Justin bought a set of Tiburon for his trip to Aus...

Justin bought a set of Tiburon for his trip to Australia. I had to send him our photo samples to get them to him in time for his hunt. He just dropped me this email in the Airport and I wanted to share this with everyone!

Congratulations Justin!



I just finished my Australian hunt in the northern territory, outside of Darwin.  I was hunting with friend and outfitter Scott Thomson of Southern Hunting Safaris. The hunt was planned to try for the new archery #1 Water Buffalo, and after four days, it was a success. I arrowed a massive bull at 30 yards. After putting the tape on him he scores 127″ passing the old record by 14″.

I brought over several pieces of KUIU, but due to the unusually high temps, I wore the new Tiburon gear the entire time. Had I not, I’m not sure I would have been able to withstand the heat as long sleeves were a must due to an abundance of mosquitoes. The temperature in the mornings started at around 80 and by midday they reached as high as 104.

The stalks on buffalo were not very far, but hunting the banteng was a whole different story.  We would have to run into position and if they didn’t come close enough, I would then run along side trying to keep up in case they stopped to present a shot.

While Scott was caping the buffalo head, I decided to try and find a Rusa deer. It was midday and I spotted a group from about 110 yards away, I crawled to within 45 yards and made an amazing shot on the new archery world record Moluccan Rusa Deer.

The Tiburon line has achieved something no one else has, not only did I remain comfortable throughout the entire hunt, it also has the durability. I am looking forward to wearing this new gear in August while on safari in Africa.

Thanks again for the time and effort you have put into making KUIU.

Justin Ragazzine

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  1. Nigel Ivy

    Nice trophies and good to see the new Tiburon being put through it’s paces. Looking forward to trying it out!

  2. Andrew

    Very Cool. No pun intended.

    Ordered a set myself and can’t wait to try it out on some wild boar hunts in the Florida heat.

  3. Paul

    Congratulations on some fine animals. I really like that deer. Looks like a miniature elk. I’m gonna need one of those for the trophy room.

  4. Tom Ryle

    Crazy Cool!! Congrats to Justin on some amazing animals!

  5. Lee Hammons

    Wow… I am so jealous. Hunting in the down under!! Very nice trophies as well, congrats and thanks for the report.

  6. AndrewH

    Looks great, can you comment on the smell of the pieces after the hunt or after a few days? That’s my only concern with the Tiburon line, being non-wool and worn for a multiple days in the heat…


  7. Ken

    AndrewH beat me to the question about odor. In my experience that is a major problem with synthetics.

    I ordered a Tiburon shirt to try out and according to KUIU it was shipping out yesterday, so maybe I’ll have a chance to test it out myself this weekend!


  8. Paul

    Beauty mate – I preordered my Tiburon a month ago for my hot hunts back home in Oz. About time the market saw some product for hot humid climates – thanks.

  9. Armosino

    Can’t wait to get mine!
    Will be perfect for scouting sheep this summer here in Oregon.
    BTW – Congratulations to Justin on making the cover of Ovis decked out in KUIU!

  10. Janis Putelis

    Awesome hunt, awesome animals, awesome gear!

  11. Brady Miller

    Gorgeous animals. Enjoy hearing that the new line performed great in the heat. Congrats on the success during your hunt.

  12. Craig Germond

    Those are some awesome animals you took! Congrats!

  13. Danny

    Great report.

    Jason – Have you thought about having the Tiburon clothing made with permethrin? I have a pair of Exofficio pants with permethrin and it works to repel ticks and mosquitoes and is advertised to last for 70 washings. I have washed mine about 15 times and the permethrin still works. What do think?

  14. Jeromy Stafford

    i just got the tiburon shirt and pants in the mail and the shirt seems really thick.. seems way to thick for hot weather. it feels as thick as a light jacket. was the shirt all you wore on top with no base layer? and it was cooler than say just the merino base layer by itself?

    • Jason Hairston


      Tiburon is a 149g/m2 fabric which is considered a light weight stretch woven type fabric. What is genius about Toray’s innovation with Dot-Air is the breathability of a this fabric and how an light breeze will pass through the micro openings and cool your skin. And it is durable and quiet enough to hunt in. Thinner fabrics will not increase the breathability and are not durable enough to last for hunting.

  15. Jason

    My preorder showed up today – I’m impressed with the fabric but have trouble with the size. I am about 6’2″ and built just like the other (Kuiu) Jason. The large size Tiburon shirt is very very tight around my forearms (11.5″) and also around my wrists. It is uncomfortably tight but I think I would be swimming in an XL.

    What do I do?

    I don’t think I’m some Popeye but sure don’t have a purse arm either.

    Feel free to take this discussion off line via email – perhaps this one in particular was tighter?

    • Jason Hairston

      I would recommend exchanging it for an XL. I am 6′ 2″ and wear our XL.


  16. Jason

    Thanks, Jason. I asked your staff and they said my build was similar to yours and said you wear a Large. I also have a Large Guide DCS on back order. Will this be too small too?

  17. Peter A

    Congrats to Justin on his awesome hunt in the Northern Territory. I love the look of his buff.

    I wish the Tiburon line was out when I was in Azerbaijan last year! 35 celsius was a bit much to be wearing Kuiu so I left it at base camp and I wore t-shirts. It was even too hot when it was raining ha…the gaiters were great though! Jason, do you plan on making the Tiburon line in solid colours (greens, tan, or something along those lines) for us African hunters? Many African nations don’t allow camo as it is something only the military or militias wear.

    • Jason Hairston

      Solids will be out this fall.

  18. Justin Ragazzine

    After four days there were no real strong human odors, I thought it was gonna be awful but I was presently suprised.

  19. Justin Ragazzine

    Yes Jeromy, it does seem thick to to the touch, but the air flows right through. It is all I wore.