Everything in the Yukon series is engineered a...

Everything in the Yukon series is engineered and designed for the most demanding weather and conditions in the world.

The foundation to Yukon is the most advanced waterproof breathable membrane ever created. The Dermizax® NX waterproof membrane by Toray has an industry dominating 20,000mm/24hr/40,000g/m2/24h waterproof to breathability rating that sets a new standard.  The membrane is completely wind and waterproof, allows up to 200% stretch in both directions, twice as breathable as our closest competitor, and up four times as breathable as most others waterproof fabrics.

We bonded the Dermizax®NX membrane to an incredibly durable Toray Primeflex® 100% polyester fabric that is abrasion resistant, 4-way stretch and treated with Toray’s industry leading Kudos DWR.  A circular knit backer by Toray is bonded to the inside resulting in the most advanced 3-layer waterproof breathable fabric ever created.


PRICE: $349.99
COLOR: Vias Camo, Verde Camo
WEIGHT: 29.2 ounces



PRICE: $299.99
COLOR: Vias Camo, Verde Camo
WEIGHT: 25.8 ounces


PRICE: $89.99
COLOR: Vias Camo, Verde Camo
WEIGHT: 3.9 ounces per pair



PRICE: $69.99
COLOR: Vias Camo, Verde Camo
WEIGHT: 12oz per pair



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  1. Tom

    Awesome to see the new gear Jason… particularly the photos of you testing it in my beloved South Island.

    Any idea how long until that very impressive looking Zamberlan is available?

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Tom,

      I ordered 500 pairs this month and will be announcing preorder information soon. We will be shipping the boots by mid-November.They are incredible.


      • Justin Starck

        Darn, I could use a pair for this summer/fall.

  2. ken fiechtner

    could you make the jacket in xxxl tall and the pants in xxxl with a 34 inch inseam. are most of the people five foot eight to six inches tall and 160 to 210 pounds. no one wants to make clothes to fit people that are six feet four inches tall and weigh 260 pounds.

  3. Ken

    Yeah Ken, I have the same problem. I’m six feet and 250, and not a fatso either. I had to send back my Tiburon shirt because I couldn’t get my arms in the sleeves. The woman I spoke to at customer service said it was an “athletic cut” but I’m thinking the athlete they are thinking of is a marathon runner, not a weight lifter. Oh well, I still think KUIU makes great stuff.

  4. Andrew

    Hey I’m 6’2′ 210lbs. What’s the problem:-)

    Stuff sounds great guys.

  5. Kyle

    I called in a preorder of the Yukon gear but I haven’t seen a confirmation. Do I need to call?

  6. Kyle

    Never mind… I just checked my order history and they are on the way!

  7. Jordan

    I want to buy the gaiters but the links don’t work. When are they going to be up on the website to purchase?

    • Jason Hairston

      This week, we are finally getting all the preorders into the system.

  8. Heath

    Are the gaiters going to be available in Major Brown or just the Vias and Verde?

    • Jason Hairston

      Major Brown will be available later this fall.


      • Heath

        Before September by chance?

  9. James

    Good, I’ll wait til fall for the brown gaiters.

    Jason, I’m just as excited about all the new stuff but when will the 185 merino be re-stocked?

  10. Ron

    The new gear is amazing, I don’t know how you out did the Chugach but you did. The Chugach Was the best rain gear I have ever had in my pack for the price. The yukon you took it to an entirely different level. I have full gore seamed ski coats from Rossignal, north face, HH, and Burton that all cost twice as much as the Yukon and the yukon is a much better jacket in my opinion. I can’t wait to get the gear in the field and give you all some more feedback.

    Great job KUIU


  11. Kacy

    Just got my yukon package today, I’m very impressed with the fit and finish. I have been a long time user of Sitka, thank you Jason for saving me a lot of money and all my Sitka will be going on ebay and my entire line up will be going to your products.

  12. clint mcgill

    goin on a sheep hunt this august,need a bunch of gear,just wondering if you had a sale comin up soon.

    • Jason Hairston

      no sale this summer.

  13. Todd

    Well I just received the jacket today and luckily it is pouring rain. All I can say is this thing is awesome! Great breathability, great features, great sizing, and great stretch. By far the nicest jacket I have ever worn! I would be ordering the pants today if they came in solids! I sure hope they do some time this fall.

    As always, keep up the great work Kuiu team!

  14. T Anderton

    The Yukon line is very nice. Fit and finish is second to none. Thanks Jason and Kuiu Team

  15. ed

    I am going on an Alaskan Brown Bear bow hunt in June 2014, what KUIU clothing items would you recommend for overall comfort: warm and dry ??

  16. Keith

    Can the Yukon be made in a block colour?

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes it will be color blocked in 2016

  17. griff

    Any plans for block colour Yukon gaiters in 2016

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      The Yukon Gaiters will be available in solid colors.