dwayne

    Looks great. Can’t wait to get some in solid colors.

  29. Chris

    +1 for solid colors

  30. Dustin

    Would this be suitable for all-season hunting [in Tennessee], assuming you got a big enough size and wore wool and wind-proof layers underneath?


  31. JR

    Would love a short sleeve version to layer under the zip tee. Any plans for that?

  32. Jason Potter

    Any idea when the bino harness will be available?

  33. Brady Miller

    Just placed my pre order. Looks like a great pant addition for scouting and August antelope hunting.

  34. Josh

    Looks like a winner.

    How will these pants do in the CA A zone regarding breathability AND shedding the sticker burrs?

    finding a hunting pant that works well in July would be killer!

  35. Jeff M. Valunas

    Any future plans for a “Non-Capre” length inseam?
    I know there are some Pro Athletes trying to make the “Capre Pant” fashionable… But not something I would like for hunting!
    Love the innovation in fabric… Disappointed again in sizing restrictions. :-/

  36. PK

    Jason, Sounds like a great product, any chance of ordering something shorter than a 34″ inseam? Not sure how a traditional hem job would be with articulated knees, any suggestions for a short guy like me?

    • Jason Hairston

      We have customers hemming our pants to shorter lengths without a problem.

      • Jeff M. Valunas

        SO WHY is it so DIFFICULT, to provide enough material, for those of us wanting/needing- Longer than (set 34″ inseam)???
        Your level of tolerance for me, must be closing in on the “RED LINE”!
        My questions, are rarely answered, anymore!
        I KNOW, I am not ALONE in asking these questions! Sometimes, I am the first, many times… Not the First!
        I started this endeavour, before product was available! I remember, you saying, you would make it happen…
        HERE WE OUR! Nearly 2 full years later, and still-
        NO UNHEMMED PANTS, (for all/any style) of pant!?!?!?
        The ‘Boonie sizing’ was such a joke! I lost faith, in that product!
        NOW this, miniture sized inseam of pant!

        Thankfully- I am patient! But- Something needs to change (soon), for me to continue to provide FREE ADVERTIZING!
        I am NOT, the ONLY one…
        Reply please… For the sake of all that are feeling the way I do, but not commenting!

        Be Well-

  37. Chad

    I like the idea of solid color in this fabric as well.

    I am one of those customers whose wife hemmed my pants to shorter length without any problem.

  38. Kevin M

    How is this fabrics odor control qualities compared to Kuiu’s merino fabrics?

  39. Brennan Hauk

    Any chance of these new products in earth tones? I work out in the field for a living and it’d be great to wear Kuiu at work and not just during play time.



  40. Jacob Trexler

    I am so glad you brought these products to the table! I scout and hunt anywhere from 30-100’s so this will be the perfect pant to add to my collection! I thought I was gonna have to go with another brand. When is the last day to preorder with the 10%? Thank you Jason and Kuiu team!

  41. Vladimir

    will this fabric resist mosqitoes? just thinking about the micro-openings in it..

    • Stephen Doyle

      I would also like to know this please

  42. Justin Starck

    Jason, are these really 34″ inseam? That is too short! That won’t fit me and I don’t think it would fit you either. What’s up? Didn’t the Attack pants used to be 35″? I would REALLY like 36″.

  43. Justin Starck

    Are the vents required when using a very breathable fabric? Bells and whistles.

  44. Scott

    I need a longer, 36″, inseam. I’ve got I’ve got be pair of KUIU pants I let out and they fit ok.

    How much can these be let out?

  45. Chuck

    I’m with Scott (need 36″ inseam) and 37″-38″ arms… its damn difficult finding high quality gear that fits!

  46. Ethan

    I wish I could have bought some of this stuff, but I can’t bring myself to spend the money on something that I know I will be disappointed in right away. Got to have longer inseams if there is only going to be one length available, 36″ at minimum. I realize people might have to spend a little time hemming pants if they need a shorter inseam, but really, I don’t think I have a piece of gear or clothing that hasn’t been modified in some way. It is a lot harder to add length to pants than to take it away.

    I am sure they will come along at some point, but I would like to see some earth tone solid colors as well. No grey.

  47. Ray

    I too feel that the 34″ inseam is too short for todays market. Like others have said, it is MUCH easier to take up than to extend. If gear doesn’t fit right in the beginning or have a chance to be altered to fit correctly for many body types, I feel you will lose a lot of potential customers.

  48. Matt

    Jason, on behalf of the hunters down here in the South, thank you very much for this new product. Placing pre-order tomorrow.

  49. Rudy

    Pre-ordered! This is just what I was wishing for for Colorado antelope, deer and archery elk.


  50. Dave

    I’m with the rest of these guys on the inseam length. Seems short at 34″ for us taller guys.

  51. Scott


    It would be great if you’d respond, one way or another, to the requests on multiple blogs asking for longer inseam options. You seem to have a knack for ignoring questions and requests you don’t plan to support so maybe that’s the answer right there…. Either tell us definitetively unhemmed options are planned in the future to allow for it or that nothing is in the works. At least we’ll know and will quit asking. Your staff at WSF in Reno mentioned unhemmed pants might be offered in the very near future.

    Your shirts and jackets fit me okay but I can’t see paying over $100 for a pair of pants that are too short which is why I only own one pair of KUIU pants and won’t buy more unless I can get them to fit properly without spending another $50+ for custom alterations.


    • Justin Starck

      I think Jason might be out of service until next week.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Scott,

      I just returned from traveling overseas. I apologize for the delay in response. Right now we do not have plans for unhemmed pants. The best way for us to judge the demand, which needs to hit certain numbers to make a new program work, need to be emailed into service@kuiu.com . Please include your waist size and products. We keep this information and when there is enough requests to make a program like this work we will. Tall sizes are a hard one to judge. Please let us know.



      • Justin Starck

        I don’t think special tall size is required. If the standard inseam was 36″, it would work for nearly everyone.

  52. Jonathan Fisher

    Solids, hats. Yes please!!!

  53. Christian


    Really interested to try these out in the Deep South. Is the material thick enough to deter mosquito bites?

  54. Christian

    BTW, when is the anticipated shipping date?

  55. Aznealz

    Any chance the Tiburon pants will be offered in a 30″ waist, for your “svelte” customers? Thanks!

  56. Stephen Doyle

    How do they do against mosquitos bites?

  57. Curt

    I would love to buy the Tiburon gear but i hate having the 1/4 zip in the shirts. Hate zippers for some reason… any plans to just make a solid shirt? Maybe I’ll just try them out to see how they work out for me…look great though!

    • Jason Hairston

      Not anytime soon.

  58. Roger Coomber

    Would be great if you can look into solid colours especially black for the bowhunting blinds. Has anyone tested the geat in Africa? Just wondering if darker (olive) would be better for our bush.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Roger,

      We have not tested it in Africa, but we have in warm climates in the United States and Australia. It will be a fantastic set up in Africa. I will have solids out in the next shipment including a dark grey and dark brown that will work great in a blind or bush.