Over two years ago, Alaskan Guide Lance Kronberg...

Over two years ago, Alaskan Guide Lance Kronberger and I began working on a system of gear he could wear everyday during a season of 100+ days in the Chugach Range of Alaska.  The Chugach Mountains are wet and steep and create some of most technically demanding conditions on the planet.

The 2013 Yukon series of products introduces Toray’s NEW Dermizax® NX waterproof membrane technology, which makes this gear twice as breathable with 200% stretch in all directions, bonded to our Primeflex Yukon fabric developed for our Yukon Gaiters a very durable, breathable, quiet package. The Yukon product line is gear truly at another level of innovation.

The Yukon Pants and Jacket are designed to be worn even during hard climbs due the the breathability of NX. This allows you to wear one pant and one jacket on a hunt. Saving you weight and bulk in your pack and creating a suit of armor against wind, rain and the mountain with out restrictions. I just returned form an 8 day backpack hunt in New Zealand and wore the Yukon Jacket and Pant for the entire hunt. Even on several very challenging, steep climbs it performed beyond all of my expectations.

Everything in the Yukon series products are engineered and designed for the most demanding weather and conditions in the world. Below are the specific details of the 2013 Yukon product line.  Please note preorders by June 7th will receive a 10% discount.


The Yukon Jacket is designed to be worn all day everyday by sheep guides in wet, tough mountain conditions.  The Jacket cuffs are designed with a full rubber gasket and Velcro cinch to keep water from migrating up your sleeves during full days in nasty rain. Reinforced bonded elbow patches help to ensure this jacket will withstand anything a professional guide can throw at it.

Sizes:   M, L, XL, XXL
Color:   Vias & Verde (no solids)
Price:   $349.99 (preorder by 6/7 and save 10%)

• 3 Layer Construction – 256 g/m2 (TORAY Primeflex® Face Fabric, TORAY Dermizax®NX PU Film Membrane, TORAY Circular Knit Backer)
• Toray Kudos DWR finish (Durable Water Repellent) helps bead water from fabric surface
• Toray Waterproof Seam Tape
• YKK Aquaguard Coil Zippers
• YKK Vislon Aquaguard Zippers
• Duraflex Hardware

Technical Features:
• 29.2 ounces
• Waterproof/Breathability rating of 20,000mm/24hr & 40,000g/m2/24hr
• Toray Primeflex offers a 4-Way Stretch
• Waterproof Taped Seams
• Rubberized Cuff with Velcro Closure to seal out water
• Storm Hood with 3-direction adjustment
• Choker Constriction around the Collar to keep water and wind out

Construction & Patterning:
• Reinforced Bonded Articulated Elbows
• Anatomical Shaping for fit and comfort
• No-Lift Gusseted Underarms
• Drop Back Hem
• Adjustable Cinch Waist Drawcord
• Reinforced Zipper Stitching

Pockets & Zippers:
• Two Chest Pockets with YKK Aquaguard Coil Zippers
• Two Full Hand Pockets with YKK Aquaguard Coil Zippers
• Shoulder Pocket with YKK Aquaguard Coil Zipper
• Inside Chest Pocket with YKK Zipper
• Pit Zips with YKK Aquaguard Coil Zippers
• Main Zipper – YKK Vislon Aquaguard Zipper


We designed the Yukon Pant to be worn all day everyday by sheep guides in wet, tough mountain conditions. The Yukon Pant comes with full side leg zips, zippered hand pockets and cargo pockets, and a double layered bonded seat, knees and cuffs to insure durability in high wear areas.

Sizes:                    M, L, XL, XXL
Inseam:               M = 32.5”     L – XXL = 34”
Color:                    Vias & Verde (no solids)
Price:                    $299.99 (preorder by 6/7 and save 10%)

• 3 Layer Construction – 256 g/m2 (TORAY Primeflex® Face Fabric, TORAY Dermizax®NX PU Film Membrane, TORAY Circular Knit Backer)
• Toray Kudos DWR finish (Durable Water Repellent) helps bead water from fabric surface
• Toray Waterproof Seam Tape
• YKK Aquaguard Coil Zippers
• YKK Vislon Aquaguard Zippers
• Duraflex Hardware

Technical Features:
• 28.8 ounces
• Waterproof/Breathability rating of 20,000mm/24hr & 40,000g/m2/24hr
• Toray Primeflex offers a 4-Way Stretch
• Waterproof Taped Seams
• Rubberized Cuff with Velcro Closure to seal out water
• Storm Hood with 3-direction adjustment
• Choker Constriction around the Collar to keep water and wind out

Construction & Patterning:
•  Reinforced knees, seat & ankle cuffs
• Built in Belt with Duraflex Thinna Snap & Elastic Waist
• Anatomical shaping for fit and comfort
• Articulated knees
• Gusseted crotch
• Reinforced Zipper Stitching

Pockets & Zippers:
• Two full hand pockets with YKK Aquaguard Zippers
• Two cargo pockets with YKK Aquaguard Zippers
• Full Leg Zips with YKK Aquaguard Zippers for easy on-and-off over boots
• Dual fly zip with YKK Aquaguard Zippers and wind flap



The 3-Layer Shell Glove is fully seam taped to guarantee water stays out when worn in the wettest conditions.  We designed the Yukon Glove as an outer layer shell glove to be worn over other gloves to keep you dry and warm.  The Yukon glove comes with a rubberized cuff gasket and Velcro cinch to keep water from migrating down your wrist during full days in the rain. No liner allows the glove to always remain dry.

Sizes:    M, L, XL
Color:   Vias & Verde
Price:   $89.99 (preorder by 6/7 and save 10%)

• 3 Layer Construction – 256 g/m2 (TORAY Primeflex® Face Fabric, TORAY Dermizax®NX PU Film Membrane, TORAY Circular Knit Backer)
• Toray Kudos DWR finish (Durable Water Repellent) helps bead water from fabric surface
• Toray Waterproof Seam Tape
• Duraflex Hardware

Technical Features:
• 3.9 ounces for the pair
• Waterproof/Breathable: 20,000mm/24hr/40,000g/m2/24hr
• Primeflex fabric allows a 4-Way Stretch
• Fully Taped Seams
• Welded Palm and Finger Grip
• Abrasion Resistant
• Rubberized Cuff with Velcro Closure

Construction & Patterning:
• Unprecedented dexterity and fit.
• Extreme Precurve patterning
• Articulated Finger Patterning



The first seamless, four-way stretch, waterproof sheep hunting gaiter on the market.  Now with twice the breathability and available in Vias & Verde Camo.

Sizes:    L, XL
Color:   Vias & Verde
Price:   $69.99 (preorder by 6/7 and save 10%)


Size Boot Size Calf (inches)
L 8-11 up to 16.5″
XL 10-13 16.5″ and up

Technical Features
• 6 ounces each, 12 ounces per pair

• Adjustable webbing and buckle top closure
• Velcro front closure
• Double-riveted boot lace hook
• Lower snap closure
• Durable Nylon boot strap with heavy duty buckle
• Primeflex fabric allows a 4-way stretch
• Toray Kudos DWR finish (Durable Water Repellent) helps bead water from fabric surface
• Waterproof/Breathability rating of 20,000mm/24hr & 40,000g/m2/24hr
• Highly breathable, maintains comfort during aerobic activity
• Durable
• Windproof

• Double-riveted boot lace hook
• Lower snap closure
• Polyurethane-coated nylon boot strap
• 2″ Hook & loop front closure
• Adjustable 3/4″ wide webbing and cam buckle top closure
• Bottom half double layer heat bonded fabric

• Seamless design eliminates failure points
• Double layered bottom half for added durability in high wear areas
• Moon shape cutout for easy attachment of boot lace hook


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  1. Matt

    Very nice Jason. Any thoughts on pockets so folks can add knee pads on future pants?

    • Jason Hairston

      Not right now.

  2. Mike

    If this is as good as it sounds Jason this will be ground breaking in the hunting industry!!!

    • Jason Hairston

      It is better that it sounds actually. I absolutely loved this gear in New Zealand.

  3. Todd

    Looks like an awesome line up. Now I need to find a job that pays me more so I can keep up with this awesome gear! Once again, great job Kuiu Team!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Todd!!

  4. Les Butters

    I met you at the February Salt Lake Sportsman Show. You mentioned you would be coming out with a very durable, puncture resistant, quiet and waterproof jacket/pant combination. You described the combo being based on your Toray gaiter material. Is this Dermizax NX product line what we discussed? Is it quiet when in contact with brush, willows and tall grasses?

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes it is Les.

  5. T Downing

    Wow Jason! Way to raise the bar once again. Interesting new technology. Certain to be a hit with the hardcore sheep and above timberline mule deer folks…Quick question. I own the original KUIU gaiter. What is the difference between these new ones? I’m continually excited with KUIU and its drive to bring innovative lightweight gear to the mountain hunter. T

    • Jason Hairston

      The Dermizax NX is the biggest difference. We have sewn in the strap and improved the quality of Velcro as well.

  6. Coues Sniper

    Is this a new gaitor with the new Dermizax membrane? “Ingredients” not listed. NEED a pair of the gloves. Cool stuff.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes it does. Dermizax NX.

  7. Ross

    Jason, you and your company continue to amaze me with the unbelievable hunting gear you are providing. I want more, I want more! My Cabelas Visa card is getting a workout….just not at Cabelas 🙂

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Ross! I really appreciate it.

  8. Ed


    To borrow from Mike’s comment: “if this is as good as it sounds, this will groundbreaking for” all outdoor endeavors. What has Jason come out with that hasn’t worked?

    Looks like a winner! Thanks, Jason. Advance appreciation for staying dry while stalking that Utah bull in the rain.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Ed!

  9. Darin

    Awesome! What is the estimated ship date?

    • Jason Hairston

      It is customs now. So no later than the 14th.

  10. Glenn

    I want a pair of the Zamberlan boots to go with the Gaiter’s!!

    • Jason Hairston

      The Zamberlan’s are finished and I just tested the final prototype in New Zealand. They are by far the finest mountain boot ever made! Seriously! More to come on these next month!


  11. Jesse Kurtenbach

    If I preordered gaiters in Vias in January will they be these or do I need to reorder?

    • Jason Hairston

      No you do not.

  12. Chad

    Hey Jason what’s the comfortable temp rating for the pants? What was the temp range in new zeland

    • Jason Hairston

      I would say under 60 degrees, but they have full leg zips and you can zip down to ventilate so they are super versatile. When I go to Arctic Red in August this is the only pant I will bring.

  13. Greg

    How about hats of this material? Seems a good fit….

    • Jason Hairston

      GREAT Idea!

  14. Pedro Ampuero


    Amazed of the KUIU developments… you have made more product development on a year than most of the brands in a decade…


    It looks great as always. Curious in feeling that new material

    Congrats for such a fine work to all KUIU team!

    Pedro Ampuero

    • Jason Hairston


      You will use the Yukon gear a lot for the hunting you do! I just used it in New Zealand and is was amazing.


  15. J.R.

    Suppose you wanted to layer these two over attack pants or a guide jacket on a very cold day…if I wear a large jacket now and 34 pants, would you need to order XL in both of these. I don’t have the rain gear in VIAS now and have been waiting. Or should I get the normal size L and not plan on layering?


    • Jason Hairston

      Great question! These are graded to go over a system, so order a Large. Also remember this gear is SUPER stretchy so it does not restrict your range of motion.


    • Jason Hairston

      I will check it out. I am a UC Davis alumni and we are just down the road from them!


  16. Woody

    Have you had anyone hunt HARD for 6 months in the rain with this gear yet, same set the whole time?

    Nice to see the neck synch and splash top cuffs 😉

    • Jason Hairston

      Lance Kronberger.

      • Woody

        Cool, thanks. Hunting in and “working on” could not be the same thing.

  17. Lance

    How quiet would you say this new fabric is? With 4 way stretch, I’d say fairly quiet. Very interested if this will be quieter than other top end hunting raingear.

    • Jason Hairston

      Quietest shell rain gear ever made.

  18. Brad

    The Chugach rain jacket has a Waterproof/Breathable rating of 20,000mm/20,000 MVT and the Yukon has Waterproof/Breathability rating of 20,000mm/24hr & 40,000g/m2/24hr. Does this mean the Yukon has the same waterproof but is more breathable? Another way of saying it is, “Do both systems keep water out equally or will one outperform the other?”

    Thanks and looking forward to the glove, that will be great. Seems like gloves are always an after thought until you can’t feel your hands and keeping them dry is many times half the battle. Finally, would this be applicable to socks? Always looking for a good, DURABLE pair. Seems like the stretch would help alot with durability. Combine it with merino and you have a sock system.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Brad,

      Great questions! The Yukon and the Chugach both have the same 20,000mm waterproof rating which is the highest available, but the Yukon is twice as breathable. Not sure i would make socks out of it but get what you are saying. Thanks for the comment.


  19. Joe

    The whole Yukon series looks amazing. I’m wondering if this jacket is durable enough and warm enough to use as a go to outer layer instead of using a softshell? Also with layering how cold can you take it too?
    Thanks, Joe

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Joe,

      Yes you can. I just did in New Zealand and it worked awesome. I never got out of this gear in 8 days of backpack hunting. It is not as warm as the softshell because the Yukon does not have a microfleece backer. You can layer up to what ever temperature you need to underneath. I ran a 185 and Superdown jacket and pant in NZ when it was really cold.


  20. quarbles

    any video coming to hear how loud it is? was going to be getting another guide, but thinking this jacket could be worn instead. will this kit be able to be an all day go to, even in only moderately rainy/ drizzly weather? or is it still too loud to be used in a softshell application?

  21. Paul


    Awesome looking gear, I will be buying. Is the Yukon considerably louder than the guide line? I bow hunt a lot, trying to decide I I just need to leave the guide line at the house.

    Thanks for all your hard work and innovation.

    – Paul

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Paul,

      It depends on your opinion. It is certainly the quietest 3 layer shell fabric ever created. I have bowhunted blacktail’s in the original Yukon Gaiters and they worked great (not too loud at all). This new Yukon NX fabric is even quieter.


  22. Brady Miller

    Innovation…inovation…innovation!!! Well done, Jason! Love seeing the product line advance.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Brady!

  23. Tristan

    Hey jason will we see any solids in the yukon jacket?

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes later in the year.

  24. Matt

    Awesome, just what I needed. How do we go about ordering?

    • Jason Hairston

      Call customer service. 707 676-5260

  25. Bryan

    I have Vias in everything but from here on out looking for solids. please…..

    • Jason Hairston


  26. Mark Watkins

    What is the “sheen factor?” Similar or the same as guide jacket (no sheen) ?


    • Jason Hairston

      Zero sheen!

  27. Justin Starck

    Have you thought about adding a jacket to pant gaiter? I can’t say that I have needed one while hunting, but I haven’t spent days on end in the rain beating brush either…just a thought.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes I have, but not come up with a great design. Any ideas?

      Gaiters take such a beating it is much better to replace a $70 pair of gaiters versus a $300 pair of pants IMO. But, this may be a great way to sell more pants:) Thanks for the comment Justin.

      • Justin Starck

        I agree that the pants and gaiters should be kept separate. I was actually referring to a waist gaiter that would create a barrier between the pant and jacket. With the sleeve cuffs sealed using the rubberized cuff and the pant cuffs sealed with gaiters, your only weak point for moisture to get in is between the pants and jacket. I thought it may be helpful when you crawling or beating brush to prevent moisture from entering between the jacket and pant.
        This type of gaiter is used on ski gear to prevent snow from entering between the jacket and pant. My Norrona ski jacket and pant has multiple waist gaiter options. One is with a zipper on both the pant and jacket for nearly a true seal. The other is a zipper on the jacket side and a snap/rubber gasket on the pant side and is easier to use.
        I wouldn’t have considered this for a light weight piece. But for the Yukon type product were sealing out all moisture for days on end is the goal and weight is much less of a concern, I think it could be worth considering.

  28. Adam

    Looks bullet proof…and at 29.2 ounces, it probably is. Nice jacket, and I understand the notion of saving weight by only needing one jacket/pant…but for my needs this is far too heavy. Would love to have a truly “ultralight” shell out of this material.

    • Jason Hairston

      HI Adam,

      I designed this gear for guides and customers who spend most of their season in it.

      The Chugach Jacket and Pant is what you should consider. The only way to go significantly lighter is to use a 2 layer fabric. I have been testing 2.5 and 2 layer fabrics for over a decade and have not found one suitable for any long term use. Plus they are very noisy.

      Our Chugach Line is as light as a 2 layer but you get he durability.


  29. Chris Miley

    Looks like I will be replacing my chugah with this new line. Should be great for the conditions I hunt in on the coast of BC. If I get my Roosevelt elk draw this year these babies will come in real handy. Looking forward to the sleeping bag. Keep the innovations coming. Kuiu is a game changer that’s for sure!

    • Jason Hairston

      This gear is made for the Coast of BC!

  30. Jacques Hansen

    Are you worried about the long term durability of the “rubber” on sleeve ends? I have quite a few gore jackets that are still working after 10 years, wonder if the rubber will dry rot before then?

    • Jason Hairston

      No we are not. This technology has come a long ways and is now used by many high end technical companies to create a seal on a cuff with longterm results.


  31. Chris Miley

    Jason, how do think the Yukon line will hold up if used on Vancouver Island hunting Roosevelt Elk? I am concerned it was designed for more open mountain hunting and wonder if it will stand up to the scrub and heavy timber. How did it hold up in terms of snags and wear?

  32. Jason Hairston

    Hi Chris,

    This is the same fabric developed for our Gaiters and it holds up really well. It is significantly more durable than anything else in our line.


  33. Suchee

    That’s an exciting development to say the least!!! In essence a 100% waterproof trilaminate softshell, assuming the NX membrane is as pliable and supple as it sounds, cant wait to actually feel it!

    ummm may i say 29.5 oz though????

    Are there configurations that can make the non guide excited?

  34. Chris

    What is the weight (g/m2) of the Primeflex face fabric on these items?

  35. Nathan

    Looks good why don’t you send me a set and I will let you know if it will holds up after a couple months in the coast range.

  36. Scott

    Great looking rain gear. Was going to buy a guide jacket and a rain coat but this looks like a great one piece option!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Scott!

  37. shane .c

    cool stuff as usual,like a chugach & guide jacket in one.a beenie & hat in this stuff would be awsum,already have the gaiters on order will add the gloves love my standered ones.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Shane!

  38. Smith

    Do you plan to make this line available in solids on down the road?

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes, late 2013.

  39. Rob G

    Looks like some great stuff! Question with sizing. You mentioned it’s graded to go over a system. So it sounds like it’s fair to say, order the Yukon Jacket in the size of your Guide Jacket? As far as the pants…is there any info on waist to size correlation? I.E.. M=32-34, L=34-36, etc…? I just see info for inseam. Can’t wait to try it in the PNW!


    • Jason Hairston

      Yes order the Yukon the same size as the Guide Jacket. In regard to the waist sizes your waist sizing is correct.

  40. Vladimir

    Ordered a yukon jacket and yukon pants. I will test in the area of ​​Siberia. I think’ll be happy. Thanks Jason, you really produce great things. I have become your loyal customer and recommend you to my friends!

    • Jason Hairston


      This new gear will serve you well in Siberia. Please send us photos and a review. Thank you for the recommendations to your friends!!!


  41. Vladimir

    Of course, I am very happy to share their photos and review.
    Sincerely, Vladimir.

  42. Almat

    Good day Jason
    I use merino 185, 230, top super down jacket and guide dcs jacket when it’s cold.
    Going to acquire chugach, I can replace it with a new product of Yukon?
    On top of that is the size of m, the size of which we must take m or l?
    thank you

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Almat,

      It depends how much you are in your rain gear. If you wear your rain gear a lot I would recommend the Yukon and if you pack it more than you wear it choose Chugach. If you normally wear a M then order a M. No need to size up. Let me know if you have any other questions.


  43. Justin Starck

    I must be too tall and skinny! I am a 32×36 and have always used medium bottoms and large tops. I don’t think it will be an issue for me to size up to a large so I can get the longer length. However, what is someone like my brother who is a little smaller but still wants more length supposed to do?

    How bout just one run of tall pants and I will stock up for the next ten years? I am starting to realize that I should have done that when the original line came out.

  44. Mike

    Very impressive stuff. Any plans on reinforcing the Attack Pant or Guide Pant knees and seat with this material?

    • Jason Hairston

      I have something in the works. More to come on this development later in the year.


      • Scott

        Waterproof knees and butt reinforcement would be really cool for the Stone Sheep hunt I’ve got booked with Tuchodi next year! It gets mighty chilly glassing up sheep, ‘bou, etc. while sitting on wet tundra.

        • Jason Hairston

          If you wear the Yukon Pant, 185 Bottom and carry the Super Down Pant you will be set for your hunt. I just ran this system in New Zealand and it was awesome.


  45. Keith Peter

    Will you be doing a demonstration video like you have on some of the other products?

  46. Scott

    A boonie hat in this material would be sweet to. Offered in sizing big enough to wear the merino beanie under for those of us with big heads… I’d love to see you expand the boonie hat line to include this material and your new hot weather material. I’d throw out all my other hats and buy two of each tomorrow!

  47. Bruce

    Looks awesome. I have to second Scotts motion, A yukon boonie hat is a must have.

  48. Todd Brickel

    Sometimes it is the small innovations that really make me stop and say – FINALLY!

    That’s how I feel about the Yukon Glove, what a great idea! Having hunted Kodiak twice for Blacktails, the number one issue I had yet to solve was proper gloving during the downpours experienced in late October and November. I got to the point of packing three sets of light weight wool gloves just to change the out between rain.

    The Yukon Glove is a great idea! Naturally the whole set is awesome, and I see why guys are commenting more on the pants and jacket, but sometimes it is the little things that make the difference between staying out hunting or calling it a day.

  49. Catalin


    How I can place an order?
    This new stuff are not on your website.

    Thank you

    • Jason Hairston

      Please call the office at 707 676-5260.

  50. Onlythebow

    Hi Jason,

    Got a couple questions:
    I mostly hunt in CO for elk, bear, deer, etc. and some midwest whitetail and turkey hunting. I am a backpack hunter that stays out for a week or so at a time and appreciate versatility and weight savings. Your gear is awesome and I am really intrigued with your new Yukon line! My question comes down to what you see as the best fit for my type of hunting. I currently own the chugach jacket, guide jacket, super down, and attack pants. I typically bring the chugach everywhere, the superdown, and 235 wt wool. I also just got the guide jacket and I am a little torn on what to do, I like the guide jacket, but on the one hand I could have the best of both worlds with the Yukon Jacket paired with super down and save a pound of weight and only use the one jacket. We get rain in CO but it is nothing like the Yukon or Pacific NW. What would be your opinion, should i change the guide and chugach for the Yukon set up? Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Jason Hairston

      You certainly could use the Yukon as your stand alone jacket. I really like the versatility of the Guide and Chugach combination. The Yukon really shines in wet conditions or for guides who spend a lot of time in their rain gear and are willing to give up weight for durability. In the lower 48 where you do not get into your rain gear very often I will pack the Chugach and Guide Jackets on my hunts. I hope this helps.


  51. quarbles

    demonstrative video including moving in garment and how quiet it is? can this be effective rain or shine, such as the intermitent drizzly weather of southern yukon?

  52. Vladimir

    Jason, I sent an email service@kuiu.com to preorder 31.05 then 01.06 and 2.06, but received no response. You can tell me – took my order or not?
      Sincerely, Vladimr
      my e-mail bumbam@yandex.ru

    • Jason Hairston

      I will check on this right away and let you know. I apologize for this issue. Our customer service is very good so I am concerned to why your emails were not responded to?


  53. beau purvis


    Of the two camo patterns, whitch do you think is the more effective from a pattern only standpoint. I have the Chugach waterproof pant and parka in Verde.I am thinking of getting the yukon in the orignal pattern

  54. Jamen

    Please consider making women’s clothing. If you do please make is true to size and available in a variety of sizes. I know my wife and many other women that don’t like bulk and weight in their hunting gear, yet still want to stay warm. Kuiu in my opinion has the ultimate advantage in this situation. Super down tops and bottoms and Yukon series tops and bottoms. Please consider making them in women’s clothes or consider letting women custom order them in certain sizes for an extra fee. I know my wife would pay extra for clothes that fit and met the criteria above. Please take this into consideration.

  55. beau purvis

    I was cut off before finishing above. A major portion of my hunting will be in Olympic rain forest except for any draws.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Beau,

      I would recommend Verde, because you spend time in the rain forest.


  56. Joe Hawkins

    Awesome!!!! Awesome!!!! Awesome!!!! This is exactly what I was waiting for. Rock on KUIU!!!!

  57. Bryan

    I currently use guide jacket,super down, attack pants, 185 base, gaiter’s. I have been waiting for the rain gear and cant decide which would serve me better the Chugach or yukon? I hunt Eastern Oregon and Oregon coast.

  58. Pauli

    Which do you think is more breathable…The guide jacket or the Yukon jacket?

    • Jason Hairston

      The Guide Jacket is a 2 layer soft shell. There is not a membrane in our soft shells so there is a lot more breathability in the Guide Jacket. If you are comparing the Yukon to a product with a membrane like Windstopper, the Yukon is significantly more breathable. I hope this answers your question. Let me know.


  59. Bryan

    Nope it didn’t 🙂

  60. Jeremy

    I just found you guys on twitter and just found out about the Yukon series is it too late to get the 10% discount?

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Jeremy,

      The preorder discount ended last week.


  61. Bryan

    June 6, 2013 at 2:27 pm · Reply
    I currently use guide jacket,super down, attack pants, 185 base, gaiter’s. I have been waiting for the rain gear and cant decide which would serve me better the Chugach or yukon? I hunt Eastern Oregon and Oregon coast. I know this is a personal choice but you spend more time in this gear then I ever will so i would be grateful for your opinion. Thank you

  62. Jim Matthews

    I am buying a set of Sitka gear and a set of KUIU gear. I am 5’11” weighing 195, kind of a muscular build. I plan to wear a Sitka Kelvin vest (XL) under my rain jacket. In your opinion should I order the Yukon in L or XL?