TWN Releases the Highly Anticipated KUIU...


TWN Releases the Highly Anticipated KUIU® Verde and Vias Film Patterns

Available Exclusively from TWN Industries

Water Transfer Printing Film


PRINCETON, FL September 12, 2013 – TWN Industries Inc., the leading water transfer printing supplier, announces the highly anticipated release of KUIU’s® Verde and Vias camo film patterns. The designs have already enjoyed tremendous success as part of KUIU’s® mountain-hunting clothing line. TWN has not only captured the quality and effectiveness of the patterns, but has been able to convey KUIU’s® passion for the outdoors with these two very distinctive hydrographic film patterns.

The KUIU camouflage patterns have been thoughtfully designed and crafted to mimic the vast and ever-changing environment of most mountainous territories. However, while both patterns are excellent at concealment, each one of the film patterns has a different application. Verde® is an excellent choice for greener terrains, while Vias® blends right into rockier landscapes.

“The true beauty behind these patterns is that they’ve been tried and tested by so many. These patterns have always proven effective in concealing individuals who enjoy the outdoors and prefer to blend into their natural surroundings. Those individuals can now benefit from that same level of concealment by hydro dipping their ATV’s, firearms, binoculars or even game cameras with this new film pattern, “stated Mike Richards, Director of Business Development at TWN Industries.

The KUIU® water transfer printing film patterns are available exclusively through TWN Industries, Inc. Three-meter accessory packs and production quantity films are available immediately. The part numbers are as follows: KUIU Verde®: WTP-703 and KUIU Vias®: WTP-744.

About TWN Industries, Inc.:

Incorporated in 1994, TWN Industries, Inc. is the original water transfer printing supplier. They offer  film, equipment, supplies and training for the water transfer printing industry. TWN proudly serves clients large and small, ranging from automotive to the sporting goods market. Sample decorating and consulting services are available to manufacturers at no charge from their lab facility and corporate headquarters located in Princeton, Florida. In the alternative, manufacturers can choose to access a worldwide network of   TWN Certified Processors who are available to decorate one part or hundreds of thousands. For more information visit or call 305.258.9622.

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  1. Matt

    Awesome. My rifle needs this! : )

  2. Rob

    Oh No! Just when I thought I was done spending money on hunting stuff, you have to roll this out! I’ve wanted this on my backcountry .300 Win Mag for a long time!

  3. B_Bolding aka TradRag

    S W E E T!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! That would look good on my longbow limbs!

  4. Kevin

    Oh snap.

  5. Matt

    More pics, must have more pics… 😉

  6. Alvaro from Spain

    I really like it, Jason. I will check with TWN and see if I can have it done by someone here.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Alvaro,

      Any Water Transfer Printer can order the film from TWN and do the printing.


  7. jon travis

    pictures of a vias bow?

    • Jason Hairston

      I do not have one yet to show you.

  8. Peter

    Apologize in advance for this newbie question…I Just placed an order for a manners MCS-EH3 stock and would like to pursue this pattern for finishing. What is what the process is of getting a stock finished in the Vias pattern? Are there stock finishers that you would recommend? Are the colors in the pattern specified, so the finisher has guidance?

    • Jason Hairston

      Any water transfer printer can do the dipping for you. Many of the stock manufactures offer WTP, I would ask the company you are buying it from and they can order it from TWN. TWN is the largest supplier of this film and they probably already have an account set up.


  9. Joe K

    I want my truck dipped!!!

  10. Joe K

    vias of course…

  11. Shane Close

    I’m already thinking of ordering a new bow in a base model just so I can get it dipped!


  12. todd

    Is this just a prototype print or will of the prints be scaled down like this? I think the original scale brings the right contrast for camouflage. This appears to be scaled down.

    • Jason Hairston

      All WTP is a scaled down version of the original print because of the size of products that are being printed, such as binoculars, gun stocks etc.

  13. Bill pass

    It looks great! How durable is it and will it attach to all types of stock materials?

    • Jason Hairston

      It is the same treatment you find on bows and ATV etc. It is very durable.


  14. jeremy odonnell

    Can you provide any information regarding a place able to do this in Alaska , thanks

    • Mark Jarrett

      Hey Jeremy, You can contact Paul at Alaska Hydrographics! He is good.. Tell him Mark from Beast Mode Hydrographics sent you!

  15. Mark Jarrett

    We can take care of all your dipping needs at Beast Mode Hydrographics! (623)340-0284

  16. Chet O’Shea

    O’Shea’s Aqua Dipp can “customize your lifestyle” whatever your passions may be. We are Montana’s Hydrographic Specialists located in Helena, MT and we carry KUIU CAMO for all your hydrographic dipping needs. Contact us as 406-459-8773 to get your items done in KUIU CAMO today!!

  17. Greg

    I just called my local Hydrographic Printer and ordered film in Vias. I will drop my stock off in a week. Very excited about this. Thanks Jason.

    • Jason Hairston

      Glad to hear it Greg. Please email me photos when it is finished so we can show it off!


  18. Colby

    You can order either the vias or verde camo prints on your Red Rock Precision long-range rifle. Check them out at

  19. Mike

    Jason, how come the vias looks miniturized but the verde looks much more similar to my actual camo? There’s a rifle in the forums here “kuiu inspired rifle refinish” that has, IMHO, a much more pleasing, size wise, rendition of vias…

  20. Kevin Hibbard

    Aloha Jason. I’ve been wanting to wrap my Tacoma truck in a camo wrap. The KUIU would be insane. Just like the truck y’all had!!!! Any help would be killer!!!!!

  21. Joey Rogers

    Was really looking forward to dipping my Hoyt. It will void warranty. No Idea about a firearm.