We have developed the most technically advanced wa...

We have developed the most technically advanced water-resistant down sleeping bags ever produced. The Super Down Sleeping Bag combines an unmatched list of the world’s most advanced ingredients to create a sleeping bag line that is incredibly warm, lightweight, stretchable, and weather resistant.  The entire line is certified by the International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory (IDFL) for it’s European Norm (EN) Lower Limit Rating, its 850+ Fill Power, and its 95/5 down-to-feather ratio.

EN Testing was developed as a standard for determining the temperature ratings of sleeping bags. Although the test utilizes four general temperature categories, most companies report the EN Lower Limit Rating for men. This indicates the lowest outside temperature in which the average male can sleep comfortably while using the bag. This standard now makes sleeping bag tests much more reliable and the data easier to interpret for consumers. Without the use of EN testing, there is no way to know for certain exactly what you are getting. Each of our Super Down Sleeping Bags will come with a certificate stating the results of the EN temperature rating, guaranteeing the bag’s ratings. The bags will also come with an additional certificate guaranteeing the quality of the down.

The fill of our Super Down Sleeping Bag raises the standard for sleeping bags. The use of Toray’s water resistant Quixdown™ allows the fill to be ultimately waterproof, adding to the overall durability and performance of the bag. The Super Down Sleeping Bag line has an 850+ fill power and utilizes Ultra-Premium 100% Polish Goose Down. The quality of down is important to understand when comparing KUIU’s sleeping bags to the competition. Polish down plumes are larger and more durable than any other down source and are more expensive. You get what you pay for in down.

The line is made from Toray’s Stunner Stretch™ micro ripstop 12 Denier down proof stretch fabric. This fabric is made with a textured nylon yarn, which gives these bags a very luxurious and warm feeling against the skin.

The unique design of the Super Down Sleeping Bag maximizes the warmth-to-weight ratio; the use of vertical baffling in the bag eliminates cold spots and optimize loft. Flow gates within the vertical baffles keep the down from shifting. This limits airflow and keeps temperatures in, allowing you to stay warmer throughout the night. This solves the problem that occurs with traditional horizontal baffles. The Super Down Sleeping Bags also have extra shoulder, zipper, and halo baffles that constrict around your face and shoulders to maximize warmth.

The fabric is treated at the yarn level with Toray’s industry leading Kudos®DWR, which repels moisture, extending the life of your bag.

The Super Down Sleeping Bags will be available in three temperature ratings (30,° 15,° 0°) and will be offered in regular and long sizes. You can refer to the chart below to compare the specifications of each bag:

Super Down Sleeping Bag 30F/-1C 15F/-9C 0F/-18C
Size Regular Long Regular Long Regular Long
EN Lower Limit Rating 24 F 24 F 16 F 16 F 1 F 1 F
Final Weight (lb/oz) 1 lb. 7.5 oz. 1 lb. 10.5 oz. 1 lb. 14.7 oz. 2 lb. 1.7 oz. 2 lb. 7.5 oz. 2 lb. 10.5 oz.
Fill Weight (oz) 11.65 13 19 20.8 27.7 29.5
Price $449.99 $469.99 $579.99 $599.99 $699.99 $749.99
Fits User Length (in) 72 78 72 78 72 78
Shoulder Girth (in) 62 64 62 64 62 64
Hip Girth (in) 57 59 57 59 57 59
Foot Girth (in) 43 43 43 43 43 43
Zipper Length (in) 65 71 65 71 65 71
Primary Color Phantom Phantom Phantom Phantom Phantom Phantom
Inside & Accent Color Olive Olive Steel Grey Steel Grey Major Brown Major Brown










The bags will begin shipping in Mid-April. We are opening up preorders now and encourage those of you interested in having a Super Down Sleeping bag for the up coming season to place a preorder. We will sell out.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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  1. Colby


    I have KUIU everything, but just bought the Marmot Plasma 15 bag last year (http://marmot.com/products/details/plasma-15). I have loved it so far! Before I spend the money to get one of these new KUIU bags, what are the biggest differences?

    A lot of the specs seem very similar. I know I’ll eventually own a KUIU bag, just don’t want to jump on it right away if there isn’t a big enough difference to do so.



    • Jason Hairston

      I know that bag well as I used it for years as the design was a big influence in the Super Down Bags.

      Out list of ingredients above is the biggest difference. Quix-Down is a game changer. If you have ever spent time in a tent in really wet conditions, a down bag is a liability. Synthetic bags are heavy and bulky. The Super Down bags solve both problems. Our Toray Stunner Stretch Fabric is durable, stretches, treated with Toray’s award winning DWR making the fabric virtually water proof and is the finest sleeping bag fabric ever produced. I hope this answers your questions.

      • Colby

        Thanks for the quick reply and the info. That answers my questions, looks like my wife will be getting my Marmot bag soon 🙂

        Thanks again!

  2. Jason C.

    These look great! If the Outfitter calls for -15F bag for fall WY elk hunt, would the 0 degree fit the bill? Love all my Kuiu gear too; Top notch.


    • Jason Hairston

      I would recommend the 0 degree and sleep in my Super Down Jacket and pants if it is really that cold.


  3. Justin Starck

    Would I be charged when they ship or when I place the pre-order?

    • Jason Hairston

      Upon shipping.

  4. Cory Benge

    Another great product. I sincerely wish I needed a new sleeping bag!

  5. Jason Hairston
  6. Cyril

    Why does the 30F bag have an EN of 24F? Does that mean it’s actually more precisely a 24F bag, and that 30F is just a marketing name?

    • Jason Hairston

      It is where our testing came in on the 30 degree on the low test.

  7. Brady Miller

    Love the continued advancement of the KUIU line!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Brady!

  8. wsquared

    What would be the compressed volumes of the bags? Approx. dimensions in a stuff sack with/without compression straps, and pictures beside a 2 L water bottle would be helpful.

    • Jason Hairston

      Noted. I will get this information for you.

  9. A.Ivy

    This is a Great looking bag, Everything I was hoping for in the KUIU bags. Quixdown and the Stunner stretch is going to be an Awesome combination.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Andy.


  10. Wade

    I’m with wsquared above, I would really be interested in the dimensions of the bag when stuffed? Space is crucial in my pack…

    • Jason Hairston

      I will get the dimensions for you.

  11. Craig Germond

    Are you going to have these at the Salt Lake Western Hunting Expo?

  12. Thomas

    I love everything I have purchased from you guys(2000.00). But I just can’t justify that much for a sleeping bag. I wish I could because I know what great products you make. Beer man on a champagne budget, just can’t do it. Thanks for everything else though:)

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks for the comment Thomas. Putting this many top quality ingredients into a bag is not cheep. If you do shop this bag against Valandre or Marmont it is competitive on price AND we use a better quality down, Quix Down and Toray Stretch Down Proof fabric. Second to none in the bag market.

    • Colby

      I own a Marmot Plasma 15 degree. It is probably the most comparable to the KUIU 15 degree but lacks the quality fabrics and “Quix Down” that KUIU’s new line has to offer. When I bought the Marmot bag last year it was in the same price range as these new KUIU bags but like I said, with KUIU’s bags you’re getting a lot more for your money due to the new fabrics and “Quix Down.”

  13. Snow


    I’m really keen on owning one of these bags. My geography is such that our climate swings between 14 and 122 degrees. If I buy a bag for the low limit and sleep on top of it when it is hot, will the insulation degrade?

  14. Ron P

    Hi Jason,
    I assume the “halo baffle” is a functioning neck collar? Does this have a cinch cord? Thanks.

  15. Ron P

    Also Jason, I don’t see that it says anywhere in the specs that it includes a stuff sack? If you include the dimensions of that it will probably answer a lot of the above questions.

  16. Mark

    Just pulled the trigger on a 0 degree bag . Excited to put this badboy to use . Thanks again Jason for awesome gear for western hunters !

  17. Jorge Amador

    Good to see Kuiu using the En 13537 standard. Jason, as you know, i would love to see one quilt style sleeping bag using the ingredients of the Kuiu sleeping bags !! Of course, they looks great,

  18. David

    I notice these are made out of a “stretch” material”. This is very important to me in a bag, I have a couple Montbell Super Stretch Spiral bags. I love them … but they ain’t waterproof. For example, Montbell publishes 2 measurements at every girth, aproximatly a 20″ range. Do you know how much your bags really stretch in comparison?

  19. Clay

    Yup Jason, really curious of the compression dimensions for these bags.

  20. Eric

    As a back & side sleeper in my clark hammock, just wondering about comfort level in these positions. With mummy bag style should I expect signifigant restriction around lower legs & hips. I need a new bag, but would wait for next generation/style considering I will have to make this last.
    Thank You for your awesome products, keep it up.

  21. M

    No camo colored bags? Shame. Would live to see this in my favorite patterns. Any plans to incorporate camo patterns?

    • Jason Hairston

      No immediate plans to offer camo.


  22. Gerbrand

    Hello Jason.

    I think my chat isn’t going trough for some reason So I will ask again, I am 197cm tall with a 140cm shoulder girth. I had been trying the marmot plasma 15 andy it feels like I might be on the limit for it. I am concerned about compression on the foot end that might lead to some other place that might compress at the same time. So the question would be regarding your bags. Would It fit better?

    Best regards From Finland

  23. Jason

    Jason and Kuiu Folks, Just wanted to send note to say the bag you guys designed is fantastic and lives up to every bit of the hype and specs. I live and hunt in the Yukon, spend lots of time in the mountains beating myself up searching for rams. Snow, even early in August, at 7000 feet is no treat, its usually at that moment you are glad you have the best gear. I had what I thought was the best bag I could buy which believe it or not was torn up by a bear. So was skeptical when I started checking new bags and saw the Kuiu super down bag specs, which is lighter per warmth, and better water resistance. But wow! This bag does it. Thanks for a great product.

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    This is an interesting post, especially for those who travel a lot, I have always wanted a tool like a sleeping bag to carry along on my backpack

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  26. enzo Hj

    Hello Jason.
    is really curious of the compression dimensions for these bags.very diferent